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The SmallChurchMusic site was launched in 2006, growing out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
6673Hianao ry Tompon'aiko (Thou, the Lord of my life)[Thou the Lord of my life]Audio
6674He! Tsara ny fonenanao (Thy dwelling is pleasant)[Thy dwelling is pleasant]Audio
6675Efa lasa Jeso Tompo (Lord Jesu has gone)[Lord Jesu has gone]Audio
6676He! Tsara ny fonenanao (Thy dwelling is pleasant)SANKEYAudio
6694Ao an-dapany, Jesosy (In Jesus' palace)[In Jesus' palace]Audio
6695Izao Jesosy Tompontsika (Our Lord Jesus was raised by the Father)[Our Lord Jesus was raised by the Father]Audio
6696An-tsezam-panjakany (On His throne)[On His throne]Audio
6697Hobio, ry tra-bonjy (You who are free, acclaim the Saviour)[You who are free acclaim the Saviour]Audio
6714Kristy Mpanjaka (Christ the King)[Christ the King]Audio
6715Mivelatra eo imasiko (The great kingdom is revealed under my eyes)[The great kingdom is revealed under my eyes]Audio
6716He Jesosy Tokintsika (O, Jesus our Assurance)[O Jesus our Assurance]Audio
6717Jesosy irery ihany (Jesus is only the blessed Good News)[Jesus is only the blessed Good News]Audio
6739Ry Jeso! Ny Anaranao (Jesu, we love Your Name)[Jesu we love Your Name]Audio
6740Ry Jeso ny fitiavanao no ifalianay (O, Jesu, we are delighted by Your Love)[O Jesu we are delighted by Your Love]Audio
6741Hosana no asandratray ho an'i Jesosy (We shout Hosanna)[We shout Hosanna]Audio
6742Hosana no asandratray ho an'i Jesosy (We shout Hosanna)[We shout Hosanna]Audio
6755Ry Fanahy Mpanazava (O Enlightened Spirit, we long for You)ARENDALAudio
7081Jeso dia tokiko (Jesu is my Assurance)[Jesu is my Assurance]Audio
6756Ny Teny sy Fanahinao (Your Words and Your Spirit)[Your Words and Your Spirit]Audio
6757Andriananahary, aba Ray (Lord Creator and Father)[Lord Creator and Father]Audio
6758Andriananahary o endrey (O Lord Creator, how Glory you have)[O Lord Creator how Glory you have]Audio
6776Andriamanitra Ray (God the Father, source of the life)[God the Father source of the life]Audio
6777Ry Rainay ao an-danitra o (Our Father in heaven)ALLEIN GOTT IN DER HÖHAudio
6778Haleloia, deraina (Alleluia, Glory to our God)SEASONS (Mendelssohn)Audio
6779Isaoranay Jehovah (We thank Jehovah)[We thank Jehovah]Audio
6780Misaora! Misaora an'i jehovah (Hail! Hail Jehovah)[Hail Hail Jehovah]Audio
6781Midina, Tomponay ! (Come to us, our Lord!)[Come to us our Lord]Audio
6782Ry Ray malala o! (O, sweet Father)[O sweet Father]Audio
6783Ry Rainay be fitia (Our Father, full of loving)[Our Father full of loving]Audio
6784Jesosy tena kiady (Jesus, the true Protector)[Jesus the true Protector] (Sankey)Audio
6785Velona sy mahery (The words of God are alive and powerful)[The words of God are alive and powerful]Audio
6786Ry fanahy mangetaheta (The soul which is thirsty)[The soul which is thirsty]Audio
6787Ilay Boky 'zay nodorana (The Book which was burnt)[The Book which was burnt]Audio
6788Finaritra, ry Tompo o! (Listening Your words is delightful, O Lord!)[Listening Your words is delightful O Lord]Audio
6789Ny teny masina sy to (The holy and truthful word)[The holy and truthful word]Audio
6790Ny teny masina sy to (The holy and truthful word)ANVERNAudio
6791Ry Jeso Tompo, Avotray (Lord Jesu, our Saviour)HEBRON (Mason)Audio
6793Mivory eto izahay (We are meeting here)LOBT GOTT IHR CHRISTENAudio
6795Mba trotroy ny olona ory (Comfort the distress people, O Lord Jesus)[Comfort the distress people O Lord Jesus]Audio
6796Tafavory izahay ka manatona Anao (We are ready to come to You)ELFAKERAudio
6797Ry Tomponay Tsitoha (Our Mighty Lord)ST. THEODULPH (Teschner)Audio
6798Mahery Ianao (You are powerful, o Lord Jehovah)SILCHESTER (Malan)Audio
7082Ny tany sy ny lanitra tsy manampetra (The earth and the sky have no limit)I PRAEGTIGE HIMLEAudio
6799Avia, Tomponay! Atrehonao 'zahay (Come to us, Lord)[Come to us Lord]Audio
6800Ry Jehovah Tomponay! Tafavory izahay (We are now meeting, our Lord Jehovah!NEW CALABARAudio
6801Mivory eto izahay (We meet here)[We meet here]Audio
6802Ry Jeso o! Midina (O Jesu! Come down to us)[O Jesu Come down to us]Audio
6803Ray o! Asehoinao (O Father! Show us Thy mercy)[O Father Show us Thy mercy]Audio
6804Alahady, andro tsara (Sunday, blessed day)[Sunday blessed day]Audio
6805Atolotray hatao batisa (We offer our child to be baptized)[We offer our child to be baptized]Audio
6806Atolotray hatao batisa (We offer our child to be baptized)[We offer our child to be baptized]Audio
6807Ry Jeso Zana-Janahary (O Jesu, Son of the Creator)[O Jesu Son of the Creator]Audio
6808Mba avelao ny zaza (Let the children come to Me!)JEG VIL MIG HERREN LOVEAudio
6810Avia, ry Mpanavotra (Come, O Saviour!)WENN WIR IN HÖCHSTEN NÖTEN SEINAudio
6811Avia, ry mangetaheta o (O, those who are thirsty, come to Me!)[O those who are thirsty come to Me]Audio
6812Ny ran'ny Zanakondry latsaka (The blood of the Lamb which was fallen)[The blood of the Lamb which was fallen]Audio
6813Ry Jesosy o! indreto (O Jesus! We, who are invited, are here)[O Jesus We who are invited are here]Audio
6814Ry Jesosy o! indreto (O, Jesus! We, who are invited, are here)[O Jesus We who are invited are here]Audio
6815Manaraka ny hafatrao (Following Thy will)[Following Thy will] (Stainer)Audio
6816Mandrenesa ry sofina (Listen, o people!)[Listen o people]Audio
6817He! tianay ny monina eto (Oh! We love to dwell with You)[Oh We love to dwell with You]Audio
6818Ry Tompo Izay nanangona (The Lord who has gathered us together)[The Lord who has gathered us together]Audio
6819Mba mivavaha raha vao maraina (Pray the Lord from the morning)[Pray the Lord from the morning]Audio
6820Tao an-tany karankaina (In the desert were many people)[In the desert were many people]Audio
6821Ry Jehovah, Ray Mpahary (Jehovah, Father and Creator)[Jehovah Father and Creator]Audio
6822Mba ampio, ry Tompo soa (Help us, O sweet Lord)[Help us O sweet Lord]Audio
6823Raisonao, ry Tompo soa (Accept our works, O sweet Lord)EASTER SONG (Mozart)Audio
6824Vory eto izahay hihevitra ny asanao (We are meeting to think about Your works[We are meeting to think about Your works]Audio
6825Mangataka aminao ny olonao, ry Tompo (Your people implores You, O Lord)[Your people implores You O Lord]Audio
6826Mivory maro eto ‘zahay navotanao (We, saved by Thee, are meeting here)[We saved by Thee are meeting here]Audio
6827Ry Jeso Mpitarika Hendry (Jesu, wise Leader)[Jesu wise Leader] (Sankey)Audio
6828O! Miainga izao, ry miaramila soa (Stand up now! O! blessed soldiers)[Stand up now O blessed soldiers]Audio
6829Sambatra izay voafidy ho mpiasanao (Happy are those who are choosen)[Happy are those who are choosen]Audio
6830Efa tonga zana-dRay Tsitoha hianao (You became the Mighty Father's children)[You became the Mighty Father's children]Audio
6831Izahay natao batisa (We were baptized)[We were baptized]Audio
6832Izaho nentina nanatrika (I was presented in front of the Lord and the Church)[I was presented in front of the Lord and the Church]Audio
6833Miorena mafy tsara (Cling hard to the blessed Rock)[Cling hard to the blessed Rock] (Sankey)Audio
6834Ry havanay malala! (O, dear parents!)[O dear parents] (Stebbin)Audio
6835Aina no fetra ry Tompo Mpanjaka (Life is the limit, O! Lord and King)[Life is the limit O Lord and King]Audio
6836Tompo mahery Tsitoha (Almighty and powerful Lord)[Almighty and powerful Lord]Audio
6837Miandry ao ny Tomponao (Your Lord is waiting for You)[Your Lord is waiting for You]Audio
6841lza no hanompo an'i Jeso soa? (Who want to obey blessed Jesu?)[Who want to obey blessed Jesu]Audio
6842O! miainga, miasa izao (O! Stand up and work now)[O Stand up and work now]Audio
6843Misy maro ao an-tsaha mitaraina (Many people at the fields are moaning)[Many people at the fields are moaning]Audio
6844Miantra ny firenena, ry Jesosy Tomponay ! (Have mercy on our country, O Lord Jesus Christ)[Have mercy on our country O Lord Jesus Christ]Audio
6855O, ry Rain'ny fahazavana tsy milentika! (Father of the eternal brightness)[Father of the eternal brightness]Audio
6856Mba iraho ny Fanahy ry Jesosy Tompo o! (Send us the Spirit, O Lord Jesus)[Send us the Spirit O Lord Jesus]Audio
6857Ry Andriananaharinay (O Lord Creator, we thank Your Name)[O Lord Creator we thank Your Name]Audio
6858Mandrosoa, ry mpanarato (Move forward, O fisherman)[Move forward O fisherman]Audio
6862Ry Jehovah Tomposoa (Blessed Lord Jehovah, we are meeting here)[Blessed Lord Jehovah we are meeting here]Audio
6863Atreho ny mpanomponao (Be present at the meeting of Your servants)[Be present at the meeting of Your servants]Audio
6864Isaoranay Anao (We thank You, O Almighty Lord)[We thank You O Almighty Lord]Audio
6865Iza no hiara-dia (Who want to keep company)GENEVAN 42Audio
6869Saotra, dera, no homena (Thank, glory are given to You, our Saviour)[Thank glory are given to You our Saviour]Audio
6870Sambatra ny mankato (Happy are those who obey)[Happy are those who obey]Audio
6871Jehovah Ray Malala o (O, sweet Jehovah and Father)[O sweet Jehovah and Father]Audio
6872Hody, Tompo, izahay (Lord, we go back home)PEACE OF GODAudio
6874Sambatra ny sofiko (My ears are happy hearing the words)SPRING OF SOULSAudio
6875Sambatra ny sofiko (My ears are happy hearing the words)[My ears are happy hearing the words]Audio
7083Ahy va Jesosy Tompon'aina? (Does Jesus belong to me?)[Does Jesus belong to me] (Ahnfelt)Audio

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