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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
7911A word of prayer when the day begins[A word of prayer when the day begins]TextScoreAudio
7912Above earth’s din and turmoilFARRINGDONTextScoreAudio
7913Above me hangs the silent skyWETHERBYTextScoreAudio
7914Across the blue waters the message of grace[Across the blue waters the message of grace]TextScoreAudio
7915Across the eastern hilltops gleam[Across the eastern hilltops gleam]TextScoreAudio
7916After awhile the trump will soundSOLDOTextScoreAudio
7917After the earthly shadows have liftedCARTER LAKETextScoreAudio
7918Again ’tis holy Sabbath dayKRIŽEVACTextScoreAudio
7919Again in all His beauty the Lord shall come[Again in all His beauty the Lord will come]TextScoreAudio
7920Ah! what is happiness complete?FINGER LAKESTextScoreAudio
7921Alas, my aching heart!BANGORTextScoreAudio
7922All along the way we sing[All along the way we sing]TextScoreAudio
7923All glory to God for conviction[All glory to God for conviction]TextScoreAudio
7924All hail the gladsome Easter morn,CHIPPING ONGARTextScoreAudio
7925All hail the glorious Christmas morn[All hail the glorious Christmas morn]TextScoreAudio
7926All hail, ye merry folk today[All hail, ye merry folk today]TextScoreAudio
7927Come, O Thou mighty SaviorCHIESATextScoreAudio
7928When the King of kings comes[When the King of kings comes]TextScoreAudio
7929In hymns of praise, eternal God!CHORLEYWOODTextScoreAudio
7930The last lovely morning[The last lovely morning]TextScoreAudio
7931Israel’s sheep, scattered far and wide[Israel’s sheep, scattered far and wide]TextScoreAudio
7932Lamb of God, Thy right we ownUNSER HERRSCHERText
7933I am walking each day in this world below[I am walking each day in this world below]TextScoreAudio
7934Weary, worn, sad and forsakenSULAWESITextScoreAudio
7935I want my life to count for Jesus[I want my life to count for Jesus]TextScoreAudio
7936We are going thro’ life’s journey one by one[We are going thro’ life’s journey one by one]TextScoreAudio
7937When our pilgrimage is o’er[When our pilgrimage is o’er]TextScoreAudio
7938A voice from lands across the seaKOCHITextScoreAudio
7939The Savior came one summer dayARNHEIMTextScoreAudio
7940Precious promise of our Lord[Precious promise of our Lord]TextScoreAudio
7941Zion, blest Zion, is my home[Zion, blest Zion, is my home]TextScoreAudio
7942Jesus is calling in tones sweet and kindSAN JUAN ISLANDSTextScoreAudio
7943The Lord is my shepherd, my guard and my guideWE PRAISE THEETextScoreAudio
7944There will be a great reunion[There will be a great reunion]TextScoreAudio
7945Lord, show me what it means[Lord, show me what it means]TextScoreAudio
7946In the foreign heathen country[In the foreign heathen country]TextScoreAudio
7947Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longerEVANSVILLETextScoreAudio
7948Living in sunlight, beautiful sunlight[Living in sunlight, beautiful sunlight]TextScoreAudio
7949While the dews of morning[While the dews of morning]TextScoreAudio
7950I’ll wear a crown of glory[I’ll wear a crown of glory]TextAudio
7951Of all the seas of earth most blest[Of all the seas of earth most blest]Text
7952Glad songs of praise were giv’n[Glad songs of praise were giv’n]TextScoreAudio
7953O pilgrim bound for the heav’nly land[O pilgrim bound for the heav’nly land]TextScoreAudio
7954Open the door for the children[Open the door for the children]TextScoreAudio
7955Keep step with the Master, whatever betide[Keep step with the Master, whatever betide]TextScoreAudio
7956Light of the wandering, strength of the weakBETHANYTextScoreAudio
7957With folded hands upon my breast[With folded hands upon my breast]TextScoreAudio
7958List to the clanging bells of timeST. AGNESTextScoreAudio
7959"Come unto Me!" still thro’ the ages falling["Come unto Me!" still thro’ the ages falling]TextScoreAudio
7960Many stories quaint and olden[Many stories quaint and olden]TextScoreAudio
7961In youth’s glad hour, when all is light[In youth’s glad hour, when all is light]TextScoreAudio
7962Thro’ all the changing scenes of life[Thro’ all the changing scenes of life]TextScoreAudio
7963Tho’ the night may be dark[Tho’ the night may be dark]TextScoreAudio
7964There’s a land beyond the sea[There’s a land beyond the sea]TextScoreAudio
7965O all ye nations, praise the LordNEW BRITAINTextScoreAudio
7966He careth for me, my Father cares!DIAMOND BARTextScoreAudio
7967O blessed feet of JesusST. PETER PORTTextScoreAudio
7968O blessed day of days! We hail thy gladsome raysERZURUMTextScoreAudio
7969O blessed Spirit from on highPETITIOTextScoreAudio
7970O Book, that with reverence I honor[O Book, that with reverence I honor]TextScoreAudio
7971In the pathway of my journeyFIFETextScoreAudio
7972All our life is joyous, all the way is bright[All our life is joyous, all the way is bright]TextScoreAudio
7973Should the new dawn breaking a burden bringSAN DIMASTextScoreAudio
7974O Christian, gird the armor on[O Christian, gird the armor on]TextScoreAudio
7975I’ve found a new mine, its treasures divineLA HABRATextScoreAudio
7976There’s a land far away where the long summer day[There's a land far away where the long summer day]TextScoreAudio
7977Waiting, while I travel onwardLA JOLLATextScoreAudio
7978If you are happy in Jesus this hour[If you are happy in Jesus this hour]TextScoreAudio
7979All the doubting and dejection[All the doubting and dejection]TextScoreAudio
7980All the world shall come to serve TheeVAYE'ETHAYUTextScoreAudio
7981All ye saints of light proclaim[All ye saints of light proclaim]TextScoreAudio
7982Alleluia! King victorious! CHISWICK PARKTextScoreAudio
7983Alleluia! Lord most holyTRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARATextScoreAudio
7984Alleluia! sing the triumph[Alleluia! sing the triumph]TextScoreAudio
7985Alleluia, alleluia! HYFRYDOLTextScoreAudio
7986All-seeing, gracious Lord[All-seeing, gracious, Lord]TextScoreAudio
7987Almighty framer of the skies!JOSEPHINETextScoreAudio
7988Almighty Lord, whose sovereign rightCONSTANCE (Sullivan)TextScoreAudio
7989Along life’s pathway lead Thou meMAPLEWOODTextScoreAudio
7990Am I a soldier of the cross[Am I a soldier of the cross]TextScoreAudio
7991Ambassadors of Christ you go[Ambassadors of Christ you go]TextScoreAudio
7992Amid the toils and cares of life[Amid the toils and cares of life]TextScoreAudio
7993Amid the trials which I meet[Amid the trials which I meet]TextScoreAudio
7994Among th’assemblies of the greatBABYLON'S STREAMSText
7995An awful day draws nearABERTextScoreAudio
7996In the lands of pagan darknessCOPACABANATextScoreAudio
7997I know not why God’s wondrous graceVAN NUYSTextScoreAudio
7998Christ has called to service[Christ has called to service]TextScoreAudio
7999Are you weak and heavy ladened?[Are you weak and heavy ladened]TextScoreAudio
8000Christian, let your burning light[Christian, let your burning light]TextScoreAudio
8001There’s a boat that waits for me[There's a boat that waits for me]TextScoreAudio
8002O bow Thine ear, eternal One!CANONBURYTextScoreAudio
8003When thou wakest in the morningHOHENWERFENTextScoreAudio
8004Upon the cross my Savior diedSUGARLOAF MOUNTAINTextScoreAudio
8005Ye are the temples, Jesus hath spoken[Ye are the temples, Jesus hath spoken]TextScoreAudio
8006Hark, hark! the sweet, sweet chimingSTOWETextScoreAudio
8007How fair upon the mountainsHEATHROWTextScoreAudio
8008Fling wide the gates, O Jerusalem[Fling wide the gates, O Jerusalem]TextScoreAudio
8009’Tis Christmas morn! with noiseless treadTRUROTextScoreAudio
8010All hail to Thee! All hail to Thee!ST. COLUMBATextScoreAudio

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