E. A. Hoffman

E. A. Hoffman
Short Name: E. A. Hoffman
Full Name: Hoffman, E. A. (Elisha Albright), 1839-1929
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year: 1929

Elisha Hoffman (1839-1929) after graduating from Union Seminary in Pennsylvania was ordained in 1868. As a minister he was appointed to the circuit in Napoleon, Ohio in 1872. He worked with the Evangelical Association's publishing arm in Cleveland for eleven years. He served in many chapels and churches in Cleveland and in Grafton in the 1880s, among them Bethel Home for Sailors and Seamen, Chestnut Ridge Union Chapel, Grace Congregational Church and Rockport Congregational Church. In his lifetime he wrote more than 2,000 gospel songs including"Leaning on the everlasting arms" (1894). The fifty song books he edited include Pentecostal Hymns No. 1 and The Evergreen, 1873.

Mary Louise VanDyke
Hoffman, Elisha Albright, author of "Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing power?" (Holiness desired), in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, 1881, was born in Pennsylvania, May 7, 1839.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


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أزال إثمي دم الحبيبE. A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
فاض قلبي فرحا هللوياElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
ها كل شمس لمغيبE. A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
ها سلام الله لذ لي وطابE. A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
كنت في حمأة الإثم والأقذارE. A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
ما أحلى الجلوسE. A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
مات فادينا على الصليبE. A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
നിത്യതയിൽ നീ എങ്ങു പോം? ചോദ്യം ഇതെല്ലാരോടും താൻE. A. Hoffman (Author)Malayalam2
رفعت عيني للصليبE. A. Hoffman (Author)Arabic1
是否渴望充滿信心、平安、甘甜? (Shìfǒu kěwàng chōngmǎn xìnxīn, píng'ān, gāntián?)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)Chinese2
A call from Jesus comes to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
A crimson stream is flowingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
A drunken man sat on the curb-stoneE. A. H. (Author)2
A few more days of sorrowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
A gentle voice is calling (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
A happy home is waiting meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
A home in heaven you hope to gainElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
A Jesus Cristo contarei tudoElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Portuguese2
A ke marrë pastrimin prej Jezusit Zot?E. A. Hoffman (Author)Albanian2
A little child was dyingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
A little while, and we shall be From all our careElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
A long time I wandered in sorrow and sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
A pardon is waiting, dear soul, for theeE. A. H. (Author)English2
A peace Jesus gave meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
A poor, fallen drunkard is dying todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
A ransom for all is the dear SonElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
A saloonless nation in nineteen twentyE. A. H. (Author)English2
A song of glorious victoryE. A. H. (Author)2
A soul is lost and drifting on the tideElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
A stainless flag, o'er our country may it waveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
A welcome, a welcome, a welcome we singElisha A. Hoffman (Author)6
A worldling is crossing death's portalElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
After many years of prayingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
After the pleasures of life are overE. A. Hoffman (Author)English16
Alas I have wandered from Jesus awayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
All glory to the bleeding LambElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
All my weakness, all my failingsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
All o'er the land there's a great commotionElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
All the burdens and the cares I daily meetE. A. H. (Author)English5
Almost done with the illsRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Amazing mercy, can it beElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Amid the many trials that meet you on life's wayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
Amid the toil and pain of lifeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English16
Amid the trials which I meetE. D. Mund (Author)English1
An heir to a throneE. A. H. (Author)2
And now another hour is goneRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)3
Angels up in heaven adoreRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)7
¿Anhelaste la paz y crecer en la fe?E. A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish2
Anywhere in all the world is heaven to meRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Are you discouraged, trust in the SaviorE. A. H. (Author)5
Are you going to the polls with a ballot for the Right?Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Are you ready to meet the LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Are you seeking for the fullnessElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Are you shining, Christians, for the blessed Christ?E. A. H. (Adapter)English1
Are you sowing the seeds that will give youRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)4
Are you walking in sin and in darknessElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Are you walking with Christ in the wayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Armor bearers we will beRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
As doves to the arkElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
As I am I come to theeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
As long as the people permit the saloonElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
As on the day of PentecostElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
As the shadows of evening are closing me roundE. A. H. (Author)3
As we go our pilgrim wayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
As we go to battle, comradesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Assembled here with one accordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
At Jesus' feet, O joy so sweetE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
At the closing of our daysE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
At the landing by the crystal seaElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English8
Awake, ye saints of God! Quickly gird the armor onElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Away from Father's houseElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Away, while the sweet bells are pealingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Back unto a life of sinning shall I turn againElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Be careful, little handsE. A. H. (Author)2
Be careful, my brother the darkness enshrouds theeE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Be earnest, toiler for the LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Be kind to the erring whose feet are astrayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English12
Be not afraid to speak to JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Be strong to dare and doRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Be strong to toil in the vineyard wideElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English9
Be with us, Lord, as forth we goE. A. H. (Author)English16
Beautiful angels hover nearRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Beautiful are the streets of goldRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Beautiful, beautiful landElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Beautiful Bible, herald of mercyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Beautiful birds of the wildwood and glenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Beautiful mansions, mansions of peaceElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Behold the fountain of Christ's bloodElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Beloved friends, this fellowshipElisha A. Hoffman (Author)13
Bending, Lord, before thee lowlyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
Better friend is none than HeE. A. H. (Author)English2
Beyond the city's golden portalsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Beyond the dark, mysterious riverRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Beyond the darkness of the tombE. A. H. (Author)English7
Blessed are they that do His commandmentsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English15
Blessed Jesus, draw me nearerE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Breathe upon me Holy SpiritElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
Breathe upon us holy spirit as adoringly we bowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English18
Bright are the flowers in the garden and valeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Brother be thou faithfulE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Brother, cleanse the temple of your soul from sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Brother, has Christ redeemed you from sin?E. A. H. (Author)English2
Brother, leave the path of sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
Brother, make a friend of JesusE. A. H. (Author)English7
Brother, pray for my soul tonightE. A. H. (Author)4
Brother, thou art sorely troubledElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Brother, what of your journeyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Brother, while filled with contritionElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Brother, will you speak for JesusE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Brother, you have known the MasterE. A. H. (Author)English3
By an old winding roadElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
By and by all this weeping and this sorrowE. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
By and by at God's commandElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
By and by, when our pilgrimage is overE. A. H. (Author)4
曾否就主,求祂洗淨你罪愆?(Céng fǒu jiù zhǔ, qiú tā xǐ jìng nǐ zuìqiān?)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)Chinese2
Can I trust himElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Can it be that Jesus loves meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Can we help the cause alongElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Can you tell me why the SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Children love each otherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Christ for the world, be this our battle cryElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Christ has for sin atonement madeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English228
Christ is standing at the door, soul, let Him in!Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English8
Christ Jesus is a SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Christ, our Redeemer, died on the crossE. A. H. (Elisha A. Hoffman?) (Author)English35
Christ placed my feet upon a rockElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Christ shall be King over all the nationsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)6
Christ will walk with me in the Beautiful WayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Christian, be faithful, follow me closelyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
Christian, gird the armor on, There's a victory to be wonE. A. H. (Author)English58
Christian, today is some heaven-sent thoughtElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Church of Christ by grace redeemedE. A. H. (Author)4
Cleared from all my sin, my condemnation goneElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English31
Come and help us, friends of temperanceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Come and sign the pledge, our brotherRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Come and sign the pledge tonight boysElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
Come boys and pledge your heart and handElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Come, come to Jesus, do not keep him waitingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English11
Come, let us reason together, dear friendE. A. H. (Author)3
Come, let us work for JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Come, register your name, my friendRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Come sinner, come, why yet delayE. A. H. (Author)2
Come, take a stand for JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Come to Jesus, weary soulE. A. H. (Author)1
Come to me, come to me, Soul athirst for happinessE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Come to the Savior, come, soul, todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Come unto me, come unto me, Come with thy guilt oppressedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English10
Come with your burden of guilt and sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Come, ye disconsolate, weary of sinE. A. Hoffman (Author)1
Comforting news of salvation we bringElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Crown our Jesus, crown our JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Dear Jesus, I love TheeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Dear mother, cease your weary weepingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Dear mother cease your weepingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Dear to me is the word of GodRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Debo decir a Cristo mis pruebasElisha Albright Hoffman (1839-1929) (Author)Spanish3
Deep is the darkness enshrouding my soulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Delay not to come to ChristE. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Diré a Cristo todas mis pruebasE. A. H. (Author)Spanish4
Do sin and guilt oppress thee sore?E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Do you hear the glad bells ringingE. A. H. (Author)2
Do you know why Christ is knocking, knocking, knocking at the door?Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Down at the cross where my Savior died, Down where for cleansing from sin I criedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English1083
Down at the feet of the lowlyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Down at the fount, with its crimson flowE. A. H. (Author)English3
Draw me closer, Lord, to thee, Fold me Thy love's embraceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)6
Draw near, O Christ, to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English15
Drifting away from Thy loveRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Drifting soul, drifting awayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Dulce comunión la que gozo yaElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish15
Each day, dear Lord, I need Thy presence and Thy peace Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Each day has its blessing, each its joy and cheerElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Earth is not all joy and sunshineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Earthly monarchs wear a crownElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Ein kleines, liebes MädchenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German1
El amor de Dios siento en mi corazónElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish4
En fr'lsare har jagElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Enlist for Jesus, fall in lineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
എന്തൊ-രത്ഭുതം! സ്നേ-ഹ കൂട്ടായ്മ (Enteā-ratbhutaṁ! snē-ha kūṭṭāyma)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Malayalam2
Enter into God's own houseElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Es hat durchs Kreuz uns Heil gebrachtE. A. H. (Author)German5
Es mi anhelo siempre servirteElisha Hoffman (Author)Spanish2
Es war dort zu den Fuessen JesuE. A. H. (Author)German4
Eternity, Eternity, Where will you spend EternityElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Ever to Jesus be faithful and trueElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
Every day new mercies greet meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Every heart for Jesus, set apart for himE. A. H. (Author)2
Everywhere are broken hearts and sad and weeping eyesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Everywhere I go I have the Savior with meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Faint not, doubt not, but from day to dayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Fall into line, brother, fall into lineRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English10
Fall into the ranks, lads, and courage with you bringElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Father, I would be made holyE. A. H. (Author)2
Father in heaven, hear thou my pleaElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Father in heaven, rich in thy mercyE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Father, in thy loving mercyE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Father, in Thy tender mercyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
Father of love, in heaven aboveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
Father won't you stop your drinkingE. A. Hoffman (Author)1
Fear not, for I am with thee to be thy helpElisha A. Hoffman (Author)9
Fire of heaven, all consumingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Flash the news over land and oceanElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English12
Follow Jesus only, follow, follow HimElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Follow the blessed Redeemer todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Following the Master with a firm, unshaken trustRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)6
For his flock our loving SaviorRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
For more of love, my heart is sighingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
For the Christ and for the churchElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
For the deeds that I have doneElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Forsonet Kristus har min syndE. A. H. (Author)Norwegian2
Forth, go forth in the Master's name, to do his holy willElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Forth to the work, 'Tis the Master's commandElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Forward, forward, friends of JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Forward march with songE. A. H. (Author)English2
Forward move, O church of GodRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English20
Forward, ye soldiers of Immanuel todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Friend, never forget to prayRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Friends and loved ones may leave usRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
From Calvary's mount there flows a streamE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
From danger and doubt, from sorrow and fearElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English19
From heaven comes an earnest callElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
From moment to moment my God will supply meE. A. Hoffman (Author)16
From moment to moment my SaviorE. A. H. (Author)English2
From the cross there flows a hallowed streamElisha A. Hoffman (Author)6
From the world my feet have turned asideElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
From your dear Redeemer never go astrayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Fue sentado a los pies de CristoE. A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish4
Full and perfect faith in JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
Gather round the Christmas treeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)10
Gather the little ones unto the SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Gathering from each kindred and nationE. A. H (Author)4
Gentlemen, your votes, pleaseElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Gern sag' ichs Jesu, was mich versuchteElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German1
Gird on the armor, and forth to the fieldRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Give as the morning which flowsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Give glory to God for his wonderful loveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Give God the glory for what he has doneElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Give to Christ your best affectionElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)10
Give unto the Lord an offering fullElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Glad tidings come rolling across the blue oceanElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Glorious promises of JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Glory, glory be to Jesus, To His matchless nameElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Glory to the risen SaviorE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
Go, feel what I have feltElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Go forth into the harvestElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English20
Go, friends, tell the wondrous storyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Go labor in the harvest fieldElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Go on, go on, and give thy mightElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
God be with you every momentElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
God calls for warriors brave and strongElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
God has promised to be with youElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
God has spoken the conquering wordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
God in his mercy calls unto [upon] meRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English8
God is calling, gently callingRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English6
God loves to hear the children singElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
God of love, we plead for dear onesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
God of mercy, God of grace, Hear our sad repentant songsRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English1
God opened a fountainElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
God planned for me a wondrous lifeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
God's abiding peace is in my soul todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English54
God's hand is ever leading meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
God's love has sweetened all my life with gladness more and more (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
God's love, it is sweeter than honey to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
God's wondrous love, His love for meRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Going on to Zion, land of love and lightElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Going unprepared to the judgment throneRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Gone before, our loved and lost onesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Good Christians, delighting in the service of the LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Good people, have you heard the tidingsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Gottes Friede wohnet nun in meiner BrustElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German2
Gracious Heavenly Father, Once again we gatherRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Grant us thy peace, O fatherElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Hörst du nicht den Heiland rufen, der zum Leben dich berufenRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)German2
Hail, royal banner of the KingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Hallelujah, raise a songElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Har du blodets kraft vel kjendtE. A. Hoffman (Author)Norwegian2
Hark, the trump of God is soundingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English5
Hark, there's a call for the brave and trueRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English8
Hark, what sound salutes your ear Whose the gentle voice you hearElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
Has hallado en Cristo plena salvaciónElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish6
¿Has hallado en Cristo tu buen Salvador?Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish3
Hast du schon empfangen Gottes Kraft und Heil?E. A. Hoffman (Author)German3
Have faith in God whatever betideElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Have the love of Jesus filling your heart each dayE. A. H. (Author)2
Have thou faith in GodElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Have thy affections been nailed to the cross?Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English335
Have you a burden on your soulElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English15
Have you any trouble, have you any sorrowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Have you been redeemed from sin?Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing power?Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English589
Have you been to the fountain of blessingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Have you ever heard a sweeter name than thisElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Have you ever heard the story, wondrous sweet it is to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Have you heard of the wonderful Savior, Who dwelt on the earth among menE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Have you heard the good news about JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Have you made Jesus your friend and your SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
He has accepted me for His ownE. A. H. (Author)English6
He is a very present helpElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
He is with me every momentElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
He knoweth the way that I takeElisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929 (Author)3
He offers redemption todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
He saves the sinner from his sinsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)9
He who conquers wins the crownRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)4
He will call me by and byElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
He will keep me every momentElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
He will send showers of blessing, Blessings to comfort and cheerElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Hear the Master calling, for toilers callingRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English11
Hear the message from aboveE. A. H. (Author)English13
Hear the news from heaven aboveE. A. H. (Author)English4
Hear ye the call of your MasterElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Hear ye the orders from JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Hearken brave crusadersElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Hearts there are with sorrow bleedingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Heaven has crowns, beautiful crownsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)9
Heaven holds the dear onesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Heaven is a country bright, meet me thereElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Heaven with praises will be ringingRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Heil, gesprengt sind meine KettenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German2
Help me, dear Lord, to work for TheeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Here am I, O Master, ready to be usedRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English8
Here in thy holy presenceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Here, Lord, I bring my offeringElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Herr, ich nah' zum GnadenthroneE. A. H. (Author)German4
Hold me hold me hold me in the hollowElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Holy Father, freely pardon, is our earnest pleaE. A. H. (Author)English2
Holy Spirit, dwell with me, make me holy, like to TheeE. A. H. (Author (Chorus))English4
Holy Spirit, I implore TheeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Holy Spirit, I've received TheeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Homeward, lead my footsteps toward the golden thoneElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
How are you living, brotherE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
How calm and bright is this holy dayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
How can I forget thy compassionElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
How can my soul forget the dayE. A. H. (Author)2
How dear a friend is JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
How dear to his heartElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
How glad I am that Jesus loves meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
How goes the battle, comradesElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
How happy the meeting in heaven will beE. A. H. (Author)2
How I long to hear the story once againE. A. H. (Author)2
How kind a friend is Jesus!E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
How kind is the heart of the SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English9
How many, many thousandsRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
How my heart within me burnsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
How, O, how are you living, my brother?Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English8
How sweet it will be when we getElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
How sweet the hour of prayer, when we each other greetRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
How wonderful the love of GodElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Hungry soul, why longer doubt His love and graceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Hush, little wet townElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Hviliket fællesskab, hvilken glæde stor!E. A. Hoffman (Author)Norwegian2
I acknowledge my transgressions, I have sinned grievouslyE. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
I acknowledge my transgressions, I confess my guilt and sinRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
I always go to JesusRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English1
I am a Christian pilgrimElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
I am a little pilgrim, A staff within my handE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
I am bowed at the crossRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English6
I am coming, Lord, and kneelingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
I am coming now, coming to JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
I am coming to the SaviorRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)6
I am coming to Thee, dear RedeemerRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I am following the LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I am glad that the LordElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I am going, onward going to the portalsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I am going to be crowned by and byE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I am happy and blest, of life's joys I share the bestRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I am kneeling, dear Savior, in tears at thy feetElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I am never alone for a momentElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I am on my way to heaven, But my childrenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
I am on my way to heaven, where my best possessions areE. A. H. (Author)English2
I am passing down the valley that they say is so loneElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English86
I am redeemed! The Lord, my SaviorE. A. H. (Author)English2
I am safe in the keeping of my SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I am safely, safely shelteredElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
I am saved, but saved to serveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I am singing all the day, As I go my pilgrim wayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I am so weary of heartRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
I am thinking today of my home over thereRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I am thirsting so intenselyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I am waiting for the summons that shall bid me turn my feetRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
I am walking in a new and living wayElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I am weak and very sinfulElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
I bring my sins to TheeRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English1
I came to Jesus with my sin, what a wonderful SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
I can hear my Savior calling, in the tenderest accents callingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English40
I cannot conceive how the LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I cannot forget that wonderful dayElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I cannot forget the hour when the Lord of life and powerE. A. Hoffman (Author)English1
I cannot tell when God shall call my soulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
I come, O Lord, in penitenceElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)2
I come to thee, thou blessed ChristElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
I earnestly prayed for deliverance from sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English12
I feel like going on, brotherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English1
I find a deep peace o'er me stealingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I give my hands to JesusE. A. H. (Author)English2
I go forth to serve my GodElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I go forth today on my pilgrim wayE. A. H. (Author)English5
I have a dear Savior, the best of my friendsE. A. H. (Author)English7
I have a friend, a precious friend, More dear than life to meE. A. H. (Author)English5
I have a friend in Jesus, who is a friend indeedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
I have a friend, O such a friend, His precious life He gave meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
I have a hope of heavenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
I have been at the fountainElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)9
I have been to Jesus to be cleansed with powerElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
I have dreamed sweet dreams of a better homeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English21
I have found a new joy in the love of my LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I have found in Christ a refugeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
I have in Christ a friendElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I have no care, I have no fearElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
I have often been told of the Savior's great loveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I have often heard the story of the Savior's precious loveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I have peace within my soul, hallelujah!E. A. H. (Author)English4
I have perfect peace todayE. A. H. (Author)English7
I have precious news to tell, hallelujahE. A. H. (Author)English29
I have sinned, O my LordElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
I have taken up the cross of ChristElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
I have wandered far in the wilderness of sinRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)8
I have wandered very far awayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I journey to a better landElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I journey to the better landElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I know I am unworthyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I know not when or how or whereElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I know not why he loves me, With such a tender loveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English22
I know that he is mineElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I know that the great feast is readyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English6
I know the Savior died upon the crossE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I love thee, I love thee, thou Book of the LordElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
I love to sing for Jesus (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
I may not do much for Christ in ministryE. A. H. (Author)2
I must tell Jesus all of my trialsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English475
I need, I need a SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I never have known such another friend as JesusE. A. H. (Author)2
I never shall forget the day, View the land, view the landElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English2
I now believe in Christ the LordRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
I now belong to JesusRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
I once was full of guilt and sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English9
I ought to love my Savior, He died upon the treeE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I praise the wondrous love of GodE. A. H. (Author)English3
I remember the day when I kneltElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
I remember well when to graceRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)4
I renounce the world and sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I see the nail pierced hands of ChristRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)9
I sing the praise of Him todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
I sing the sweet story of Christ and His loveE. A. H. (Author)3
I sing the wonders of his loveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I sing to Christ a grateful songElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I sometimes grow faint and wearyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
I sought for peace and found it notElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I sought, when burdened with my sinsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I stand on the field of battleE. A. Hoffman (Author)1
I thank thee, I thank theeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I think I have religion, though I'm not a shining lightRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I think of a home that is wondrously brightElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
I think of my Savior, His love and His favorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
I think of Thee, dear Savior, at the dawning of the dayE. A. H. (Author)English4
I walk with the SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I want more love, more love to TheeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I want no other grace than mineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I want to be Thine, Lord JesusE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I was a wretch, I remember who I wasElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English2
I will be a light for JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
I will endeavor my vows to fulfillElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
I will follow Jesus whither he may leadElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
I will follow only Thee, O Thou kind and loving FriendElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I will live for Jesus day by dayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
I will not forsake Thee, no, my Savior, no!E. A. H. (Author)English2
I will sing the praise of Jesus, He, who died to ransom meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I wonder, often wonder, Just how it came to beRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
I would adore thy wonderful graceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I would be a blessing to the world, dear LordE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
I would be thine, dear SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Ich ziehe als ein PilgerElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German1
If Christ the Lord should ask of theeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
If I were you, O earnest youthE. A. H. (Author)English2
If Jesus will only be near meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
If my disciple you would beElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
If temptation and sin shall assailElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
If unrepentant you pass awayE. A. H. (Author)English2
If we are Christ's we fear noRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
If we walk in all the counselsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
If you cannot see the way before youE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
If you come to Jesus, trust His love and graceElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
If you want to be a Christian you must leaveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
If you will come to Jesus, you will outshine the sunE. A. Hoffman (Author)English1
If your love has lukewarm grownElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
I'll follow thee, dear JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I'll swing into line when you get a little furtherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
I'm a wanderer from JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
I'm an heir to a homeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I'm fully satisfied with ChristElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
I'm sweetly resting at the crossElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
I'm told that Jesus loves me, is it true?E. A. Hoffman (Author)English23
I'm yearning for deeper communionElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
In a world of sorrow, in a world of tearsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English13
In all the world there is but one JesusE. A. H. (Author)English5
In Christ, my blessed hiding placeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
In God we trust, He is our strong defenseRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English7
In loving consecration LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
In my Savior I am trustingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English2
In our school again assembledE. A. H. (Author)English2
In that fair land I know not where it liethE. A. H. (Author)3
In the armor of GodE. A. Hoffman (Author)6
In the cleft of thy dear sideElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
In the conflict with the wrongElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
In the desert wilds of sinE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
In the fullness of love, Jesus came from aboveE. A. H. (Author)English28
In the golden by and by we shall meet againElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
In the humble cottage, in the mansion fairElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
In the mansions over yonder Is a loved one dear to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
In the morning there will be a wondrous gatheringRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
In the precious Bible is a story sweetElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
In the ranks of Christ we standElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
In the rock of ages hiding Where no harm can ever comeRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
In the shelter of the rock, Jesus hide me (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English12
In the wilderness of sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
In yonder palace of my King, in yonder home of lightElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
In your Savior abide, walk in love by His sideE. A. H. (Author)2
Is Christ a Savior from all sin?E. A. H. (Author)English3
Is there a friend whose life is sadElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Is there a sinner awaiting Mercy and pardon todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English54
Is there rest in JesusE. A. H. (Author)4
Is there trouble in your heartElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Is your soul with sin distressedRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English5
Ist getilgt die Sünde? Bist du heil und neu?Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)German5
It is good to trust in JesusE. A. H. (Author)English2
It is safe to follow where He leads the wayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
It is time to serve the LordRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
It seems so strange that the dear Lord should care for meE. A. H. (Author)2
It was but a little roseElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
It was but a little serviceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
It was down at the feet of JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English19
It was his love that reached my soulRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)14
It would be a sad moment for homes fair and brightRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
I've turned my back upon the world (Hoffman)Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
基督已經完成贖罪,何等奇妙的救主!(Jīdū yǐjīng wánchéng shúzuì, héděng qímiào de jiù zhǔ!)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)Chinese2
Jenseit der düstern, dunkeln GruftElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German11
Jerusalem golden, thou home of lightElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus, be to me a FriendElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Jesus, bless the childrenRev, E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Jesus can be a loving FriendElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus Christ is very near youElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus Christ, my loving SaviorE. A. H. (Author)English3
Jesus died upon the cross of Calvary, Paid theElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Jesus dig kallar, kallar just digElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus, Friend of little children, Be a Friend to meE. A. H. (Author)English1
Jesus goeth on before to leadElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus has summoned us to lives of faithE. A. H. (Author)2
Jesus has the power, the wonder-working powerE. A. H. (Author)3
Jesus, hear me when I prayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Jesus, I am too unworthyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus, I bring to TheeRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Jesus I come, Jesus I come to joinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Jesus, I come to thee, Thou hast invited meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Jesus, I follow on, follow onE. A. H. (Author)2
Jesus, I hear thee callingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus, I will follow Thee, and will serve Thee FaithfullyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English2
Jesus invites you to come unto HimE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Jesus is a Friend indeed (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus is a Friend, what a Friend and a SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Jesus is a merciful SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Jesus is a precious Friend, O so kind and trueRev. Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English5
Jesus is both able and willing to save, to saveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Jesus is calling and bids you returnRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English13
Jesus is calling, calling for theeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English17
Jesus is calling you nowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Jesus is coming again, by and byRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Jesus is lovingly calling to thee, calling to theeE. A. H. (Author)English2
Jesus is my soul's RedeemerElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Jesus is the children's Friend, He will love them to the endRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Jesus is the children's friend, Precious friend, tender friendE. A. H. (Author)English2
Jesus is watching o'er you and meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus ist ein freundlicher HeilandElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German1
Jesus knows that I am thirstingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus loves me, loves me wellElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus loves me with a loveRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Jesus loves me, Yes he lovesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus loves the children, Loves them tenderlyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus, my Lord, to thee I cryElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Jesus only, this the watchwordElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English5
Jesus saves, O he saves meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus, Savior, pity me, I am full of sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Jesus the love thou bearest meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Jesus, walk beside me (Hoffman)Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Jesus, we are coming, coming now to theeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Jesus we will love alway, yes, we willRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Jesus will care for meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
交通何甜美,喜樂何豐盈 (Jiāotōng hé tiánměi, xǐlè hé fēngyíng)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Chinese2
Joy, the blessed Prince of peaceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Joys and blessings rich and sweetElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Junto a la cruz do Jesús murió, Do por su graia clamaga youElisha A. Hoffman (1839-1929) (Author)Spanish2
Junto a la cruz do Jesús murió, Junto a la crus do salud pedíElisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929 (Author)Spanish13
Junto a la cruz, do murió el SalvadorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish1
Junto da cruz do meu SalvadorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)Portuguese2
Just across the river we shall dwell foreverElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Just have a little talk with JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Just now, O penitent childE. A. H. (Author)3
Just where thou art, lift up thy voiceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Keep close to Jesus, never leave his sideElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Keep me, dear Savior, close to thy heartElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Keep me ever near Thy sideElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
Keep sweet, and earth will be the brighterElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Keeping close to Jesus every passing dayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Kei ka launa pu, oli lani eElisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929 (Author)Hawaiian3
Khanapaquiwa khananchasquituElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Aymara2
Knocking at the door, knocking at the doorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Knocking, knocking at the door, Pleading, pleading evermoreElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
क्रूस ही के पास जहां ख़ून बहा (Kroos hee ke paas jahaan khoon baha)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Hindi2
Kusisqa kani, salvoña kaspaElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Quechua1
Lamb of God, the CrucifiedE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
Lay up treasures for your soulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Lead me forth, O blessed JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English14
Leaning upon my Father's armElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English2
Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Let us all be true and faithfulE. A. H. (Author)English4
Let us follow Jesus, follow him anywhereElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Let us join our voicesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Let us pledge our hearts' devotionElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Let us praise the Lord of heavenRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Let us rally round the standardElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Let us sing to the praise of our LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Lift up Immanuel's glorious bannerElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Light and happy is my heartElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Like Lazarus, with fainting heartElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Linger near us, blessed SpiritElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
Linger no longer, Jesus is waitingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English12
Listen, sinner, here's a messageElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Little children, love each otherElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
Live not mid the shadowsE. A. H. (Author)4
Long has Jehovah patient beenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)6
Long have I sought the heavenly wayE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Looking on ahead, I am safely ledRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Lord, how very often Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Lord, I am fondly, earnestly longingElisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929 (Author)17
Lord, I am under condemnationElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Lord, I come to thee with longing to be cleansed from sinElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Lord, I have brought my offeringRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Lord, I make a full surrender, of these powers of mineRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Lord, I would be Thine aloneElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
Lord, it is a full surrenderElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Lord, Lord, earth is so fairElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Lord, my heart is bruised and bleedingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English16
Lord, we come into thy presenceElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Love of the SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Loving hearts on earth are foundElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Loving is Jesus and tenderElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Low at thy feet I am bendingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Loyal soldiers of the blessed SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Ma kela ke'a i make ai IesuElisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929 (Author)Hawaiian2
Many dangers lie around meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Many in their search for JesusRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Many precious souls are gropingRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)4
March beneath the temperance bannerElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Marching onward with our KingRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
May the dear Lord Jesus count on you, my friendElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English12
May the Lord, our Master, count on you, my friendElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
mayka wash kopa djizEs pilpilE. A. Hoffman (Author)Chinook Jargon2
Meine Seele freuet sich in Gottes HuldElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German1
Men of faith and men of courageElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English2
Men of our country, be loyal and trueElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Men of our country, hear the call for help todayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Men who are honest and trueE. A. H. (Author)2
Merry, merry bells are pealingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Merry, merry Christmas has come againElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Millions tread the golden strandElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Min fot ganska ofta groettasElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Moment by moment I trustElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
More like my Savior my spiritElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
More like the Savior I long to beE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
More precious than the rubies and pearlsRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Mother is dead and I am aloneE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Mother lips, I hear you prayingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
My feet are weary, but I am goingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
My feet often times grow wearyE. A. H. (Author)English1
My feet shall journey, MasterE. A. H. (Author)2
My gladsome heart these words repeatElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English17
My heart is a fountain of joy todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
My heart is humbled in the dustElisha A. Hoffman (Author)6
My heart is, O, so satisfiedElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
My heart was afflictedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
My heart will I keep pureElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
My home is in heaven my home is not hereElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
My home is not on earth I'm but a pilgrim hereRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
My hope is bright today and my heart is light alwayE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
My life flows along in gladness and songE. A. H. (Author)English2
My Savior guides me in the wayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
My Savior has redeemed my soulRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
My Savior was nailed to the crossRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
My sins are great and manyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
My son, give me thy heart, I hear the Savior sayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
My soul breaks forth in songs of praiseRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
My soul is a fountain of gladness todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
My soul must sing in ecstasy, For Jesus hasElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
My soul sings in sweet ecstasyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
My soul was dark and blindElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
My spirit thrills with joy todayE. A. H. (Author)English6
My treasures are gathering yonderE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
My yoke take upon youElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Never cease to labor, brotherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Never mind reverses when they come to youRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Never will I deny theeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Never will I thee deny, O Lamb of CalvaryRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
New life is mine, new life is mineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
No bread today, no food for our tableElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
No one can help you but Jesus, He is your very best friendElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
No room in the inn for the SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Not any works that I may doRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English11
Now is the time to decide for ChristElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Now is the time to seek the LordE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Now my heart is full of rapture and gladnessElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Now the chains of sin are brokenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English12
När inför Herren jag böjde migElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)Swedish6
N'r invid koerset jag boejde migElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Nu froejdas mitt hj'rta i Jesus KristElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O blessed moments, richly sweetRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English1
O Christian, so far from thy Savior awayE. A. H. (Author)English4
O city of beautyE. A. Hoffman (Author)1
O come to Christ while He is nighElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O day of days the bestElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
O det var vid min Jesu foetterElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O du, som paa syndens haf foerdroejer dig 'nElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O, fix your faith on JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O friends of Christ who live in happy Christian lands!Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
O God, forgive thy wayward childElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O God, hear thou our pleadingRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O golden gates, ye gates of yon fair city brightElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O hear the glad news, the Redeemer wasElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O hear ye One groaning on yonder rude treeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O how dear are the friendships that bind loving heartsE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O how oft the feet grow wearyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
O how passing strange and wonderfulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
O how wonderful, Jesus wentElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
O how wonderful, O how wonderful, Jesus went to Calvary, and suffered there for meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
O hur tryggt det ärElisha A. Hoffman (Author)Swedish2
O I never can forgetElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English10
O Jesus, blest Redeemer mineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O Jesus! I never will leave TheeE. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
O Jesus, my Savior, at last, at lastE. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
O Jesus, thou friend of the childrenElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O Jesus, thou Savior divineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
O Jesus, when wounded with sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)10
O kommet und nehmt den Gekreuzigten anElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)German4
O Lord of love, my feet have wandered longElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
O Lord, regard my soul, with all its needElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O Lord, to thee our songs ascendE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
O Lord, within my soulE. A. Hoffman (Author)English12
O love surpassing knowledgeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English219
O men of our country, ye loyal and trueElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O my soul cries out for JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O pure and holy peaceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O sacred spot, O hallowed placeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O Savior, thou friend of the fallenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O settle the question tonight, my brotherE. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
O soul, estranged from JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O take the pledge and sign itRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
O tarry no longer, my brotherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O tell me he loves meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O tell me the story of Jesus, the wonderful Savior of me (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)11
O the blessed word of GodElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
O the burden I feel withinElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O the days are full of gladness!Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
O the days of old are past, we are waking up at lastElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O the fulness of God's loveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
O the joys of true religionElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
O the love of Christ is surpassingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O the precious love of Jesus (Hoffman)Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
O the promises of Jesus, they are all for meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O the way that leads to heavenElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O the world is full of joy to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
O the world must be conquered for ChristRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English6
O think of the home over there (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
O this load of sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
O thou tender, loving SaviorRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)6
O to love him better and his fulness knowE. A. H. (Author)2
O wanderer to eternity, How swift life's moments rollElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
O warm, warm heart of JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
O weary not, soul, in the heavenly raceElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O weary soul, with sin distressedE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
O welch sel'ge Lust trag ich in der BrustElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German2
O what a Savior is Jesus to me, Loving and trueElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)8
O what blessed peace is mineElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
O when the Savior shall gather his jewelsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
O where shall my soul find a haven of restElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
O wonderful depth of God's wonderful loveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
O ye children of God, ye redeemed through the bloodElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English12
O ye who are drifting on the swift tides of sinE. A. H. (Author)English18
O'er life's billows flying, wind and wave defyingRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English10
O'er the rugged path we wanderE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Oft I seem to hear sweet musicRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English5
O guilty sinner, today prepare [begin] to prayE. A. H. (Author)English15
O how can I thank thee my fatherRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O my heart is thrilled with wondrous joy todayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English73
O seeker for pardon, thou sighest for restRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
O the good we all may doElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
O think of His wonderful love, my soulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
O what utter weakness fills this soul of mineRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English9
O what would I do without Jesus, When burdened with guiltElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
O wondrously sweet is the storyE. A. Hoffman (Author)English11
On Calvary there stood a crossRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English24
On, on, Jesus goes before usElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
On the other side there's a landElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
On the pathway leading up to heavenE. A. H. (Author)2
On the rugged cross, on the Calvary crossRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
On this, the day of days the bestElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
On, valiant soldiers of ChristElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
On your upward journey sing a songElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Once my soul from God was far astrayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Once the Savior took the childrenElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
One day more and we are nearerElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
One I prize all friends aboveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
One look at the Christ of CalvaryElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)13
Only a glass in the barroomElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Only Jesus can saveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Only Jesus, I have madeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Only of Jesus I'll singElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Onward, brother, onwardRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Onward, dear pilgrim, faint and so wearyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
Our Father in heaven, we gather to praiseElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Our fathers who loved JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Our friends are going with us, and one by one they comeE. A. H. (Author)English2
Our hearts are lone and sad todayElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Our Sabbath school is a happy placeE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
Our sins on Christ were laidElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Our Sunday school is endedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Our town has gone dryE. A. H. (Author)English2
Our wonderful King, our wonderful King, to himElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Out in the world there are manyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Out upon the surging sea of lifeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Over in heaven, sweet land, I shall before Him standElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Over the rolling sea, Many the voices appealing to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English19
Over the tide is the home of the blestRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Over where the shining angelsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Patient and long we waited for the dayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Pennies for Jesus, the Savior and LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Pilgrim, follow close to JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Por mi maldad Jesús muríoE. A. Hoffman (Author)Spanish3
Praise the Lord of heaven all gloriousElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord! worthy of acclaim and honor is HeRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Praise the Lord, repentant sinners are returningElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Praise the Lord who ransomed youElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Praise the matchless name of JesusRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Praise to Jehovah we are singingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord! Thanks for His goodness are dueElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Pray when the days are brightest with gladnessElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
Precious is the blood of the lamb! Truly shed for one and allE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Precious is the name of JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)21
Preist den Herrn der für euch starbElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German2
Press forward! press forward! a crown is in viewElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Pressing on to the joys awaiting meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)11
Prohibition prohibition this our great battle cryRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Pure cold water is the drink for meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Purer and purer dear Lord I would beElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Push the crusade on! the battle must be wonElisah A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Que consolação tem meu coraçãoElisha Albright Hoffmann (Author (stanzas))Portuguese2
Quicken thou me O thouElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Quit you like men, O be brave and strongElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Raise aloft your banner, fling it to the breezeE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Rejoice in thy youth, young manElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice in grateful laysElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
Rejoice, rejoice, the Christmas time is hereElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Rejoice with me, rejoice with meE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Remember, remember, the love of thy dear LordE. A. H. (Author)4
Remember the poor on the cold wintry dayRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Repentant soul, turn to the LordElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)9
Rescue them, rescue the souls that are perishingE. A. H. (Author)English7
Restless and unhappy, burdened and distressedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Ring, ring, beautiful bellsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
Ring, ring, gladly ring, Bells of heaven ringElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Rose of Sharon, sent from paradise aboveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
ശുദ്ധിക്കായ് നീ യേശുസമീപെ പോയോ? (Śud'dhikkāy nī yēśusamīpe pēāyēā?)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Malayalam2
Sad is the heart of a wandering childElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Safe I shall be kept I knowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Said a man the other day adown in old TennesseeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Save some souls today LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)8
Scatter sunshine, bright and cheering sunshineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Send me forth, O blessed Master! where are souls in sorrow bowedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English57
Shall I come just as I amE. A. Hoffman (Author)15
Shelter my soul, O GodElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Shine forth, O cross of CalvaryElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Should you be summoned to stand at God's barElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
Since my soul is forgiven and reconciledE. A. H. (Author)English4
Sing a song and go your pilgrim wayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Sing of Jesus, of his mercy in the pardonElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Sing the songs of heavenElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
Sing unto Jesus the SaviorRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Sing we our battle song, sing it loud and clearElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Sing with me, sing HallelujahElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Sinner, press your way to JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English10
Sinners are bowing at Jesus' feetElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Soldiers, follow where the Captain leads youElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Soldiers of Jesus, shout your battle cryRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Soldiers recruiting in the ranks of the LordRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English9
Some day my Savior I shall knowElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
Some day these conflicts will be overElisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929 (Author)3
Some day we shall be freed from sinElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
Some of these days all the skies will be brighterE. A. H. (Author)English17
Soul, a fountain for sin has been opened for allElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Soul, do you long for pardonElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Soul, thou art driftingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Soul, thy fettered wings unfoldRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Soul, your sins are all forgivenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Souls are weary waiting for a welcome wordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
Speak a kind word for JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Speed away! speed away! on your mission of light (Hoffman)Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Spirit of power, anoint me for serviceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Stand, firmly stand, A noble valiant bandRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)3
Step by step, we will follow JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Still nearer to Jesus I daily would liveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Stop tonight and think, my brotherElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
Straight is the gate and narrow the way that leads to the realmsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Suffer all the little ones to come to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Sweet is thy love, O Christ, to meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Sweet little star, Shining in the nightElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Sweet little star way up in yonder skyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Sweet the bells are chimingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Sweet thoughts of JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
താങ്ങുവാനായി ത്രാണിയില്ലേതും (Tāṅṅuvānāyi trāṇiyillētuṁ)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Malayalam2
Take up the cross for JesusRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Take your sins to JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English8
Tan bella es esta historiaElisha Hoffman (Author)Spanish2
Teach me, Lord, to ever trustElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Tears will not save meE. A. Hoffman (Author)1
Tell Jesus, tell him everythingE. A. H. (Author)2
Tell me all about Jesus Who came from heaven aboveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English37
Tell me more about Jesus, O how I love to hearElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Tell me more of JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Tell me of Jesus, wonderful SaviorE. A. H. (Author)English4
Tell me the story of Jesus, Write itElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Tell me the story sweetElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Tell the joyful news aroundElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Tell the men who peddle liquorE. A. H. (Author)2
Tell the message of salvationElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Tell the story, far and wideElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Tell us what the Lord has done for youE. A. H. (Author)English11
Temptation my soul may assailElisha A. Hoffman, 1839-1929 (Author)English3
Temptations may come and threaten thy soulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Teurer Heiland, dein BlutElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)German4
That will be a happy morning, When He comesE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
The angels sang for joyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The bells are ringing clear, Are ringing loud and merrily todayE. A. H. (Author)2
The bells of the Sabbath are ringingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The Bible reveals the glad storyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The billows may be rolling highElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
The blood of Jesus sprinkledElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English3
The blood that flowed from CalvaryElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English10
The children may come to JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)9
The Christmas bells peal merrilyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
The cross is all my gloryRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
The cross of Christ forever shall our ensign beElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The dear loving Savior was taken by menElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
The drop of dew falls softly downElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The feast is now ready and waitingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
The footsteps of Jesus, our way marks will beRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
The fountain now is flowingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The half He has never revealedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
The half never yet has been toldRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
The hosts of sin are very strongRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
The joy I feel todayElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
The judgment day is coming, we warn you faithfullyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
The lifeboat, loose it! for over the waveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English8
The light that shines withinElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The Lord be with theeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
The Lord from heaven will come descendingE. A. Hoffman (Author)English7
The Lord is all in all to meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The Lord is coming by and by, Be ready when He comesE. A. Hoffman (Author)English6
The Lord is King, exalt His nameElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The Lord is on my side, I will not fearElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The Lord is our Savior, RedeemerElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
The Lord is very kind to childrenElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The Lord keep watch between us while we partRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English7
The love of Christ is infinitely sweetElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The love of Jesus is so sweetE. A. H. (Author)English2
The love of Jesus, O how sweetElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English11
The love that constrained Him to suffer and dieRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
The Master has a vineyardElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The Master hath need of reapersElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The merry bells are ringingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The music of heaven is sweeter in measureElisha A. Hoffman (Author)10
The name of Jesus, dearest nameElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The precious blood which Jesus ChristElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The Sabbath bells the cheerful bellsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)9
The saloon must surely goElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
The Savior hangs upon the treeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
The Savior has triumphed o'er death and sinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The Savior is mineElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The Savior is tenderly calling, He is calling, sweetly callingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
The Savior is willing to saveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The Savior seeks to enter inE. A. H. (Author)English2
The Savior stands waiting at the mercy's gateElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English3
The sinner says, TomorrowRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
The sins so many and so greatElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The Spirit now entreateth theeRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
The story of redeeming loveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English20
The struggle here seems hard and longElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The struggle is ended the victory wonElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The sun in rich profusion pours his cheering beamsE. A. H. (Author)2
The sunshine cheers and illumes my wayE. A. H. (Author)English2
The sweetest voice that I ever heardElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
The tender voice of Jesus has often thrilled my heartElisha Hoffman (Author)English6
The time of his coming is nearing at lastElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
The tramp of marching armiesRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
The tread of earnest heroes is heard throughout the landE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
The tread of mighty armies rollsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
The voice of the Savior is calling to meRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
The war with sin is on are you readyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The way of life to allElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The whole wide world for Jesus and he for all the worldElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
The windows of heaven are open, And dropping of mercy and graceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
The words that I have spokenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
The world looks very prettyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
The world needs more joy and more sunshineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
The world will not be ruled by mightElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
There are angels arrayed in whiteE. A. Hoffman (Author)6
There are hearts bowed in sorrow and tears tonightRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There are homes of wantElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
There are lives our love may brighten, While the days are passing byElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There are lives that may be brightened by a word of hope and cheerE. A. H. (Author)English5
There are lives that may be brightened, While the days are passing byElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There are lives that we may brightenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
There are many lives to brightenElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
There is a beautiful serviceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
There is a friend, a precious friendElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There is a happy home, beyond this land of woeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)8
There is a home of restElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
There is a place I love to beElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There is a stream of crimson bloodElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
There is a stream of rapid flowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
There is a voice of the tenderest loveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English14
There is cleansing, perfect cleansingRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There is danger in delayE. A. H. (Author)2
There is joy among the angels, when comesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
There is light among the shadowsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
There is no nearer, dearer friendRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
There is none, O Jesus, like theeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There is not another friend so dearE. A. H. (Author)English2
There is room in the heart of Jesus, There is room in his heart for theeRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
There is sweet repose for the trusting soulE. A. Hoffman (Author)5
There will be a scene of splendorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
There will be many stars in my heavenly crownElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
There will be no dark valleyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
There's a gentle knock at the doorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
There's a home, a blessed homeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
There's a jubilee in heaven, where the saints are crownedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
There's a kingdom aboveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
There's a land of fadeless beauty where the friends I loved have goneRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
There's a land of peerless brightnessElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
There's a nation to be stirredE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
There's a swift flowing riverElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
There's a vale of content and of heavenly peaceE. A. H. (Author)4
There's a very mighty work to be wroughtElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
There's a very sweet song in the depths of my soulRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English14
There's a voice that is gently callingE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
There's a wonderful fountain of cleansingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English13
They are more than can be numberedElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
They tell me that Jesus is willing to save meRev. Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
They who would be my disciplesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Think of the harm it has done in the pastElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
This alone can be your pleaElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
This is so wonderful, Jesus now loves meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
This is strange, 'tis strange and wonderfulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
This is the season of hope and graceE. A. H. (Author)English52
This life is ebbing fastElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Thou art the Bread of lifeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Thou hast called me, blessed SaviorRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)3
Thou hast promised, dear RedeemerElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Thou hast summoned me into the vineyard, dear LordE. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Though far from the fold of the SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English6
Though far I have strayed from the fold of the LordElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)9
Though our burdens may be heavyE. A. Hoffman (Author)4
Though the cross for him I bearRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
Though the path be roughE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Threatening storms and tempests may sweep over my soulRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Three cheers for the temperance armyE. A. H. (Author)2
Thy grace, O my Savior, can reach even meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
Thy tender heart, dear JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
Tief gebeugt zu des Heilands FüßenE. A. Hoffman (Author)German2
'Tis a battle for the homeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
'Tis a grand and noble army we beholdElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
'Tis a message glad we bringElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
'Tis never too soon for the children to rallyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
'Tis the hallowed hour of prayerElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English9
'Tis the last call of JesusE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
'Tis the sweetest story that ever was toldElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English4
Ó, tiszta szívet adjE. A. Hoffman (Author)Hungarian2
To Christ be loyal and be trueElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)22
To God I was a strangerE. A. H. (Author)English2
To the front, brave soldiersE. A. H. (Author)2
To the millions living over the deep, deep seaE. A. H. (Author)English43
Today the dear Savior is callingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Today thy Savior calls to theeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Toil on for Jesus, be a faithfulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Tossed upon the waves of passionRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Touch not the poison cupElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Troubled heart, full of sorrow because of sinE. A. Hoffman (Author)4
Trust, for the Lord is with thee, be not afraidE. A. H. (Author)English2
Trust in the Savior for grace to be strongElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Trust thou in God, trust thou in GodE. A. H. (Author)English2
Try to [and] save one soul for JesusE. A. Hoffman (Author)English15
Trygg gememskap h'r, hvilken gl'dje storElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Ты познал ли силу крови, о, скажи (Ty poznal li silu krovi, o, skazhi)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Russian2
Under the blood there's forgiveness and peaceElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
Unter dem kreuz wo, auch mir zu gutElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German5
Unter dem kreuz wo von schuld bedruecktElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)2
Unter des Heilandes Kreuz so hehrElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German5
Unto thee, O Lord divineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Upon the cross of Calvary, The Saviour shed His bloodRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Upon the shore of Egypt's seaE. A. H. (Author)2
Ved korsets fod, hvor min Jesus ledRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)Norwegian2
Very near, O Jesus keep meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Volunteers are wanted for the army of the LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
我今轉身背向俗世 (Wǒ jīn zhuǎnshēn bèi xiàng súshì)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Chinese2
我所有苦況,要告訴耶穌 (Wǒ suǒyǒu kǔ kuàng, yào gàosù yēsū)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Chinese2
Wake sinner, wake, there's no time for sleepElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English6
Walk daily with your SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Walk, my brother, in the lightRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English5
Walk with me, gracious LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
Walking in the light and following my SaviorElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Was ever grace like thisE. A. H. (Author)English2
Was there ever such a friend as the SaviorRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Watch and pray against the wrongElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Wave of salvation, help rollElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
We are absent here from the Lord we loveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English10
We are absent here from the Savior dearElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
We are but pilgrims toiling, toiling, toilingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
We are coming, we are coming to our Sabbath School so dearRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We are gathered here in ourElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
We are happy little children, Gathered in our school todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English15
We are journeying on in our pilgrimage garbElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English3
We are marching onward (Hoffman)Elisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
We are on our way to heavenE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We are pilgrims to a better landElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
We are pilgrims to a homeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
We are singing again the sad parting refrainElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
We are the little friends of JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
We are thirsting for refreshing showersRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
We are Thy little lambs, Jesus, dear SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
We are under marching orders to go into all the worldE. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
We are waiting at the cross for the power, for the powerElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We gather again in this temple of praiseElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
We gather in these sacred courts, To worship TheeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
We glorify God for the gift of His SonElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We hail the dawning of the dayElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English8
We have chosen to follow the crucified LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)1
We have gathered from the hillsideE. A. H. (Author)2
We have lingered, Jesus, at Thy holy feetE. A. H. (Author)English7
We have wept o'er the sins that withheld youRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)1
We journey to the home aboveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English14
We leave this pleasant Sabbath schoolElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
We lift up the standard of JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
We live upon too low a plainElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
We love thee, we love thee, Our dear native landElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
We may be always happyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We meet today to magnifyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
We meet, we meetElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
We must work for the LordElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
We only want to give the landE. A. H. (Author)2
We praise thee, O God (Hoffman)Rev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)1
We praise thee, O God! For the Son of thy loveRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English1
We sail across the sea of life to yonder realms of lightElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
We sing of a city whose streets are of goldRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English5
We sing the precious tidingsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)7
We sit and think of days gone byElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
We will be like the Savior dearRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We will pray, we will pray, at the dawning of the dayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
We will scatter sunshine everywhere we goE. A. H. (Author)English2
We will sing the praise of Jesus when we all get homeE. A. H. (Author)English9
We worship thee, Lord, in the voice of praiseElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
We would worship thee, JehovahElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Weary spirit, seeking restE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Weit über Jordans dunklen WogenElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German1
Welch Beisammensein, Welch ein Fried' ist meinElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Welch ein Gnadenstand, welche SeligkeitE. A. Hoffman (Author)German2
Welch ein herrlich Los ist das Christen StandElisha A. Hoffman (Author)German1
Welcome, dear teachers and schoolmatesElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
We'll gather the children of want and sinE. A. Hoffman (Author)English8
We'll lay our heavy burdens downElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English14
We'll reach the mansions of paradiseElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
We'll vote the curse of liquor downRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We're a band of happy childrenE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
We're a brave and sturdy crewRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
We're marching on, an army strongElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
What a blessed reunion that will beRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
What a fellowship, what a joy divineElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English859
What a joy it will be when the Savior we seeE. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
What a love is that of JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
What a precious Friend we have in JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
What a precious, precious Friend is heE. A. H. (Author)English5
What a Savior is this JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
What a scene of wondrous gloryElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English6
What a wonderful Savior is Jesus to me (Hoffman)Rev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English8
What a wondrous salvationElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
What are you sowing, my brother, The bitter seeds of sin?E. A. Hoffman (Author)4
What can we do for the lostElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
What can we do for youRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
What else can I doElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
What host is this approachingE. A. H. (Author)2
What is it that adorns the daily lifeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)4
What means this great uprisingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
What more can I do, dear JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
What more could Jesus doElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
What path can be lonely if JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
What shall I do with my burdenElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
What shall we bring to JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
What stir is this throughout the land?Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
What tender voice is callingElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
What will you do with your guiltElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
What will you find in JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English3
What wondrous peace and joy are mineElisha A. Hoffman (Author)7
Whatever may betide us along our pilgrim wayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When all earthly trials for meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
When are you coming to Jesus? When will you turn from your sin? (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
When cherished joys have taken wingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English13
When he comes again in that dayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
When he is near, life seems so richElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When he shall appear we shall see himElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
When I reach the bright portalsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When I shall go up to the mansions prepared for meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
When I want peace and assurance to knowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
When in reunion glad and sweetElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English10
When Jesus and his ransomed onesRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
When Jesus left his home on high, A savior to beE. A. H. (Author)English3
When life is full of bitter griefElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
When life is slowly waningE. A. Hoffman (Author)5
When mother prays God bends to hearElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When others offend you or do you wrongElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
When shall I come to JesusRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)5
When shall we stand at yon portals fairElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English10
When the angels of the kingdomElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When the cares of life oppress meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)6
When the crowning day shall dawnElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
When the dear Savior shall make up his jewelsElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When the judgment day shall dawnElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
When the Lord makes up his jewelsElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
When the Master calls you to the home aboveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
When the morning dawns of the beauteous dayElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
When the roll is called in heaven and the host shall muster thereE. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
When the roll is called in heaven, And to victors shall be givenE. A. Hoffman (Author)English5
When the Savior comes in gloryElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
When the sun shines bright and clearElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When the sunshine beamethRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English3
When the toils of life are ended, And its sorrows wound no moreElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
When the trumpet sounds to battle with the strong and willy foeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English4
When the wine cup is offeredElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
When the woes of life overtake youE. A. H. (Author)English3
When this life is over and we reach the shoreElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
When thy work of life is overElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When we bid farewellRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
When we come to thy houseE. A. H. (Author)2
When we gather for communion in the sacred place of prayerElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
When we leave this world of sorrowElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When we shall reach the heavenly shoreElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)4
When yearning for peace and communionElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
When you are discouraged, and the way seems longE. A. H. (Author)4
When you have care and trialElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
When you hear the sweet voiceElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
When you want the Savior near youE. A. H. (Author)English2
Where are the sins that once burdened my soulRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)5
Where can I find the SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Where is Jesus, where is JesusRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Where is your faith in JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Where will you spend eternity? This question comes to you and meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English85
Where'er we go the people sayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
While we bow before theeElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Whisper to me, Lord JesusElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Whither can I take my guiltElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Whither canst thou go with thy sin and woeRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Who could forget a mother's faceElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)9
Who is on the Lord's side, pledged for Him to stand?E. A. H. (Author)English2
Who is this knocking [long] at the door of my heartElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English7
Who is this with love so tenderElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
who shall walk in heav'n aboveE. A. Hoffman (Author)1
Who will be a standard bearerE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Who will come to ChristElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Whoever receiveth the Crucified OneElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English80
Whoever shall open his heart to the LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
Why are you waiting, brotherE. A. H. (Author)English5
Why art thou choosing the earth's pleasuresElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Why came the Savior from aboveRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English5
Why do you linger? Jesus is waitingE. A. H. (Author)2
Why do you love the sparklingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Why does Jesus come with mercyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)5
Why keep Jesus waiting, waiting at the doorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Why longs my soul intensely to be thereRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English4
Why not come to Jesus with your guilt and sinE. A. H. (Author)3
Why not come to Jesus, why not come todayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Why not renounce the life of sinElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English11
Why should I fear; Is he notElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Why should I leave my dear Savior?Rev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Why should we falter, faint or fear?Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Why stand ye idle, waitingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Why stand you here idle, with millions to saveElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Why this sad wailing o'er land and o'er seaE. A. H. (Author)2
Will Jesus deign to smile on one like meElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Will you come to Christ (Hoffman)Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Wilt thou be made whole, Thy redemption complete?E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
With a heart brave and readyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
With gladness here again we gatherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
With joy to the glory of God I confessElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English7
With my blind eyes I cannot seeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
With my hand in that of JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
With the Master we are walkingElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Within the temple of my heartE. A. Hoffman (Author)2
Within the temple of my heart The Savior has a blest retreatElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Wonderful fountain on CalvaryE. A. H. (Author)2
Wonderful fountain on Calvary flowing with mercy and grace so freeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Wonderful land above, country of peace and loveRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Wonderful love, flowing so freeElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Wondrous grace and wondrous mercyElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Wondrous it seemeth to meElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)English67
Words can never express the deep joy that was mineRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Words of salvation to usElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Would you be happy in Christ your SaviorElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
Would you be strong in the Lord alwayElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
Would you know why I love JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English52
永遠永遠,永永遠遠!(Yǒngyuǎn yǒngyuǎn, yǒng yǒngyuǎn yuǎn!)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Chinese2
യേശു മരിച്ചതാം ക്രൂശിങ്കൽ (Yēśu mariccatāṁ krūśiṅkal)E. A. Hoffman (Author)Malayalam2
Ye toilers for Jesus, be earnest todayE. A. H. (Author)English2
Ye who are fearful, trust your loving LordElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Yearnings for a life more holyElisha Albright Hoffman (Author)3
Yes, I am satisfied with ChristE. A. H. (Author)English2
Yes, we hope to meet each otherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
Yonder are many mansionsE. A. Hoffman (Author)3
You are giving to the MasterElisha A. Hoffman (Author)5
You are writing a record each day that you liveElisha A. Hoffman (Author)6
You ask me for a reason for my faithRev. E. A. Hoffman (Author)2
You ask me to leave the broad roadway of sinRev. Elisha A. Hoffman (Author)English8
You cannot enter in, O soulElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
You have been thinking, brotherElisha A. Hoffman (Author)3
You have longed for sweet peace, and for faith to increaseElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English172
You must be tired, dear mammaElisha A. Hoffman (Author)9
You need a friend like JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
You purpose to cast a good ballot, my friendElisha A. Hoffman (Author)English2
You should do your very best to honor JesusElisha A. Hoffman (Author)2
You show me a paper and call it a pledgeE. A. H. (Author)2

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