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Bits of Sunshine

Author: Isaiah Mench Chambers Hymnal: CYBER #7838 Tune Title: [A little bit of sunshine] First Line: A little bit of sunshine Refrain First Line: Sunshine, sunshine Lyrics: 1 A little bit of sunshine, A little word or two, Just falling as the moments Suggest the way to you; Ah! these will change the features Of all the world’s sad face, And give some soul the courage To stand within its place. Refrain: Sunshine; sunshine, A little bit of sunshine; Sunshine; sunshine, From out a heart of love. Sunshine; sunshine, A little bit of sunshine; Sunshine; sunshine, From out a heart of love. 2 A little bit of sunshine, Enough to throw a smile Upon some downcast spirit, His sorrows to beguile; Ah! this is what is needed More often than we know, By those whose hearts are aching Along their paths below. [Refrain] 3 These little bits of sunshine Caught from the skies above, Just falling with the moments, From out a heart of love; Such service truly given To each will surely bring, Its blessing here, and yonder, From Christ our Lord and king. [Refrain] Languages: English

A Little Child Is Born Tonight

Author: A. H. Brown Hymnal: CYBER #3599 Tune Title: [A little child is born tonight] Lyrics: 1. A little child is born tonight, And He shall lead His own, To endless day, to glory bright, To lands of everlasting light, And to our Father’s throne. A little child is born tonight, And in the starry sky, To Him the angels carols bring: Good will and peace to men, they sing, Glory to God on high, Glory to God on high. 2. A little child is born tonight, And shepherds haste to see Their God and King in infant form, And worship with their true hearts warm, The Christ on bended knee. A little child is born tonight, And wise men from afar Follow afresh that wondrous light, That gloweth in the heav’nly height, The Savior’s morning star, The Savior’s morning star. 3. A little child is born tonight, To hearts for long years lone, To Anna, widow, Simeon, sage Their Star of childhood, joy of age, For evermore their own. A little child is born tonight, O come ye, one and all, And hail in faith, and hope, and love, The child who left His throne above, To lie in yonder stall, To lie in yonder stall. Languages: English

A Little Kingdom I Possess

Author: Louisa M. Alcott Hymnal: CYBER #3806 Meter: D Tune Title: A LITTLE KINGDOM Lyrics: 1. A little kingdom I possess, Where thoughts and feelings dwell, And very hard I find the task Of governing it well; For passion tempts and troubles me, A wayward will misleads, And selfishness its shadow casts, On all my will and deeds. 2. How can I learn to rule myself, To be the child I should, Honest and brave, nor ever tire Of trying to be good? How can I keep a sunny soul To shine along life’s way? How can I tune my little heart, To sweetly sing all day? 3. Dear Father, help me with the love That castest out my fear! Teach me to lean on Thee and feel That thou art very near. That no temptation is unseen, No childish grief too small, Since Thou, with patience infinite, Dost soothe and comfort all. 4. I do not ask for any crown But that which all may win; Nor try to conquer any world Except the one within. Be Thou my Guide until I find, Led by a tender hand, Thy happy kingdom in myself And dare to take command. Languages: English

Come, Let Us Join A Joyful Tune

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: CYBER #9768 Meter: D Tune Title: A LITTLE KINGDOM Lyrics: 1 Come, let us join a joyful tune, To our exalted Lord, Ye saints on high around His throne, And we around His board. 2 While once upon this lower ground Weary and faint ye stood, What dear refreshments here ye found From this immortal food! 3 The tree of life, that near the throne In Heav’n’s high garden grows, Laden with grace, bends gently down Its ever smiling boughs. 4 Hovering amongst the leaves there stands The sweet celestial Dove; And Jesus on the branches hangs The banner of His love. 5 ’Tis a young Heav’n of strange delight While in his shade we sit; His fruit is pleasing to the sight, And to the taste as sweet. 6 New life it spreads through dying hearts, And cheers the drooping mind; Vigor and joy the juice imparts, Without a sting behind. 7 Now let the flaming weapon stand, And guard all Eden’s trees; There’s ne’er a plant in all that land That bears such fruits as these. 8 Infinite grace our souls adore, Whose wondrous hand has made This living branch of sovereign power To raise and heal the dead. Languages: English

The Triumphant Song of Deborah And Barak

Author: Richard Adams Hymnal: CYBER #12448 Meter: D Tune Title: A LITTLE KINGDOM First Line: Because He Israel hath revenged Lyrics: 1 Because He Israel hath revenged, Bless ye therefore the Lord: Because the people offered up Themselves of free accord. Give ear, O kings, ye princes hear, Sing to the Lord I will; I, even I’ll sing to the Lord, The God of Israel. 2 Lord, when Thou wentest from Seir, Didst march from Edom’s field; The earth did tremble, heavens drop, The clouds their showers yield; And in the presence of the Lord, The mountains melting fell, E’en Sinai drooped before the Lord, The God of Israel. 3 In days of Shamgar, Anath’s son, The roads in Jael’s days, Abandoned were: the travelers They walked in lost by-ways. And villagers did cease to be, They ceased in Israel: Until I, Deborah, arose, Mother in Israel. 4 New gods they chose, then cruel wars Entered their gates within; With forty thousand Israelites No shield or spear was seen. My heart to Israel’s rulers is, That did of free accord Present themselves among the folk: Bless ye therefore the Lord. 5 Speak ye your minds, all ye that do Upon white asses ride; Ye that in judgment sit, and ye That walk the way beside. Who from the archers’ noise are freed, There shall they now record, In places where they water draw, The just acts of the Lord. 6 His righteous works to them who dwell In Israel’s towns relate, Then shall the people of the Lord Go down unto the gate. Awake, O Deborah, wake and sing; And now, Barak, arise, Abinoam’s son, to dry the tears From Israel’s captive eyes. 7 Unto the remnant he gave rule Above the nobles then Among the folk: the Lord gave me Rule over mighty men. From Ephraim a root against Proud Amalek there was: Thy followers, O Benjamin, Among thy folk did pass. 8 From out of Machir governors Descended also then, And out of Zebulun came they That wield the writer’s pen. From Issachar marched princes out, His peers with Deborah went, And also was Barak on foot Into the valley sent. 9 Because of those divisions that In Reuben did appear, Great fears and anxious thoughts of heart Among them then there were. Why didst thou with the sheep folds stay? The bleating flocks to hear? For Reuben his divisions sad Heart searchings great there were. 10 Beyond the Jordan Gilead sat; Why Dan in ships reside? On seashore why Asher did stay, And in his creeks abide? But Zebulun and Napthali Were people who did yield Their lives in danger unto death Upon the open field. 11 Thus Israel’s kings came to the fray, And crowns of Canaan fought, In Tanach by Megiddo’s streams; No golden coin they sought. They warred from Heav’n—the stars in course Fought Sisera that day; And Kishon’s river, ancient brook, Swept all his strength away. 12 O thou, my soul, hast trod down strength, The horses broken were; By plunging, trampling, galloping Of mighty princes there. "O curse Meroz, her people curse," Jehovah’s angel said: "For they came not to help the Lord, ’Gainst Sisera to aid." 13 Jael the Kenite, Heber’s wife, ’Bove women blest shall be: Above the women in the tent, Most blessèd one is she. He water asked; she gave him milk, In lordly dish she fetched Him butter forth, then to the nail She forth her left hand stretched. 14 Her right the workman’s hammer held, To strike Sisera dead: She struck and pierced his temple through, And then cut off his head. So at her feet he bowed, he fell, Before her laid he down; He breathed his last, and joined the dead, Destroyèd on the ground. 15 Through latticed window Sisera’s Mother looked, and feared his fate; "O tell me why, in his return, Why is my son so late? His chariot wheels, why tarry they?" Her ladies wise replied, But to herself she answer made, "Have they not sped?" she cried. 16 The spoil to each, a maid or twain, Divided not have they? With Sisera have they not shared A many colored prey? Of diverse colored needlework, Wrought curious on each side, Of various colors, meet for necks Of those who spoils divide? 17 So perished are Thine enemies, O Lord; but let all those Who love You, be they like the sun That in his strength forth goes. Then came a rest of forty years, With peace throughout the land; Then Israel turned again from God, And fell in Midian’s hand. Languages: English

The Nativity

Author: Harriet M. Kimball Hymnal: CYBER #12738 Meter: D Tune Title: A LITTLE KINGDOM First Line: Beneath the dark, expectant skies Lyrics: 1 Beneath the dark, expectant skies While crowded Bethlehem slept, Their sleeping flocks in quiet fields The faithful shepherds kept; When round about them, suddenly, There shone a glorious light, And in the midst an angel stood, Majestical and bright. 2 What mortal eye could look undazed! What mortal ear could hear The voice most sweet, most terrible In sweetness, without fear? While on the wide Judean hills The reverent winds were stayed, Prostrate the humble shepherds fell, For they were sore afraid. 3 "Fear not; behold, I bring you joy!" The angel spake and smiled; "To you this day in David’s town Is born the promised Child; A Savior, even Christ the Lord, And this shall be the sign— Ye in a manger lowly laid Shall find the Babe Divine." 4 And with the angel, lo! a host Of shining ones was seen, Chanting, "All glory be to God, As it hath ever been; Glory to God, on earth be peace, And unto men good will," They sang, in splendor vanishing, And all grew dark and still. 5 Amazed the shepherds heard, and rose And made with haste their way To where, within the stable walls, The world’s Redeemer lay; Nor wider space nor fairer place Had earth to spare for Him Whose throne from everlasting burned Rayed round with seraphim. 6 While softly raining out of Heav’n, In silver cadences Flowed down those sweet angelic strains Proclaiming joy and peace; Her rapture swelling into tears, The trembling Mother bent Above her Child, her Holy One, In awe and wonderment. 7 And if a cloud of radiance Filled up the holy place, That cloud was darkness in her eyes, Long-dwelling on His face; Her trancèd vision scarce withdrawn When glad the shepherds came, Beheld the Babe and glorified The One Eternal Name. 8 And was the Word, indeed, made flesh? O Everlasting Lord! O Prince of Peace! O Mighty God, Forevermore adored! Who reckoning unreckoned bliss Cast all His glory by When from the prison house of sin He heard the captive cry! 9 O Love, that no created love Can ever comprehend, Outreaching life’s dark uttermost, It bound the endless end; It condescended to the low From height above all height, And bosomed in a blameless babe Brought into darkness light! 10 Wherever Christmas bells shall chime And Christmas cheer go round, Be grateful joy—not heedless mirth— In every dwelling found; While faith unveils her throbbing breast And closer folds within The Holy Child whose sinlessness Hath answered once for sin. 11 The humblest home that He may find The poorest heart of earth, Not meaner is than Bethlehem’s stall Made fair by Jesus’ birth; And light more marvelous shall stream Into that house of clay, Abiding and abounding more Unto the perfect day. 12 Comfort to answer all desire And soothe the sharpest pain, A rest to weariness, and ease To such as do complain; Bread to the hungry, and to them That thirst a living well, The Savior with His neediest ones Doth most delight to dwell. 13 He honoreth not the place of pride, But seeketh lowly doors, And love, the sweet return of love Is all that He implores; The love that waiting on His word Doth evermore increase, And magnify in daily life, The angels’ song of peace. 14 Wherever Christmas greetings flow And Christmas cheer goes round, Let charity in gracious deeds And gracious thoughts abound; And Zion, garlanding her gates, Put on her glad array, And celebrate with palms of joy Emmanuel’s natal day. 15 O Christ most high! Incarnate God! Meek Babe of Bethlehem! To whom all angels cry aloud, Thy glory shadowing them, Hear, through the praise of Heav’n, the praise Of Thy redeemèd earth Whose desert places yet shall sing For joy of Jesus’ birth! Languages: English

What Sound Of Lofty Praise

Author: Isadore Gilbert Hymnal: CYBER #13081 Meter: D Tune Title: A LITTLE KINGDOM First Line: What sound of lofty praise is this Lyrics: 1 What sound of lofty praise is this, Suffusing all the air? What agony, what untold bliss, Are meeting, striving there? Earth’s last great shadow—endless life On one same threshold stand; Immortal peace—earth’s darkest grief, Both call from distant land. 2 "God owns me, Mother!" thus he spake, What rest, what radiant joy! Peace, stormy soul! For his dear sake, Be still—God owns my boy. A strange, cold shadow comes and goes In those clear star-like eyes; Life flickers now, it faintly glows, A voice calls, "Spirit, rise!" 3 Lift up your heads, ye golden gates— Once more that sound of joy! "God owns me, Mother: Jesus waits To welcome home your boy." Thy rest is glorious, brave child! Thy triumph early won! Thy soul’s young tempest soon was stilled; Thou’rt waiting—we will come. Languages: English

Jesus' Love

Author: Pauline Frances Camp Hymnal: CYBER #7839 Tune Title: [A little spring within my heart] First Line: A little spring within my heart Refrain First Line: This little spring is Jesus' love Lyrics: 1 A little spring within my heart, Is bubbling all day long; It often trickles to my tongue, In loving words and song. Refrain: This little spring is Jesus’ love, So full and free, for you, for me; This little spring is Jesus’ love, Jesus’ love, Jesus’ love. 2 It makes me better every day, It makes me happy, too; It washes all my sin away, And keeps me kind and true. [Refrain] 3 If you would like to have one, too, Your little life to bless; Ask Jesus if He’ll give you one, I know He will say yes. [Refrain] Languages: English

A Little Talk With Jesus

Author: Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby Hymnal: CYBER #7840 Tune Title: [A little talk with Jesus] Lyrics: 1 A little talk with Jesus, It smoothes the rugged road; It seems to help me onward When fainting ’neath my load; When, worn by care and sorrow, My eyes with tears are dim, There is nothing can give me comfort Like a little talk with Him. Refrain: A little talk with Jesus, A little talk with Jesus; There is nothing that giveth me comfort Like a little talk with Him. 2 A little talk with Jesus, Alone in secret prayer, It gives me strength and courage, Life’s many toils to bear; And though I sometimes falter, Because the way is dim, There is nothing can cheer me onward Like a little talk with Him. [Refrain] 3 I’ll trust and wait with patience Till my appointed time, And glory in the knowledge That such a trust is mine; Then, where no hearts are weary, No eyes with tears are dim, He will talk with me for ever, And I will talk with Him. [Refrain] Languages: English

A Little While

Author: Jane Fox Crewdson Hymnal: CYBER #3813 Tune Title: A LITTLE WHILE First Line: Oh, for the peace that floweth as a river Lyrics: 1. Oh, for the peace that floweth as a river, Making life’s desert places bloom and smile; Oh, for the faith to graspHeav’n’s bright forever, Amid the shadows of earth’s little while. 2. A little while for patient vigil keeping, To face the storm and wrestle with the strong; A little while to sow the seed with weeping, Then bind the sheaves and sing the harvest song. 3. A little while the earthen pitcher taking, To wayside brooks, from far off fountains fed; Then the parched lip its thirst forever slaking Beside the fullness of the Fountainhead. 4. A little while to keep the oil from failing, A little while faith’s flickering lamp to trim; And then the Bridegroom’s coming footsteps hailing, We’ll haste to meet Him with the bridal hymn. Languages: English


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