Salathiel Cleaver Kirk

Short Name: Salathiel Cleaver Kirk
Full Name: Kirk, Salathiel Cleaver, 1847-1917
Birth Year (est.): 1847
Death Year (est.): 1917

Born: Circa 1847, Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Died: Circa 1917, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kirk’s works include:
Musings Along the Way

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إن عشت في الدنيا فقيرSalathiel Cleaver Kirk (Author)Arabic1
“要將最好獻上!”聽主呼聲 (“Yào jiāng zuì hǎo xiàn shàng!” Tīng zhǔ hūshēng)S. C. Kirk (Author)Chinese2
A band of happy children, we come to you todayS. C. Kirk (Author)English2
A band of temperance boys are weS. C. Kirk (Author)English2
A little seed at random castS. C. Kirk (Author)2
A little seed one evening fellS. C. Kirk (Author)2
A little stream in the EastS. C. Kirk (Author)2
All alone, O yes, to the outward eyeS. C. Kirk (Author)2
An acorn hung upon a treeS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Around the walls of JerichoS. C. Kirk (Author)3
As we gather today in our bright Sabbath homeS. C. Kirk (Author)English2
Beautiful flowers in bright arrayS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Breezes soft and balmyS. C. Kirk (Author)3
Brighter than the stars aboveS. C. Kirk (Author)2
By the lip, the leaf, the penSalathial C. Kirk (Author)English2
By Thy favor, Lord, we gatherSalathial Cleaver Kirk (Author)English2
Call the roll for work, 'tis the Master speaks!S. C. Kirk (Author)English3
Can we see the flowers growS. C. Kirk (Author)English4
Chase the ugly frown awayS. C. Kirk (Author)3
Clover white and clover redS. C. Kirk (Author)4
Death's kingdom is vanquishedS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Do you know the mighty armyS. C. Kirk (Author)English2
Down came the King from palace of whiteSalathial C. Kirk (Author)Latin2
Every little step I take, God above is watching meS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Falling, falling, softly falling, Little snowflakes, all aroundS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Field of daisies, white as snowS. C. Kirk (Author)2
From earth to skyS. C. Kirk (Author)2
God made this world a placeS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Hallelujah to the Lord, O his holy nameS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Happy, happy morningS. C. Kirk (Author)2
He left a royal throneS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Hear the rippling, joyous strainsS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Hear ye the Master's call, "Give me thy best"S. C. Kirk (Author)English66
Hearken, hearken, happy greetingS. C. Kirk (Author)2
How the little clover growsS. C. Kirk (Author)2
I am glad that so wellS. C. Kirk (Author)2
If we could array them, how many are theyS. C. Kirk (Author)2
I'm drinking at the gospel wellsS. C. Kirk (Author)3
I'm looking beyond to the city of lightS. C. Kirk (Author)5
In land or store I may be poorS. C. Kirk (Author)English10
Ipañgagmot' ayab ni MannubbotSalathiel Cleaver Kirk (Author)Tagalog2
King Jesus' banner hoist todayS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Living with Jesus walking with HimS. C. Kirk (Author)English3
No days like the days of happy youthS. C. Kirk (Author)English3
O hear the call, the royal callS. C. Kirk (Author)2
O how sweet the morning airS. C. Kirk (Author)2
O Thou Lamb of CalvarySalathial Cleaver Kirk (Author)3
O we never, never wearyS. C. Kirk (Author)2
O what a happy chorusS. C. Kirk (Author)English2
O would I think my blessings overS. C. Kirk (Author)English4
O ye heralds, take good courageS. C. Kirk (Author)2
O the beautiful flag of our landS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Over the soul in the tempest of lifeS. C. Kirk (Author)English3
"She hath done what she could," said the Master, "for me"S. C. Kirk (Author)English2
So strange it seemed and wondrousS. C. Kirk (Author)5
Sunbeams, sunbeams shining all the dayS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Sweet are the flowers, but sweeter the loveS. C. Kirk (Author)2
Ten thousand bright celestial lightsS. C. Kirk (Author)3
The cause of Christ is marching nowS. C. Kirk (Author)2
The Christmas star is beamingS. C. Kirk (Author)2
The clouds will hide the brightestS. C. Kirk (Author)2
The little bird where'er it restsS. C. Kirk (Author)3
The long roll call is soundingS. C. Kirk (Author)English4
The Lord hath declared and the Lord will performS. C. Kirk (Author)12
The Master is calling in some way to allS. C. Kirk (Author)2
The poet sings a mournful songSalathial C. Kirk (Author)English2
The risen, living Christ let every heart adore!S. C. Kirk (Author)English3
The silver notes are ringingS. C. Kirk (Author)2
The stars that shine from yonder heightS. C. Kirk (Author)2
The sunbeams glowS. C. Kirk (Author)2
The wondrous work the Lord has doneS. C. Kirk (Author)4
The works and ways of God on highS. C. Kirk (Author)5
The world is rich in human loreSalathial C. Kirk (Author)English2
There's a manger Babe in a far off landSalathial C. Kirk (Author)5
Though only a line, just a line intervenesS. C. Kirk (Author)5
Through the meadow, round the hillS. C. Kirk (Author)2
'Tis in Jesus' name we gatherS. C. Kirk (Author)2
’Tis Thanksgiving morn again!Salathial C. Kirk (Author)English2
Viewed only by the feeble raysSalathial C. Kirk (Author)English2
We greet you allS. C. Kirk (Author)2
We hail thee KingS. C. Kirk (Author)2
We will hold aloft the bannerS. C. Kirk (Author)English4
What shall we gatherS. C. Kirk (Author)2
When far astray in sin, one daySalathial C. Kirk (Author)English2
When the bright summer days shallS. C. Kirk (Author)2
When the clouds of grief and sorrowS. C. Kirk (Author)2
When the Lord shall sit on His throne aboveS. C. Kirk (Author)English2
When Thou didst with pitying eyeSalathial C. Kirk (Author)English2
Whither go the beams of lightS. C. Kirk (Author)2
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