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Small Church Music

Let us be your Church musician
The SmallChurchMusic site was launched in 2006, growing out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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List Songs
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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
4705Ymgrymwn oll ynghyd i lawr (Let us bow down together)BRYN-TEGAudio
4706Dyro innni dy arweiniad (Give us thy guidance)DOLFORAudio
4714Gwaith hyfryd iawn a melys yw (Sweet is the work, my God, my King)MOLIANTAudio
4755Braint, braint (Privilege, privilege)BRAINTAudio
4757Ymgrymwn ger dy fron (We ascribe to You)CAPEL TYGWYDDAudio
4771Nefol Dad, mae eto'n nosi (Heavenly Father, it is dark again)EMYN HWYROLAudio
4774Diolch i ti, yr hollalluog Dduw (Thanks to Thee, the Almighty God)DIOLCH I TIAudio
4795Deuwch gyda mi draw i dy fy Nhad (Come along with me to my Father's house)DEUWCH GYDA MIAudio
4797Halelwia, halelwia (Alleluia, alleluia!)HALELWIAAudio
4798Gofala Duw a Thad pob dawn (The God and Father of every gift cares)PARADWYSAudio
4815Trwy ddirgel ffyrdd mae'r uchel Iôr (God moves in a mysterious way)BEETHOVENAudio
4816Cydunwn oll o galon rwydd (Come let us unite from a ready heart)GLANCERIAudio
4817Yn dy law y mae f'amserau (My times are in your hands)ST GARMONAudio
4834Nefol Dad, erglyw ein gweddi (Heavenly Father, hear our prayer)DWYFORAudio
4835Mae Duw yn llond pob lle (God is the fullness of every place)MAELORAudio
4836Tydi sy'n deffro'r adar (Thou who wakes the birds)LAURAudio
4851Enynner diolchgarwch (Thanksgiving)NEUADD-LWYDAudio
4870Arglwydd mawr y nef a'r ddaear (Great Lord of heaven and earth)DIOLCH A CHANAudio
4894Anfeidrol Dduw rhagluniaeth (Immeasurable God of providence)HOSANNAAudio
4916O Arglwydd y gwanwyn, anadla drwy'r tir (O Lord of the spring)CAERNARFONAudio
4917Ti Greawdwr mawr y nefoedd (Thou great Creator of the heavens)MORFUDDAudio
7072Iriko e, ry Jeso hitovy aminao (I desire, O Jesu, to be like Thee)[I desire O Jesu to be like Thee]Audio
7073Jeso Mpamonjy Mpiandry tokoa (Jesu, Saviour and truly Shepherd)[Jesu Saviour and truly Shepherd](Malagasy)Audio
4938Canaf yn y bore (I will sing in the morning)LLYS AERONAudio
4939Disgwyliaf o'r mynyddoedd draw (I watch expectant of the distant mountains)DEGANNWYAudio
4953Molwn enw'r Arglwydd (We praise the Lord's name)NEWARKAudio
4954Am heulwen glir ac awel fwyn (For clear sunshine and gentle breeze)I TI O DAD DIOLCHWNAudio
4970Am iddo gynnig ei iachad (He offers us his healing)YR HYFRYD WLADAudio
5011Deuwn ger dy fron yn awr (We come before thee now)DIOLCH AM Y CYNHAEAFAudio
5013Duw a wnaeth y byd (God who made the world)CAN YR HAFAudio
5032Pwy wnaeth y ser uwchben (Who made the stars overhead)PWY WNAETH Y SERAudio
5034Diolch, diolch, Iesu (Thank you, thank you, Jesus)DIOLCH DIOLCH IESUAudio
5035Yr Arglwydd yw fy Mugail (The Lord is my Shepherd)YR ARGLWYDD YW FY MUGAILAudio
5049Mae'n Duw ni mor fawr, mor gryf ac mor nerthol (My God is so big)MAE'N DUW NI MOR FAWRAudio
5072Moli dy enw wnawn (We praise thy name)DERBYN EIN DIOLCH NIAudio
5087Cyduned Seion IanDOWNINGAudio
5088Ar for tymhestlog teithio 'rwyf (On life's tempestuous sea I sail)PENMACHNOAudio
5106Mae addewidion melys wledd (There are promises, a sweet feast)TREFFORESTAudio
5107Clodforwch bawb ein Harglwydd Dduw (Everyone extol our Lord God!)TRALLWMAudio
5121Duw mawr y nefoedd faith (Great God of the vast heavens)BRYAN HYWELAudio
7074Ry Tompo be fitia ! (Lord full of love)[Lord full of love]Audio
5123Fy enaid, at dy Dduw (My soul, to thy God)REHOBOTH (Williams)Audio
5135Ti, O Dduw, yw'r Un dihalog (Thou, O God, the Holy One)PENIEL(Tucker)Audio
5137Dyro inni weld o'r newydd (Grant us to see anew)ARNSBERGAudio
5159Pechadur wyf, O Arglwydd (A sinner am I, O Lord)ABERTAWEAudio
5160O am dreiddio i'r adnabyddiaeth (O to fathom this great knowledge)ESTHERAudio
5185Pa le mae dy hen drugareddau (Where are thy old mercies)BEDDGELERTAudio
5213Arhosaf yng nghysgod fy Nuw (I'll wait in the shadow of my God)EDOMAudio
5214Dyma gariad fel y moroedd (Here is love, vast as the ocean)PENNANTAudio
5215Tyred, Arglwydd Ior, i lawr (Come, Sovereign Lord, down)LLANDAFAudio
5237Yr Arglwydd a feddwl amdanaf (O grant Lord, the vision resplendent)EIRINWGAudio
5238Anfeidrol Greawdwr a ThadDAN-Y-GRAIGAudio
5288Arnom gweina dwyfol Un (The Divine One waits upon us)RHOS-LANAudio
5307Duw mawr y rhyfeddodau maith (Great God of wonders)RHYD-Y-GROESAudio
5308Ynot, Arglwydd, gorfoleddwn (In Thee, Lord, we rejoice)PANT-GWYNAudio
5325Molwn di, O Arglwydd, Ior hollalluog (We praise thee, O Lord, eternal Master)LILIANAudio
5326Arglwydd nef a daear (Lord of heaven and earth)BLODWENAudio
5915O ry Zanahary izay nahary ahy (O Creator who creates me)GUD SKAL ALTING MAGEAudio
5926Ny feonay rehetra izao (Our voices will be to sing praise)[Our voices will be to sing praise](Stebbins)Audio
5927Zava tsoa tokoa ny fitsipikao (How precious are Your Laws)[How precious are Your Laws]Audio
5946Na inona na inona hitranga Jeso (Whatever will happen Jesu)[Whatever will happen Jesu]Audio
5947O ry Jesosy mifaly ny foko (O Jesus, my heart is delighted)[O Jesus my heart is delighted]Audio
5960He, tazako ny lalan-tery (Oh, I see the narrow road)[Oh I see the narrow road]Audio
5961Ny ony tsy miato (The river doesn't stop)[The river doesn't stop]Audio
5976Jeso, Loharanon'aina (Jesu, Source of the life)[Jesu Source of the life]Audio
5977O, ry Zanak'ondry (O, Lamb of God)[O Lamb of God]Audio
5993Velona Jesosy (Jesus is alive)[Jesus is alive]Audio
5994Endrey izato fahasambarana (What truth: Jesus is alive)[What truth: Jesus is alive]Audio
6002Tahaka ny masoandro miseho (Like the sun which appears)[Like the sun which appears]Audio
6003Any naraina, Ilay Avotr'aina (One morning was the Redeemer)[One morning was the Redeemer]Audio
6013Efa namangy ny olony (Jesu has visited His people)[Jesu has visited His people]Audio
6014Indro fa velona (Behold! Jesus, the Lord is alive)[Behold Jesus the Lord is alive]Audio
7075Jehovah o! Hianao (O Jehovah! Thou looked into me)[O Jehovah Thou looked into me](Beethoven)Audio
6025Mifaly tokoa ny foko izao (Now, my heart is so delighted)[Now my heart is so delighted]Audio
6026Foana ny fasanao (The grave is empty)ST ALBAN'SAudio
6044Vita izao ny fandresena (The victory is now achieved)[The victory is now achieved]Audio
6045Haleloia, Haleloia! (Alleluia, praise your Lord)[Alleluia praise your Lord] (McGranahan)Audio
6046Haleloia, Haleloia! (Alleluia, praise your Lord)[Alleluia praise your Lord](Roberts)Audio
6062Manan-jara ry Jesosy ny mpanomponao (Your servant is blessed, O Jesus)[Your servant is blessed O Jesus]Audio
6063Ty no andro maharavo (This is the joyful day)[This is the joyful day](Sankey)Audio
6064Vita izao ny fandresena (The victory is now achieved, Hallelujah)LAETABUNDUSAudio
6065Efa resy izao na dia ny fasana aza (Even the grave is now defeated)[Even the grave is now defeated]Audio
6083Ry Jeso Tompon'aina! (O Jesus Lord of Life)SACRIFICEAudio
6084Misaora ny Mpahary (Let us thank the Lord Creator)[Let us thank the Lord Creator]Audio
6085Misaora ny Mpahary (Let us thank the Lord Creator)[Let us thank the Lord Creator](Kugelmann)Audio
6101Efa velona tokoa (Thou art really alive)[Thou art really alive](Stebbins)Audio
6102Ry Fanahy Mpanazava mitariha anay izao (O enlightened Spirit, lead us now)[O enlightened Spirit lead us now](Sankey)Audio
6103Ny Fanahy Masina efa tonga tokoa (The Holy Spirit is really come)[The Holy Spirit is really come]Audio
6117Fanahy, Mpanavao anay (Spirit Who revives us)KOMM, GOTT SCHÖPFERAudio
6118O, ry Fanahy Masina o (O Holy Spirit)KYRIEAudio
6119Jesosy Kristy Tompo o (Forgive us, O Lord Jesus Christ)[Forgive us O Lord Jesus Christ]Audio
6132Tsaroako ho avy ny maraina (I feel the coming of the morning)ONE RADIANT MORNAudio
6133Tia zaza (Jesus loves the Children)[Jesus loves the Children]Audio
6134Izay mahakolokolo no manana ny soa (Those who are careful)[Those who are careful]Audio
6150Your little ones now come to YouHER KOMMER DINE ARME SMAAAudio
6151Izao Noely mamy izao (This sweet Noel)[This sweet Noel]Audio
6152Tany Betlehema fahiny (Once in Bethlehem a Baby was born)[Once in Bethlehem a Baby was born]Audio
6169He, Zaza mahasambatra (A giving happiness Baby)DER TAG, DER IST SO FREUDENREICHAudio
6170O! Mihobia, fa teraka (O, Let us sing, Jesus is born)WIE SCHÖN LEUCHTETAudio
6171Izao Noely mamy izao (This sweet Noel)DER TAG, DER IST SO FREUDENREICHAudio

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