Henry Godden Jackson

Henry Godden Jackson
Short Name: Henry Godden Jackson
Full Name: Jackson, Henry Godden, 1838-1914
Birth Year: 1838
Death Year: 1914

Born: January 1, 1838, Manchester, Indiana.
Died: November 12, 1914.

A Methodist minister, Jackson and his wife Alice spent many years as missionaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon their return to America, they lived in the River Forest/Oak Park area of Chicago, Illinois.


Texts by Henry Godden Jackson (88)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Dios, naciones, dad loorH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish8
A guilty sinner once was I, By righteous law condemned to dieRev. H. G. Jackson, D.D. (Author)English10
إن تقت للخلاص من خطاكH. G. Jackson (Author)Arabic1
Auf des Lebens dunklen WogenH. G. Jackson (Author)German3
Aufwärts, ohne zu ermattenH. G. Jackson (Author)German3
Come, O sinner, to JesusH. G. Jackson (Author)2
Come sinner to the mercy seatRev. H. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English5
Come unto me, O weary oneRev. H. G. Jackson (Author)English2
Con voz benigna te llama JesúsHenry Godden Jackson (1838-1914) (Translator)Spanish1
Contemplando tu amorHenry Jackson (Translator)Spanish5
De mi vida tú ¡oh Cristo!H. G. Jackson (Author)Spanish3
De tal manera Dios amó A nuestro mundo, que mandóH. G. Jackson (Author)Spanish2
Dear Savior, now Thy mercy showRev. H. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English2
Dirígenos, JesúsHenry G. Jackson, 1838-1914 (Author)Spanish3
Entflohen aus ÄgyptenlandH. G. Jackson (Author)German4
Es el Señor mi buen pastorH.G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish1
Escucha, amigo, al SeñorH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish4
Escucha pobre pecadorH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish9
Evening shades are softly blendingH. G. Jackson (Author)English3
Fount of hope and joy eternalH. G. Jackson (Author)2
From Egypt's cruel bondage fledRev. H. G. Jackson (Author)English40
God's word abideth everH. G. Jackson (Author)English2
Hay un mundo feliz más alláH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish13
Heiliges Buch, du göttlich' WortH. G. Jackson (Author)German3
He's the Rock of my defenseH. G. Jackson (Author)2
I am walking with the Savior, Pressing onward day by dayRev. H. G. Jackson, D.D (Author)English2
If you from sin are longing to be freeH. G. Jackson (Author)English56
I'll go where my Savior shall lead meRev. H. G. Jackson, D.D. (Author)English2
Invocando tu amorH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish2
Jesus is passing, is passing this wayH. G. Jackson (Author)2
La grata nueva escucha hoyH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish2
Little buds and blossomsH. G. Jackson (Author)English2
Lo! a mighty army now assemblingRev. H. G. Jackson (Author)English23
Lo he cometh Isr'l's kingH. G. Jackson (Author)2
Look to the lamb of GodH. G. Jackson (Author)English3
Luz de vida celestialHenry G. Jackson (Author)Spanish2
Mein Heiland kam als GotteslammH. G. Jackson (Author)German3
Mirad al Salvador JesúsH. G. Jackson, 1838-1914 (Translator)Spanish6
My Savior left His throne on highRev. H. G. Jackson (Author)English9
Nicht ewig währt der Trennung LeidH. G. Jackson (Author)German4
Night of sorrow, night of weepingH. G. Jackson (Author)2
No hay otro mediador, Entre Dios y el pecadorHenry G. Jackson, 1838-1914 (Author)Spanish2
No me olvides, Padre eternoH. G. Jackson (Author)Spanish2
O sinner, hear the Savior's voice, He calls you, haste awayRev. H. G. Jackson (Author)English4
O Sünder, hört das Wort des HerrnH. G. Jackson (Author)German4
O the blessed Homeland—HeavenHenry Godden Jackson (Author)English2
O the new bright clime of heavenRev. H. G. Jackson, D.D. (Author)English3
O traveler in life's toilsome wayH. G. Jackson (Author)2
O who is this that cometh (Jackson)H. G. Jackson (Author)English2
O, will you not hear while He calls today?H. G. Jackson (Author)English3
പാപം വിട്ടീടാൻ വാഞ്ചിച്ചീടുന്നോ (Pāpaṁ viṭṭīṭān vāñciccīṭunnēā)H. G. Jackson (Author)Malayalam2
Precious to my heart is JesusH. G. Jackson (Author)English3
Salvador, a Ti acudo, Principe de amorH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish6
Sang the stars of morning, at creation's birthRev. H. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English3
Sieh' ein mächtig Heer zusammenströmenH. G. Jackson (Author)German1
Sinner, now the Spirit warns youH. G. Jackson (Author)English6
Speak for Jesus, tell the storyH. G. Jackson (Author)2
Sun of righteousness divineRev. H. G. Jackson, D.D. (Author)English2
Sünder, hörst du nicht die MahnungH. G. Jackson (Author)German3
Tal como soy sin más decirH. G. J. (Author)Spanish7
Ten compasión de mí, SeñorHenry G. Jackson (Author)Spanish4
The soldiers of the UnionH. G. Jackson (Author)3
The sower who goesH. G. Jackson (Author)2
The Sunday school bells are now ringingH. G. Jackson (Author)2
There are mansions of light in the city of gold That the SaviorH. G. Jackson (Author)2
There is a land of light and beautyH. G. Jackson, D.D (Author)English6
This earth is not my homeH. G. Jackson (Author)2
'Tis night on GalileeH. G. Jackson (Author)English3
Trusting in the merits of the CrucifiedRev. H. G. Jackson, D.D. (Author)English2
Tú, si del mal perdón buscas hallarH. G. Jackson (Author)Spanish3
Upward toils the eager pilgrimRev. H. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English2
Ven, de todo bien la fuenteH. G. Jackson (Trad. y adapt.)Spanish3
Ven, O Todopoderoso, Adorable CreadorH. G. Jackson (Author)Spanish15
Venid a mí, venid, Vosotros que estaísHenry G. Jackson, 1838-1914 (Author)Spanish1
Venid con cánticos, venidH. G. Jackson (Translator)Spanish4
We are marching on the way to the heavenly landRev. H. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English4
We are on the ocean sailing, Tossed on life's tumultous wavesRev. H. G. Jackson, D.D. (Author)English5
We'll meet again the loved and lostRev. H. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English6
We're marching to Canaan, the land of the blestDr. H. G. Jackson (Author)English4
When the famine waxed sore in the landH. G. Jackson (Author)English4
Wir marschieren Hand in Hand nach dem heil'gen LandH. G. Jackson (Author)German3
Wirkend für den Meister, scheue keine LastH. G. Jackson (Author)German3
Wirket für den Meister in dem ErntefeldH. G. J. (Author)German3
Wonderful Bible, book of GodH. G. Jackson (Author)English7
Wonderful Bible, book of the LordH. G. Jackson (Author)English2
Working for the Master in the harvest fieldH. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English6
仰望真神羔羊 (Yǎngwàng zhēnshén gāoyáng)H. G. Jackson (Author)Chinese2
Your mother is prayingRev. H. G. Jackson, D. D. (Author)English6
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