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Oh, The Joy I Feel

Author: M. F. Noble Hymnal: CYBER #14392 Meter: D First Line: I will sing all day of the Savior’s love Refrain First Line: Oh, the joy I feel, as I humbly kneel Lyrics: 1 I will sing all day of the Savior’s love, That once brought Him down from His home above; All my sins He pardoned and set me free; Soon He’ll take me home with Himself to be. Refrain: Oh, the joy I feel, as I humbly kneel, At the Savior’s feet, in communion sweet! He has cleansed my soul from its guilt and sin; Glory be to God! there is peace within. 2 Oh, the day will come when we all shall stand, At the throne of God as a blood-washed band; What a bliss ’twill be our dear Lord to see, And to sing His praise thro’ eternity. [Refrain] 3 Will you come, dear friend? Give the Lord your heart, Ere His Spirit grieved from your soul depart; There are crowns in glory awaiting those Who in Christ the Savior their trust repose. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: EMANCIPATION OAK

പേടിക്ക വേണ്ടാ ദൈവം കാണുന്നു

Author: Fanny Crosby; Simon Zachariah Hymnal: CYBER #14843 Meter: D Refrain First Line: കര്‍ത്തന്‍ കാത്തീടും നിന്നെ എന്നെന്നും Lyrics: 1 പേടിക്ക വേണ്ടാ ദൈവം കാണുന്നു ഏതവസ്ഥയിലും താന്‍ കാക്കുന്നു. തന്‍ സ്വന്തം മക്കളെ താന്‍ അന്‍പോടെ ഒരിക്കലും വിടില്ലലഞ്ഞീടാന്‍. പല്ലവി: കര്‍ത്തന്‍ കാത്തീടും നിന്നെ എന്നെന്നും എത്ര നല്‍ മിത്രമവന്‍, താതനും കര്‍ത്തന്‍ താന്‍ കേള്‍ക്കും നിന്റെ യാചന കാത്തീടും നിന്നെയോ ആശ്രയിക്ക 2 കാത്തു സൂക്ഷിക്കും ദൈവം രാപകല്‍ കാല്‍ വഴുതാതെ വഴി കാട്ടിയായ്‌ നല്ലിടയനാമാവന്‍ മേച്ചിടും തോട്ടിലെ തണ്ണീരാല്‍ ദാഹം മാറ്റും [പല്ലവി] 3 ജീവപര്യന്തം കര്‍ത്തന്‍ കാക്കുമേ ആരും തരാത്ത നന്മ നല്‍കി താന്‍ ‍. നാലാം യാമത്തിലും താന്‍ വന്നെത്തും ക്ഷേമമായ് ചേര്‍ക്കുമേ സ്വര്‍ഗ്ഗ രാജ്യേ. [പല്ലവി] Languages: Malayalam Tune Title: BERMUDA

Search The Scriptures

Author: Harriet Livermore, 1788-1868 Hymnal: CYBER #16163 Meter: D First Line: Yea, Holy Jesus! in the sac­red page Lyrics: 1 Yea, Holy Jesus! in the sac­red page Thy tes­ti­mo­ny rings from age to age: Of thee did Mos­es write and pro­phets sing, Their glo­ri­ous an­ti­type, their hea­ven­ly king. Thy ad­vent first to suf­fer, love and die, Thy re­sur­rect­ion and as­cent on high, Thy me­di­at­or­ship at God’s right hand, Thy se­cond com­ing to the ho­ly land. 2 Ye Gen­tile peo­ple! hast­en to ob­ey Thy Sav­ior’s Word, and search it day by day, Praying that scales and beams may leave your eyes, That ye may see by faith, by faith ye may rise On ea­gle’s wings to hail th’ap­proach­ing hour When Christ shall come—in ma­jes­ty and pow­er; His pre­sence shames the sun, con­founds the moon, While round His brow there shines eter­nal noon! Languages: English Tune Title: CONFIDENCE

Songs Of Rejoicing

Author: Julia H. Johnston Hymnal: CYBER #15982 Meter: D First Line: Songs of rejoicing now fall on our ears Refrain First Line: Listen, O listen, and hear the glad song Lyrics: 1 Songs of rejoicing now fall on our ears, Cheering our spirits and soothing our fears; Hark! the new voices, in tuneful accord, Sound the high praises of Jesus, our Lord. Refrain: Listen, O listen, and hear the glad song Nations and kingdoms are wafting along; Praise in the highest with rapture they sing, Glory, all glory to Jesus, our king. 2 Lo! the sad silence is broken at last, Bright is the dawning, the darkness is past; Songs of redemption ring out on the air, Jesus has conquered, His glory declare. [Refrain] 3 Heralds of Jesus have gone to proclaim Tidings of gladness and peace through His name; Multitudes waiting for light from above Hail the sweet message of light and of love. [Refrain] 4 Spread the good tidings, for all have not heard— Prisoners of darkness await the glad word; Voices now silent shall tunefully sing Loud hallelujahs to Jesus our king. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: VUHLEDAR

As Jonah, Issuing from His Three Days' Tomb

Author: Cosmas the Melodist; John M. Neale Hymnal: CYBER #75 Meter: Lyrics: 1. As Jonah, issuing from his three days’ tomb, At length was cast, uninjured, on the earth; So, from the virgin’s unpolluted womb Th’incarnate Word, that dwelt there, had His birth: For He, who knew no taint of mortal stain, Willed that His mother spotless should remain. 2. Christ comes, incarnate God, amongst us now, Begotten of the Father ere the day: And He, to whom the sinless legions bow, Lies cradled, ’midst unconscious beasts on hay: And, by His homely swaddling-bands girt in, Looses the many fetters of our sin. 3. Now the new Child of Adam’s race draws nigh, To us, the faithful, giv’n: This, this is He That shall the Father of eternity, The Angel of the Mighty Counsel, be: This the eternal God, by whose strong hands The fabric of the world supported stands. Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

And Now, O Father, Mindful of the Love

Author: William Bright Hymnal: CYBER #174 Meter: Lyrics: 1. And now, O Father, mindful of the love That bought us, once for all, on Calvary’s tree, And having with us Him that pleads above, We here present, we here spread forth to Thee, That only offering perfect in Thine eyes, The one true, pure, immortal sacrifice. 2. Look, Father, look on His anointed face, And only look on us as found in Him; Look not on our misusings of Thy grace, Our prayer so languid, and our faith so dim; For lo! between our sins and their reward, We set the passion of Thy Son our Lord. 3. And then for those, our dearest and our best, By this prevailing presence we appeal; O fold them closer to Thy mercy’s breast! O do Thine utmost for their souls’ true weal! From tainting mischief keep them white and clear, And crown Thy gifts with strength to persevere. 4. And so we come; O draw us to Thy feet, Most patient Savior, who canst love us still! And by this food, so awful and so sweet, Deliver us from every touch of ill: In Thine own service make us glad and free, And grant us nevermore to part with Thee. Languages: English Tune Title: UNDE ET MEMORES

Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn

Author: John Byrom Hymnal: CYBER #759 Meter: Lyrics: 1. Christians, awake, salute the happy morn Whereon the Savior of the world was born. Rise to adore the mystery of love Which hosts of angels chanted from above, With them the joyful tidings first begun Of God incarnate and the virgin’s son. 2. Then to the watchful shepherds it was told, Who heard th’angelic herald’s voice, Behold, I bring good tidings of a Savior’s birth To you and all the nations of the earth; This day hath God fulfilled His promised Word; This day is born a Savior, Christ the Lord. 3. He spoke; and straightaway the celestial choir In hymns of joy, unknown before, conspire; The praises of redeeming love they sang, And Heav’n’s whole orb with alleluias rang. God’s highest glory was their anthem still, Peace on the earth and unto men good will. 4. To Bethl’hem straight th’enlightened shepherds ran To see the wonder God had wrought for man And found, with Joseph and the blessèd maid, Her son, the Savior, in a manger laid; Then to their flocks, still praising God, return, And their glad hearts with holy rapture burn. 5. Like Mary let us ponder in our mind God’s wondrous love in saving lost mankind! Trace we the babe, who hath retrieved our loss, From His poor manger to His bitter cross, Tread in His steps, assisted by His grace, Till man’s first heav’nly state again takes place. 6. Then may we hope, th’angelic hosts among, To sing, redeemed, a glad triumphal song. He that was born upon this joyful day Around us all His glory shall display. Saved by His love, incessantly we sing Eternal praise to Heav’n’s almighty king. Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

The Day Is Gently Sinking to a Close

Author: Christopher Wordsworth Hymnal: CYBER #1169 Meter: Lyrics: 1. The day is gently sinking to a close, Fainter and yet more faint the sunlight glows: O brightness of Thy Father’s glory, Thou eternal light of light, be with us now: Where Thou art present darkness cannot be; Midnight is glorious noon, O Lord, with Thee. 2. Our changeful lives are ebbing to an end; Onward to darkness and to death we tend; O conqueror of the grave, be Thou our guide; Be Thou our light in death’s dark eventide; Then in our mortal hour will be no gloom, No sting in death, no terror in the tomb. 3. Thou, who in darkness walking didst appear Upon the waves, and Thy disciples cheer, Come, Lord, in lonesome days, when storms assail, And earthly hopes and human succors fail; When all is dark, may we behold Thee nigh, And hear Thy voice, Fear not, for it is I. 4. The weary world is moldering to decay, Its glories wane, its pageants fade away: In that last sunset, when the stars shall fall, May we arise, awakened by Thy call, With Thee, O Lord, forever to abide, In that blest day which has no eventide. Languages: English Tune Title: NACHTLIED

Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round

Author: John W. Chadwick Hymnal: CYBER #1366 Meter: Lyrics: 1. Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round Of circling planets singing on their way, Guide of the nations from the night profound Into the glory of the perfect day, Rule in our hearts, that we may ever be Guided and strengthened and upheld by Thee. 2. We are of Thee, the children of Thy love, The brothers of Thy well belovèd Son; Descend, O Holy Spirit, like a dove Into our hearts, that we may be as one; As one with Thee, to whom we ever tend; As one with Him our brother and our friend. 3. We would be one in hatred of all wrong, One in our love of all things sweet and fair; One with the joy that breaketh into song, One with the grief that trembleth into prayer, One in the power that makes Thy children free To follow truth, and thus to follow Thee. 4. O clothe us with Thy heavenly armor, Lord, Thy trusty shield, Thy sword of love divine; Our inspiration be Thy constant Word; We ask no victories that are not Thine; Give or withhold, let pain or pleasure be, Enough to know that we are serving Thee. Languages: English Tune Title: SONG 1 (Gibbons)

The God of Glory Sends His Summons Forth

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: CYBER #1886 Meter: Lyrics: 1. The God of glory sends His summons forth, To nations south and then awakes the north; From east to west the sovereign orders spread, Through distant worlds and regions of the dead: No more shall atheists mock His long delay; His vengeance sleeps no more: behold the day! 2. Behold, the Judge descends, His guards are nigh; Tempest and fire attend Him down the sky: Heav’n, earth, and hell, draw near; let all things come To hear My justice, and the sinner’s doom: But gather first My saints, the Judge commands, “Bring them, ye angels, from their distant lands. 3. “Behold, My covenant stands for ever good, Sealed by th’eternal Sacrifice in blood, And signed with all their names; the Greek, the Jew, That paid the ancient worship or the new. There’s no distinction here; join all your voices, And raise your heads, ye saints, for Heav’n rejoices. 4. Here, saith the Lord, ye angels, spread their thrones, And near me seat My favorites and My sons: Come, My redeemed, possess the joys prepared Ere time began; ’tis your divine reward. When Christ returns, wake every cheerful passion; And shout, ye saints, He comes for your salvation. 5. “I am the Savior, I th’Almighty God, I am their Judge: ye heav’ns, proclaim abroad My just eternal sentence, and declare Those awful truths that sinners dread to hear: When God appears, all nature shall adore Him; While sinners tremble, saints rejoice before Him. 6. Stand forth, thou bold blasphemer, and profane, Now feel My wrath, nor call My threat’nings vain; Thou hypocrite, once dressed in saints’ attire, I doom the painted hypocrite to fire. Judgment proceeds; hell trembles; Heav’n rejoices; Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerful voices. 7. Not for the want of goats or bullocks slain Do I condemn thee; bulls and goats are vain Without the flame of love; in vain the store Of brutal offerings that were Mine before. Earth is the Lord’s, all nature shall adore Him; While sinners, tremble, saints rejoice before Him; 8. If I were hungry, would I ask thee food? When did I thirst, or drink thy bullocks’ blood? Mine are the tamer beasts and savage breed, Flocks, herds, and fields and forests where they feed. All is the Lord’s, He rules the wide creation; Gives sinners vengeance, and the saints salvation. 9. Can I be flattered with thy cringing bows, Thy solemn chatterings and fantastic vows? Are My eyes charmed thy vestments to behold, Glaring in gems, and gay in woven gold? God is the judge of hearts, no fair disguises Can screen the guilty when His vengeance rises. 10. Unthinking wretch! how couldst thou hope to please A God, a Spirit, with such toys as these, While, with My grace and statutes on thy tongue, Thou lov’st deceit, and dost thy brother wrong? Judgment proceeds; hell trembles; Heav’n rejoices; Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerful voices. 11. In vain to pious forms thy zeal pretends; Thieves and adulterers are thy chosen friends. While the false flatterer at My altar waits, His hardened soul divine instruction hates. God is the judge of hearts, no fair disguises Can screen the guilty when His vengeance rises. 12. Silent I waited with long-suffering love, But didst thou hope that I should ne’er reprove? And cherish such an impious thought within, That the All-Holy would indulge thy sin?; See, God appears; all nature joins t’adore Him: Judgment proceeds, and sinners fall before Him. 13. Behold My terrors now: My thunders roll, And thy own crimes affright thy guilty soul; Now like a lion shall My vengeance tear Thy bleeding heart, and no deliverer near. Judgment concludes; hell trembles; Heav’n rejoices: Lift up your heads, ye saints, with cheerful voices. 14. Sinners, awake betimes; ye fools, be wise; Awake before this dreadful morning rise; Change your vain thoughts, your crooked works amend, Fly to the Savior, make the Judge your friend; Then join the saints, wake every cheerful passion; When Christ returns, He comes for your salvation. Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE


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