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Small Church Music

Let us be your Church musician
The SmallChurchMusic site was launched in 2006, growing out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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List Songs
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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
6189He, teraka any Betlehema (Born in Bethlehem)ET BARN ER FØDT I BETHLEHEMAudio
6190Re tokoa ny feon'anjely (The angel's voices are really heard)[The angel's voices are really heard](McGranahan)Audio
6191Zaza Masina sy soa (Holy and blessed Baby)LAUSANNE (Malan)Audio
7076Ireo didinao, Jehovah Ray (Your laws, Father Jehovah)[Your laws Father Jehovah]Audio
6212Teraka Jesosy Tomponay (Our Lord Jesus is born)[Our Lord Jesus is born]Audio
6213Indro Zazakely zanak'i Maria (Behold the Baby)[Behold the Baby](Doane)Audio
6214Andro malaza sady soa tokoa (Glory Day)CANTIQUE DE NOELAudio
6229Sambasamba Zanahary (Thank You Lord Creator)[Thank You Lord Creator]Audio
6230Sambasamba Zanahary (Thank You Lord Creator)[Thank You Lord Creator]Audio
6231Tonga indray re ny Noely (Noel is coming again)[Noel is coming again]Audio
6247He ny hoby ao an-danitra (See! There is a joy in heaven)[See There is a joy in heaven](Ackley)Audio
6248Ry Jeso Zaza masina (Jesu Holy Baby)[Jesu Holy Baby]Audio
6249Izahay zazakely manatona Anao (We, Your little ones, come to You)[We Your little ones come to You]Audio
7077Moa Jesosy ve tsy ahy? (Doesn't Jesus belong to me?)[Doesn't Jesus belong to me]Audio
6264Andriananahary masina indrindra! (King Creator, the most Holy)[King Creator the most Holy]Audio
6265Misaora an'i Zanahary (Let us thank the creator)PORTUGAL (51231)Audio
6266Avia, miondreha (Come and let us bow)[Come and let us bow]Audio
6270Ry Kristiana, andrandrao (O, Christian people, trust in your Lord and King)[O Christian people trust in your Lord and King]Audio
6283Jeso Mpanjaka Malaza tokoa (Jesu, the Glory King but a friend)[Jesu the Glory King but a friend]Audio
6284Endrey! Endrey! Tompo o! (O, Lord! O, Your blessing!)[O Lord O Your blessing]Audio
6285Misy toerana voafidy (There is a chosen place)[There is a chosen place]Audio
6311Dera, Laza, Hery, Haja (Praise, glory, power, honour)[Praise glory power honour]Audio
6312Jehovah o, derainay Hianao! (We praise You, O Jehovah)LOVE'S OFFERINGAudio
6313O, ry tany rehetra avia izao (All the earth, come now)[All the earth come now]Audio
6314Avia, ry vazantany o! (O, come all universe)CANTIQUES POPULAIRESAudio
6327Tsinjovinao ny vorona (Look at the birds)[Look at the birds]Audio
6328Fony Jeso nivahiny (When Jesu was staying with us)[When Jesu was staying with us]Audio
6329Mba ekeo, ry Jeso Tompo izahay madinikao (Lord Jesu, allow the little Ones)[Lord Jesu allow the little Ones]Audio
6330He, zaza marobe tokoa (There are truly many children)GLORYAudio
6347Haja sy voninahitra (Honour and glory)[Honour and glory]Audio
6348Derao Andriamanitra (Praise God, O universe)[Praise God O universe]Audio
6349Ry Rainay Izay namorona (Our Father who created the universe)[Our Father who created the universe]Audio
7078Inona no hahasaraka ahy (Who would be able to separate me)[Who would be able to separate me] (Sankey)Audio
6350Andriamanitra hendry (Wise God)[Wise God]Audio
6363Vory izahay izao (We are now meeting)[We are now meeting]Audio
6364He, dera, laza, hery (Praise, glory, power are to You, Jesu)[Praise glory power are to You Jesu] (Rossini)Audio
6365Mijere ry ray sy reny! (Fathers and mothers, look after your children)[Fathers and mothers look after your children] (Vail)Audio
6366Lazao, lazao, rankizy (Children, tell why Jesus has left His kingdom)[Children tell why Jesus has left His kingdom]Audio
6387Jehovah tsy mba manadino (Jehovah never forgets his servant)[Jehovah never forgets his servant]Audio
6388Jehovah tsy mba manadino (Jehovah never forgets His servant)[Jehovah never forgets His servant] (Ruud)Audio
6389Fitiavana tokoa (Father is certainly love)[Father is certainly love]Audio
6390Zanahary tsy mba tia (Lord Creator doesn't want to lose you)[Lord Creator doesn't want to lose you]Audio
6413He maharavoravo! (What happiness, God is calling the children)[What happiness God is calling the children]Audio
6414Ry Jeso Sakaizan'ny zaza (Jesu, Friend of the children)[Jesu Friend of the children]Audio
6415Zaza izahay, ry Jeso o (We are Your little Ones, Jesu)[We are Your little Ones Jesu]Audio
6416Jeso o, Sakaiza tsara (Jesu, the good Friend)[Jesu the good Friend]Audio
6432Zanahary tsy mba tia (Lord Creator doesn't want to lose you)[Lord Creator doesn't want to lose you]Audio
6433Paradisako, ry Jeso (Thou art my paradise, O Jesu)[Thou art my paradise O Jesu]Audio
6434Misaotra Anao, izahay ry Ray (We thank you, O Father, for Your Son)[We thank you O Father for Your Son]Audio
6435Tompo o, tsy takatray (O, Lord, Your grace is incommensurable)[O Lord Your grace is incommensurable]Audio
6447Tonga ny hariva (The evening comes)[The evening comes]Audio
6448Mba tsarovy re rankizy (Children, remember when you're in the church)TILLFLYKTAudio
6449Jeso o, Sakaizanay (Jesu our friend)[Jesu our friend]Audio
6450Haleloia asandratray (Hallelujah, we honour You)[Hallelujah we honour You]Audio
6466Tompo o, Tsitoha (O mighty Lord)MIDLANDER SONGAudio
6467Isaoranay, ry Ray (We thank You, O Father)[We thank You O Father]Audio
6468Moa ho haiko tantaraina ny hasoavanao (Do I know how to relate Your grace)[Do I know how to relate Your grace]Audio
6469He, hosana! (Oh, Hosanna)[Oh Hosanna]Audio
6488Izaho dia zaza, malemy osa fo (I am Your little one)[I am Your little one]Audio
6489Misy ny fonenana (There is a dwelling)[There is a dwelling]Audio
6490Izao rehetra izao dia mankalaza Anao (All the universe glorifies You)[All the universe glorifies You]Audio
6491Avia ry zaza, avia izao (Come, children, come now)[Come children come now]Audio
6506Indro Jeso mandondòna eo ambaravaram-po (Jesu is knocking at the door of your heart)[Jesu is knocking at the door of your heart]Audio
7079Inoantsika marina (We, truly, believe the Mighty Creator)[We truly believe the Mighty Creator]Audio
6507Vohay ny varavaram-po (Open the door of your heart)[Open the door of your heart]Audio
6508He, tonga ho antsika ny Tompo mora fo (The Lord is coming for us)[The Lord is coming for us]Audio
6509Hevero ry mpanota o ny andro fitsarana (Think over, O sinner)LUTHER'S HYMNAudio
6523Jeso Sakaizan'ny zaza, Tompo tokoa (Jesu, Friend of the children)[Jesu Friend of the children]Audio
6524Tompo, manampia ny mpianatrao (Lord, help Your disciples)[Lord help Your disciples]Audio
6525Ry Jeso Zokinay o (Jesu, our Elder)[Jesu our Elder]Audio
6526Tsara re, ny lanitra (The heaven is beautiful)DEJLIG ER DEN HIMMEL BLAAAudio
6537Mba jereo ny Tompontsika avy ao an-danitra (Look at our Lord)[Look at our Lord] (Smart)Audio
6538Raha tonga anio ny Tompo (If the Lord came today)[If the Lord came today] (Sankey)Audio
6539Nitomany ny Mpamonjy (The Saviour wept)[The Saviour wept]Audio
6540Nampalahelo mafy re (We grieved You by our sins)INNSBRUCKAudio
6552Tiako ny hiaraka Aminao (I'd like to be with You, Jesu)[I'd like to be with You Jesu]Audio
6553Avia, ry sakaiza o! (Come, O friend)[Come O friend]Audio
6554Aza mba manadino ny ray sy reninao (Don't forget your father and your mother)[Don't forget your father and your mother]Audio
6555Avia, ry sakaiza o! (Come, O friend)[Come O friend]Audio
6572Golgota no jereo (Look at Golgotha)[Look at Golgotha]Audio
6573Ny hazo nijalianao ry Jeso Tomponay (At the cross You've suffered)IF YOU BELIEVEAudio
6574Ny hazo nijalianao ry Jeso Tomponay (The Cross You've suffered on)[The Cross You've suffered on]Audio
6575Lay fonao tia tao Gologota (Your loving heart on Golgotha)[Your loving heart on Golgotha]Audio
6585Ry Jeso, Zoky be fitia (Jesu, Elder and full of love)SHINING CITYAudio
6586Modia, modia (Come home, come home, for fear of being lost)[Come home! come home]Audio
6587Tsy mangataka aho Tompo (I don't want anything, O Lord)CALON LÂNAudio
6588Tanora o! Ny Nosindrazanao (O young ones, your country is waiting you)[O young ones your country is waiting you]Audio
6610Henoy ny antson'ny Tompo (Listen the call of the Lord)[Listen the call of the Lord]Audio
6611Indro ny Tompo Jesosy, jereo (See, here is Lord Jesus)SEEKING FOR MEAudio
6612Ry fitiavan'i Jesosy (The love of Jesus)[The love of Jesus]Audio
6613Moa mba efa nisy va fahoriana toy izao? (Did such affliction happen before?)[Did such affliction happen before]Audio
6630Ny hazo fijaliana (Your Cross, O Jesu, our Lord)CLAREMONT (Foster)Audio
6631The Cross must be remembered[The Cross must be remembered]Audio
6632Tsinjovy ilay havoana (See the hill)[See the hill]Audio
6633Indro ny fitiavana nijaly (Behold the Love is suffering)[Behold the Love is suffering]Audio
6653Indro ny Mpamonjy (Behold the Saviour)[Behold the Saviour]Audio
7080Ny loharanom-pamonjena (The source of the salvation)[The source of the salvation]Audio
6654Jeso no niala aina (Jesu was dying)[Jesu was dying] (Mason)Audio
6655Miainga, ry fo ny saina (Come on, O heart and spirit)[Come on O heart and spirit]Audio
6656Mba jereo ny zanakondry (Let us behold the Lamb)[Let us behold the Lamb]Audio

[This hymnal is not yet complete - may be missing texts or tunes]
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