Text:Miserere mei
Author:J. H.

30b. Miserere mei

1 Take pitie for thy promise sake,
have mercy Lord, on me:
For why? my soule doth her betake
unto the help of thee.
2 Within the shadow of thy wings
I set my selef full fast:
Till mischiefe, malice, and like things
be gone and over-past.

3 I call upon the God most high,
to whom I stick and stand:
I meane the God that will stand by
the cause I have in hand.
4 For he from heav'n hath sent his aid,
to save me from their spight,
That to devoure me have assaied,
his mercy, truth, and might.

5 I lead my life with Lions fell,
all set on wrath and ire:
And with such wicked men I dwell,
who fret like flames of fire.
6 Their teeth are speares & arrowes long,
as sharp as I have seen:
They wound and cut with their quick tongue,
like swords and weapons keen.

7 Set up and shew thy selfe O God,
above the heavens bright:
Exalt thy praise on earth abroad,
thy Majesty and might.
8 They had their net, and did prepare
a privy cave and pit:
Wherein they think my soule to snare,
but they are fallne in it.

9 My heart is set to laud the Lord,
in him to joy alwaies:
My heart I say doth well accord
to sing his laud and praise.
10 Awake my joy, awake I say,
my Lute, my Harp, and string:
For I my selfe before the day,
will rise, rejoyce, and sing.

11 Among the people I will tell
the goodnesse of my God,
And shew his praise that doth excell
in heathen lands abroad.
12 His mercy doth extend as farre
as heavens all are high:
His truth as high as any starre
that shineth in the skie.

13 Set forth and shew thy selfe O God,
above the heavens bright:
Exalt thy praise on each abroad,
thy Majesty and might.

Text Information
First Line: Take pitie for thy promise sake
Title: Miserere mei
Author: J. H.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this to Psalm 44
Tune Information
(No tune information)

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