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In Royal Robes of Splendor

Author: Adam of St. Victor, ?-1182; Jackson Mason Hymnal: CYBER #3038 Meter: D Person Name: Adam of St. Victor, ?-1182 Lyrics: 1. In royal robes of splendor, Before the great King’s feet, The princes of His kingdom, The crowned apostles, meet; To Him their songs adoring With heart and tongue they bring, Pure hearts and mighty voices— E’en as the angels sing. 2. This Order sheds its luster O’er all the human race; A court of righteous judgment, The rock of Gospel grace; Rock of His Church, for ages Elected and foreknown; Whose glorious master builder Is head and cornerstone. 3. These are the Nazareans, Famed heralds to the world, Who, preaching Christ, His banner Of victory unfurled; Day unto day shows knowledge; Night utters speech to night; So these to earth’s four corners Their wondrous tale recite. 4. Christ’s burden light they proffer, His easy yoke proclaim; The seed of life they scatter, That all may own His name. The earth brought forth and budded, Where’er their ploughshare ran, And fruits of increase followed The faith of God made man. 5. These are the sure foundation On which the Temple stands; The living stones compacting That house not made with hands; The gates by which man enters Jerusalem the new; The bond which knits together The Gentile and the Jew. 6. Let error flee before them, Let truth extend her way; Let dread of final judgment To faith and love give way; That, loosed from our offenses, We then may numbered be Among Thy saints in glory Around the throne with Thee. Languages: English Tune Title: STOLA REGIA

Joy and Triumph Everlasting

Author: Adam of St. Victor; Robert S. Bridges Hymnal: CYBER #3417 Meter: Person Name: Adam of St. Victor Lyrics: 1. Joy and triumph everlasting Hath the heav’nly Church on high; For that pure immortal gladness All our feast days mourn and sigh: Yet in death’s dark desert wild Doth the mother aid her child; Guards celestial thence attend us, Stand in combat to defend us. 2. Here the world’s perpetual warfare Holds from Heav’n the soul apart; Legioned foes in shadowy terror Vex the Sabbath of the heart. O how happy that estate Where delight doth not abate! For that home the spirit yearneth, Where none languisheth nor mourneth. 3. There the body hath no torment, There the mind is free from care, There is every voice rejoicing, Every heart is loving there. Angels in that city dwell; Them their King delighteth well: Still they joy and weary never, More and more desiring ever. 4. There the seers and fathers holy, There the prophets glorified, All their doubts and darkness ended, In the Light of Light abide. There the saints, whose memories old We in faithful hymns uphold, Have forgot their bitter story In the joy of Jesus’ glory. Languages: English Tune Title: BOURGEOIS

Yesterday, with Exultation

Author: Adam of St. Victor; John M. Neale Hymnal: CYBER #7786 Meter: Person Name: Adam of St. Victor Lyrics: 1. Yesterday, with exultation, Joined the world in celebration, Of her promised Savior’s birth; Yesterday the angel nation Poured the strains of jubilation O’er the monarch born on earth. 2. But today o’er death victorious, By his faith and actions glorious, By his miracles renowned, See the deacon triumph gaining, ’Midst the faithless faith sustaining, First of holy martyrs found. 3. Onward, champion, falter never, Sure of sure reward forever, Holy Stephen, persevere; Perjured witnesses confounding, Satan’s synagogues astounding By thy doctrine true and clear. 4. Thine own witness is in Heaven, True and faithful, to thee given, Witness of thy blamelessness; By thy name a crown implying, Meet it is thou shouldst be dying For the crown of righteousness. 5. For the crown that fadeth never Bear the torturer’s brief endeavor; Victory waits to end the strife; Death shall be thy life’s beginning, And life’s losing be the winning Of the true and better life. 6. Filled with God’s most Holy Spirit, See the Heav’n thou shalt inherit, Stephen, gaze into the skies; There God’s glory steadfast viewing, Thence thy victor strength renewing, Pant for thy eternal prize. 7. See, as Jewish foes invade thee, See how Jesus stands to aid thee, Stands at God’s right hand on high: Tell how opened heaven is shown thee, Tell how Jesus waits to own thee, Tell it with thy latest cry. 8. As the dying martyr kneeleth, For his murderers he appealeth, For their madness grieving sore; Then in Christ he sleepeth sweetly, And with Christ he reigneth meetly, Martyr firstfruits, evermore. Languages: English Tune Title: HERI MUNDUS EXULTAVIT

In Her Lord His Church Rejoices

Author: Adam of St. Victor, 12th Century; J. M.H. Hymnal: CYBER #10681 Meter: 8.8.7 D Person Name: Adam of St. Victor, 12th Century Lyrics: 1 In her Lord His Church rejoices, Whom the host of heavenly voices Welcome to His earthly throne: Peace from Heav’n their song reciteth, Earth to Heav’n it reuniteth, Church with angels now are one. 2 To the flesh the Word is chainèd As it had been fore-ordainèd: Unapproached by mortal man, Bears a virgin God’s own Temple, Nor exemplar nor exemple, Having since the worlds began. 3 ’Tis a marvel past discerning, That the bush with fire is burning, Yet the bush it not consumes; Dews the skies give, mists the mountains, Melt the clouds, the hills are fountains, And the Root of Jesse blooms. 4 From the Root the Flower upgroweth, As the oracle foreshoweth Filling the rapt seer with joy: Jesse’s Root was David’s pattern, So the Rod the Virgin matern, And its flower her heavenly Boy. 5 Where is gladness more abounding? Where the plummet deep for sounding Such abysmal mystery? Here is theme for endless wonder; Saints and angels, praising, ponder— God an infant deigns to be! 6 Every charm the Flower attendeth: It to inner sense commendeth Seven-fold grace’s rich perfume: Let us in this Flower delight us, To the feast which doth invite us With its fair and fragrant bloom. 7 Jesu, Branch that shall not wither, May the day which brought Thee hither, Bring Thy people joy and peace: Flower and fruit of virgin culture, Vital in Thy brief sepulture, Never shall Thy praises cease. Languages: English Tune Title: BONAR

Now The World New Pleasures Finds

Author: Adam of St. Victor, 12th century; Herbert Kynaston Hymnal: CYBER #10791 Meter: Person Name: Adam of St. Victor, 12th century Lyrics: 1 Now the world new pleasures finds; Hastes its votive sweets to pay; All its wintry shroud unwinds, Casts grave-clothes and night away. Wakes to see its Savior rise, Wakes on earth and in the skies; Keeps His Paschal holy day. 2 Nimbly glide the ductile fires; Rolls the light its tidal joys; Ocean’s axles smooth their tires; The world purges all alloys: Clouds ascend the highest blue, Weights their lowest depths pursue, Earth upholds its equipoise. 3 Heav’n itself, now more serene, Tempers all its breezes keen; Brightly smiles the waters’ sheen: And vales, terraced high in flowers, All their drought with streamlets flush, Pearl their dew with sunlight’s gush; Spring leads on his joyous hours. 4 Now the prince of all the world Winter’s icy flag has furled; Downward all his might is hurled; The tyrant of all mankind, When he sought the spotless soul Of the Savior to control, Cast his kingdom to the wind. 5 Life has triumphed over death; Sinking to the hell beneath, Man recovers living breath; And opens his eyes to see All the joys of paradise; For the cherub’s flaming sword Turns but one way—to the Lord. Languages: English Tune Title: THE BEGINNING OF MONTHS

Let Them Come To Me

Author: Mrs. A. H. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #8742 Meter: D Person Name: Mrs. A. H. Adams First Line: Hear the gentle Shepherd Refrain First Line: Yes, we come, dear Savior Lyrics: 1 Hear the gentle Shepherd Calling lambs like me, In His sweetest accents, "Let them come to Me." Refrain: Yes, we come, dear Savior We, a little band, Marching on together To that heav’nly land. 2 He will bid us enter— When our tirèd feet Reach the Golden City, He’ll be there to greet. [Refrain] 3 Thanks, dear blessèd Savior, For Thy words of love, Bidding children enter Thy bright courts above. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: KANPUR

Softly Sing Our Parting Lay

Author: Mrs. A. M. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #8752 Meter: D Person Name: Mrs. A. M. Adams Lyrics: 1 Softly sing our parting lay, Volume four we close today; Aspiration, courage, cheer, All are found recorded here. Lay this treasured book aside, Other volumes open wide, Rend we must our mutual bond, Grasp alone the more beyond! 2 Grasping things to us now sealed, Hidden truths will be revealed, Myriad wonders meet our eyes, Minds to higher levels rise. We would lighten others’ cares, Lift them heav’nward unawares; Not for self alone would live, Much received, would freely give. 3 Comrades, faint not, do not tire, After nobler things aspire; Ever onward, ne’er despond, This our signal, "More beyond." Glorious race may each one run, Priceless plaudits hear—"Well done, Lay then every burden down; Welcome, victor, wear thy crown." Languages: English Tune Title: LEE

Clinging To The Cross

Author: B. M. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #13901 Meter: D with repeat Person Name: B. M. Adams First Line: Sad and weary with my longing Refrain First Line: All I have I leave for Jesus Lyrics: 1 Sad and weary with my longing, Filled with shame because of sin; As I am in conscious weakness, Here I would salvation win. Refrain: All I have I leave for Jesus, I am counting it but dross; I am coming to the Master, I am clinging to the cross. Clinging, clinging, Clinging to the cross. 2 O the joy of knowing Jesus, It is dawning on my soul; I am finding His salvation, And the power that makes me whole. [Refrain] 3 O refine me by Thy Spirit, Make my earthly life sublime, With my heart a home for Jesus, Till I’m done with earth and time. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: SAN GIOVANNI

We Are Soldiers

Author: Carrie B. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #7176 Person Name: Carrie B. Adams First Line: We're soldiers in the army of the Lord, our king Refrain First Line: Then march, march forward with the Lord, our king Lyrics: 1. We’re soldiers in the army of the Lord, our king; Let us gladly sing, let our voices ring! We’re marching on to victory with our banner bright, On the side of right, and the Lord’s our light! At the call of duty we will forward go, With our master, Jesus, ’gainst the bravest foe; With Him as our commander, this we surely know, That we’ll conquer in His name. Refrain Then march, march forward with the Lord, our king; Then march, march forward, let us gladly sing; Our watchword Forward! let our voices ring! All faith in Jesus Christ our king. Then march, march forward with the Lord, our king; Then march, march forward, let us gladly sing; Our watchword Forward! let our voices ring! All faith in Jesus Christ our king. 2. We’re marching with our banner floating in the air; See! ’tis pure and fair, Jesus’ name is there! And while we’re pressing onward with our courage strong, If the way is long, cheer it with a song. If we strive to do our master’s bidding here, We will win the battle, trust Him, never fear! Then sing in loud hosannas to that name so dear, Glorify our Lord and king! [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [We're soldiers in the army of the Lord, our king]

Lord,When To Thee A Little Lad

Hymnal: CYBER #14696 Meter: Person Name: Juliette Aurelia Graves Adams First Line: Lord, when to Thee a little lad Lyrics: 1 Lord, when to Thee a little lad Brought the small loaves of bread, Thy touch enlarged the gift, until Five thousand men were fed. 2 So wilt Thou take our offerings small, Of time, and work, and love, And multiply them many-fold, With blessings from above. Languages: English Tune Title: SWALLOWNEST


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