John Barnard

Short Name: John Barnard
Full Name: Barnard, John, 1681-1770
Birth Year: 1681
Death Year: 1770

John Barnard, born in Boston, Nov. 6, 1681; in 1752 made a version of psalms with the music; settled at Marblehead; introduced new music ther; died Jan 14, 1770, aged 89.

A Dictionary of Musical Information by John W. Moore, Boston: Oliver, Ditson & Company, 1876

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Amidst the assemblies of the greatJohn Barnard (Author)English1
As pants the chased, thirsty hartJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Behold; how charming is the sightJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Behold how good it provesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Bless, Lord, thine heritageJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Blest be the Lord, even Israel's GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Bow down, O Lord, thine ear, hear meJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Clap hands, all people, shout to GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Come, let us praise the Lord, He's blessed the Lord that fearsJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Deliver me, O God, To help me, Lord, make hasteJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Do ye speak Righteousness, indeedJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Except the Lord do build the house, The builders labor all in vainJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Fools, in their heart, say there's no God, They so corrupt and base are grownJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Forever blessed be the Lord, My Rock; who doth instruct me rightJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Fret not thyself, though wicked menJohn Barnard (Author)English1
From ancient times I have declared, I am the Lord aloneJohn Barnard (Author)English1
From my youth up, may Israel say (Barnard)John Barnard (Author)English1
Give ear, O God, unto my prayerJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Give, Lord, the King, thy clearest lightJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Give thanks to God, call on his name, And make his deeds to nations knownJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Give thanks to God, for he is good, His mercy ever flowsJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Give thanks to God, for he is good; His mercy's ever sureJohn Barnard (Author)English1
God, in the congregation, standsJohn Barnard (Author)English1
God is our refuge, where we're safeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
God of my praise, hold not thy peace. For opened, to my wrongJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Great is the Lord, immensely greatJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Great is the Lord, supremely greatJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Had not the Lord, may Israel say, Appeared on our sideJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Hark, 'tis the voice of wisdom criesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Have mercy, Lord, mercy I craveJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Have pity upon me, O GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
He that, the Highest's secret placeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Hear, Lord, my prayer, to my requestJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Hear this all people, and give ear, All ye that dwell on earthJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Help, Lord; the godly Man decaysJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Ho! every one that thirsteth, come Where living waters flowJohn Barnard (Author)English1
How amiable, Lord of hosts, How pleasant is the placeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
How long wilt Thou forget me, Lord? Forever shall thy promise failJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I cried aloud, unto the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I did resolve to guard my waysJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I firmly on the Lord relyJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I love the Lord, who heard the voiceJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I thought to guard my ways with careJohn Barnard (Author)English1
If to the hills I lift mine eyesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I'll sing the triumphs of the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I'll thee extol, my God, and KingJohn Barnard (Author)English1
I'll thee extol, O Lord, on highJohn Barnard (Author)English1
In Judah, God's most clearly knownJohn Barnard (Author)English1
In thee, O Lord, I place my trust, Me never put to shameJohn Barnard (Author)English1
In Thee, O Lord, I place my trust, O put me not to shameJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah ever reignsJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah, God of vengeance, shineJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah his foundations laidJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah in the holy mountsJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah, my kind shepherd isJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah reigns, let all the earth, Triumphantly rejoiceJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah reigns, with strength begirtJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah said unto my Lord, Sit thou enthroned at my right handJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah sovereign King doth reignJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jehovah to my prayer attendJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Jesus! the very thought of TheeBarnard (Author)English1
Join all thy powers, O my soulJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Judge me, O Lord, who only canJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Judge me, O Lord, with upright heartJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Let all the earth, in shouts, to GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Let all the nations, through the earthJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Let heaven, and earth, unite, to payJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Let heaven's wide arch, while I shall speakJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Let's join, and hallelujah singJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Lo; all ye servants of the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Lord, from the heart, and depth of woeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Lord God of my salvation, IJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Lord, hearken to my cryJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Lord, save me from the evil Man, And such as evil areJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Lord, who hath our report believedJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Loud hallelujahs sing, From heavens Jehovah praiseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Mercy, and judgment, claim my songJohn Barnard (Author)English1
My breast is inspired John Barnard (Author)English1
My God, my God, wherefore hast thou, Forsaken me, and why (Barnard)John Barnard (Author)English1
My heart concludes, the bold in sinJohn Barnard (Author)English1
My heart rejoiced to hearJohn Barnard (Author)English1
My people close attention giveJohn Barnard (Author)English1
My soul, Jehovah bless; my GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
My soul, to magnify the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
My voice, O God, in my prayer hearJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Nations, that long in darkness walkedJohn Barnard (Author)English2
Not unto us Lord; not to us, But glory to thy nameJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Now Lord, as thou hast said, dismissJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Now unto him whose love has shownJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O all ye monarchs of the earthJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O blessed man, whom God forgivesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O come, let us, in consort joinJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O come, let us unite and singJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O God, my heart is fixed, My tongue shall sing Thy praiseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O God, my Righteousness who artJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O God, thou art my Gracious GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O God, to me let mercy flowJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O God, to our repeated criesJohn Barnard (Author)English2
O happy day when saints shall meetJohn Barnard (Author)English28
O Holy, holy, holy, Lord, Almighty God's thy NameJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, I'll thee extol with praiseJohn Barnard (Author)1
O Lord, my God, in thee aloneJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, my heart's not haughty grownJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, my troublers great are grownJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, our ears have often heardJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth, How excellent's thy nameJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, rebuke me not in wrath, Nor, in Thy rage chastiseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, thou do'st me search, and know, Whether I sit, or riseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O Lord, when thou dost me rebukeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O mighty God, preserve thou me, From all my restless foesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
O wherefore Lord as unconcernedJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Our refuge is in GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise God, my soul, praise thou the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise God, praise him in's house belowJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord, give thanks to himJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord; his Servants praise, His sacred name adoreJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord, sing unto GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to sing, The praises of our God, and KingJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord, who hath avengedJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Praise ye the Lord with my whole heart, I will Jehovah praiseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord, 'Tis yours His fame to raiseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Rise, Lord, and let thine enemiesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Save me, my God, from all my foesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Save me O God for mighty floodsJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Save me, O God, for thy name's sakeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Shout to Jehovah all the earth; Serve him with cheerful heart and voiceJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Sing to Jehovah a new song, For wonders he hath wroughtJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Sing to Jehovah a new song, In this agree let every tongueJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Sublimer thoughts inspire my breastJohn Barnard (Author)English1
That man is blessed, who fears the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The fool in's heart saith, there's no GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The gracious Lord is still, to meJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The heathen, Lord, thy heritageJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The King, in thy strengthJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The King shall in thy strength rejoice, O Lord; what shouts of praiseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The Lamb is worthy that was slain; Riches, and power to him belongJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The Lord attend to thy requestJohn Barnard (Author)1
The Lord's my Light and saving Health, Why should I be dismay'dJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The mercies of the Lord I'll singJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The mighty God, Jehovah spake, Did through the earth his summons makeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The mighty God, Jehovah spake, To the whole earth did callJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The mountain of Jehovah's houseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
The rights of justice hear O LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thee, Lord, my strength, I'll dearly loveJohn Barnard (Author)English1
There we sat down, and wept, by streamsJohn Barnard (Author)English1
They, like to Sion's sacred mountJohn Barnard (Author)English1
This globe of earth, with all its storesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
This spacious globe of earthJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thou hast cast off, and scattered usJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thou Lord, the glory, honor, powerJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thou, Lord, thy land hast favor shownJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thou, who ledest Joseph, like a flockJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thou worthy art to take the book And open every sealJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Though the earth sit silent, yet thy praiseJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thrice blest are all that fear the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thrice blest are the undefiled in wayJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thrice blest the man, who ne'er thinks fitJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thrice blest the man, whom God forgivesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thrice blest the man, whose thoughtful mindJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Through all my days, I'll bless the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Through all the changing scenes, have pastJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Through all the heavens, thy glory, LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Thus saith the church's HeadJ. Barnard (Author)7
Thy promise, Lord, to David, mindJohn Barnard (Author)English1
'Tis good, and sweet, to thank the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
'Tis good to thank the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
To God, let all the earthJohn Barnard (Author)English1
To thee, for succour, in distressJohn Barnard (Author)English1
To thee, O God, I lift my soulJohn Barnard (Author)English1
To Thee, O Lord, I cry, Make haste, for me appearJohn Barnard (Author)English1
To thee, O Lord, my Rock, I cry, O do not silent let me keepJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Truly, my soul doth wait on GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Unto my words, O Lord give earJohn Barnard (Author)English1
We thank and praise thee, GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
When Isr'l was from Egypt freed, And from strange language, Jacob's seedJohn Barnard (Author)English1
When man, I see, grows bold in sinJohn Barnard (Author)English1
When Sion's captives God returnedJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Wherefore, O mighty man, dost thouJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Whilst shepherds, in the open fieldJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Who, Lord, shall to thy courts repairJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Why do the heathen furious rageJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Why do the Heathen madly rageJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Why hast for ever cast us offJohn Barnard (Author)English1
With all my heart, eternal GodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
With joy I heard the people sayJohn Barnard (Author)English1
With mournful voice, and ardent criesJohn Barnard (Author)English1
With my whole heart, my sacrificeJohn Barnard (Author)English1
With raised voice, to God, our strengthJohn Barnard (Author)English1
With them that strive, and fight with meJohn Barnard (Author)English1
With unmoved patience, for the LordJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Ye nations every where, of Jew, or GentileJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Ye servants of the Almighty King, Your joyful hallelujahs singJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Yet truly God to Israel's goodJohn Barnard (Author)English1
Your thanks, to God, most good repeatJohn Barnard (Author)English1

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