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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3301Tell the sweet old story, shout the glad old song[Tell the sweet old story, shout the glad old song]TextScoreAudio
3302Jesus, the calm that fills my breastWARATAHTextScoreAudio
3303Jesus, Thou everlasting kingTRUROTextScoreAudio
3304Jesus, Thou divine companionLOVE DIVINE (Le Jeune)TextScoreAudio
3305Jesus, united by Thy graceST. AGNESTextScoreAudio
3306Jesus, we are far awayAGNESTextScoreAudio
3307Jesus, we love to meet on this Thy holy dayJAKARTATextScoreAudio
3308Jesus, whose blood so freely streamedCLOLATATextScoreAudio
3309Jesus, we on the word dependSAMSONTextScoreAudio
3310Jesus, faithful to His WordGREYSTONETextScoreAudio
3311Jesus, full of love divineGUIDETextScoreAudio
3312Jesus, friend of sinners, hast Thou love for me?JUNKINTextScoreAudio
3313Jesus, friend of little childrenCUTTLE MILLSTextScoreAudio
3314Jesus, from whom all blessings flowST. JOHN'S HIGHLANDSTextScoreAudio
3315Jehovah, God the Father, blessSAWLEYTextScoreAudio
3316Jesu, gentlest SaviorEUCHARISTICUSTextScoreAudio
3317Jehovah, God, Thy gracious powerBARTLETTTextScoreAudio
3318Jesu, grant me this, I prayCANTERBURYTextScoreAudio
3319Jehovah, God, who dwelt of oldBARTLETTTextScoreAudio
3320Jesus, grant that balm and healingDER AM KREUZTextScoreAudio
3321Out of the depths to the glory above[Out of the depths to the glory above]TextScoreAudio
3322Jesus, high in gloryNORTH COATESTextScoreAudio
3323Jehovah hear thee in thy griefTALLIS' CANONTextScoreAudio
3324Jesu hail! O God most holy[Jesu hail! O God most holy]TextScoreAudio
3325Jesus, holy, undefiledFERRIERTextScoreAudio
3326Jesus, I am resting, restingTRANQUILITYTextScoreAudio
3327Jesus is coming! O hear the glad song[Jesus is coming! O hear the glad song]TextScoreAudio
3328Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring:[Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring:]TextScoreAudio
3329Jesus invites His saintsSCHUMANNTextScoreAudio
3330Jesus, I live to TheeLAKE ENONTextScoreAudio
3331I have made my choice foreverPODGORICATextScoreAudio
3332Jesus, I love Thy charming nameHEBERTextScoreAudio
3333Jesus, I my cross have takenHYFRYDOLTextScoreAudio
3334All glory to Jesus be given[All glory to Jesus be given]TextScoreAudio
3335Jehovah is my lightMILLENNIUMTextScoreAudio
3336Jesus, immortal King, ariseBURLINGTONTextScoreAudio
3337Jesus is my best of friendsSMYTHTextScoreAudio
3338Jesus, in my walk and livingFREU DICH SEHRTextScoreAudio
3339Is there a heart that is waiting[Is there a heart that is waiting]TextScoreAudio
3340Jesus is coming! O sing the glad word[Jesus is coming! O sing the glad word]TextScore
3341Joy is a fruit that will not growELIZABETHTOWNTextScoreAudio
3342When the sun shines bright and your heart is light[When the sun shines bright and your heart is light]TextScoreAudio
3343Jesus, in sickness and in pain[Jesus, in sickness and in pain]TextScoreAudio
3344There have been names that I have loved to hear[There have been names that I have loved to hear]TextScoreAudio
3345Jesus is our Shepherd, on His faithful breastPEREZTextScoreAudio
3346Jesus is risen! peal out the story[Jesus is risen! peal out the story]TextScoreAudio
3347Fade, fade, each earthly joy, Jesus is mineLUNDIETextScoreAudio
3348Jesus is tenderly calling you home[Jesus is tenderly calling you home]TextScoreAudio
3349Jesus, in Thee our eyes beholdST. FLAVIANTextScoreAudio
3350Jesus, I will ponder nowJESU KREUZ, LEIDEN UND PEINTextScoreAudio
3351Jesus I will never leaveMEINEM JESUM LASS ICH NICHTTextScoreAudio
3352Jesus, I will trust Thee, trust Thee with my soul[Jesus, I will trust Thee, trust Thee with my soul]TextScoreAudio
3353Jesus, kneel beside meEUDOXIATextScoreAudio
3354Jesus, let all Thy lovers shineNATIVITYTextScoreAudio
3355Jehovah, let me now adore TheeDIR, DIR, JEHOVAHTextScoreAudio
3356Jesu, Lord of life and gloryRAPHAEL (Hopkins)TextScoreAudio
3357Jesus, lover of my soulABERYSTWYTH (Parry)TextScoreAudio
3358Jesu, Lord of our salvationST. PETER'S, WESTMINSTERTextScoreAudio
3359I am so glad that our Father in Heav'n[I am so glad that our Father in Heav'n]TextScoreAudio
3360Jesus, Lord and precious SaviorKALMARTextScoreAudio
3361Jesus, let Thy pitying eyeCONTRITIONTextScoreAudio
3362Jesus, Lord, we look to TheeSAVANNAHTextScoreAudio
3363Jesus, my advocate aboveDOVERSDALETextScoreAudio
3364Jesus makes my heart rejoiceHERRNHUTTextScoreAudio
3365Jesus, my Savior, I love and adore Thee[Jesus, my Savior, I love and adore Thee]TextScoreAudio
3366Jesus, meek and gentleST. CONSTANTINETextScoreAudio
3367Jesu, meek and lowlyST. MARTINTextScoreAudio
3368Jesus, merciful and mildHOLLINGSIDETextScoreAudio
3369I have a friend so dear[I have a friend so dear]TextScoreAudio
3370Judge me, God of my salvationBLAENHAFRENTextScoreAudio
3371Jehovah, my God, on Thy help I dependPAULINATextScoreAudio
3372Jesu, my Savior, Brother, FriendSONG 34 (Gibbons)TextScoreAudio
3373Jesus, my Savior, look on meHANFORD (Sullivan)TextScoreAudio
3374Jesus, my Savior, let me beCONFORMITYTextScoreAudio
3375Jesus, Master, whose I amST. CHRYSOSTOM (Ohl)TextScoreAudio
3376Jesus, my all, to Heaven is goneSWEET HOURTextScoreAudio
3377Jerusalem, my happy homeBARRETextScoreAudio
3378Jesus, my Lord, my God, my AllADORO TETextScoreAudio
3379Jesus, my only hope, friend ever dearBUDATextScoreAudio
3380Jesus, my Savior, died, nailed to the treeJOUARDTextScoreAudio
3381Jesus, my strength, my hopeRICHMOND (Everett)TextScoreAudio
3382Jesus! Name of wondrous loveGOTT SEI DANKTextScoreAudio
3383Jesus! the name high over allGRÄFENBERGTextScoreAudio
3384Jesu! Name all names aboveTHEOKTISTUSTextScoreAudio
3385Oh, weary pilgrim, lift your head:WIENLANDTextScoreAudio
3386Morning light was dawning o'er the distant hills[Morning light was dawning o'er the distant hills]TextScoreAudio
3387John in vision saw the dayNUN KOMMTextScoreAudio
3388Jesu, our hope, our heart's desireMETZLER'S REDHEADTextScoreAudio
3389Join all the glorious namesDARWALL'S 148THTextScoreAudio
3390Join, all ye ransomed sons of graceWINCHESTER OLDTextScoreAudio
3391Jesus, our Lord and KingTRENTHAMTextScoreAudio
3392Jesu, our Lenten fast of TheeWINDSORTextScoreAudio
3393God spoke to Jonah and gave him commandLOWDENTextScoreAudio
3394In the Bible we are told[In the Bible we are told]TextScoreAudio
3395What means this eager, anxious throng[What means this eager, anxious throng]TextScoreAudio
3396Jesus Christ the Lord opened up the way to glory[Jesus Christ the Lord opened up the way to glory]
3397Would your heart be free from sin[Would your heart be free from sin]TextScoreAudio
3398Joseph dearest, Joseph mineRESONET IN LAUDIBUS TextScoreAudio
3399I've found a joy in sorrowCREWDSONTextScoreAudio
3400Yonder the palace where dwelleth a KingMESCHACHTextScoreAudio

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