The mercies of the Lord I'll sing

The mercies of the Lord I'll sing

Author: John Barnard
Published in 1 hymnal

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1. The mercies of the Lord, I'll sing,
And never cease the song;
From age to age, thy faithfulness
I'll publish with my tongue.
2. For I have said, that mercy shall
Forever built remain;
Thy faithfulness, thou, in the feavens,
And like them, wilt maintain.

3. "With mine elect, I formed a league,
An oath to David swore;
4. I'll fix thy seed, and build thy throne,
Secure forevermore."
5. The heavens, for thy great wonder, Lord,
Shall with thy praises ring;
While thine assembled saints, on earth,
Thy faithfulness shall sing.

6. But who of all the heavenly hosts,
May with the Lord compare?
What sons of all the earthly gods,
Vie with Jehovah, dare?
7. God's terror strikes his saints below,
With a religious rear;
And awful reverence guards the minds,
That round his throne appear.

Second Part

8. Lord, God of Hosts, who's armed with power,
Or girt with truth, like thee?
9. Proud waves arise, are still, and calm.
As thou dost rule the sea.
10. Thou, Egypt's power, with deadly wounds,
Hast into pieces broke;
Thine arm of strength dispersed thy foes,
With an avenging stroke.

11. Thine are the heavens, the earth is thine,
Which thou alone hast made;
As for the world, with all it's stores,
God it's foundation laid.
12. The northern, and the southern poles,
Thou, by thy power, didst frame;
Tabor, and Hermon, famous mounts,
Rejoice shall in thy name.

13. Thy arm is mighty, strong thy hand,
Thy right hand's famed in deed.
14. Justice and judgment, found thy throne,
While grace and truth, precede.
15. Blest men! who know the joyful sound;
They in thy favor walk.
16. All day, they in thy name, rejoice;
Justice shall them exalt.

17. Thou, glory of their strength, shalt raise
Our horn, through favor shown.
18. Jehovah's our defense; our King
Is Israels holy One.

Third Part

19. "In vision, to thine holy One.
Thou said'st, I'll help impose
On one that's mighty; whom I've raised,
And from the people chose.
20. I've found my servant David; him
With holy oil anoint.
21. Him shall my hand confirm; mine arm
Support whom I appoint.

22. "No enemy's arts shall him deceive;
Nor wicked men control.
23. I'll crush his foes, before his face,
And plague the spiteful soul.
24. My truth, and frace, with him, shall raise
His horn high, in my name:
25. His left hand bounds, I'll fix the sea;
His right, Euphrates stream.

26. "To me my Father, God, and rock
Of safety, he shall cry.
27. I'll place him my first-born, above
All earthly kings, most high.
28. I'll ever mercy for him keep;
My covenant standeth fast.
29. His seed shall never fail, his throne,
As days of heaven, shall last.

Fourth Part

30. "But if his sons forsake my law,
And from my judgments stray;
31. If they my statutes break, and dare
My precepts disobey:
32. Their sin I'll visit with a rod;
With stripes, as crimes prevail.
33. But from him I'll not take my love,
My truth shall never fail.

34. "My covenant I will never break;
Nor, what I've said, deny.
35. Once, by my holiness, I've sworn;
I'll not to David lie.
36. His race shall never fail; his throne
Shall, as the sun, endure:
37. Fixed ever, as the moon; in heaven,
Which, witnesses, are sure."

38. But thine anointed, thou, in scorn,
And anger, off hast cast.
39. Thou mad'st thy servant's covenant void,
In dust his crown debased.
40. Thou, all his hedges, hast broke down;
His forts in ruin laid.
41. He's spoiled by all that by him pass;
His neighbor's scorn he's made.

42. His foes thou causest to rejoice;
Confirming their right hand.
43. His sword was blunted, nor could he
In day of battle stand.
44. His throne thou levelest with the ground;
And hast eclipsed his fame.
45. His youth, and reign,thou short hast cut;
And covered him with shame.

Fifth Part

46. How long, O Lord, wilt thou abscond,
And we thy absence mourn?
Forever? shall thy wrath, like fire,
Against thy people burn?
47. Oh, call to mind, what is the age
Thou dost for man ordain?
Wherefore hast thou created all
The sons of men in vain.

48. What ,an that lives, can death escape?
What skill, or power, can save
His soul from his strong griping hands?
Or rescue from the grave?
49. Where's Lord,thy former love, thou didst
In truth, to David, swear?
50. Remember, Lord, with what contempt,
Thy servants treated are:

I've, in my bosom, the reproach
Of mighty people borne;
51. Wherewith thine enemies, O Lord,
Have poured out their scorn;
They thine anointed's steps traduced,
And thus reproached thee.
52. Blessed be the Lord forever more;
Amen; Amen; say we.

A New Version of the Psalms of David, 1752

Author: John Barnard

John Barnard, born in Boston, Nov. 6, 1681; in 1752 made a version of psalms with the music; settled at Marblehead; introduced new music ther; died Jan 14, 1770, aged 89. A Dictionary of Musical Information by John W. Moore, Boston: Oliver, Ditson & Company, 1876  Go to person page >

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First Line: The mercies of the Lord I'll sing
Author: John Barnard
Place of Origin: Marblehead, Massachusetts
Language: English
Copyright: Public Domain


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