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The Cyber Hymnal

The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3601Lord of creationANNUE CHRISTETextScoreAudio
3602Little children, rise and singLITTLE CHILDRENTextScoreAudio
3603The Lord is come! On Syrian soilJORDANTextScoreAudio
3604I've wandered far away from God[I've wandered far away from God]TextScoreAudio
3605In lands where the Andes rise crowned to the sun[In lands where the Andes rise crowned to the sun]TextScoreAudio
3606Love divine, all loves excellingBEECHERTextScoreAudio
3607Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessingSICILIAN MARINERSTextScoreAudio
3608Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessingETON COLLEGETextScoreAudio
3609Leader of faithful souls, and guideCAREY'S SURREYTextScoreAudio
3610Lead, kindly Light, amid th'encircling gloomLUX BENIGNATextScoreAudio
3611When mountains of doubt hem me in on each side[When mountains of doubt hem me in on each side]TextScoreAudio
3612Guide my footsteps, Father[Guide my footsteps, Father]TextScoreAudio
3613Lead me, Father, lead, I pray[Lead me, Father, lead, I pray]TextScoreAudio
3614Lead me gently home, Father[Lead me gently home, Father]TextScoreAudio
3615King of my life, I crown Thee now[King of my life, I crown Thee now]TextScoreAudio
3616Lead me to some soul today[Lead me to some soul today]TextScoreAudio
3617Lead on, O King eternalLANCASHIRETextScoreAudio
3618Lead them, my God, to Thee[Lead them, my God, to Thee]TextScoreAudio
3619Lead us, heavenly Father, lead usMANNHEIMTextScoreAudio
3620Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peace:LANGRANTextScoreAudio
3621Step by step, O loving Savior[Step by step, O loving Savior]TextScoreAudio
3622What a fellowship, what a joy divine[What a fellowship, what a joy divine]TextScoreAudio
3623Leaning upon my Father's arm[Leaning upon my Father's arm]TextScoreAudio
3624Just lean upon the arms of Jesus[Just lean upon the arms of Jesus]TextScoreAudio
3625Lord of earth, Thy forming handMAIDSTONETextScoreAudio
3626Light in the eastern sky, Jesus returning[Light in the eastern sky, Jesus returning]TextScoreAudio
3627Leave me not, for I am lonely[Leave me not, for I am lonely]TextScoreAudio
3628My heart has come to the place of rest[My heart has come to the place of rest]TextScoreAudio
3629In the light that Jesus sheds on you[In the light that Jesus sheds on you]TextScoreAudio
3630Suffer little children to come unto Me[Suffer little children to come unto Me]TextScoreAudio
3631When the King was born, on that Christmas morn[When the King was born, on that Christmas morn]TextScoreAudio
3632Let earth and Heaven combineST. JOHN (Parish)TextScoreAudio
3633Let everlasting glories crownST. GREGORYTextScoreAudio
3634Let God arise, and let His foesAMERICUSTextScoreAudio
3635Let hearts and tongues uniteADVENT (Goss)TextScoreAudio
3636Let little children come to MeSUFFER LITTLE CHILDRENTextScoreAudio
3637Like a vessel fashioned by the Master's hand[Like a vessel fashioned by the Master's hand]TextScoreAudio
3638Let every mortal ear attendWOODSTOCK (Dutton)TextScoreAudio
3639Let my life be hid in TheeNEWINGTONTextScoreAudio
3640Lend a hand! lend a hand! in the work for the world[Lend a hand! lend a hand! in the work for the world]TextScoreAudio
3641Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendorBRYN CALFARIATextScoreAudio
3642Let sinners take their courseABERTextScoreAudio
3643When o'er the fame of friend or foe[When o'er the fame of friend or foe]TextScoreAudio
3644Let someone else! you often say[Let someone else! you often say]TextScoreAudio
3645Less of self and more of Jesus[Less of self and more of Jesus]TextScoreAudio
3646Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDYTextScoreAudio
3647Let all the earth their voices raiseARIELTextScoreAudio
3648Let all the world in every corner sing, my God and KingUNIVERSAL PRAISETextScoreAudio
3649Let children hear the mighty deedsDUNDEETextScoreAudio
3650Let the earth now praise the LordNUN KOMMTextScoreAudio
3651Let every lamp be burning bright[Let every lamp be burning bright]TextScoreAudio
3652Let every tongue my Savior praiseHUACHUCATextScoreAudio
3653Let every heart rejoice and sing[Let every heart rejoice and sing]TextScoreAudio
3654Let every tongue Thy goodness speakBEDFORDTextScoreAudio
3655Let God arise to lead forth thoseEXSURGAT DEUSTextScoreAudio
3656To thy barred and bolted door[To thy barred and bolted door]TextScore
3657Let Heav'n and earth rejoice and singFRANKLINTextScoreAudio
3658Let Him to whom we now belongAZMONTextScoreAudio
3659There's a stranger at the door[There's a stranger at the door]TextScoreAudio
3660If you are tired of the load of your sin[If you are tired of the load of your sin]TextScoreAudio
3661Brightly beams our Father's mercy [Brightly beams our Father's mercy]TextScoreAudio
3662When my way is hedged about me[When my way is hedged about me]TextScoreAudio
3663Let not your hearts be troubled or cast downNATIONAL HYMNTextScoreAudio
3664Let us plead for faith aloneSAVANNAHTextScoreAudio
3665Let Sion in her king rejoiceCRIMEA TextScoreAudio
3666Let the song go round the earth[Let the song go round the earth]TextScoreAudio
3667Do you fear the foe will in the conflict win?[Do you fear the foe will in the conflict win]TextScoreAudio
3668Let us ever walk with JesusLASSET UNS MIT JESU ZIEHENTextScoreAudio
3669Let us, with a gladsome mindMONKLANDTextScoreAudio
3670Let us now go to Bethlehem[Let us now go to Bethlehem]TextScoreAudio
3671Let us all with with gladsome voiceLASST UNS ALLETextScoreAudio
3672Let us break bread together on our knees, (on our knees)[Let us break bread together on our knees, (on our knees)]TextScore
3673Let us love and sing and wonderALL SAINTS OLDTextScoreAudio
3674Let us now our voices raiseTEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUMTextScoreAudio
3675Day when Heav'n and earth unite in songs of gladness[Day when Heav'n and earth unite]TextScoreAudio
3676Let us away, no longer delay[Let us away, no longer delay]TextScoreAudio
3677There is a Light, a blessèd Light[There is a Light, a blessèd Light]TextScoreAudio
3678Let worldly minds the world pursueBINGHAMTextScoreAudio
3679Let the world their virtue boastSHERBOURNETextScoreAudio
3680O let your light, tho' little, shine out[O let your light, tho' little, shine out]TextScore
3681Let your mindset be the sameJESUS PAID IT ALLTextScoreAudio
3682The Lord at first had Adam made[The Lord at first had Adam made]TextScoreAudio
3683Lo! from the desert homesCROFT'S 148THTextScoreAudio
3684Wonderful love that rescued me[Wonderful love that rescued me, sunk deep in sin]TextScoreAudio
3685Lord, from the depths to Thee I criedSONG 67 (Gibbons)TextScoreAudio
3686Lord, from the ill and froward manCHESHIRETextScoreAudio
3687Lord, in the fullness of my mightUNIVERSITYTextScoreAudio
3688Let God arise, and by His mightTRUROTextScoreAudio
3689Let God arise in all His mightMISSIONARY CHANTTextScoreAudio
3690Let glory be to God on highMELITATextScoreAudio
3691Lord, guide and guide the men who flyHESPERUSTextScoreAudio
3692Lo, God to Heav'n ascendeth!AUS MEINES HERZENS GRUNDETextScoreAudio
3693Lord God, the Holy GhostST. MICHAELTextScoreAudio
3694Lord God of hosts, in mercyANGEL'S STORYTextScoreAudio
3695Lord God of hosts, whose mighty handLEST WE FORGETTextScoreAudio
3696Lord God of Hosts, within whose handFALKLANDTextScoreAudio
3697The Lord of glory is my lightLANESBOROTextScoreAudio
3698The Lord our God is clothed with mightTAPPANTextScoreAudio
3699Lo! golden light rekindles dayWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
3700Lord, the God of my salvationIRVINGTextScoreAudio

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