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John H. Gower

1855 - 1922 Scripture: Psalm 1 Hymnal Number: 6501 Composer of "MEDITATION" in The Cyber Hymnal

William Daman

1540 - 1591 Scripture: Psalm 3 Hymnal Number: 5093 Composer of "SOUTHWELL (Daman)" in The Cyber Hymnal Aliases: Damon; Damano; Demaunde; Damond; Dymond Born: ca.1540 Died: 1591 Damon was a foreign composer resident in England. He arrived probably in England in 1566 as a servant of Sir Thomas Sackville. In 1576 he became a recorder player at the Court of Elizabeth I. He was described as having been born in "Luke" and "Lewklande" and, on the assumption that these names refer to Luik or Liège, it has been inferred that he was a Walloon. However contemporary London records describe him as an Italian and a later reference refers to him having been born in "Luke in Italy", i.e. Lucca. His unanglicised name may have been Gulielmo (or Gulielmus) Damano. Daman died from the effects of an ulcer and was buried at St Peter-le-Poer, London, on 26 March 1591. List of choral works: Beati omnes qui timent Dominum Confitebor tibi Domine Miserere nostri Domine Omnis caro gramen sit Praedicabo laudes tuae Domine Spem in alium Publications: The Psalmes of David in English Metre (1579) The Former Booke of Musicke of M. William Damon (1591) The Second Booke of Musicke of M. William Damon (1591)

D. A. Duff

Scripture: Psalm 5 Hymnal Number: 10942 Composer of "[Let all them who trust Thy care]" in The Cyber Hymnal Early 20th Century A minister, he worked on the committee that published The Presbyterian Psalter of 1887.

Michael, Lonneke

b. 1943 Person Name: Michael Lonneke Scripture: Psalm 13 Hymnal Number: 2481 Composer of "PARIS" in The Cyber Hymnal Born: 1943, Wichita, Kansas. Lonneke began piano study at age nine with Nelle Taylor. Later, he studied piano with Marie Kassouny and studied choral music and conducting with Cecil Riney at Friends University, Wichita, Kansas. His business career has been in broadcasting management in America and Europe. He was the founding president of the Loudoun, Virginia, Symphony, and served as organist for the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd and for Trinity United Methodist Church, both in Paris, Virginia, near Washington, DC. In 2006, he became organist/choirmaster for St. George’s United Methodist Church, Fairfax, Virginia. Music: BRING A TORCH GUTERHIRT MILLSPAUGH MORRISON PARIS RINEY

Frederic Field Bullard

1864 - 1904 Person Name: Frederic Field Bullard, 1864-1904 Scripture: Psalm 17 Hymnal Number: 3722 Composer of "LONGFELLOW" in The Cyber Hymnal

Edward Miller

1735 - 1807 Scripture: Psalm 18 Hymnal Number: 6076 Arranger of "ROCKINGHAM (Miller)" in The Cyber Hymnal Edward Miller, Born in the United Kingdom. The son of a pavior (stone paver), Miller left home to study music at King's Lynn. He was a flautist in Handel's orchestra. In 1752 he published “Six Solos for the German Flute”. In 1756 he was appointed organist of St. George Minster Doncaster, continuing in that post for 50 years. He also gave pianoforte lessons. He published hymns and sonatas for harpsichord, 16 editions of “The Institues of Music”, “Elegies for Voice & Pianoforte”, and Psalms of David set to music, arranged for each Sunday of the year. That work had over 5000 subscribers. He published his thoughts on performance of Psalmody in the Church of England, addressed to clergy. In 1801 he published the Psalms of Watts and Wesley for use by Methodists, and in 1804 the history and antiques of Doncaster with a map. John Perry

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

1714 - 1788 Person Name: Carl P. E. Bach Scripture: Psalm 18 Hymnal Number: 6076 Composer of "ROCKINGHAM (Miller)" in The Cyber Hymnal Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach, born at Weimar, March 14, 1714; music director at Hamburg, a prolific composer, great in all departments; as a writer of sings, odes, pslams, etc., he surpassed all his contemporaries; died at Hamburg, of consumption, Sept. 14, 1788. A Dictionary of Musical Information by John W. Moore, Boston: Oliver, Ditson & Company, 1876

C. C. Case

1843 - 1918 Person Name: Charles C. Case Scripture: Psalm 19 Hymnal Number: 1847 Arranger of "FANEUIL HALL" in The Cyber Hymnal Charles Clinton Case USA 1843-1918. Born in Linesville, PA, his family moved to Gustavus, OH, when he was four. His father was an accomplished violinist, but a neighbor gave him a small violin when he was nine, and he mastered it before he could read music. At age 16 he went to singing school (without parental consent), borrowing the money from a neighbor. C. A. Bentley, a prominent conductor, was his first vocal music instructor, and William Bradbury's “Jubilee” was the school textbook. For three winters in a row, he attended Bentley's singing school, working his father's farm in the summer. He married Annie Williams. In 1866 he studied music in Boston with B. F. Baker. He also studied under George Root, Horatio Palmer, Philip Bliss, George Webb, and others, hymnwriters in their own right. Soon after, Case began teaching music, and when James McGranahan moved two miles from his home, they became friends. Case wrote and edited a number of Gospel song books in his life. 6 works. John Perry

Joseph Haydn

1732 - 1809 Person Name: Franz J. Haydn Scripture: Psalm 19 Hymnal Number: 1847 Composer of "FANEUIL HALL" in The Cyber Hymnal Franz Joseph Haydn (b. Rohrau, Austria, 1732; d. Vienna, Austria, 1809) Haydn's life was relatively uneventful, but his artistic legacy was truly astounding. He began his musical career as a choirboy in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, spent some years in that city making a precarious living as a music teacher and composer, and then served as music director for the Esterhazy family from 1761 to 1790. Haydn became a most productive and widely respected composer of symphonies, chamber music, and piano sonatas. In his retirement years he took two extended tours to England, which resulted in his "London" symphonies and (because of G. F. Handel's influence) in oratorios. Haydn's church music includes six great Masses and a few original hymn tunes. Hymnal editors have also arranged hymn tunes from various themes in Haydn's music. Bert Polman

Thomas Tallis

1505 - 1585 Scripture: Psalm 20 Hymnal Number: 3323 Composer of "TALLIS' CANON" in The Cyber Hymnal Thomas Tallis (b. Leicestershire [?], England, c. 1505; d. Greenwich, Kent, England 1585) was one of the few Tudor musicians who served during the reigns of Henry VIII: Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth I and managed to remain in the good favor of both Catholic and Protestant monarchs. He was court organist and composer from 1543 until his death, composing music for Roman Catholic masses and Anglican liturgies (depending on the monarch). With William Byrd, Tallis also enjoyed a long-term monopoly on music printing. Prior to his court connections Tallis had served at Waltham Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral. He composed mostly church music, including Latin motets, English anthems, settings of the liturgy, magnificats, and two sets of lamentations. His most extensive contrapuntal work was the choral composition, "Spem in alium," a work in forty parts for eight five-voice choirs. He also provided nine modal psalm tunes for Matthew Parker's Psalter (c. 1561). Bert Polman


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