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O God, in Whom We Live and Move

Author: Samuel Longfellow Meter: Appears in 36 hymnals Lyrics: 1. O God, in whom we live and move, Thy love is law, Thy law is love; Thy present Spirit waits to fill The soul which comes to do Thy will. 2. Unto thy children’s spirits teach Thy love, beyond the powers of speech; And make them know, with joyful awe, The encircling presence of Thy law. 3. Its patient working doth fulfill Man’s hope, and God’s all-perfect will, Nor suffers one true word or thought, Or deed of love, to come to naught. 4. Such faith, O God, our spirits fill, That we may work in patience still. Who works for justice, works for Thee; Who works in love, Thy child shall be. Used With Tune: GERMANY

The Heavens Declare thy Glory

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 592 hymnals First Line: The heav’ns declare Thy glory, Lord Lyrics: 1 The heav’ns declare Thy glory, Lord, In every star Thy wisdom shines; But when our eyes behold Thy Word, We read Thy name in fairer lines. 2 The rolling sun, the changing light, And nights and days, Thy power confess: But the blest volume Thou hast writ Reveals Thy justice and Thy grace. 3 Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise Round the whole earth, and never stand: So when Thy truth begun its race, It touched and glanced on every land. 4 Nor shall Thy spreading Gospel rest Till through the world Thy truth has run, Till Christ has all the nations blest That see the light, or feel the sun. 5 Great Sun of Righteousness, arise, Bless the dark world with heav’nly light; Thy Gospel makes the simple wise, Thy laws are pure, Thy judgments right. 6 Thy noblest wonders here we view In souls renewed and sins forgiv’n; Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew, And make Thy Word my guide to Heav’n. Used With Tune: UXBRIDGE Text Sources: The Psalms of David, 1719

A Little Flock! So Calls He Thee

Author: Horatius Bonar Meter: Appears in 10 hymnals Lyrics: 1 A little flock! So calls He thee, Who bought thee with His blood; A little flock, disowned of men, But owned and loved of God. 2 A little flock! So calls He thee; Church of the first-born, hear! Be not ashamed to own the name; It is no name of fear. 3 A little flock! Yes, even so; A handful among men, Such is the purpose of thy God; So willeth He, Amen! 4 Not many rich or noble called, Not many great or wise; They whom God makes His kings and priests, Are poor in human eyes. 5 Church of the everlasting God, The Father’s gracious choice, Amid the voices of this earth, How feeble is thy voice! 6 Thy words amid the words of earth, How noiseless and how low! Amid the hurrying crowds of time, Thy steps how calm and slow! 7 But ’mid the wrinkled brows of earth, Thy brow how free from care; ’Mid the flushed cheeks of riot here, Thy cheek how pale and fair! 8 Amid the restless eyes of earth, How steadfast is thine eye, Fixed on the silent loveliness Of the far eastern sky. 9 A little flock! ’Tis well, ’tis well; Such be her lot and name; Thro’ ages past it has been so, And now ’tis still the same. 10 But the chief Shepherd comes at length; Her feeble days are o’er, No more a handful in the earth, A little flock no more. 11 No more a lily among thorns; Weary, and faint, and few, But countless as the stars of heaven, Or as the early dew. 12 Then entering the eternal halls, In robes of victory, That mighty multitude shall keep The joyous jubilee. 13 Unfading palms they bear aloft, Unfaltering songs they sing; Unending festival they keep, In presence of the King. Used With Tune: DUNDEE Text Sources: Hymns of Faith and Hope (London: James Nisbet, 1857)

Thus Far the Lord Hath Led Me On

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 657 hymnals Lyrics: Thus far the Lord hath led me on, Thus far His power prolongs my days, And every evening shall make known Some fresh memorial of His grace. Much of my time has run to waste, And I, perhaps, am near my home; But He forgives my follies past, 1. And gives me strength for days to come. I lay my body down to sleep; Peace is the pillow for my head; While well appointed angels keep Their watchful stations round my bed. 2. In vain the sons of earth or hell Tell me a thousand frightful things My God in safety makes me dwell Beneath the shadow of His wings. 3. Faith in His name forbids my fear; O may Thy presence ne’er depart! And in the morning make me hear The love and kindness of Thy heart. 4. Thus, when the night of death shall come, My flesh shall rest beneath the ground, And wait Thy voice to rouse my tomb, With sweet salvation in the sound. Used With Tune: HEBRON Text Sources: Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707

My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy Right

Author: Philip Doddridge, 1702-1751 Meter: Appears in 259 hymnals Lyrics: 1. My gracious Lord, I own Thy right To every service I can pay, And call it my supreme delight To hear Thy dictates, and obey. 2. What is my being but for Thee, Its sure support, its noblest end? ’Tis my delight Thy face to see, And serve the cause of such a Friend. 3. I would not sigh for worldly joy, Or to increase my worldly good; Nor future days nor powers employ To spread a sounding name abroad. 4. ’Tis to my Savior I would live, To Him who for my ransom died; Nor could all worldly honor give Such bliss as crowns me at His side. 5. His work my hoary age shall bless, When youthful vigor is no more; And my last hour of life confess His dying love, His saving power. Used With Tune: HOLBORN HILL Text Sources: Published posthumously in Hymns Founded on Various Texts in the Holy Scriptures, by Job Orton (J. Eddowes and J. Cotton, 1755)

Now Shall My Solemn Vows Be Paid

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 74 hymnals Lyrics: 1. Now shall my solemn vows be paid To that Almighty Power, That heard the long requests I made In my distressful hour. 2. My lips and cheerful heart prepare To make His mercies known; Come, ye that fear my God, and hear The wonders He has done. 3. When on my head huge sorrows fell, I sought His heav’nly aid; He saved my sinking soul from hell, And death’s eternal shade. 4. If sin lay covered in my heart, While prayer employed my tongue, The Lord had shown me no regard, Nor I His praises sung. 5. But God (His name be ever blessed) Has set my spirit free; Nor turned from Him my poor request, Nor turned His heart from me. Used With Tune: NATIVITY Text Sources: The Psalms of David, 1719

Jesus, King Of Glory

Author: W. Hope Davison Meter: with refrain Appears in 73 hymnals First Line: Jesus, King of glory, throned above the sky Refrain First Line: Jesus, King of glory, throned above the sky Lyrics: 1 Jesus, King of glory, throned above the sky, Jesus, tender Savior, hear Thy children cry. Pardon our transgressions, cleanse from our sin, By Thy Spirit help us heav’nly life to win. Refrain: Jesus, King of glory, throned above the sky, Jesus, tender Savior, hear Thy children cry. 2 Help us ever steadfast in the faith to be: In Thy Church’s conflicts fighting valiantly. Loving Savior, strengthen these weak hearts of ours, Through Thy cross to conquer crafty evil powers. [Refrain] 3 When the shadows lengthen, show us, Lord, Thy way; Through the darkness lead us to the heavenly day; When our course is finished, ended all the strife, Grant us, with the faithful, palms and crowns of life. [Refrain] Used With Tune: ST. ALBAN

From the Depths Do I Invoke Thee

Author: Anonymous Meter: Appears in 44 hymnals Lyrics: 1. From the depths do I invoke Thee, Lord, to me incline Thine ear; To my voice be Thou attentive, And my supplications hear. 2. Lord, if Thou shouldst mark transgressions, In Thy presence who shall stand? But with Thee there is forgiveness, That Thy name may fear command. 3. For Jehovah I am waiting And my hope is in His Word; In His Word of promise given, Yea, my soul waits for the Lord. 4. For the Lord my soul is waiting More than watchers in the night; More than they for morning watching, Watching for the morning light. 5. Hope in God, ye waiting people, Mercies great in Him abound; With the Lord a full redemption From the guilt of sin is found. Scripture: Psalm 130 Used With Tune: EVENING PRAYER (Stebbins) Text Sources: The Psalter (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The United Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1912), number 363

That Man Is Blest Who, Fearing God

Meter: Appears in 26 hymnals Lyrics: 1. That man is blest who, fearing God From sin restrains his feet, Who will not stand with wicked men, Who shuns the scorners’ seat. 2. Yea, blest is he who makes God’s law His portion and delight, And meditates upon that law With gladness day and night. 3. That man is nourished like a tree Set by the river’s side; Its leaf is green, its fruit is sure, And thus his works abide. 4. The wicked like the driven chaff Are swept from off the land; They shall not gather with the just, Nor in the judgment stand. 5. The Lord will guard the righteous well, Their way to Him is known; The way of sinners, far from God, Shall surely be o’erthrown. Scripture: Psalm 1 Used With Tune: MEDITATION

Courage, Brother, Do Not Stumble

Author: Norman MacLeod Meter: D Appears in 181 hymnals Refrain First Line: Trust in God, trust in God Lyrics: 1. Courage, brother, do not stumble, Though thy path be dark as night; There’s a star to guide the humble: Trust in God and do the right. Let the road be rough and dreary, And its end far out of sight, Foot it bravely; strong or weary, Refrain: Trust in God, trust in God, Trust in God and do the right. 2. Perish policy and cunning, Perish all that fears the light! Whether losing, whether winning, Trust in God and do the right, Trust no party, sect or faction; Trust no leaders in the fight; Put in every word or action, [Refrain] 3. Some will hate thee, some will love thee, Some will flatter, some will slight; Cease from man, and look above thee: Trust in God and do the right. Simple rule, and safest guiding, Inward peace and inward might, Star upon our path abiding, [Refrain] Alternate form of last verse: 4. Trust no lovely forms of passion— Fiends may look like angels bright; Trust no custom, school or fashion: Trust in God, and do the right. Simple rule, and safest guiding, Inward peace, and inward might, Star upon our path abiding, [Refrain] Used With Tune: COURAGE Text Sources: First appeared as a poem in The Edinburgh Christian Magazine


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