31. Eripe me

1 Send aid and save me from my foes,
O Lord, I pray to thee:
Defend and keep me from all those,
that rise and strive with me.
2 O Lord preserve me from those men
Whose doings are not good:
And set me sure and safe from them
that thirst still after bloud.

3 For lo they wait my soule to take,
they rage against me still:
Yea for no fault that I did make,
I never did them ill.
4 They run and do themselves prepare,
when I no whit offend:
Arise and save me from their snare,
and see what they intend.

5 O Lord of hosts of Israel,
arise and strike all lands:
And pitie none that do rebell,
and in their mischiefs stands.
6 At night they stir and seek about,
as hounds they houle and grin:
And all the City cleane throughout
from place to place they run.

7 They speak of me with mouth alway,
but in their lips are swords:
They greed my death, & then would say,
what? none doth heare our words.
8 But Lord, thou hast their waies espide,
and laught thereat apace:
The heathen folk thou dost deride,
and mock them to their face.

9 The strength that doth our foes withstand,
O Lord doth come from thee:
My God he is my help at hand,
a fort and fence to mee.
10 The Lord to me doth shew his grace,
in great abundance still:
That I may see my foes in case
such as my heart doth will.

The second Part:

11 Destroy them not at once O Lord,
lest it from mind do fall:
But with thy strength drive them abroad
and so consume them all.
12 For their ill words & truthlesse tongue
confound them in their pride:
Their wicked oaths with lies and wrong
let all the world deride.

13 Consume them in thy wrath O Lord,
that nought of them remaine;
That men may know throughout ye world
that Jacobs God doth raigne.
14 At evening they run apace,
as dogs they grin and crie:
Throughout the streets in every place
they run about and spie.

15 They seek about for meat I say,
but let them not be fed:
Nor find a house wherein they may
be bold to put their head.
16 But I will shew thy strength abroad,
thy goodnesse I will praise;
For thou art my defence and God
at need in all assaies.

17 Thou art my strength, thou hast me staid,
O Lord I sing to thee:
Thou art my fort, my fence and aid,
a loving God to me.

Text Information
First Line: Send aid and save me from my foes
Title: Eripe me
Author: J. H.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Tune Information
Name: [Send aid and save me from my foes]
Key: g minor

MIDI file: Midi

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