Frank M. Davis

Frank M. Davis
Short Name: Frank M. Davis
Full Name: Davis, Frank M., 1839-1896
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year: 1896

Frank Marion Davis USA 1839-1896. Born at Marcellus, NY, he became a teacher and professor of voice, a choirmaster and a good singer. He traveled extensively, living in Marcellus, NY, Vicksburg, MS, Baltimore, MD, Cincinnati, OH, Burr Oak and Findley, MI. He compiled and published several song books: “New Pearls of Song” (1877), “Notes of Praise” (1890), “Crown of gold” (1892), “Always welcome” (1881), “Songs of love and praise #5” (1898), “Notes of praise”, and “Brightest glory”. He never married.

John Perry

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救主領我免迷途 (Jiù zhǔ lǐng wǒ miǎn mítú)Frank M. Davis (Author)Chinese2
A loving voice is calling from on highF. M. D. (Author)English2
Abide with me, O blessed LordFrank M. Davis (Author)3
All along the waysideF. M. D. (Author)English12
All glory to Jesus, my Savior and LordFrank M. Davis (Author)3
All glory to Jesus, the risen LordFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
All the way the Savior leads meF. M. D. (Author)English8
Anywhere, everywhere, something to doFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Anywhere the blessed Savior leads meFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Are you sitting at easeFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Are you walking in the sunlight of the Lord today?F. M. D. (Author)3
As we've sown so shall we reapF. M. Davis (Author)English12
As you journey let your footsteps leadFrank M. Davis (Author)4
At the cross where Jesus died I would tarry everF. M. D. (Author)English2
Awake, arise, go forth, ye Christian soldiersFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Awake, ye soldiers of the crossFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Banish the deadly cupF. M. D. (Author)2
Behold, I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock, knockF. M. D. (Author)English10
Bethesda is openFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Blessed is he that endureth temptationF. M. D. (Author)English2
Blessed Lord, Thy invitationFrank M. Davis (Author)English1
Boldly stand for Christ in the battle's strifeF. M. D. (Author)English2
Bright Eden landF. M. D. (Author)4
Brightest glory to the FatherF. M. D. (Author)English2
Briskly o'er the frozen snowFrank M. Davis (Author)2
By the help of God, we'll endeavorFrank M. Davis (Author)English7
By the way of the cross we're goingFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
By their fruits ye shall know them, was the Savior's wordsFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Can you stand for Christ in the world's mad strife?F. M. D. (Author)English3
Christ has shed His blood for meF. M. D. (Author)English5
Christ, Thou refuge of our souls, be with usF. M. D. (Author)English2
Christians, speed away to each nationFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Cleansed and redeemed by the blood of the LambFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
Closer to thee, O Christ, closer to TheeF. M. D. (Author)English2
Come and join our cheerful song of praiseFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Come away to the RockFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Come, come to the Savior, come wanderer todayFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Come to Jesus, youthful pilgrimsFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
Come to me, Savior, come in my griefFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Come to the fountain, whosoever willFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Dear Sabbath home, once more we comeFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Do not falter, brother, press bravely onFrank M. Davis (Author)7
Draw me still closer, dear SaviorF. M. D. (Author)English4
Drawing nearer every day, Nearer to the soul's sweet homeFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Every day brings us nearer to the better landFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
Führ' mich auf der LebensbahnF. M. Davis (Author)German2
Führ mich, Herr, so irr ich nichtF. M. D. (Author)German3
Far beyond the rolling surgesFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Father of mercies, I come, Come with my burden to TheeFrank M. Davis (Author)English7
Fear not, I am with thee, saith the Lord, fear, fear notFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Firm and united we ever march alongF. M. D. (Author)English2
Forget not the Savior in the morning of youthFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Frelser, led mig, at jeg eiF. M. D. (Author)Norwegian2
From the grave our Lord has risenFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Gather, O gather up the jewelsFrank M. Davis (Author)5
Gather the children from near and farFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Gather them in, gather them in, Out from the highwaysFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Gathered home from the ills of lifeFrank M. Davis (Author)5
Gathering homeward to mansions aboveF. M. D. (Author)English3
Give me the wings of a doveFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Give thanks and rejoice in the name of the LordF. M. D. (Author)English3
Give to me the glorious favorFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Go tell the wanderer, Go tell the erringFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Go to the souls that are lost and perishingFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
God is calling you in tones of loveF. M. D. (Author)English5
Gone, gone to the beautiful landFrank M. Davis (Author)6
Guíame, oh Salvador, Por la via de saludFrank M. Davis (Author)Spanish10
Hark, the angel choirs are singing (Davis)Frank M. Davis (Author)English2
Hark! 'tis the voice of the Savior, Tenderly calling us homeFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Haste thee away to the fountainFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Have ye heard of the ruler that came by nightFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Have you heard of that wonderful JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Have you read in the Scriptures, my brotherF. M. D. (Author)English2
Hear the joyful messageFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Hear the Master calling now for laborersFrank M. Davis (Author)English9
Hear the voice of Jesus say, Come to me, come to meFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Hear the voice of Jesus sayingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Heiland, führe du dein KindF. M. D. (Author)German5
Here we see through the glass darklyF. M. D. (Author)English4
Hide me, O my Savior, hide me 'Neath the shadow of Thy wingFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
Hide me safely in Thy shadowFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
How could you meet your saviorFrank M. Davis (Author)4
I am clinging to the rock of safetyFrank M. Davis (Author)4
I am ready waiting, SaviorFrank M. Davis (Author)4
I am safe in the Rock that is higher than IFrank M. Davis (Author)English32
I am trusting thee, Lord Jesus (Davis)F. M. Davis (Author)2
I come, just as I am, dear LordFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
I go rejoicing in the loveFrank M. Davis (Author)2
I go singing on my pilgrim wayF. M. D. (Author)English3
I had wandered afar from the foldF. M. D. (Author)English2
I had wandered far away, and my heartFrank M. Davis (Author)2
I had wandered long in darkness on the mountains lone and coldFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
I have a friend, a precious friend, A Helper in the time of needFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
I have a friend to whom I goFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
I have bathed in the fount for the cleansing of sinF. M. D. (Author)English4
I have found a precious Friend whose name is JesusF. M. D. (Author)English2
I have heard a message sweet from the Lord todayFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
I have wondrously been saved from sinF. M. D. (Author)English3
I know in whom I have redemptionF. M. D. (Author)English4
I know that my Redeemer liveth, and to the earth will come againF. M. D. (Author)English2
I rejoice now to know that my sins are forgivenFrank M. Davis (Author)English7
I think of a land, a beautiful landF. M. D. (Author)English2
I will follow, follow JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)2
I will go in the strength of the MasterFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
I will tell the story, How the Lord in gloryF. M. D. (Author)English3
Iesu e, e ka'i mai ia'uFrank M. Davis, 1839-1896 (Author)Hawaiian3
If friendless, forsaken, and lostF. M. D. (Author)English2
Ihr in Sünd' und Nacht VerirrtenFrank M. Davis (Author)German1
I'll sing the praise of Jesus my SaviorFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
I'm the child of a King who is all the world to meFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
In days of old, near JerichoF. M. D. (Author)English2
In his name go we forth waging war with sinF. M. D. (Author)English3
In seasons of despair and griefFrank M. Davis (Author)4
In the cross of Christ I glory, Towering o'er the wrecks of timeF. M. D. (Author (Chorus))English2
In the fields of life's great harvestFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
In the name of Jesus go we forthF. M. D. (Author)English2
In the realms of glory waitingFrank M. Davis (Author)3
In the shelter of the rock, let me restFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
In the vineyard of the Lord go work todayFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
Into our Sabbath home we comeF. M. D. (Author)English2
Is it far, is it farFrank M. Davis (Author)4
I've an anchor strong that will surely holdF. M. D. (Author)English2
Jauchzt unserm König, jauchzt ihm und singtFrank M. Davis (Author)German1
Jesus died for sinful menF. M. D. (Author)English2
Jesus giveth the victoryFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Jesus is a precious Friend, On the cross He died for meFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Jesus is calling, "Sinner, come home"Frank M. Davis (Author)English4
Jesus is knocking at the door of your heartFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Jesus is precious, precious to meFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Jesus is tenderly calling, Calling from over the seaF. M. D. (Author)English2
Jesus is waiting so near, Come, He is calling todayFrank M. Davis (Author)English10
Jesus is waiting so near, come whileFrank M. Davis (Author)5
Jesus, led mig hvarje dagFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Jesus, led mig varje dagF. M. D. (Author)2
Jesus saves and makes me wholeFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Jesus saves, O waft the newsFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Jesus shed his precious bloodFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Jesus so tenderly callsFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Jesus taught the waiting people from a boat upon the shoreF. M. D. (Author)English5
Jesus, the beautiful sunshineF. M. D. (Author)English4
Jesus waits for you at the golden gateFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Jesus wants workers, O who will goFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Jesus, wearied with His journeyFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Jesus, whose dwelling is the skiesF. M. D. (Author)English2
Journeying onward with the LordFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Joy, joy, joy today, Again comes the Christmas tideFrank M. Davis (Author)1
Joyfully again we meet in numbersFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Just as I am, O Lord, I come to TheeF. M. D. (Author)English2
Just beyond the rolling riverFrank M. David (Author)4
Keep on praying, brother, press bravely onFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Keep your pledge with JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Labor on in the cause of the Lord, labor onFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Lass mich zu dir fliehen, o Fels der ZeitenFrank M. Davis (Author)German3
Lead me, dear Savior, all the wayFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Lead them, my God, to TheeFrank M. Davis (Author)English11
Lead us, tender Shepherd, safely in the wayFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Let me cling to Thee, O Rock of agesF. M. D. (Author)English12
Let the light of truth go gleamingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Let us up and away to the vineyardFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Let your trust be Jesus' loveFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Life is but a passing vaporFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Lift up your eyes, O watchmanFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Lift up your voices in triumphF. M. D. (Author)English2
Lift up your voices in triumphant songsF. M. Davis (Author)English2
List, a sweet voice from aboveFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Look to Jesus dying oneFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Look unto me and be ye saved, the message comes from CalvaryFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Lord, I care not for riches, neither silver nor goldFrank M. Davis (Author)English1
Lord Jesus, make me whole in the fount of lifeF. M. D. (Author)English6
Lord of the harvest, send forth reapersFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Mannubbotco idalannac (Davis)Frank M. Davis (Author)Tagalog2
Marching on, an army strong and grandFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
Marching with the army of JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Messiah comes, the mighty SaviorF. M. D. (Author)English4
Mid the breakers I am driftingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
More like Thee, O Savior, let me beFrank M. Davis (Author)English31
My voice Thou shalt hear in the morning, Thy praise shall be all my song (Davis)Frank M. Davis (Author)English2
Nani no ka pomaika'i ma keFrank M. Davis, 1839-1896 (Author)Hawaiian2
Nearer the cross of Jesus Ever let me beFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Neath the banner of the cross we're marchingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
No refuge but Thee, O father of allF. M. Davis (Author)English4
O come to Jesus and live, sinnerFrank M. Davis (Author)3
O come to the fountain when morning is breakingFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
O how sweet are the moments of prayerFrank M. Davis (Author)English7
O idler, why loiter the bright hours away?F. M. D. (Author)English9
O prodigal child, so far from homeF. M. D. (Author)English2
O Rock in the desert I fly unto theeFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
O the gospel truth shinesFrank M. Davis (Author)2
O thou Son of MaryFrank M. Davis (Author)3
O touch it not, for deep withinFrank M. Davis (Author)English10
O wanderer return, Christ calleth for theeFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
O what a wonderful Savior have I in JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)2
O where are the reapers to garner inF. M. D. (Author)English3
O who will be a messengerFrank M. Davis (Author)2
O to be robed and readyF. M. D. (Author)6
O, we love to hear the chiming of the bellsF. M. D. (Author)English1
On a firm foundation let us build our hopesFrank M. Davis (Author)English7
On, on, to the rescue, On, brothers, onFrank M. Davis (Author)2
On the Rock of faith are you buildingFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
On the Rock of faith I am buildingFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
On the threshold standing, yet not safe withinF. M. D. (Author)English3
On what are you buildingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Once more, within these sacred wallsF. M. D. (Author)English2
Only going homeFrank M. Davis (Author)1
Only the Savior can guide meFrank M. Davis (Author)English1
Onward, Christian soldiers, goFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Onward soldiers, onward to the frayFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Onward thro' trials and cares I will goF. M. D. (Author)English3
Onward, upward, ever is our mottoF. M. D. (Author)English6
Open the windows toward JerusalemFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Out from the highways and byways of sinFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Out of Christ, without a SaviorF. M. Davis (Author)English15
Over Judea's rugged hillsF. M. D. (Author)English7
Over the river of Jordan we'll meetFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
Over the river, to mansionsFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Pass me not, O Savior, Pass me not byFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Penitent, sin confessing, One to Jesus cameFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
Pilgrim through this barren landFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
Praise be to the SaviorFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Praise, praise the Lord, O bless His holy nameFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, Glad exulting voices with angels singFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Praise ye the Lord ye ransomed and redeemed onesF. M. D. (Author)English2
Put on the gospel armor For Jesus take your standFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Raise the gleaming banner highFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Rejoice in the Lord and exalt His nameF. M. D. (Author)English3
Ring, ring the bells, the sweet gospel bellsF. M. Davis (Author)English16
Ring the bells of heaven, Hail this happy mornF. M. D. (Author)English2
Rise, soul oppressed, He calleth for theeFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Safe at home with JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Sailing on we're sailing onFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Sailors on life's troubledFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Save me at the cross of JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)6
Saved by his wonderful graceFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Savior, lead me, lest I strayFrank M. Davis (Author)English285
Savior, nearer to Thy sideFrank. M. Davis (Author)1
Savior, again to Thy dear name we raise (Davis)F. M. D. (Author)English2
Send the joyful proclamationFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
Send the news along the lineFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
Shall we meet beyond the river In the clime where angels dwell?Frank M. Davis (Author)English1
Shall we meet beyond the river, In that land where angels dwellFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Shall we meet in realms of glory, when this troubled life is overFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
She but touched the hem of His garmentFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
Shine on, bright starFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Sing forth His praise, Sing forth His praiseFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Sing glory to God in the highestFrank M. Davis (Author)English14
Sing glory to the dying LambFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Sing of Jesus and his gloryFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Sing sweet carols, night is pastFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
Sing the sweet story that never grows oldF. M. D. (Author)English2
Singing for Jesus, Savior and KingF. M. D. (Author)English3
Singing of Jesus all the way alongFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
S'ist ein herrliches Land, das der Glaube erblicktFrank M. Davis (Author)German1
Soldiers for whom the Savior died [bled]F. D. M. (Author)2
Some day we shall be satisfiedF. M. D. (Author)English10
'Tis Jesus knocks at your heart's doorFrank M. Davis (Author)English10
Sowing for the angel reapersFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Sowing, sweetly, ever seeds of kindnessF. M. D. (Author)English6
Sowing the seed in the morning lightFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Spread the joyful tidings, Of redeeming loveFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
Still from the Savior farFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Sweet peace I have foundFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Sweet the music of the Sabbath bellsFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
Teach us, O ShepherdF. M. D. (Author)2
Tell it with joy, tell it with joy, Wonderful story of JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)5
The army of Jesus is marchingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
The blood of Jesus frees from sinF. M. D. (Author)English2
The feast of love is waitingFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
The great Physician on Jericho's roadF. M. D. (Author)English10
The harvest is passing, the summer is endingFrank M. D. (Author)English2
The King in His glory will come by and byF. M. D. (Author)English3
'Tis the last call of mercy that lingers for thee (Anonymous)Frank M. Davis (Author)English1
The Lord has paid the debtFrank M. Davis (Author)2
The Master hath need of the reapersFrank M. Davis (Author)English1
The precious promise by Jesus givenFrank M. Davis (Author)6
The Savior is longing your soul to saveFrank M. Davis (Author)4
The trump of joy is soundingFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
The wise will build their house upon a rockFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
The wondrous story I will singF. M. D. (Author)English2
There are hearts that are sad in this world of careF. M. D. (Author)English2
There is a land divinely fairFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
There is a voice so sweet and lowFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
There is joy in heaven when a soul returnsFrank M. Davis (Author)2
There is life, peace and pardonFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
There is work to do in the fields of sinFrank M. Davis (Author)2
There will be a happy meetingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
There's a beautiful city whose gates are goldFrank M. Davis (Author)3
There's a beautiful land on the other shoreFrank M. Davis (Author)3
There's a beautiful land where the angels dwellF. M. D. (Author)English3
There's a beautiful land which by faith we can seeFrank M. Davis (Author)English5
There's a call for the willing workersF. M. D. (Author)English2
There's a city whose walls are of jasperFrank M. Davis (Author)2
There's a hand that's writing nowF. M. D. (Author)English13
There's a home far away (Davis)Frank Davis (Author)2
There's a land o'er the ocean of timeFrank M. Davis (Author)2
There's a voice that speaks todayFrank M. Davis (Author)English7
There's a voice that speaks to every mourning heart todayFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
There's a wonderful story that never grows old (Davis)Frank M. Davis (Author)English2
There's an earnest call for light from the millionsFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
There's an evil in the land, put it downFrank M. Davis (Author)3
There's only one way to the kingdom of GodFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Though your sins may be red and like scarletFrank Marion Davis (Author)English5
Through our faith in Christ the Lord we are justifiedF. M. D. (Author)English3
Through the valley He will lead meF. M. D. (Author)English2
To the fount of cleansing I have beenF. M. Davis (Author)English8
To the kingdom of God we are marching onFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Traveler, in this darksome vale belowFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Two paths lie before you to journeyFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Up and away to the fields ready whiteFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Up in the morning and away to the fieldFrank M. Davis (Author)English8
Walking daily with the blessedFrank M. Davis (Author)English1
Watch for the Master's coming (Davis)Frank M. Davis (Author)5
We are earnest toilers in life's harvestF. M. D. (Author)English2
We are gliding away from the vale of timeFrank M. Davis (Author)English10
We are heralds of a KingFrank M. Davis (Author)2
We are marching home to Zion, A strong united bandFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
We have a home, a heavenly homeFrank M. Davis (Author)2
We have heard the Savior calling far awayFrank M. Davis (Author)3
We have taken up our standFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
We march beneath the bannerFrank M. Davis (Author)3
We pray for thy blessing, dear SaviorFrank M. Davis (Author)8
We read of a beautiful landFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
We read of a land bright and vernalFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
We shall know as we are knownFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
We shall meet on yonderFrank M. Davis (Author)3
We shall reach the land of light, In the sweet glad time, by and byFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
We sing thy praises, O Zion todayFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
We will follow whenFrank M. Davis (Author)4
We'll trust our Redeemer to saveFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Werden wir uns wieder sehen, dort auf Zions Rosenau'nFrank M. Davis (Author)German1
We're children of a KingFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
What have I done for JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)2
What must I do to be saved?F. M. D. (Author)English3
When in the tempest He'll hide us [me]Frank M. Davis (Author)English5
When our vineyard work is done, at the close of dayF. M. D. (Author)English2
When the heart grows faint and wearyF. M. D. (Author)English4
When tossed on the waves of life's seaFrank M. Davis (Author)3
When weary and worn with the burdens of lifeFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
When weary with the ills of lifeFrank M. Davis (Author)English6
Where shall we go, but to JesusFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Who will acknowledge Christ as their SaviorFrank M. Davis (Author)English2
Who will be light bearersFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Who'll be ready for the harvestFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Will you come to the feast that the King has spreadFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
With constant endeavor for Christ and the ChurchF. M. D. (Author)English3
Wonderful words, God has spokenFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Wondrous news, we'll raise the songF. M. D. (Author)English2
Work, hear the master sayFrank M. Davis (Author)4
Wounded and dying on Jericho's roadFrank M. Davis (Author)English4
Ye heralds of the cross go forth, And to the world proclaimF. M. D. (Author)English2
Ye tempted, troubled, sorely triedF. M. D. (Author)English4
Ye who are seeking eternalFrank M. Davis (Author)3
Ye who are wandering in pathways of sinFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Ye who bear a weight of sorrowFrank M. Davis (Author)2
Ye who long in sin have wanderedFrank M. Davis (Author)English3
Yield, ye sin strickenFrank M. Davis (Author)2
You who long in sin have wanderedFrank M. Davis (Author)English10

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