The Whole Booke of Psalmes: collected into English meeter

Editor: Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins
Publisher: Printed by G. M. for the Companie of Stationers, London, 1640
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page. There are hymns before page 1 (F) that are numbered consecutively by the Hymnary editor.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
F1Come Holy Ghost eternall God[Come Holy Ghost eternal God]TextPage ScanAudio
F2O Lord on whom I do depend[O Lord on whom I do depend]TextPage ScanAudio
F3O come and let us now rejoyceTextPage Scan
F4We praise thee God, we knowledge thee[We praise thee God, we knowledge thee]TextPage ScanAudio
F5O all ye works of God the Lord[O all ye works of God the Lord]TextPage ScanAudio
F6The onely Lord of Israel[The only Lord of Israel]TextPage ScanAudio
F7My soule doth magnifie the Lord[My soul doth magnify the Lord] TextPage ScanAudio
F8O Lord because my hearts desire[O Lord because my hearts desire]TextPage ScanAudio
F9What man soever he be that[What man soever he be that]TextPage ScanAudio
F10O Lord turn not away thy face[O Lord turn not away thy face]TextPage ScanAudio
F11Our Father which in Heaven art[Our Father which in Heaven art]TextPage ScanAudio
F12Hark Israel and what I say[Hark Israel what I say]TextPage ScanAudio
F13Where righteousness doth say[Where righteousness doth say]TextPage ScanAudio
1aThe man is blest that hath not bent[The man is blest that hath not bent]TextPage ScanAudio
1bWhy did the Gentiles tumults raise?TextPage Scan
1cO Lord how are my foes increast[O Lord how many are my foes increased]TextPage ScanAudio
2aO God that art my righteousnesseTextPage Scan
2bIncline thine eares unto my wordsTextPage Scan
2cLord in thy wrath reprove me notTextPage Scan
3aO Lord my God I put my trustTextPage Scan
3bO God our Lord how wonderfulTextPage Scan
4aWith heart & mouth unto the LordTextPage Scan
4bWhat is the cuase that thou O LordTextPage Scan
5aI trust in God, how dare ye thenTextPage Scan
5bHelp Lord for good and godly menTextPage Scan
5cHow long wilt thou forget me Lord?TextPage Scan
5dThere is no God as foolish menTextPage Scan
6aO Lord within thy TabernacleTextPage Scan
6bLord keep me for I trust in theeTextPage Scan
6cO Lord give eare to my just causeTextPage Scan
7O God my strength and fortitude[O God my strength and fortitude]TextPage ScanAudio
9aThe heavens and the firmamentTextPage Scan
9bIn trouble and adversityTextPage Scan
9cO Lord how joyfull is the KingTextPage Scan
10O God my God, wherefore dost thouTextPage Scan
11aThe Lord is onely my supportTextPage Scan
11bMy shepherd is the living LordTextPage Scan
11cThe earth is all the Lords, with allTextPage Scan
11dI lift my heart to theeTextPage Scan
12aLord be my Judge and thou shalt seeTextPage Scan
12bThe Lord is both my health & lightTextPage Scan
13aThou art (O Lord) my strength and stayTextPage Scan
13bGive to the Lord ye PotentatesTextPage Scan
13cAll laud and praise with heart and voice[All laud and praise with heart and voice]TextPage ScanAudio
14O Lord I put my trust in theeTextPage Scan
15aThe man is blest whose wickednesseTextPage Scan
15bYe righteous in the Lord rejoyceTextPage Scan
16aI will give laud and honour bothTextPage Scan
16bLord plead my cause against my foesTextPage Scan
17The wicked with his works unjustTextPage Scan
18Grudge not to see the wicked menTextPage Scan
19aPut me not to rebuke O LordTextPage Scan
19bI said I will look to my waiesTextPage Scan
20I waited long and sought the LordTextPage Scan
21aThe man is blest that carefull isTextPage Scan
21bLike as the Hart doth breath & brayTextPage Scan
22aIudge and revenge my cause O LordTextPage Scan
22bOur eares have heard our fathers tell[Our ears have heard our fathers tell]TextScorePage ScanAudio
23aMy heart doth take in handTextPage Scan
23bThe Lord is our defence and aidTextPage Scan
24aYe people all with one accordTextPage Scan
24bGreat is the Lord, & with great praiseTextPage Scan
24cAll people hearken and give earTextPage Scan
25The mighty God[The mighty God]TextPage ScanAudio
26The God of gods, the LordTextPage Scan
27aO Lord consider my distress[O Lord consider my distress]TextPage ScanAudio
27bHave mercy on me Lord afterTextPage Scan
28aWhy dost thou tyrant boast abroadTextPage Scan
28bThe foolish man is that which heTextPage Scan
29aGod save me for thy holy NameTextPage Scan
29bO God give eare and do applyTextPage Scan
30aHave mercy Lord on me I prayTextPage Scan
30bTake pitie for thy promise sakeTextPage Scan
30cYe Rulers that are put in trustTextPage Scan
31Send aid and save me from my foes[Send aid and save me from my foes]TextPage ScanAudio
32aO Lord thou didst us cleane forsakeTextPage Scan
32bRegard O Lord, for I complaineTextPage Scan
32cMy soul to God shall give good heedTextPage Scan
33aO God my God I watch betimeTextPage Scan
33bO Lord unto my voice give eareTextPage Scan
33cThy praise alone O Lord doth raigneTextPage Scan
34aYe men on earth in God rejoyceTextPage Scan
34bHave mercy on us LordTextPage Scan
35Let God arise and then his foes[Let God arise and then his foes]TextPage ScanAudio
36Save me O God, and that with speed[Save me, O God, and that with speed]TextPage ScanAudio
37O God to me take heedTextPage Scan
38aMy Lord my God is all distresseTextPage Scan
38bLord give thy judgements to the King[Lord, give thy judgements to the king]TextPage ScanAudio
39How ever it be yet God is goodTextPage Scan
40Why art thou (Lord) so long from usTextPage Scan
41aUnto thee (God) will we give thanksTextPage Scan
41bTo all that now in Jewry dwellTextPage Scan
41cI with my voice to God do crie[I with my voice to God do cry]TextPage ScanAudio
42Attend my people to my law[Attend my people to my law]TextPage ScanAudio
44O God the Gentiles do invadeTextPage Scan
45aThou herd that Israel dost keepTextPage Scan
45bBe light and glad, in God rejoyce[Be light and glad, in God rejoyce]TextPage ScanAudio
46Amid the presse with men of mightTextPage Scan
47aDo not (O God) refraine thy tongueTextPage Scan
47bHow pleasant is thy dwelling place!TextPage Scan

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