Ancient and Modern: hymns and songs for refreshing worship

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277aI bind unto myself todayST PATRICKText
277bI bind unto myself todayGARTANText
278We give immortal praiseCROFT'S 136THText
279Jesus, on the mountain peakBLEA MOORText
280Jesus, restore to us again[Jesus, restore to us again]
281'Tis good, Lord, to be hereCARLISLETextAudio
282Come, ye thankful people, comeST GEORGE'S WINDSORText
283Fill your hearts with joy and gladnessREGENT SQUAREText
284For the fruits of all creationEAST ACKLAMText
285God, whose farm is all creationGOTT WILL 'S MACHEN
286Praise, O praise our God and KingMONKLANDText
287Praise and thanksgivingBUNESSAN
288Praise God for harvest-timeMADRID
289To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raiseGOLDEN SHEAVESText
290We plough the fields, and scatterWIR PFLÜGENText
291Blessèd city, heavenly SalemWESTMINSTER ABBEYText
292I rejoiced when I heard them say[I rejoiced when I heard them say]
293Lord of all your love's creationEVERTON
294We love the place, O GodQUAM DILECTAText
295Disposer supreme, and Judge of the earthOLD 104THText
296For all the saints who from their labours restSINE NOMINEText
297aFor all the saints who showed your loveWELLS HOUSE
297bFor all the saints who showed your loveO WALY WALY
298aFor all thy saints, O LordMOUNT EPHRAIMText
298bFor all thy saints, O LordCARLISLEText
299aGive us the wings of faith to riseSONG 67Text
299bGive us the wings of faith to riseSAN ROCCOText
300Glory to you, O GodHAREWOOD
301God, whose city's sure foundationOBIIT
302aHow beauteous are their feetVENICEText
302bHow beauteous are their feetST THOMASText
303aHow bright these glorious spirits shine!BEATITUDOText
303bHow bright these glorious spirits shine!BALLERMAText
304Let saints on earth in concert singDUNDEEText
305Lo, round the throne, a glorious bandDEUS TUORUM MILITUMText
306Lord, it belongs not to my careST HUGHText
307Palms of glory, raiment brightPALMS OF GLORYText
308Rejoice in God's saints, today and all days!HANNOVERText
309Soldiers, who are Christ's belowORIENTIS PARTIBUSText
310Thanks be to God for his saints of each past generationLOBE DEN HERRENText
311We sing for all the unsung saintsLADYWELLText
312Ye watchers and ye holy onesLASST UNS ERFREUENText
313For Mary, Mother of our LordST BOTOLPH (Slater)
314Her Virgin eyes saw God incarnate bornFARLEY CASTLEText
315Sing we of the blessèd MotherABBOT'S LEIGH
316The God whom earth and sea and skyPUER NOBIS NASCITURText
317aVirgin-born, we bow before theeMON DIEU, PRÊRE-MOI L'OREILLEText
317bVirgin-born, we bow before theeQUEM PASTORES LAUDAVEREText
318Ye who own the faith of JesusDAILY DAILYText
319Sing we the praises of the great forerunnerDIVA SERVATRIX
320The great forerunner of the mornVOM HIMMEL HOCHText
321Thou art the Christ, O LordLOVE UNKNOWNText
322Around the throne of God a bandSOLOTHURNText
323Christ, the fair glory of the holy angelsCOELITES PLAUDANT
324aJesus calls us: o'er the tumultMARCHINGText
324bJesus calls us: o'er the tumultST ANDREWText
325Athirst my soul for you, the God who is my life![Athirst my soul for you, the God who is my life!]
326aAt the dawning of creationLONG LANE
326bAt the dawning of creationRESTORATION
327aAwake, awake: fling off the night!MORNING HYMN
327bAwake, awake: fling off the night!DEUS TUORUM MILITUM
328Behold, behold I make all things new[Behold, behold I make all things new]
329Child of blessing, child of promiseSHIPSTON
330When you walk through the waters, I'll be with you[When you walk through the waters, I'll be with you]
331Eternal God, we consecrateST FULBERT
332Freed in Christ from death and sinCHARITYText
333God the Father, name we treasureORIEL
334You are my salvation; I trust in you[You are my salvation; I trust in you]
335My God, accept my heart this dayST PETERText
336Take, O take me as I am[Take, O take me as I am]
337Source and fount of all creationBLAENWERN
338All you who thirst, come to the waters[All you who thirst, come to the waters]
339We bring our children, Lord, todayANGELUS
340aWe praise you, Lord, for Jesus ChristST TIMOTHY
340bWe praise you, Lord, for Jesus ChristST FULBERT
341We turn to Christ anewLEONIText
342Word of God, renew your peopleWORD OF GOD
343As man and woman we were madeSUSSEX CAROLText
344Come to a wedding, come to a blessingBUNESSANText
345Lord and lover of creationWESTMINSTER ABBEY
346Lord Jesus Christ, invited guest and saviourSTRENGTH AND STAYText
347Not for tongues of heaven's angelsBRIDEGROOMText
348O perfect Love, all human thought transcendingO PERFECT LOVEText
349The grace of life is theirsDARWALL'S 148THText
350We pledge to one anotherTHAXTED
351Give rest, O ChristKONTAKION OF THE DEADText
352Nearer, my God, to theeHORBURYTextAudio
353We cannot care for you the way we wantedJENNIFER
354We shall see him in the morningHEANISH
355aWhen human voices cannot singBARBARA ALLENText
355bWhen human voices cannot singJACOB'S WELLText
356All nations of the worldDARWALL'S 148TH
357All people that on earth do dwellOLD HUNDREDTHText
358aBe still, for the presence of the LordBE STILL
358bBe still, for the presence of the LordBE STILL
359Bring to God your new, best songsREDLAND
360Bring to the Lord a glad new songJERUSALEMText
361Come all you people[Come all you people]
362Come, let us join our cheerful songsNATIVITYText
363Here in this place new light is streamingGATHER US IN

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