Lizzie De Armond

Lizzie De Armond
Short Name: Lizzie De Armond
Full Name: De Armond, Lizzie, 1847-1936
Birth Year: 1847
Death Year: 1936

Lizzie De Armond was a prolific writer of children's hymns, recitations and exercises. When she was twelve years old her first poem was published in the Germantown, Pa. Telegraph, however, it was not until she was a widow with eight children to support that she started writing in earnest. She wrote articles, librettos, nature stories and other works, as well as hymns.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

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A happy greeting now we bringLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
A little Christmas giftLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
A little soldier of the KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
A loyal band we gladly speed alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
A mother bird is singing sweetLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
A precious friend in JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
A song floated down through the silence of nightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
A song of heavenly melody rings through the skies afarLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
A tiny flake came lightly, gaily sailingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
A wonderful Friend has come into my lifeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
A youthful host advancesLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Ach, wär' ich doch schon [dort] droben, Mein Heiland, wär' ich daLizzie DeArmond (Author)German2
Acknowledge Him in all your waysLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Across the borderland is sunlightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
All hail, all hail, this coronation dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
All hail to the morning of gladnessLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
All hail to the springtimeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
All praise to the SaviorLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
All the burdens once so heavyLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
All the cares of the long day are overLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
All the way I'll go with JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
All the world is singing songsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
All together we can doLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Alone with God! how sweet to beLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Always do your very best for ChristLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Always on duty for Jesus the KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Always on duty, let this be trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Angel of Easter, speed down through the nightLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Anhela mi alma la tranquilidadLizzie De Armond (Author)Spanish2
Are you counting all your trials just as blessings in disguise?Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Are you doing wellLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Are you longing for the sunshineLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Are you telling the story of Christ and his loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Are you trusting the love of the Savior divineLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
Are you walking with the Master through the rugged way of lifeLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Are you weary of life with its burdens and caresLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Arm yourselves, ye friends of Jesus! Hosts of sin are nighLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Arouse ye! arouse ye! over mountain and plainLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Arouse ye! arouse ye! O why in slumber lie?Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
As I cling to the hand of my Lord each dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English23
As merrily the raindrops fallLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
As the golden sunbeams shine through the clouds that veil the mornLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
As we travel along on life's pathwayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
At the close of each day go to JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Be not forgetful of blessings so sweetLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
Be not swift to go ere the path you knowLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Be true to Him who loved you soLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Be true to your colors, O soldiers of GodLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Beautiful days bright with His praiseLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Beautiful deeds of love, born in the land aboveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English8
Beautiful rainbow of promiseLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Beautiful summer, radiant summerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Beautiful, wonderful morningLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Behold, a king shall reignLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Bells of gladness sweetly chimeLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Beneath the shining starLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Beside the still waters how calmly we restLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Beyond the stars that gleam so brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Bless the Lord, O my soul, let the earth rejoiceLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Blessed words of Jesus, like a rainbow brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Blessings falling 'round us like the summer showersLizzie DeArmond (Author)English9
Blessings, like sunshine, fall on our wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Branches of palm trees they laid on His wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Breezes are whispering softLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Bright the star of hope is shiningLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Bright the sunshineLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Brighten up the shady spotsLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Brightly the sun is shining waking the world to songLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Bring your empty pitchers ere you thirst and dieLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Brothers, forward pressing, all His love confessingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
By quiet waters calm and stillLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
Carry the beautiful sunlightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Carry the sunlight wherever you go, Give out the Christ loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
Carry the sunlight wherever you go, Spread the good cheerAnnie Lewis Pinfold (Author)English1
Cheerily, cheerily swell the glad songLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Child of my love I hear him sayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Chime again, chime again, beautiful bellsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Chime, beautiful bells, till all the wide worldLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Choose ye this day whom you will serveLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Christ came to the world on Christmas mornLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Christ Jesus is the living wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Christian, learn this lessonLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Christian soldiers true, keep the cross in viewLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Christmas starlight, brightly shiningLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Close, close to the side I'm clingingLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Close to the cross of Jesus, Pardon for sin I seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Come and worship the King of gloryLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Come, beautiful angel, Roll the stone awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Come join the bright circle, there's room and to spareLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Come, loyal hearts and trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Come rejoice, come rejoice, Notes exultant raiseLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Come, rejoicing, hail this morningLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Come, rejoicing, singing, praise the Savior's holy nameLizzie De Armond (Author)3
Come unto our God rejoicingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Come with true endeavorLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Could we know the futureLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Count the host of happy daysLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Courage, Christian, trust your SaviorLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Cradled in a manger, On the fragrant hay (DeArmond)Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Cross the line, cross the line from the worldLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
Crown of the lovely Junetide gleamingLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Daisies in the meadowsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Day by day on your wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Dear little honey bees, speeding awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Do not be ashamed to own HimLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Do not be discouraged though your light is smallLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Do not look for trouble as you pass alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Do you hear the Shepherd calling?Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Do you wonder why we're glad?Mrs. Lizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Does it pay to put temptationLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Don't stand at easeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Don't you hear the springtime coming?Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Down among thy meadow grassLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Down in the meadows forget-me-nots growLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Dreary clouds have rolledLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Dwell within me, Holy SpiritLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
എൻ നാഥനെ ദുഖിപ്പിച്ചേൻ (En nāthane dukhippiccēn)Lizzie De Armond (Author)Malayalam2
Earth is singing, sweet notes ringingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Ever be loyal to JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English9
Everlasting Father, Lord God eternalLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Every hour seems bright, full of glad delightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Every springtide flower bringsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Everything gives, in its own happy wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Everything sings in the summerLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Face your troubles in a happy wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Far away He saw me in the paths of sinLizzie DeArmond (Author)English10
Far out upon the restless seaLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Fear not, O ye righteousLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Fear not, though amid the darknessLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Fill every day with work for the Master Lizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Fill the air with glad hosannasLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Floating o'er life's billowsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Floats a golden chime through the passing yearsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Follow, follow, comrades heed the callLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
Follow his footstepsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Follow your Leader! His cross marks the wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Following Jesus, just where He leads meLizzie DeArmond (Author)English13
For the honor of the King press forwardLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
For the sake of the nameLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
For the tender love that bought meLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Forth to the harvest the Master is callingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Forward, forward, see the dawn of hope is highLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Forward marching, never look behind youLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Forward marching, wave your bannersLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Forward sweeps the conquering RedeemerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Fragrant flowers are bloomingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
From golden hearts of sweetness, the Easter lilies rareLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
From heaven to earth he cometh downLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
From his home in heavenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
From the deep blue sea sped a cooling breezeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Get acquainted with Jesus, He's loved you so longLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Get back to the Bible, the Gospel of loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English8
Give me the dear old Bible, full of God's wondrous loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Give unto the Lord, O ye mighty, The praise due His holy nameLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Give us this day, this little dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Gladly march along with a joyful songLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Glory, glory be to Jesus, mighty KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Glory, hallelujah, let the praise song never dieLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Glory to God, hear the songLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Go and sow beside all waters, Is the loving Lord's commandLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Go and tell it all to JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Go, bear the cross to every landLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Go forth with the Christ in life's bywaysLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Go tell the wondrous gospel storyLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
God answers prayer, O soul look up and seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
God is so good; his love we seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
God is with us, O wondrous storyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
God knows every heartache, each burden and careLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
God loves us all, O sweet is the thoughtLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
God made so many lovely thingsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
God of boundless mightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
God takes care of you and meLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
God wants my life to be a songLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
God wants us all to shine for HimLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
God will send the ComforterLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
God's grace like a river is flowingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
God's peace like a river is fillingLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Golden day of sunshine, children's day of loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Golden hearted daisies gem the meadows gayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Good morning, Easter Day, So sunny and so gayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Grapple with the evil spreading over all the landLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Great and wonderful art ThouLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hail beautiful morning of sunshine and bloomLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hail, Easter day, glad with His loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Hail him, Hail him, risen JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hail His name, the mighty One adoreLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hail, O joyous morn of gladnessLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hallelujah! hallelujah! Angels sang that blessed dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Hands that are happiness givingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Happy little workers for the Savior KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hark! Hark! Hark! Hear the birdsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hark! Hark! Hark! Heavenly hosts are singingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hark! hark! the Savior callsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hark, the bugle call is sounding, Do not linger by the wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hark, the call to serviceLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
Hark, the Easter bells are pealingLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Hark, the merry birds are singing, Spring is on her wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hark, the rally call is sounding Swelling loud and clear and strongLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Hark! the springtide breezes pass the news alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Hark! there's a call from the front todayLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Hark! through the golden sunlight rises a joyous songLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Hark to the call through the landLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hark to the music resoundingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English24
Hasten, loyal mortals, onward to the starLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Have you found rest and peace withinLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
Have you heard a wordLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Have you hit the trail that leadsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Have you lifted a stone from your brother's wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)17
Have you lost the name of Jesus from your lifeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Have you read the blessed letter from our Father up aboveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
He bends from high heaven To hear when we callLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
He came to me, the Christ divineLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
He can count on me when the firing lineLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
He died to show his boundless loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
He found me a sinnerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
He gave me a song in the darkness of nightLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
He goes before the blessed LordLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
He has never failed me yetLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
He keeps my soul from every evilLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
He lifted me out of the darkness of nightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
He lifted my burden of sorrow and sinLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
He scatters His blessings around usLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
He sendeth the sunshine and rainLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
He thought me worth the saving, in spite of all my sinLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
He took my place, the Son of GodLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
He who counts the stars aboveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
He will keep me in His loveLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Hear the big clockLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hear the call for willing serviceLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hear the glad birds sing, through the sunny dellsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hear the glad melody, heaven's sweet chimeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hear the great big clockLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hear the music of the chimeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hear the Shepherd's voice so sweetly sayingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hear the shining drops of rainLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hear the singing fromLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hear the singing from the waving treesLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hear us in Thy love, O FatherLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Heaven will have no sad tomorrowLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Heaven's triumphant choirs shall singLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Help me to know Thy willLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Here we bring another nameLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
High as the mountain though the billows rollLizzie DeArmond (Author)English25
His blessed face I cannot seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
His blessings come down like the dewdropsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
His lamp am I, so I must shineLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
His name is the dearest that mortal can knowLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hold fast to the old fashioned GospelLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hold on to all that's good and trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Hold thou me up dear lordLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Holly branches gleamingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Hope on, hope on, be brave and strongLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Hosanna sing to the Lord of creationLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
How old are you, little stars, bright starsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I accept Christ as my Savior and KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I am on the Lord's side, just becauseLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I am satisfied with Jesus every day, clinging close to Him I cannot walk astrayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
I am walking today in the straight, narrow wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
“I am with you,” fainting pilgrimLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I cannot tell, I do not know, What in the futureLizzie DeArmond (Author)English9
I do not ask for a better wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I dreamed that a stranger once came to my doorLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
"I give, I give," sings the little brookLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I grieved my Lord from day to dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English53
I have a dear Savior, the best Friend I knowLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I have a goodly heritageLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I have a stately palaceLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
I have answered Yes to JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I have come from the darkness to sunshine brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I have found indeed the choicest blessingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I have no strength or goodness, just in myself aloneLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I hear a cry, a mournful cryLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
I know in whom I have believed, his precious bloodLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I know that my Redeemer liveth, What joy that blest assurance bringsLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
I leave them with Him, my dear SaviorMrs. Lizzie De Armond (Author)English2
I must do some kindness for those I meetLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I never am weary of JesusLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
I see the joy that others feelLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
I thought of you, motherLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
I want to go to JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I was friendless, weak and lonelyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I was poor, and sad, and lonelyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I will arise and go to my Father (DeArmond)Lizzie DeArmond (Author)3
I will follow Thee, dear JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I will give to the Lord with a loving heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
I will not fear though shadows fallLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
I will seek the clasp of the dear Lord's handsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I wish you knew my Friend, how dreary life would beLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
I wonder why the Lord of allLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I would not know the way I treadLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
If a girlie meet a girlieLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
If a kind word you can sayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
If I could fly beyond the tide, where shines the perfect dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English9
If I were sure that I should die tomorrowLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
If the dark shadows gather, as you go alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English66
If we bare a little lightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
If you have a kind word do not let it waitLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
If you only knew my Savior, If you knew His boundless graceLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
If you see a brother sinkingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
If your heart keeps right (Chorus)Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
If your life rings trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I'll always need Jesus wherever I goLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
I'll speak a word for Jesus, How could I silent beLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
I'll tell it out wherever I goLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I'm happy in Jesus, my friend ever dearLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I'm holding on though doubts oppressLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I'm leaning now on JesusLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
I'm pressing on though skies look grayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
I'm walking in the safest pathLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
In a lowly manger sleeping, Lay the Prince of light and loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
In heaven above, by faith I seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
In Jesus' name be brave and strongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
In loving remembrance we honor the graveLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
In peace silence layLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
In some sweet way let us passLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
In the country of the blessedLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
In the midst of oppositionLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
In the narrow way we must daily goLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
In the silent heavens gleams a wondrous starLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
In the strength of the Lord I will goLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Is it not wonderful peace has been madeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Is your life a heavy burdenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
It matters not how long the way, If dark or bright each passing dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
It was for me in love He cameLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
It was for me my Savior diedLizzie DeArmond (Author)1
It's up to you to make a fightLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
I've a Friend whose love I'm singingLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
I've a song in my heart as the days hurry byLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I've found a loving SaviorLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
I've read in His Word of the mansions most fairLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Jehovah herrscht! Lobsinget ihmLizzie De Armond (Author)German2
Jehovah reigns awake, awakeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Jesus, dear lover of childrenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Jesus feels so sorryLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
Jesus is mine forever, What can I ask besideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Jesus is sorry whenever we do wrongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Jesus is waiting to save your soulLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, set me freeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Jesus the king is passing byLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Jesus with me all the time, wonderful the thoughtLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
Joy is the song of the morningLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Joy, joy, joy, hearts and voices blendingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Joy! joy! joy! let earth triumphant singingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Joyfully, joyfully onward we treadLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
Joyfully, joyfully, swell the strainLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Joyfully ringing over hill and daleLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Jubilant morning of EasterLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Just a crumb from the Master's tableLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Just a kindly word or twoLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Just a little cloud, though blue the skyLizzie DeArmond (Author)English7
Just a little sunbeam brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English9
Just as I am, O can it beLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Just for today, dear Father, we prayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
Just forget you're sad, in your heart keep gladLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Just smile as you goLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Just to be still through care and strifeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Just when the need is greatestLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Keep a song in your heart for the road is longLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
Keep the narrow pathway leading up to gloryLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Keep the prayer line clear to the throne of graceLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Keep your face toward the rising sunLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Kissed by the sunlight arises the morningLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Lead on, O blessed cross of ChristLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Let not your heart be troubled, I hear my Savior sayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Let peace and joy in each life abideLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Let the joy of Christ dwell with youLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Let us follow His train over mountain and plainLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Let us help one another for life is so shortLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Let us march along in the narrow wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
"Let's go" till ramparts of sin shall quakeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Life is glad and beautiful, if we do our partLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Lift aloft our starry bannerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Lift His banner on the highest mountainLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Lift the blessed cross on high, on to victory!Mrs. Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Lift the gleaming banner Wave it high unfurledMrs. Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Lifting the banner of Jesus On in his name we will goLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Like a bird in its nestLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Like a palace full of windowsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Like the snowflakes fair and whiteLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Like the stars of heaven brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Like the stars we would beLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
List, to the choral The reapers are singingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Listen to the joyous musicLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Listen to the words so trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Little bells of Christmas Hear us gaily ringLizzie DeArmond (Author)5
Little birds sing glad and gayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Little brothers and sistersLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little children ought to smileLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Little flower girls are weLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little flowers of the fieldLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little harps our hearts should beLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Little heart doors, open wideLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little lights for JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)1
Little lights of gladnessLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Little love beams shiningLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little love gifts now we bringLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Little messenger of gladnessLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little ray of golden sunshineLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Little rosebuds allLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little soldiers of the King, We'll enlist todayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little stars shining brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Little stars that seemLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Little sunbeams do not stayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Little travelers Zionward, will you help us on our wayLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Little voices for Jesus we surely may beLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Live for the Lord who loves youLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Living only for the MasterLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Living with him the Lord I loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Lo! a countless throngLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Long have I slightedLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Long Thou hast waited outside of my heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
Look above the clouds where the sun doth shineLizzie DeArmond (Author)English8
Look aloft the clouds are breakingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Look back o'er the path he hasLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Look on the bright sideLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Look on the side that's bright with cheerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Look to the cross where the Savior hath diedLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Look up new glory fills the skyLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Look up! The sun is shiningLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Look well to your cables my brotherLizzie DeArmond (Author)English19
Looking from self unto JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Looking to Jesus, how can we stray?Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English8
Love your neighborLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Love's glad benediction enfolded the earthLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Loyal ever, rally to the callLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Loyally serving our Lord and KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Loyalty to Christ foreverLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Make a forward move for the Lord todayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English12
Make Jesus King, let His love divineLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Many years I wandered, A sinner far from homeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
March along, march along in the narrow wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
March on with songs triumphantLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Marching in the sunshine, 'neath the sky so blueLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Marching on for JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Marching on together, singing as we goLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Marching on together while the joybells ringLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Marching on with banners waving, singing in our gladnessLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Marching on with Jesus, to the front we goLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Marching onward, following the SaviorLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
May I be wise some soul to winLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Member clasping hand of memberLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Messengers of summerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Most great and wonderful art thouLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
My burdened heart was full of sinLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
My Father lives on highLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
My heart is rejoicing from day unto dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
My heart is singing all the day, With joy I tread the pilgrim wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
My heart keeps singing day after dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
My native Country 'tis of theeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
My Savior wore a crown of thornsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
My sins are all forgiven, I'm on the heavenward wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
My soul a joyful song doth singLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Nearer to thee, dear JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
Neath the banner of his love we are marchingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Never give up, though the path be drearyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Night of nights, when the bells of heavenLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Night on the hillside, and night in the valeLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
No human tongue can ever tell how sweetLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
No longer I'm under the law's condemnationLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
No matter how hard the day has beenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
No matter where my path may lieLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
No more can the world's fleeting pleasure allureLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
No more I'm left to doubt and fearLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
No room for Jesus the SaviorLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
No tears can wash my sins awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Now here's a hand to welcome youLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Now is the time to firmly standLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Now sweeps a song of solemn joyLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
Now the day is fadingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O angel fair of Easter dawnLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
O ask me not to tarry, for life is short at bestLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
O be happy in the Lord, trusting fully in His wordLizzie DeArmond (Author)English9
O come and join our mission bandLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O come to where in meadowsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O come, while He calls youLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O count no round of life too smallLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O gracious King of kingsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O haste away, the moments flyLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
O heart, be glad and gayLizzie Douglas Foulks DeArmond (Author)English3
O hearts that are weary, look upLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O let the heavens be joyful and earth repeat the strainLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O love divine! He thought of meLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
O love divine, O blessed JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O magnify the Lord with me, His love is over allLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
O make your life a tuneful song, rejoice alway!Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O mount up on wings as the eagle'sLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O my heart is gladLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O praise the Lord that we may findLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O ring, sweet bells of Christmas-tideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O say not "tomorrow I'll come to Him"Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O shout the watchword clear and strongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
O sing again that story sweet and trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
O sing to the Savior in songs of rejoicingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O sing unto God, ye lofty hills and mountainsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O smile and be cheerful, though life may seem longLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
O soul, be glad, and joyful singLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O star of glory gleamingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O swing out your berriesLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O swing the gates wide openLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
O tell abroad the messageLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O that we knew where to find himLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O the blades of grass, in their coats of greenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O the joy! To live each dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O this big round world is so large and wideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
O we would see Jesus, O hear the sad wailLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
O weary of heart, heavy laden, look up to the Calvary hillLizzie DeArmond (Author)English10
O we're the sturdy Straight line clubLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O why should I worry though dark the waves rollLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O wondrous love so full and freeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O wondrous star of Bethlehem, That in the heavens brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
O won't you come inside where the loving Father waitsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
O worship the King, all-glorious, Who from heaven cameLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Obey the great commandLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O'er hill and vale a chorusLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Over the hills of old JudeaLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Of all the friends I find himLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Of those, whom Christ has sanctifiedLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Often when sad and wearyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O the joy of fellowship with JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
O the joyful thought that everLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
On a strength beyond my ownLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
On for the kingdom, comrades brave and loyalLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
On his unchanging word I'll standLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
On in his name, joyful proclaimLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
On the Cross of Calvary, Jesus died for you and meLizze Dearmond (Arranger)English2
On, through the Easter sunlightLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
On to the battle, O soldier of JesusLizzie De Armond (Author)English6
On where the cross is leadingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English12
On ye faithful, with loyal consecrationLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
"Only believe,' hear His gentle voice whisperLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Open your shining eyesLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Our characters like houses we're building day by dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Our Father stoops from his throne aboveLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Our God is able to deliver usLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Our joyful carols singingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Our youthful service to himLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Out in the glow of the sunshineLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Out of Christ why longer wanderLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Over and over His praises I'll singLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Over mountain and valley, from shore unto shoreLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Pass along a bit of happiness and cheerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Pass along the word of kindnessLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Pass on the sunshine that has changed you today]Lizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Pleasant words we all can sayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Pledged to the service of JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Plough the temperance furrow straight into the kingdomLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Praise him, praise him, come and worshipLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Praise the God of our salvation, Worship Him with voice and songLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Praise the holy name of JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Praise the Lord with heart and voice, Joyfully serving your KingLizzie De Armond (Author)English8
Praise ye the Lord, For great is he, and mightyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Pray, pray when things go wrongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English12
Preach by living in a Christian wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Preach the gospel of sunshine and gladnessLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Precious to my soul is the SaviorLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Press on for Jesus leads the wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Press onward with rejoicing!Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Pretty flower with heart of goldLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Pretty little DaisiesLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Put a bit of sunshine in each dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Put yourself on God's sideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Quickly pass it along, a word or a songLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Raise the blessed cross of JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Raise your temperance banners, let them float on highLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Rally, comrades, rally in a joyful bandLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Rally round the banner, that shows the blessed crossLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Rally round the blessed BibleLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Reach down a hand from your stronghold of loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Rejoice, ye children of a KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Resting in His love at His blessed feetLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Ring, bells of Christmas, clear and strongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Ring merry bells in a joyous chimeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Ring the bell of liberty, clear and strong, loud and longLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Ring the bells for Christmas dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Ringing through the sunlight clearLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Risen is our glorious KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Rock-a-bye birdie, up in your nestLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
Roses, fair roses areLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Safe in his keeping from day unto dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Sail little ships on the tossing wavesLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Sail on O soul though the wavesLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
Save our boys! save our boys! they are marching alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Saved, all my heart-love to lay at His feetLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Scatter loving words and deedsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Scatter the clouds, scatter the cloudsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Scattering sunbeams, scattering sunbeamsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
See the golden sunlight streamingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
See! the mercy gates are openLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Seek ye the heavenly kingdomLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Send a ray of light, just a ray of lightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Send out thy light, dear Father, I prayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Send the happy tidings flyingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Serve the Lord with gladness, wear a smiling faceLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Serve the Lord with willing heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Set them free, set them freeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Shall I stand all alone in the kingdom of GodLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
Shine around us, through life's shadowsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Shine through the darkness, Star of hope and lightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Shines the blessed sunlightLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Shining afar, bright little starLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Shining for Jesus all, all the dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Shining skiesLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Shout glad hallelujahs, O praise Him with songLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Shout! Shout for joy, and sing aloud with gladnessLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Shout, shout rejoicing, your glad praises voicingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Show me the path where I must treadLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Si en tu senda las nubes, agolparse vesLizzie DeArmond (Author)Spanish3
Sing again the blessed storyLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Sing away, sing away, happy little birds of SpringLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Sing, every heart, glad praiseLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Sing for Jesus, Jesus onlyLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Sing out in glad carols, be happy todayLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Sing out, sing out, And with a joyful heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Sing, sing, happy children, singLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Sing, sing with rejoicingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Sing the gospel message with a loving heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Sing the Lord's songLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Sing to the Lord throned in realms of gloryMrs. Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Sing unto God, praise his great and holy nameLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Singing for gladness this happy dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Singing glad HosannasLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Six days our Father gives to usLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Smile in God's name, though dark the skyLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Smiling, bravely smilingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
So many temptations around usLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
So tenderly his hand has led meLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Soldiers, rise, onward goLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Some bright little sunbeams came down from the skyLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Some day, when the rays of the glorious sunLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Some place is waiting for each of us hereLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Somebody cares when the way grows longLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Somebody needs the kind words you might speakLizzie DeArmond (Author)English8
Someone needs you to speakLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Something came in my roomLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Songs in the night time, glad chords full of loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Speak a kind word to others who pass along your wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Speak to me only of JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English9
Spread garments of praise now before HimLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Stand by your colors, let each deed and action showLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Stand by your colors, never falter, never fail Lizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Stand for the right, strong in his mightLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Stand for the right, strong in his might Loyal hearts with gladness forwardLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Stars for Jesus we can beLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Step aside and rest awhile On your pilgrim wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Step by step, every dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English10
Step by step I go upon life's journeyLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Step into line for battle, soldiers be brave and trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Step out into the sunshineLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Still on, O soul, though the waves dash highLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Stop for a while on your busy wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Strike your harps of goldLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Study your chart as you sail over life's seaLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
Summer in the meadows where the silvery streamlets flowLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Summer is hereLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Sunbeams, sunbeams, what do you doLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Sunday school comrades, to the war awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Sunlight gleaming throughLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Swell the chorus glad and sweetLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Swing the door of your heart open wideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English13
Swinging in the treetopsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Take a little time to talk with JesusLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Take me O my SaviorLizzie De Armond (Author)English4
Take my moments, blessed JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
Take the honey from the flowersLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
Tempted just as we are was our blessed LordLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Thank you, Lord, we softly sayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The Anti-saloon League is marching todayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The arms of Christ are never fullLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
The beautiful Palestine hillsidesLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The big round sun peeped in my roomLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
The birds are singing, thank youLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The birds in glad choraleLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The birds on their soft wingsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The city gates stood open wideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The day may be full of temptationLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The earth is waking upLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The fairest flag beneath the sunLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
The fir trees are wavingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The grandest word in the human tongueLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
The king of glory comes to earthLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The king of glory cometh, behold Him! behold HimLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The lights of home are gleamingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The little brook sings as it hurries alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
The little Lord Jesus cameLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The Lord is my Light, no fear shall I knowLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The Lord is thy Keeper, O sad heart be stillLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The love of Jesus fills my soul, So wonderfulLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The loving Christ now lives with meLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Thy mercy gates are open wideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English1
The merry bells are gaily ringingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
The merry little brookletsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The nail peirced hand's the only handLizzie DeArmond (Arranger)1
The night was dark, the storm was wildLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The pretty pink clover is bloomingLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
The Savior of sinners from glory came downLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
The shadows are fallingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The skies are aflame with a wonderful LightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The skies will grow lighter though dreary the dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
The stockings hang by the chimney wideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The summer skies are fair to seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The sun shows his round yellow face in the morningLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The sunlight is smiling on valleyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
The sunny hours are overLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The Syrian stars shone brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The violets lift up their headsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
The whole world is full of the glory of GodLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
The winds may blow and the rain may flowLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There are battles we all must fightLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
There are blessings hiddenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There are hearts to cheer as we pass alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There are lights hung out from the walls of heavenLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There are those around watching day by dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
There is a blessed home above, our longing eyes shall seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
There is a song that my glad heart keeps singingLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
There is joy in serving Jesus, Doing day by day His willLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There is one whose name is my joyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There is plenty of joy n this good worldLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There was light in the gilded parlorLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There'll be angels all around usLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's a beautiful city, it may be quite nearLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's a beautiful, deathless cityLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's a beautiful gate where we lingering waitLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's a beautiful land, where the bright angels dwellLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
There's a blessed book where I daily lookLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's a blessed invitation ringing out so full and freeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There’s a Book divine by our Father givenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a dear loving Savior who's seeking the lostLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a Friend that never fails meLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a gleam of sunshine in a word of loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
There's a gospel of good cheerLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
There's a grand old book from the heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
There's a happy land and brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)6
There's a heavenly raceLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a home of wondrous beautyLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
There's a house of many mansions, where each saint a king doth standLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
There's a joy forever in my heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a joyful word that I know is trueLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a land beyond the skies, Where the new song sweetly swellsLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
There's a land of delight where comethLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a land of peace where all troubles ceaseLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a light shining out through the darknessLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
There's a Promised land where our feet shall standMrs. Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's a queer little preacherLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a robin singing such a sweet refrainLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
There's a song in my heart I am singing alwayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English8
There's a song of joy, I sing it every dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English18
There's a sound of warfare over the whole wide worldLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
There's a straight road to heavenLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's a vision of angels, a stone rolled awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
There's a wonderful, beautiful storyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's a wonderful book that appeals to my heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)6
There's a wonderful city, the home of the blestLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's an open door of grace for the sin sick soulLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's joy within my heart todayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's light on my pathwayLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
There's some little cornerLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
There's wondrous joy and gladness in my soulLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
There's work that is waiting, O do not delayLizzie DeArmond (Author)6
They say that saloons will continue to thriveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
They sleep 'neath the sunshineLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
They're nodding in the meadow grassLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
This is the happy Children's DayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
This is the happy Sabbath dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
This is the King's commandLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
This morning when the birds awokeLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Tho' foolish fears your heart assail, along your pilgrim wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Though friends may deceive me and troubles draw nighLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
Though the road may be rough where He leads meLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Though weary and discouragedLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Those who seek me shall surely findLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though dark the clouds o'er my pathway fallLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though darkly the clouds may gather nearLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Though not a star above I seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though oft He leads me onward by a rough and stormy wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Though often discouraged, go on with a songLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though rugged my path on this earthLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though the clouds gather round usLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though the dark clouds rise on the sunny skiesLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Though the dark shadows falling gather aroundLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though the hosts of sin oppose, where the King Eternal goesLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
Though the path of life seems hard and longLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though the shadows gather round usLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though the skies look dark and the shadows fallLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Though troubles and trials our footsteps attendLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Though weary seems the way and longLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Three colors has the nation's flagLizzie DeArmond (Author)English11
Through the bright heavens the shining ones sangLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Through the darkest night shines the light of dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Through the heat of the day as I toil on my wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Thy kingdom come, we everLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling, listenLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinkleLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
'Tis a great religion that our fathers knewLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
'Tis a wonderful, wonderful JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
'Tis sunshine, 'tis sunshine that makes the world so brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
'Tis the time for working, do not idly dreamLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
'Tis wonderful how the Lord, of allLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
To arms, to arms, ye loyal onesLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
To the conflict now awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Trim your lamp, keep it burning with the oil of loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Try to be as good as goldLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
துன்புற்றோர்க்கு ஆசீர் வரும் பொழுது (Tuṉpuṟṟōrkku ācīr varum poḻutu)Lizzie De Armond (Author)Tamil2
'Twas just his love that made me seeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Twine him a garland of flowersLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Twinkle, little starsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Twinkle, twinkle, shining starsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Twinkle, twinkle starLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Two little crocus bulbsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Two useful little friends have ILizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Under love's bright banner marchingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Under the stately arches greenLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Vindo sombras escuras nos caminhos teusLizzie DeArmond (Author)Portuguese2
Wait not for tomorrow'sLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Wait on the Lord, more than watchers for the morningLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Wait on the Lord, O soul be stillLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Wake, for the dawn is breakingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Wake, little birds, awakeLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Wake the echoes sweetly singingLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
Watchers called to work for Jesus, gird your souls and haste awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Watchers on the towers of ZionLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Watching for father, the light's growing dimLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Wave a greeting now so gayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Wave new glory, conquering flag of loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Wave your Easter bannersLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We are lambs of Jesus, In his pastures fairLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
We are little soldiers only starting outLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We are not too young to beLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We are on the Lord's side, soldiers true and braveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We are one in ChristLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We are only little pilgrimsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We are workers for the blessed Lord we loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We can all be sunbeams just right hereLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We can carry one day's little burdenLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
We can hide ourselves in the rock of GodLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We can make a little musicLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We come, we come, like the hosts of old to triumph over sinLizzie DeArmond (Author)English18
We come, we come, we merrily comeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
"We for Christ" with joy we singLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We have a book of priceless worthLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
We march along in a happy bandLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
We march, we march with the Lord our KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We must fight the giants, large, and tall and strongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We must win them one by one as the Master did of oldLizzie DeArmond (Author)English26
We owe our fellow mortals a debt we never can payLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
We sail along in our little boatsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English15
We sail along toward the harbor lightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English16
We shall meet beyond the river, for his word has toldLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We shall meet beyond the river, We shall gather there some day (Armond)Lizzie De Armond (Author)English2
We shall walk life's thorny waysLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We will follow in His footstepsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We will follow on where the CaptainLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We will guard the BibleLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We will journey home to GodLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
We would be little sunbeams brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
We would see Jesus, the babeLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
We would seek the KingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We would serve the Lord each dayLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Welcome sunbeams pure and brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We'll follow where Jesus leadethLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We'll give our very bestLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We're a band of sunbeamsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
We're fighting for a noble causeLizzie DeArmond (Author)4
We're on our honorLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
We're the rainy day brigadeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English6
We're the rising generationLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
What child do childen loveLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
What do the dear little flowers sayLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
What fruit have you gathered for JesusLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
What makes the birds on bush and treeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
What shall I bring to the SaviorLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
What shall we give to Jesus (DeArmond)Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
What though the billows around me rollLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
What though the days seem weary and longLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
What though the earth is white with snowLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
What though the shadows gather around meLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
What though the waves of temptation are rollingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Whatever is beautiful in lifeLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When asked to do what is not rightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When comes to the weary a blessed releaseLizzie DeArmond (Author)English51
When dark the way instead of brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When dawneth the last great dayLizzie De Armond (Author)3
When faint and weary by the wayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When heavy seems the cross I bearLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When I come to the end of the long, long roadLizzie DeArmond (Author)English22
When I lie down to sleep at nightLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When I longed for a touchLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When Jesus is living within my heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When morning's gold doth shineLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
When mourning oft your sense [load] of guiltLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
When my heart grows weary and the road seems longLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When our fears o'ertake usLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When redemption's glad morn through the earth shadows breakLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When sailing on life's ocean temptations wavesLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When storm winds are sweeping, and dark shadows fallLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
When, tempted oft to turn asideLizzie DeArmond (Author)3
When tempted to wander away from the LordLizzie DeArmond (Author)English7
When the Book is opened on that last great dayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English7
When the call rings out through theLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When the call to service sounds haste with joy to do His willLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
When the days are dark and dreary, When my way winds up the hillLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When the eventide comes and I sail far awayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When the everlasting morning on this weary earth shall dawnLizzie DeArmond (Author)English5
When the heart's sad with its burden of careLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When the journey grows wearyLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When the joy of the morning leaves usLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When the life burdens seem hard to bearLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When the night of death is over and the fadeless morn appearsLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When the shadows fall like a gloomy wallLizzie DeArmond (Author)5
When the skies are grey and the shadows fallLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When the skies look dark and drearLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When the summer flowers sleepLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When the sunbeams bright are hidingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When the way grows rough for my weary feetLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
When this life here is ended and the dark cloudsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When through life's strange windings your pathway shall lieLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
When through the dark shadows my pathway may lieLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When to the earth the shadowsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When trials and troubles round me pressLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When we cross the ferry to the other sideLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
When we suffer pain and lossLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
When wrong thoughts come we'll drive them outLizzie DeArmond (Author)English4
When you are weary at heart and distressedLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
When you feel discouraged with your loadLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
When your heart grows weary with the load you bearLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Where songs of the blest forever ringLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Where the glory songs are swellingLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Where the sparkling waters flowLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
While along your way you goLizzie De Armond (Author)English2
While hosts celestial sing Thy worthy praiseLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
While the evening shadows fallLizzie DeArmond (Author)1
Whispering winds softly sighing, daylight dyingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Why bear your heavy burdens alone from day to day?Lizzie De Armond (Author)English2
Why not today obey his wordLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Why should I grow weary and sigh in my heartLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Why should we fret when things go wrong?Lizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Will you go with me to the promised landLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Will you go with me where His precious bloodLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
With a happy song I will haste alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
With banner and song, we march alongLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
With bright colors flying, on Jesus relyingLizzie De Armond (Author)English3
With flaming banners gleaming brightLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
With loyal hearts and brave we liftLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
With merry hearts and gayLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
With merry notes of songLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
With my Lord to lead and guideLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
With the Lord on our sideLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Within a manger peaceful liesLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Wonderful love has the Christ for youLizzie DeArmond (Author)English2
Wonderful love of a wonderful SaviorLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Word of the Father O light from on highLizzie DeArmond (Author)English21
Worship the King in His beauty, bow at his feet and adoreLizzie DeArmond (Author)English15
Would you have riches that never decayLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
Would you have the joybells chimingLizzie DeArmond (Author)English3
Would you hear the glad birdsLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
You can set my name down for my blessed LordLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
You're pledged to a service that never will endLizzie DeArmond (Author)2
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