Text:Si vere utique
Alterer:J. H.

30c. Si vere utique

1 Ye Rulers that are put in trust,
to judge of wrong and right:
Be all your judgements true and just,
not knowing meed or might.
2 Nay in your hearts ye mark and muse
in mischiefe to consent:
And where ye should true justice use,
Your hands to bribes are bent.

3 The wicked sort from their birth-day
have erred on this wise:
And from their mothers wombe alway
have used craft and lies.
4 In them the poyson and the breath
of Serpents do appeare;
Yea, like the Adder that is deafe,
and fast doth stop her eare.

5 Because she will not heare the voice
of one that charmeth well:
No though he were the chief of choice,
and therein did excell.
6 O God break thou the teeth at once
within their mouthes throughout:
The Tusks that in their great jaw-bones
like Lions whelps hang out.

7 Let them consume away and wast,
as water runs forth right:
The shafts that they do shoot in hast,
let them be broke in flight.
8 As snailes do wast within the shell,
and unto slime do run:
As one before his time that fell,
and never saw the Sun.

9 Before the thornes that now are young,
to bushes big shall grow:
Thy stormes of anger waxing strong,
shall take them ere they know.
10 The just shall joy, it doth them good,
that God doth vengeance take:
And they shall wash their feet in bloud
of them that him forsake.

11 Then shall the world shew forth & tell,
that good men have reward:
And that a God on earth doth dwell,
that justice doth regard.

Text Information
First Line: Ye Rulers that are put in trust
Title: Si vere utique
Alterer: J. H.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this as Psalm 48
Tune Information
(No tune information)

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