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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3201Our Father’s wondrous works we see[Our Father’s wondrous works we see]TextScoreAudio
3202I’ll sing of a river divine[I’ll sing of a river divine]TextScoreAudio
3203My God will add the restREVIVALTextScoreAudio
3204I seek the kingdom firstPASTOR BONUSTextScoreAudio
3205Throughout my fallen soul I feelKIAWAHTextScoreAudio
3206What hath this wretched world to giveJULIANTextScoreAudio
3207Jesus a child His work begunERNANTextScoreAudio
3208Jesus is all the world to me[Jesus is all the world to me]TextScoreAudio
3209Jesus, and shall it ever beFEDERAL STREETTextScoreAudio
3210Jesus, the all-restoring WordSPRINGTextScoreAudio
3211Join all ye joyful nationsCROSBYTextScoreAudio
3212Joy bells are ringing[Joy bells are ringing]ScoreAudio
3213Jesus, brightness of the FatherUNSER HERRSCHERTextScoreAudio
3214Jesu, for the beacon-lightCULFORDTextScoreAudio
3215There's One who can comfort when all else fails[There's One who can comfort when all else fails]TextScoreAudio
3216Jesus bids us shine[Jesus bids us shine]TextScoreAudio
3217Jesus came down my ransom to beWONDERFUL LOVE (Bainbridge)TextScoreAudio
3218Jesus Christ is passing bySARAJEVOTextScoreAudio
3219Jesus came, the heav'ns adoringLAUDA ANIMATextScoreAudio
3220Jesus Christ is risen today, AlleluiaLLANFAIRTextScoreAudio
3221Jerusalem, thou city brightSHINING CITYTextScoreAudio
3222Jesus Christ, our blessèd SaviorJESUS CHRISTUSTextScoreAudio
3223Jesus Christ, my sure DefenseJESUS, MEINE ZUVERSICHTTextScoreAudio
3224Jesus! dear name, how sweet it soundsWARDTextScoreAudio
3225Jesus, in Thy dying woesSWEDISH LITANYTextScoreAudio
3226I am walking thro' this earth-life[I am walking thro' this earth-life]TextScoreAudio
3227Jesus, blessèd Savior, help us now to raiseHERMASTextScoreAudio
3228Savior, bless a little child[Savior, bless a little child]TextScoreAudio
3229Jesus is the helper of the troubled heart[Jesus is the helper of the troubled heart]TextScoreAudio
3230Jehovah hear thee in the dayWIRTHTextScoreAudio
3231Jehovah from His throne on highMERIBAHTextScoreAudio
3232Jehovah is our strengthST. JOHN (Parish)TextScoreAudio
3233Jehovah reigns supreme:ST. THOMAS (Williams)TextScoreAudio
3234Jehovah reigns--He dwells in lightELLESMERETextScoreAudio
3235Would you be this day made whole[Would you be this day made whole]TextScoreAudio
3236Jesus, Lamb of God, for meHEATHLANDSTextScoreAudio
3237Jesus, my Lord, how rich Thy graceEAGLEYTextScoreAudio
3238When darkening clouds obscure our skyREEVESTextScoreAudio
3239Jerusalem, arise[Jerusalem, arise]TextScoreAudio
3240Jerusalem divineCRUSADER'S HYMNTextScoreAudio
3241Jehovah reigns, let earth be gladBRYNTEGTextScoreAudio
3242Jerusalem on highCHRIST CHURCHTextScoreAudio
3243Jerusalem, JerusalemJERUSALEM (Purday)TextScoreAudio
3244And did those feet in ancient timeJERUSALEM (Parry)TextScoreAudio
3245Jesus is calling the children[Jesus is calling the children]TextScoreAudio
3246Jesus is calling, calling, calling[Jesus is calling, calling, calling]TextScoreAudio
3247Forth from God's throne[Forth from God's throne, into this world of woe]TextScoreAudio
3248Jesus, gracious one, calleth now to thee[Jesus, gracious one, calleth now to thee]TextScoreAudio
3249Jesu, show us Thy salvationHE LIVES AGAINTextScoreAudio
3250I've a blest companion ever at my side[I've a blest companion ever at my side]TextScoreAudio
3251There is one who saves from sinCAPE CODTextScoreAudio
3252Jesus! Jesus! JesusLLANTHONYTextScoreAudio
3253Jesus, Jesus, only JesusJESUS, JESUS, NICHT ALS JESUSTextScoreAudio
3254Like a shepherd, tender, true[Like a shepherd, tender, true]TextScoreAudio
3255Jesus lives! From riven tombJESUS LIVESTextScoreAudio
3256Jesus calls the children dearTRAMP, TRAMP, TRAMPTextScoreAudio
3257Jesus saves! O blessèd storyFERRINTextScoreAudio
3258Jesus of Nazareth! O what a nameDENVERTextScoreAudio
3259Jesus only is our message[Jesus only is our message]TextScoreAudio
3260For salvation full and free[For salvation full and free]TextScoreAudio
3261I am Thine, my blessèd Lord[I am Thine, my blessèd Lord]TextScoreAudio
3262Jesus, blessèd Lord and SaviorREGENT SQUARETextScoreAudio
3263Jesus, Jesus, full of all compassionBARTIMAEUSTextScoreAudio
3264Jesus, good above all otherQUEM PASTORESTextScoreAudio
3265Jesus, help me, I am weary[Jesus, help me, I am weary]TextScoreAudio
3266Kneels at the feet of his friendsCHEREPONITextScoreAudio
3267Jesu, joy of man's desiring[Jesu, joy of man's desiring]TextScoreAudio
3268Jesus, Master, hear me nowESHTEMOATextScoreAudio
3269Jesus only, when the morningADORATION (Doane)TextScoreAudio
3270All that my soul in its sin can need[All that my soul in its sin can need]TextScoreAudio
3271Jesus calls us over the tumultGALILEE (Jude)TextScoreAudio
3272O, the depth of love divine[O, the depth of love divine]TextScoreAudio
3273Jesus is seeking the lost onesKAWAIAHA'OTextScoreAudio
3274Jesus is God! The solid earthJESUS IS GODTextScoreAudio
3275Is my Jesus your redeemerSTOKE NEWINGTONTextScoreAudio
3276Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night[Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night]TextScoreAudio
3277Lord, at Thy mercy seat, humbly I fallBETHANY (Ma­son)TextScoreAudio
3278Be our joyful song todayLAS VEGASTextScoreAudio
3279Nothing earthly meets the longing[Nothing earthly meets the longing]TextScoreAudio
3280What tho' clouds are hov'ring o'er me[What tho' clouds are hov'ring o'er me]TextScoreAudio
3281Jesus, O precious nameFROMMERTextScoreAudio
3282Jesus, Refuge of the wearyO DU LIEBETextScoreAudio
3283We have heard the joyful soundSALVATION (Kirkpatrick)TextScore
3284You ask what makes me happy the whole day long[You ask what makes me happy the whole day long]TextScoreAudio
3285Jesus, the sinner's friend, to TheeFEDERAL STREETTextScoreAudio
3286Jesus! what a Friend for sinnersHYFRYDOLTextScoreAudio
3287Jesus will walk with me down thru the valley[Jesus will walk with me down thru the valley]TextScoreAudio
3288Jesus, where'er Thy people meetMALVERNTextScoreAudio
3289Jesus, take this heart of mineLERMANTextScoreAudio
3290Jesu, Thou all redeeming LordPRESCOTT (Lutkin)TextScoreAudio
3291Jesu, the Father's only SonVON HIMMEL HOCHTextScoreAudio
3292Jesus walked this lonesome valley[Jesus walked this lonesome valley]TextScoreAudio
3293Jesus, with Thy Church abideLITANY OF THE PASSIONTextScoreAudio
3294Jesu, the virgins' crown, do ThouST. BERNARD (Monk)TextScoreAudio
3295Jesus, we look to TheeMORNINGTONTextScoreAudio
3296Jesus, keep me near Thee[Jesus, keep me near Thee]TextScoreAudio
3297Jesus loves the little children[Jesus loves the little children]TextScoreAudio
3298When your life is burdened with a load of care[When your life is burdened with a load of care]TextScoreAudio
3299Jesus, Rose of Sharon, bloom within my heart[Jesus, Rose of Sharon, bloom within my heart]TextScoreAudio
3300It is a day of gladness[It is a day of gladness]TextScoreAudio

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