Lydia Baxter

Lydia Baxter
Short Name: Lydia Baxter
Full Name: Baxter, Lydia, 1809-1874
Birth Year: 1809
Death Year: 1874

Baxter, Lydia, an American Baptist, was b. at Petersburg, N. York, Sep. 2, 1800, married to Mr. Baxter, and d. in N. Y. June 22, 1874. In addition to her Gems by the Wayside, 1855, Mrs. Baxter contributed many hymns to collections for Sunday Schools, and Evangelistic Services. Of these, the following are the best known:—

    1. Cast thy net again, my brother. Patient toil. Given in the Royal Diadem, N. Y., 1873.
    2. Go, work in my vineyard. Duty. Also given in the Royal Diadem, 1873, and Mr. Sankey's S. & Solos, No. 4.
    3. I'm kneeling, Lord, at mercy's gate. Lent. In Coronation Hymns, &c, N. Y., 1879.
    4. I'm weary, I'm fainting, my day's work is done. Longing for rest. Royal Diadem. 1873.
    5. In the fadeless spring-time. Heavenly Reunion. In the Royal Diadem, 1873, I. D. Sankey's S. S. & Solos, No. 256, and others. It was written for Mr. H. P. Main in 1872.
    6. One by one we cross the river. Death. In Songs of Salvation, N. Y., 1870, I. D. Sankey's S. S. & Solos, No. 357, &c. It dates cir. 1866.
    7. Take the name of Jesus with you. Name of Jesus. Written late in 1870, or early in 1871, for W. H. Doane, and pub. in Pure Gold, 1871. It is No. 148 of I. D. Sankey's S. S. & Solos.
    8. The Master is coming. Invitation. In Songs of Salvation, 1870, No. 38.
    9. There is a gate that stands ajar. Mercy. In New Hallowed Songs, and also the Gospel Songs of P. Bliss, 1874. It was written for S. J. Vail about 1872. It has attained to some popularity. It is given in Mr. Sankey's S. & Solos, No. 2.

-John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Lydia Baxter (82)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Allí la puerta abierta estáLydia Baxter (Author)Spanish4
Amini jina la YesuLydia Baxter (Author)Swahili1
Ani kella banama beeka kan warqeen ijaarameeLydia Baxter (Author)Oromo2
Banish each worldy thoughtLydia Baxter (Author)English4
Because he has inclined his earMrs. Baxter (Author)English3
Brother, there are precious treasuresLydia Baxter (Author)4
Cast the net again, my brotherMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)5
Christ saw the sinner standLydia Baxter (Author)3
Come, let us learn to singLydia Baxter (Author)4
Come, O come to the river of loveMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)2
De Jesús el nombre guardaLydia Baxter, 1809-1874 (Author)Spanish9
De Jesús el nombre invocaLydia Baxter (Author)Spanish2
Der Meister kommt heute und rufetLydia Baxter (Author)German1
En port til himlen aaben staarLydia Baxter (Author)Norwegian2
Es gibt ein Tor, das offen stehtMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)German1
Es steht sein Türlein auf für michLydia Baxter (Author)German2
From our beloved nationLydia Baxter (Author)4
Gaa hen i min Vingaard, ej ledig der staaLydia Baxter (Author)Danish2
Gebeugt komm ich zum GnadenthronLydia Baxter (Author)German1
Geh in Jesu Namen immerLydia Baxter (Author)German1
Geht hin in den Weinberg, das sei euer ZielLydia Baxter (Author)German2
Geoffnet steht die GnadentuerLydia Baxter (Author)German2
Geöffnet steht ein Pförtchen dortLydia Baxter (Author)German3
Geöffnet steht für mich ein TorLydia Baxter (Author)German7
Go, work in my vineyard, the Master says goLydia Baxter (Author)English9
Go, work in my vineyard, there's plenty to doLydia Baxter (Author)English4
Have you ever heard of that land so brightLydia Baxter (Author)2
I know that heaven is bright and fairLydia Baxter (Author)3
If you want the love of JesusMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)English3
I'll think of my Savior when daylight is breakingLydia Baxter (Author)10
I am kneeling, Lord, at mercy's gateMrs. Lydia C. Baxter (Author)English20
I'm weary, I'm fainting, my day's work is doneLydia Baxter (Author)English20
In the fadeless springtime, on the heavenly shoreMrs. Lydia Baxter, 1872 (Author)English15
In Zion's ranks, O let me standMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)2
Ja wir kommen, lieber Heiland, wir folgen deinem RufLydia Baxter (Author)German1
Ja, wir kommen, teurer JesusLydia Baxter (Author)German1
Jag vet en port, som öppen stärLydia Baxter (Author)Swedish2
Jesu Nam' sei dein GeleiteLydia Baxter (Author)German4
Jesus once lay in the mangerLydia Baxter (Author)English4
Jesus said, I'll gladly sufferLydia Baxter (Author)4
Just the whispered name of Jesus Thrills my soul with deepest loveLydia O. Baxter (Author)English1
Ka'i i ko Iesu InoaLydia Baxter (Author)Hawaiian3
ക്രിസ്തനാമം ഏറ്റുകൊൾ നീ കഷ്ടാരിഷ്ട പൈതലേ (Kristanāmaṁ ēṟṟukeāḷ nī kaṣṭāriṣṭa paitalē)Lydia Baxter (Author)Malayalam2
Lass den teuren Jesusnamen täglich dein Begleiter seinLydia Baxter (Author)German2
Life's journey we have startedLydia Baxter (Author)English7
Mirad al Salvador JesúsLydia Baxter (Author)Spanish3
Nagan ni Jesus, allusdanLydia Baxter (Author)Tagalog2
Nimm den Namen Jesu mit dir, Kind der Sorge und des Weh'sLydia Baxter (Author)German1
Nimm den Namen Jesus mit dir, Liebeskind auf deiner BahnMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)German1
Nome santo e venerávelLydia Baxter (Author)Portuguese2
Not a cloud as I treadBaxter (Author)2
Now is done the time of teachingMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)2
O, could I with the angels singLydia Baxter (Author)3
O give me a harp on the bright hills of glory (Baxter)Lydia Baxter (Author)English13
O wie süß klingt Jesu NameLydia Baxter (Author)German11
O will you join our happy bandLydia Baxter (Author)5
O wir kommen, teurer JesusLydia Baxter (Author)German1
O shall I wear a starless crown In yonder world of gloryMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)13
One by one we cross the riverMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)English27
One more song I'll sing for JesusMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)4
Precious name, O how sweet!Lydia Baxter (Author)English2
Shall I a sinful wormLydia Baxter (Author)2
時常攜帶耶穌聖名,你們憂愁困苦人Lydia Baxter (Author)Chinese2
Tag, det namnet Jesus med digLydia Baxter (Author)Swedish3
Tag, dog Jesu Navn her med digLydia Baxter (Author)Danish2
Take the name of Jesus with you, Child of sorrow and of woeLydia Baxter (Author)English597
The dews of heaven are fallingLydia Baxter (Author)2
The Master is coming, He calleth for thee (Baxter)Lydia Baxter (Author)English9
There is a gate that stands ajar, And through its portals gleamingLydia Baxter (Author)English149
There is a holy city, A happy world aboveBaxter (Author)English1
There's beauty in the opening budsLydia Baxter (Author)5
'Tis always new, and thus we singLydia Baxter (Author)4
Tora zita rake JesuLydia Baxter (Author)Shona2
We are coming, blessed Savior, we hear Thy gentle voiceLydia Baxter (Author)English28
We are now in youth's bright morningMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)English8
We have come to Jesus prayingLydia Baxter (Author)3
We'll toil and labor, watch and waitLydia Baxter (Author)3
We're happy, dear Savior, and shall we not singLydia Baxter (Author)English7
When Christ was journeying here belowMrs. Lydia Baxter (Author)3
When saints gather round thee, dear Savior, aboveLydia Baxter (Author)English13
When the bounding heart isLydia Baxter (Author)2
Willst du Jesu süße LiebeLydia Baxter (Author)German1

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