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The SmallChurchMusic site was launched in 2006, growing out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
7095Ny alina ho lasa (The night will go away)[The night will go away]Audio
6963Mpanota o, mba mihevera tsara (O sinners, think well over)[O sinners, think well over]Audio
7096Mba maniry hody aho (I wish to go back home)[I wish to go back home] (Ahnfelt)Audio
7097Our sunlight[Our sunlight]Audio
7098He, tanim-pahazavana be (What a very bright earth)[What a very bright earth]Audio
7099Hitsahatra aiza, ry foko, izao ? (Where my heart will rest now?)[Where my heart will rest now]Audio
7100Vahiny eto isika (We are pilgrims)[We are pilgrims]Audio
4411Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him in the morning[Praise Him praise Him praise Him in the morning]Audio
7101Jerosalema ambony (Jerusalem on high)[Jerusalem on high] (Ahnfelt)Audio
7102Why are we captive on earth[Why are we captive on earth] (Mendelssohn Bartholdy)Audio
7103Jesosy no Mpiandry tsara maty tia (Jesus is the good and loved Shepherd)[Jesus is the good and loved Shepherd]Audio
7104Jesosy no Mpiandry tsara maty tia (Jesus is the good and loved Shepherd)[Jesus is the good and loved Shepherd] (Unknown)Audio
7105Fitiavana ranovelona (Love is a life-giving water)[Love is a life_giving water] (Thompson)Audio
7106Ry Jeso Loharanon'aina (O Jesu source of life)RENDEZ A DIEUAudio
7107Ry Jeso Loharanon'aina (O Jesu, source of life)[O Jesu source of life] (Sankey)Audio
7108Misy didy tena tsara (There is a very good law)[There is a very good law] (H.H. McGranahan)Audio
7109Mifankatiava tsara (Love one another)[Love one another]Audio
7110Faly dia faly (Your servants are very happy)[Your servants are very happy]Audio
7111Hitako ny lalan-tsara (I found the good way)[I found the good way]Audio
7112He, izany hira manako re (How gladsome is the hymn)[How gladsome is the hymn] (Sankey)Audio
7113Mihoby ny fanahiko (My soul is shouting)[My soul is shouting] (Bliss)Audio
7114Misaora an'i Jehovah (Praise Jehovah)[Praise Jehovah] (Croft)Audio
7115Endrey izany hafaliana (How glad we are)[How glad we are]Audio
7116Haleloia, Haleloia! (Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Jesu is my Saviour)[Hallelujah Hallelujah Jesu is my Saviour]Audio
7117Ry Tompo o, ny tany maina (O Lord, the dry land)[O Lord the dry land] (Bost)Audio
7118Any an-danitra ambony (Up in heaven)[Up in heaven]Audio
7119Ry Tompo mahavonjy o (O Saviour Lord!)[O Saviour Lord] (Rajoelisolo)Audio
7120Ny paradisa an-tany (The Paradise on earth doesn't exist)MORNING STARAudio
7121Ity fonenana ity (This dwelling)[This dwelling]Audio
7122Ry mana-manjo (You, who are sorrowful)[You who are sorrowful]Audio
7123Tsy hita izay androko sisa aty (The remainder of my life is wandering)[The remainder of my life is wandering] (McGrahan)Audio
7124Mandrahona ny andronay (Our life is gloomy)[Our life is gloomy] (Blow)Audio
7125Raha mafy ny manjo (If the unhappiness is hard)raha_mafy_ny_manjoAudio
7126Aza malahelo (Don't be upset)[Don't be upset] (Bliss)Audio
7127Ry fanahy ory (O distressed soul)[O distressed soul]Audio
7129Mahereza ry sakaiza (Be strong, O! My friend)CRYSTAL SPRINGAudio
4532Holy, holy, holy Lord God of Hosts!CHAUTAUQUA (REFRAIN)Audio
7128Raha misy mampahory (If you are oppressed)[If you are oppressed]Audio
7130Aza kivy hianao (Don't lose your hope)[Don't lose your hope] (Dykes)Audio
7131O Jesu, my Friend[O Jesu my Friend] (Rombalahivola)Audio
7132Ry Sakaizan' ny mpanota (The Friend of the sinners)[The Friend of the sinners] (Malagasy Melody)Audio
125The Lord is in His holy TempleQUAM DILECTAAudio
7133Ry Sakaizan' ny mpanota (The Friend of the sinners)WILDERSMOUTHAudio
7134Lohasahan-dranomaso (Our life is a valley of tears)REFUGEAudio
7135Ry be fiantra sy be indrafo (O! Full of mercy and full of love)[O Full of mercy and full of love]Audio
7136Aiza re no hahitako izay hampionona ny fo (Where may I find)[Where may I find] (Ambresin)Audio
7137Ry Jeso o tahio izahay aty am-pandehananay (Bless us, O Jesu)[Bless us O Jesu]Audio
7138Arovy ny fanahinay Andriamanitra (Save our soul)[Save our soul]Audio
7139Jesosy Kristy Tompo o hianao no antenaiko (Lord Jesus Christ, Thou art my hope)[Lord Jesus Christ Thou art my hope] (Babst)Audio
7140Jehovah Tompo no itokiako (In Lord Jehovah I trust)[In Lord Jehovah I trust] (Zinck)Audio
7141Tompo Mpamindra fo mahery sy tsitoha (Lord full of mercy)[Lord full of mercy] (Andrianntsiferanarivo)Audio
7142Ry Jesosy Tompoko, izay nanetry tena o (Jesus my Lord)[Jesus my Lord] (Moravian)Audio
7143Be ny mampahory (There are so oppressions)[There are so oppressions] (Pilgrimssonger)Audio
7144Be ny mampahory (There are so oppressions)[There are so oppressions] (Rasta, Ambato)Audio
7145Indreto izahay mitomany (Here we are weeping)[Here we are weeping]Audio
7146Omeo mba handramako (Let me taste your love)[Let me taste your love] (Randrianantenaina)Audio
7147Ry Raiko o! (O, my Father! I am a pilgrim)[O my Father I am a pilgrim] (Samson, Ambato)Audio
7148Misaotra Anao, Jesosy o! (Thank You, O Jesus)Was Gott TutAudio
7149He sambatra Jesosy o (Happy is your little flock, O Jesus)[Happy is your little flock O Jesus] (Lindeman)Audio
7150Jesu, Power and Saviour[Jesu Power and Saviour] (Ramilison)Audio
7151O, ry Raiko Izay mpandahatra (O, my Father who leads my life)[O my Father who leads my life]Audio
7152O! Ray jereo ny zanakao! (O, Father, see Your children)[O Father see Your children] (Rasoanaivo)Audio
7153Ry Jehovah Ray mahery! (Jehovah, mighty Father)[Jehovah mighty Father] (O'Kane)Audio
7154Rainay be fitia! (Our merciful Father)[Our merciful Father] (Mason)Audio
7155Zanahary, Ray mahery (Lord Creator, mighty Father)[Lord Creator mighty Father]Audio
7156Mpamonjy soa malala o (O, dear and sweet Saviour!)[O dear and sweet Saviour]Audio
7157Vimbino tsara izahay (Protect us, O Lord Jesus Christ!)[Protect us O Lord Jesus Christ] (Towner)Audio
7158Ry Jeso Mpamonjy, Mpanavotra any! (Jesu, Saviour and our Redeemer)[Jesu Saviour and our Redeemer] (Voice of Praise)Audio
7159Ry Jesosy mba tantano (Take my hand Jesus)[Take my hand Jesus] (Sankey)Audio
7160Ry Jesosy Tompo tsara (Sweet Lord Jesus)[Sweet Lord Jesus] (Main)Audio
7161Ampianaro aho, Tompo, mba hiambina (Teach me, Lord, how to be watchful)[Teach me Lord how to be watchful]Audio
7162Ny lalana izay nataon'Andriamanitra (The laws, God has given)[The laws God has given]Audio
7163Hianao ry Jeso o (Thee, O Jesu!)[Thee O Jesu] (Etoile du Matin)Audio
7164Mahareta, mahareta, (Be patient)[Be patient] (Malagasy melody)Audio
7165Ry kapiteny, be ny ady manjo (O Captain, how big are the fights we endure)[O Captain how big are the fights we endure] (Bliss)Audio
7166Hitako izao, sakaiza! (Now I see, my friend, Jesu is the Saviour)[Now I see my friend Jesu is the Saviour]Audio
7167Hitako izao, sakaiza! (Now I see, my friend, Jesu is the Saviour)[Now I see my friend Jesu is the Saviour] (Lutteroth)Audio
7168O! mandrosoa mba ho tena mpandresy (Go forward to be really the conqueror)[Go forward to be really the conqueror] (Ambresin)Audio
7169Na aiza no alehako (Wherever I go)[Wherever I go]Audio
7170He! Sarotra ny lalam-pamonjena (O! Hard is the way to the salvation)[O Hard is the way to the salvation] (Zinck)Audio
7171Ry mino miambena re (O, believers! Be on your guard)[O believers Be on your guard] (Swedish melody)Audio
7172Jeso, ampio izahay mba handresy (Help us, Jesu)[Help us Jesu] (Pedersen)Audio
7173O, ry Jesosy, omeo ny hery (Jesus, give me the power)[Jesus give me the power] (Buvarp)Audio
7174Mba faingana re, ry mino (Hurry up, O, believers)[Hurry up O believers] (Rice)Audio
7175Kristy miantso antsika hiady (Christ calls us to fight)[Christ calls us to fight] (Ostby)Audio
7176Maty malala, ka ory ny fo! (My beloved has died, my heart is in distress)[My beloved has died my heart is in distress]Audio
7178Tonga ny fahafatesana! (The dying day is coming)[The dying day is coming]Audio
7179He, lasa ny zaza malalan'ny fo! (The dearest child has died)[The dearest child has died] (Berggreen)Audio
7180Nalain'ny Mpahary ity zaza ity (The Creator has taken this child)[The Creator has taken this child]Audio
7181Ry mpisaona malahelo (The mourners who are upset)[The mourners who are upset]Audio
7182Eo ankavanan-dRay Hianao, (Thou art at Father's right hand)[Thou art at Father's right hand] (Danish)Audio
7184Ao an-danitra dia ho sambatra (In the heaven will be happy)[In the heaven will be happy] (Ruud)Audio
7185Ao an-danitra dia ho sambatra (In the heaven will be happy)[In the heaven will be happy] (unknown)Audio
7186Ny voarain'Andriamanitra ary (Those who are accepted by God)[Those who are accepted by God] (Malan)Audio
7187Ny voarain'Andriamanitra ary (Those who are accepted by God)[Those who are accepted by God] (Regnart)Audio
7188Through days of toil and sorrow[Through days of toil and sorrow] (Harkness)Audio
7183Zavatra iray ihany (Only thing will be looked for)[Only thing will be looked for] (unknown)Audio
7189Moa te-hiara-dia? (Do you want to be with us?)[Do you want to be with us] (Ruud)Audio
7190Aingao ny masontsika (Lift up our eyes)[Lift up our eyes] (Rakotonirainy)Audio
7191Iza moa ireo mitsangana (Who are these people)[Who are these people] (Ogden)Audio

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