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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
7701When Thou, my righteous judge shall comeMERIBAHTextScoreAudio
7702When the toils of life are over[When the toils of life are over]TextScoreAudio
7703When Thy soldiers take their swordsRELIANCE (Gower)TextScoreAudio
7704Within Thy temple, LordST. JOHN (Parish)TextScoreAudio
7705Within Thy temple's sacred courtsST. JOHN'S HIGHLANDSTextScoreAudio
7706When through the torn sail the wild tempest is ragingIN STORMTextScoreAudio
7707When through the whirl of wheels, and engines hummingLOMBARD STREETTextScoreAudio
7708Whether the Word be preached or readST. PETERSBURGTextScoreAudio
7709There never was a truer friend than Jesus[There never was a truer friend than Jesus]TextScoreAudio
7710What various hindrances we meetBRESLAUTextScoreAudio
7711Sing the wondrous love of Jesus[Sing the wondrous love of Jesus]TextScoreAudio
7712Welcome, welcome, day of restPLEYEL'S HYMNTextScoreAudio
7713O the greatest joy is found along the way[O the greatest joy is found along the way]TextScoreAudio
7714Who will follow Jesus[Who will follow Jesus]TextScoreAudio
7715Savior, where Thou leadest[Savior, where Thou leadest]TextScoreAudio
7716With weary feet and saddened heartST. FLAVIANTextScoreAudio
7717The wondering world inquires to knowABINGDONTextScoreAudio
7718If singing His praises is sweet to us here[If singing His praises is sweet to us here]TextScoreAudio
7719There's a voice that whispers[There's a voice that whispers]TextScoreAudio
7720For the Christ of Galilee[For the Christ of Galilee]TextScoreAudio
7721Who will suffer with the Savior[Who will suffer with the Savior]TextScoreAudio
7722We worship Thee, almighty LordTER SANCTUSTextScoreAudio
7723We worship Thee, O CrucifiedMELITATextScoreAudio
7724We now walk thru the valley and shadow[We now walk thru the valley and shadow]TextScoreAudio
7725We walk by faith, and oh, how sweet[We walk by faith, and oh, how sweet]TextScoreAudio
7726We walk by faith, and not by sightBEATI IMMACULATITextScoreAudio
7727While with ceaseless course the sunBENEVENTOTextScoreAudio
7728We will exalt you, our God the KingHIS WONDROUS WAYSTextScoreAudio
7729We sail along toward the harbor light[We sail along toward the harbor light]TextScoreAudio
7730When wounded sore, the stricken heartST. BERNARD (Richardson)TextScoreAudio
7731When wilt Thou save the people?COMMONWEALTHTextScoreAudio
7732Where will you spend eternity?[Where will you spend eternity?]TextScoreAudio
7733Jesus is standing in Pilate's hall[Jesus is standing in Pilate's hall]TextScoreAudio
7734Why will ye waste on trifling caresROSE HILLTextScoreAudio
7735When Christmas morn is dawningJULDAGSMORGONTextScoreAudio
7736When Zion in her low estateMELMORETextScoreAudio
7737Lo! all ready for the gathering[Lo! all ready for the gathering]TextScoreAudio
7738Gladly I take Thy love’s adviceMERIBAHTextScoreAudio
7739It is the Lord, who doth not grieveHOLMFIRTHTextScoreAudio
7740When you my Jesus understand[When you my Jesus understand]TextScoreAudio
7741My soul awake, thy rest forsakeBRACONDALETextScoreAudio
7742O praise ye the Lord, prepare your glad voiceHANOVERTextScoreAudio
7743Hear what glorious song of angels[Hear what glorious song of angels]TextScoreAudio
7744The Christmas bells are ringing loud and clearLUELLATextScoreAudio
7745The angel host that sped last nightBERATextScoreAudio
7746Glory's kiss awoke the morning[Glory's kiss awoke the morning]TextScoreAudio
7747Christmas music merrily wakes the echoes[Christmas music merrily wakes the echoes]TextScoreAudio
7748Christmas time is come again[Christmas time is come again]TextScoreAudio
7749Ye children, come, give ear to meMANOAHTextScoreAudio
7750Ye clouds and darkness, hosts of nightWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
7751Ye angels who stand round the throneBARNETTTextScoreAudio
7752Ye fainting souls, lift up your eyesWILHELMTextScoreAudio
7753Ye gates, lift up your heads on highST. GEORGE'S EDINBURGHTextScoreAudio
7754Ye gates of peace and joy untoldAPPLETONTextScoreAudio
7755Ye glittering toys of earth, adieuFARNHAM (Mason)TextScoreAudio
7756Thro' the bleak and dreary street[Thro' the bleak and dreary street]TextScoreAudio
7757Ye heavenly choir, assist me to singLYONSTextScoreAudio
7758Ye heav'ns, oh haste your dews to shedVON HIMMEL HOCHTextScoreAudio
7759Ye heralds of Jesus, go forth with the light[Ye heralds of Jesus, go forth with the light]TextScoreAudio
7760Ye holy angels brightCROFT'S 136THTextScoreAudio
7761Ye holy souls, in God rejoiceGLADDENTextScoreAudio
7762Ye islands of the northern seaHOLY CROSSTextScoreAudio
7763Ye lands, to the Lord make a jubilant noiseGUDS MENIGHED, SYNGTextScoreAudio
7764Ye little flock whom Jesus feedsDUNDEETextScoreAudio
7765Ye messengers of ChristMISSIONARY HERALDTextScoreAudio
7766Ye men of Israel, hearDIADEMATATextScoreAudio
7767A ruler once came to Jesus by night[A ruler once came to Jesus by night]TextScoreAudio
7768Ye are the light of the worldYE ARE THE LIGHTTextScoreAudio
7769Ye simple men of heart sincereDUKE STREETTextScoreAudio
7770Ye soldiers of the King of kingsHUACHUCATextScoreAudio
7771Ye sons of Adam, vain and youngABBOTSFORDTextScoreAudio
7772Ye sons of men, a feeble raceWINDSORTextScoreAudio
7773Ye sons of pride, that hate the justELLACOMBETextScoreAudio
7774O how sweet the glorious message simple faith may claim[O how sweet the glorious message simple faith may claim]TextScoreAudio
7775Yes, we'll meet again in the morning[Yes, we'll meet again in the morning]TextScoreAudio
7776Yet once again, by God's abundant mercyPILGRIMSTextScoreAudio
7777"Yet," saith the Lord, “if David’s raceST. STEPHENTextScoreAudio
7778The year is gone, beyond recallTALLIS' ORDINALTextScoreAudio
7779Yea, as I live, Jehovah saithST. LUKE (Clarke)TextScoreAudio
7780Ye choirs of new JerusalemST. FULBERTTextScoreAudio
7781Ye Christian heralds, go proclaimMISSIONARY CHANTTextScoreAudio
7782Ye nations round the earth, rejoiceDUKE STREETTextScoreAudio
7783Ye neighbors, and friends of Jesus, draw near:AUSTRIA (Beethoven)TextScoreAudio
7784Ye servants of the LordNARENZATextScoreAudio
7785Come, ye sinners, lost and hopeless[Come, ye sinners, lost and hopeless]TextScore
7786Yesterday, with exultationHERI MUNDUS EXULTAVITTextScoreAudio
7787Oh come to the Savior, believe in His name[Oh come to the Savior, believe in His name]TextScoreAudio
7788Yes, the Redeemer roseLAUS DEOTextScoreAudio
7789Ye fair green hills of GalileeSTELLA (Hemy)TextScoreAudio
7790Yes, for me, for me He carethEMMELARTextScoreAudio
7791Yes, God is good; in earth and skyTRUROTextScoreAudio
7792Ye gates, lift your heads, the glad summons obeyLANSINGTextScoreAudio
7793Ye humble souls, that seek the LordFINGALTextScoreAudio
7794Ye humble souls, approach your GodARLINGTONTextScoreAudio
7795Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin[Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin]TextScoreAudio
7796Is your life full of trial, do you seek sweet peace?[Is your life full of trial, do you seek sweet peace?]TextScoreAudio
7797Young men and maidens, raiseQUEEN STREETTextScoreAudio
7798Sow flowers, and flowers will blossom[Sow flowers, and flowers will blossom]TextScoreAudio
7799You may have the joy-bells ringing in your heart[You may have the joy-bells ringing in your heart]TextScoreAudio
7800Young men in Christ the Lord[Young men in Christ the Lord]TextScoreAudio

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