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Look Beyond

Author: Harold B. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #7009 Meter: D Person Name: Harold B. Adams First Line: Traveler on the road of sin and sorrow Refrain First Line: Look beyond! the clouds are parting slowly Lyrics: 1 Traveler on the road of sin and sorrow, Baffled by the storms, and in despair, Fear not, for the dawn will come tomorrow, When will flee all trials, toil and care. Refrain: Look beyond! the clouds are parting slowly; Look beyond! to pearly gates so fair; Look beyond! where rest the meek and lowly; Look beyond! the crowns and palms are there. 2 There are trials that we must encounter, Overcome we must our stubborn wills; Fly to Jesus, then, the living water— He can wash and cleanse us from all ills. [Refrain] 3 Look beyond, there’s rest just over yonder; Soon we’ll leave this earthly house of clay; If we’re ready, freely death may sunder. Bright will dawn the light of perfect day. [Refrain] Tune Title: MOUNT RORAIMA

I Feel the Winds of God Today

Author: Jessie Adams Hymnal: CYBER #2776 Meter: D Person Name: Jessie Adams Lyrics: 1. I feel the winds of God today; today my sail I lift, Though heavy, oft with drenching spray, and torn with many a rift; If hope but light the water’s crest, and Christ my bark will use, I’ll seek the seas at His behest, and brave another cruise. 2. It is the wind of God that dries my vain regretful tears, Until with braver thoughts shall rise the purer, brighter years; If cast on shores of selfish ease or pleasure I should be; Lord, let me feel Thy freshening breeze, and I’ll put back to sea. 3. If ever I forget Thy love and how that love was shown, Lift high the blood red flag above; it bears Thy name alone. Great pilot of my onward way, Thou wilt not let me drift; I feel the winds of God today, today my sail I lift. Languages: English Tune Title: KINGSFOLD

We Praise Thee, God, For Harvests Earned

Author: John C. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #12988 Meter: Person Name: John C. Adams Lyrics: 1 We praise Thee, God, for harvests earned, The fruits of labor garnered in; But praise Thee more for soil unturned From which the yield is yet to win! 2 We praise Thee for the harbor’s lee, And moorings safe in waters still; But more for leagues of open sea, Where favoring gales our canvas fill. 3 We praise Thee for the conflicts won, For captured strongholds of the foe; But more for fields whereon the sun Lights us when we to battle go. 4 We praise Thee for life’s gathered gains, And blessings in our cup that brim; But more for pledge of what remains Past the horizon’s utmost rim! Languages: English Tune Title: WALTHAM

Heaven Is Here, Where Hymns of Gladness

Author: John Adams Hymnal: CYBER #2249 Meter: D Person Name: John Adams Lyrics: 1. Heaven is here, where hymns of gladness Cheer the toilers’ rugged way, In this world where clouds of sadness Often change to night our day; Heaven is here, where misery lightened Of its heavy load is seen, Where the face of sorrow brightened, By the deed of love hath been. 2. Where the sad, the poor, despairing, Are uplifted, cheered, and blest, Where in others’ labors sharing, We can find our surest rest; Where we heed the voice of duty, Tread the path that Jesus trod; This is Heaven, its peace, its beauty, Radiant with the love of God. Languages: English Tune Title: AUSTRIA (Haydn)

The Hour-Glass

Author: John Quincy Adams Hymnal: CYBER #2559 Meter: D Person Name: John Quincy Adams First Line: Alas! how swift the moments fly Lyrics: 1. Alas! how swift the moments fly! How flash the years along! Scarce here, yet gone already by, The burden of a song. See childhood, youth, and manhood pass, And age, with furrowed brow; Time was—Time shall be—drain the glass— But where in Time is now? 2. Time is the measure but of change; No present hour is found; The past, the future, fill the range Of Time’s unceasing round. Where, then is now? In realms above, With God’s atoning Lamb, In regions of eternal love, Where sits enthroned I AM. 3. Then pilgrim, let thy joys and tears On Time no longer lean; But henceforth all thy hopes and fears From earth’s affections wean: To God let votive accents rise; With truth, with virtue, live; So all the bliss that Time denies Eternity shall give. Languages: English Tune Title: GERALD

Hark, 'Tis the Holy Temple's Bell

Author: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Hymnal: CYBER #2646 Meter: Person Name: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 First Line: Hark! 'tis the holy temple's bell Lyrics: 1. Hark! ’tis the holy temple’s bell; The voice that summons me to prayer: My heart, each roving fancy quell; Come, to the house of God repair. 2. There, while, in orison sublime, Souls to the throne of God ascend, Let no unhallowed child of time Profane pollutions with them blend. 3. How for thy wants canst thou implore, Crave for thy frailties pardon free, Of praise the votive tribute pour, Or bend, in thanks, the grateful knee, 4. If, from the awful King of kings, Each bauble lures thy soul astray; If to this dust of earth it clings, And, fickle, flies from heaven away; 5. Pure as the blessed seraph’s vow, O, let the sacred concert rise; Intent with humble rapture bow, Adore the Ruler of the skies. 6. Bid earthborn atoms all depart; Within thyself collected, fall; And give one day, rebellious heart, Unsullied to the Lord of all! Languages: English Tune Title: RECTOR POTENS

Lord of All Worlds

Author: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Hymnal: CYBER #3578 Meter: Person Name: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 First Line: Lord of all worlds, let thanks and praise Lyrics: 1. Lord of all worlds, let thanks and praise To Thee forever fill my soul; With blessings Thou hast crowned my days, My heart, my head, my hand control. O, let no vain presumptions rise, No impious murmur in my heart, To crave the boon Thy will denies, Or shrink from ill Thy hands impart. 2. Thy child am I, and not an hour, Revolving in the orbs above, But brings some token of Thy power, But brings some token of Thy love; And shall this bosom dare repine, In darkness dare deny the dawn, Or spurn the treasures of the mine, Because one diamond is withdrawn? 3. The fool denies, the fool alone, Thy being, Lord, and boundless might; Denies the firmament, Thy throne, Denies the sun’s meridian light; Denies the fashion of his frame, The voice he hears, the breath he draws; O idiot atheist! to proclaim Effects unnumbered without cause! 4. Matter and mind, mysterious one, Are man’s for threescore years and ten; Where, ere the thread of life was spun? Where, when reduced to dust again? All seeing God, the doubt suppress; The doubt Thou only canst relieve; My soul Thy Savior Son shall bless, Fly to Thy Gospel, and believe. Languages: English Tune Title: DUANE STREET

O Lord My God! How Great Art Thou!

Author: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Hymnal: CYBER #5113 Meter: Person Name: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 First Line: O Lord my God! how great art Thou Lyrics: 1. O Lord my God! how great art Thou! With honor and with glory crowned; Light’s dazzling splendors veil Thy brow, And gird the universe around. 2. Spirits and angels Thou hast made; Thy ministers a flaming fire; By Thee were earth’s foundations laid; At Thy rebuke the floods retire. 3. Thine are the fountains of the deep; By Thee their waters swell or fail; Up to the mountain’s summit creep, Or shrink beneath the lowly vale. 4. Thy fingers mark their utmost found; That bound the waters may not pass; Their moisture swells the teeming ground, And paints the valleys o’er with grass. 5. The waving harvest, Lord, is Thine; The vineyard, and the olive’s juice; Corn, wine, and oil, by Thee combine, Life, gladness, beauty, produce. 6. The moon for seasons Thou hast made, The sun for change of day and night; Of darkness Thine the deepest shade, And Thine the day’s meridian light. 7. O Lord, Thy works are all divine; In wisdom hast Thou made them all; Earth’s teeming multitudes are Thine; Thine—peopled oceans great and small. 8. All these on Thee for life depend; Thy Spirit speaks, and they are born; They gather what Thy bounties send; Thy hand of plenty fills the horn. 9. Thy face is hidden—they turn pale, With terror quake, with anguish burn; Their breath Thou givest to the gale; They die, and to their dust return. 10. And Thou, my soul, with pure delight, Thy voice to bless thy Maker raise; His praise let morning sing to night, And night to morn repeat His praise. Languages: English Tune Title: HAMBURG

O Lord, Thy All Discerning Eyes

Author: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Hymnal: CYBER #5151 Meter: D Person Name: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Lyrics: 1. O Lord, Thy all discerning eyes My inmost purpose see; My deeds, my words, my thoughts, arise Alike disclosed to Thee: My sitting down, my rising up, Broad noon, and deepest night, My path, my pillow, and my cup, Are open to Thy sight. 2. Before, behind, I meet Thine eye, And feel Thy heavy hand: Such knowledge is for me too high, To reach or understand: What of Thy wonders can I know? What of Thy purpose see? Where from Thy Spirit shall I go? Where from Thy presence flee? 3. If I ascend to Heaven on high, Or make my bed in hell; Or take the morning’s wings, and fly O’er ocean’s bounds to dwell; Or seek, from Thee, a hiding place Amid the gloom of night— Alike to Thee are time and space, The darkness and the light. Languages: English Tune Title: JESUS IS GOD

O That the Race of Men Would Raise

Author: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Hymnal: CYBER #5414 Meter: Person Name: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Lyrics: 1. O that the race of men would raise Their voices to their heav’nly King, And with the sacrifice of praise The glories of Jehovah sing! Ye navigators of the sea, Your course on ocean’s tides who keep, And there Jehovah’s wonders see, His wonders in the briny deep! 2. He speaks; conflicting whirlwinds fly; The waves in swelling torrents flow; They mount, aspire to Heaven on high; They sink, as if to hell below: Their souls with terror melt away; They stagger as if drunk with wine Their skill is vain, to Thee they pray; O, save them, Energy divine! 3. He stays the storm; the waves subside; Their hearts with rapture are inspired; Soft breezes waft them o’er the tide, In gladness, to their port desired: O that mankind the song would raise, Jehovah’s goodness to proclaim! Assembled nations shout His praise, Assembled elders bless His name! Languages: English Tune Title: DUANE STREET


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