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O Holy Father, Who in Tender Love

Author: Edward H. Bickersteth Hymnal: CYBER #4959 Meter: Lyrics: 1. O holy Father, who in tender love Didst give Thine only Son for us to die, The while He pleads at Thy right hand above, We in one Spirit now with faith draw nigh, And, as we eat this bread and drink this wine, Plead His once offered sacrifice divine. 2. We are not worthy to be called Thy sons, Nor gather up the fragments of Thy feast; Yet look on us, Thy sorrowing contrite ones, On us in Him our Advocate and Priest, Whose robe is fringed with mercy’s golden bells, Whose breastplate fathomless compassion tells. 3. O hear us, for Thou always hearest Him; Behold us sprinkled with His precious blood; And from between the shadowing cherubim Shine forth, and grant us in this heavenly food Foretastes of coming glory, and meanwhile A Father’s blessing and a Father’s smile. 4. Nor only, Father, in Thy presence here Low at Thy footstool for ourselves we pray, But for the loved ones to our hearts most near At home or toiling in far lands away; O guard them, guide them, comfort and befriend, And keep them Thine unfaltering to the end. 5. And, Father, ere we leave Thy mercy-throne, Bound by these sacred pledges, yet most free, We give our hearts, and not our hearts alone, But all we are and all we have to Thee; Glad free-will offerings all our pilgrim days, Hereafter an eternity of praise. Languages: English Tune Title: UNDE ET MEMORES

Stay, Master, Stay upon This Heavenly Hill

Author: Samuel Greg Hymnal: CYBER #6161 Meter: First Line: Stay, Master, stay, upon this heavenly hill Lyrics: 1. Stay, Master, stay, upon this heavenly hill; A little longer, let us linger still; With all the mighty ones of old beside, Near to God’s holy presence still abide; Before the throne of light we trembling stand, And catch a glimpse into the spirit land. 2. Stay, Master, stay! we breathe a purer air; This life is not the life that waits us there; Thoughts, feelings, flashes, glimpses come and go; We cannot speak them—nay, we do not know; Wrapped in this cloud of light we seem to be The thing we fain would grow—eternally. 3. No! saith the Lord, the hour is past, we go; Our home, our life, our duties lie below. While here we kneel upon the mount of prayer, The plough lies waiting in the furrow there! Here we sought God that we might know His will; There we must do it, serve Him, seek Him still. 4. If man aspires to reach the throne of God, O’er the dull plains of earth must lie the road; He who best does his lowly duty here, Shall mount the highest in a nobler sphere: At God’s own feet our spirits seek their rest, And he is dearest Him who serves Him best. Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

Through Love to Light

Author: Rich­ard W. Gild­er, 1844-1909 Hymnal: CYBER #6808 Meter: First Line: Through love to light! O wonderful the way Lyrics: Through love to light! O wonderful the way That leads from darkness to the perfect day! From darkness and from sorrow of the night To morn that cometh singing o’er the sea. Through love to light! through light, O God, to Thee, Who art the love of love, th’eternal light of light! Languages: English Tune Title: NACHTLIED

Told in the Market-Place

Author: Edwina S. Babcock Hymnal: CYBER #6856 Meter: First Line: That day the doves with burnished silver breasts Lyrics: 1. That day the doves with burnished silver breasts Uneasy were; we, halt and blind and lame, Within the temple waited, ugly guests, Hoping, in spite of filth, disease and shame; Outside the multitude waved branches green Calling, Hosanna to the Nazarene. 2. I shrank close to the roof-prop, for my eyes Were dead to seeing: but heard I the coins, The piles of clinking silver shekels rise, Poured from sheiks’ bags and belts ’round merchant loins; I heard the purple priced; and in between Far off, Hosanna to the Nazarene. 3. I could not see Him enter, but I heard The multitude and smelled the dusty throng: Old Anab brushed me with his ragged beard, Muttering, Kneel, thou! He will speak ere long. Yea—though five time more leprous I had been I would come here to implore the Nazarene. 4. But then the woman Terah, ill of pox, Began to whimper, See, He bringeth woe! He overturns the booths, the treasure box, Eyes blazing on the sellers. Let us go! He’ll scourge us, smite us! Tush! It is well seen We shall be cursèd of the Nazarene. 5. A form swept past us, we in terror caught A man’s clear voice of anger: then the sound Of fleeing feet of traffickers, onslaught On booths, and tables crashing to the ground. I heard the money scatter and careen Under the spurning of the Nazarene. 6. Rachel, a maiden, clutched my sleeve, and shrank With me behind the curtain, and the crowd Surged wildly past. For us, our dear hopes sank Under that stern voice cutting like a goad, Judging, arraigning, charging; ’mid the spleen Of money-changers, stood the Nazarene! 7. This temple is My house, the House of Prayer! His voice was like the wind that whips the leaves. But with your buyings and your sellings there Ye—ye have made My house a den of thieves. Then little Rachel sobbed, Awful is His mien; His eyes are flames; I fear the Nazarene. 8. But when the temple silenced—while a dove Fluttered and soared and beat against the roof, We frightened beggars heard a voice of love Calling us gently; then His tender proof He gave. He healed us! I, who e’er had been Blind from my birth—I saw the Nazarene! Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

Thou, Who at Thy First Eucharist Didst Pray

Author: William H. Turton Hymnal: CYBER #6996 Meter: Lyrics: 1. Thou, who at Thy first Eucharist didst pray That all Thy Church might be forever one, Grant us at ev’ry Eucharist to say With longing heart and soul, Thy will be done. O may we all one bread, one body be, Through this blest sacrament of unity. 2. For all Thy Church, O Lord, we intercede; Make Thou our sad divisions soon to cease; Draw us the nearer each to each, we plead, By drawing all to Thee, O Prince of Peace; Thus may we all one bread, one body be, Through this blest sacrament of unity. 3. We pray Thee too for wand’rers from Thy fold; O bring them back, good Shepherd of the sheep, Back to the faith which saints believed of old, Back to the Church which still that faith doth keep; Soon may we all one bread, one body be, Through this blest sacrament of unity. 4. So, Lord, at length when sacraments shall cease, May we be one with all Thy Church above, One with Thy saints in one unbroken peace, One with Thy saints in one unbounded love; More blessèd still, in peace and love to be One with the Trinity in unity. Languages: English Tune Title: SACRAMENTUM UNITATIS

Glory To God! We Were In Bitter Need

Author: A. M. M. Hymnal: CYBER #10691 Meter: Lyrics: 1 Glory to God! We were in bitter need, We sat in darkness long and weary days; But now our light is come, the Light indeed, And we may rise and shine with kindred rays; The God-Man comes down so we can now ascend, The Guiltless drinks guilt’s woes to work their end. 2 O mystic gift of God Omnipotent! O happiness for man, most deep, most dear! This is no theme for subtle argument, No lore of earth hath lot or portion here; That the Great God should so abasèd be— We speak, we cannot search, the mystery. 3 The dew of God is on the parchèd fleece, The sapless rod blooms with immortal flowers, The virgin bears a Son, our utter peace, Nor knows pollution in her travail’s hours; We cannot speak that birth, but we confess Most great the mystery of godliness. 4 Though it may chance the shipmen toil and row, With countless wrecks far strewn on either hand, They see a star above the waters glow, There is an ark which sights the pleasant land; There is a door of life set wide, which none Can open to lorn souls, can shut, save One. 5 O not with observation came He then Into our world, but soon the day shall be When with great glory He shall come again With all His saints, and every eye shall see Him whom they piercèd. When we meet Thee thus Let there be mercy, O our God, on us. Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

Oh More Than Merciful

Author: Reginald Heber, 1783-1826 Hymnal: CYBER #10961 Meter: First Line: Oh more than merciful! whose bounty gave Lyrics: 1 Oh more than merciful! whose bounty gave Thy guiltless self to glut the greedy grave! Whose heart was rent to pay Thy people’s price; The great high priest at once and sacrifice! Help, Savior, by Thy cross and crimson stain, Nor let Thy glorious blood be spilt in vain! 2 When sin with flowery garland hides her dart, When tyrant force would daunt the sinking heart, When fleshly lust assails, or worldly care, Or the soul flutters in the flower’s snare— Help, Savior, by Thy cross and crimson stain, Nor let Thy glorious blood be spilt in vain! 3 And, chiefest then, when nature yields the strife, And mortal darkness wraps the gate of life; When the poor spirit, from the tomb set free, Sinks at Thy feet and lifts its hope to Thee— Help, Savior, by Thy cross and crimson stain, Nor let Thy glorious blood be spilt in vain! Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

Not To Our Names

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: CYBER #11759 Meter: First Line: Not to our names, Thou only just and true Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

The Humble Inquiry

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: CYBER #12050 Meter: First Line: Grace rules below, and sits enthroned above Lyrics: 1 Grace rules below, and sits enthroned above, How few the sparks of wrath! how slow they move, And drop and die in boundless seas of love! 2 But me, vile wretch! should pitying love embrace Deep in its ocean, hell itself would blaze, And flash and burn me through the boundless seas. 3 Yea, Lord, my guilt to such a vastness grown Seems to confine my choice to wrath alone, And calls Thy power to vindicate Thy throne. 4 Thine honor bids, "Avenge Thy injured name," Thy slighted loves a dreadful glory claim, While my moist tears might but incense Thy flame. 5 Should heav’n grow black, almighty thunder roar, And vengeance blast me, I could plead no more, But own Thy justice, dying, and adore. 6 Yet can those bolts of death that cleave the flood To reach a rebel, pierce this sacred shroud, Tinged in the vital stream of my Redeemer’s blood? Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE

Prayer For Rain

Author: Hannah J. Lewis, 1816-1885 Hymnal: CYBER #12722 Meter: First Line: Rain, rain! the meadow lands are all athirst Lyrics: 1 Rain, rain! the meadow lands are all athirst; The leaves grow crisp upon the forest trees; The flowers that spring’s abundant moisture nursed Yield no more fragrance to the passing breeze— They have all bowed their heads like things accursed And when shall fresher ones succeed to these? 2 Along the bed of the once rushing brook We seek in vain to trace its sparkling tide; And far away in some old shady nook, Where late its crystal drops it loved to hide. The clustering branches bend, and vainly look For the lost jewels, once the woodland pride! 3 Clouds rise and float across the azure main, The thunder sends its greeting o’er the hills, But the soft falling and refreshing rain No more the parching earth with gladness fills; And the sere upland, with the barren plain Unheeded supplicate the vanished rills. 4 God of the storm and the reviving shower, Look Thou in mercy on our sorest need! Let not the harvest fail, since Thine the power To fill the reaper’s hand with priceless meed: We look to Thee in this o’ershadowed hour, For blessings which alone from Thee proceed! Languages: English Tune Title: YORKSHIRE


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