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What Cheeering Words Are These!

Author: John Kent Hymnal: CYBER #7268 Meter: Tune Title: WRENTHAM First Line: What cheering words are these Lyrics: 1. What cheering words are these! Their sweetness who can tell? In time and to eternity, ’Tis with the righteous well; In time and to eternity, ’Tis with the righteous well. 2. In every state secure, Kept by Jehovah’s eye, ’Tis well with them while life endures, And well when called to die; ’Tis well with them while life endures, And well when called to die. 3. ’Tis well when joys arise, ’Tis well when sorrows bow, ’Tis well when darkness veils the skies, And strong temptations blow; ’Tis well when darkness veils the skies, And strong temptations blow. 4. ’Tis well when on the mount They feast on dying love, And ’tis as well in God’s account, When they the furnace prove; And ’tis as well in God’s account, When they the furnace prove. Languages: English

O Lovely Star

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #11533 Meter: Tune Title: WRIGHT CITY First Line: O lovely star that shone so bright Refrain First Line: Hark! hark! the chorus sounding still Lyrics: 1 O lovely star that shone so bright, While shepherds watched their flocks by night, To lead the wise men on their way, Where Christ our Lord and Savior lay. Refrain: Hark! hark! the chorus sounding still, From snowy vale and distant hill; The angel breathes to earth again, "Peace! peace on earth, good will to men." 2 O star that shone in brightness there, Above the Babe, so sweet and fair, Again you beam above the earth, And tell the Savior’s endless worth. [Refrain] 3 O lovely star! each cloud of gloom Thy beaming rays of joy illume! And all our sorrow dies away, When thou has brought Messiah’s day. [Refrain] 4 Hosanna! to the Lord our king! In cheerful voices we will sing, Good angels answer us again: "Peace! peace on earth, good will to men." [Refrain] Languages: English

Once More Our Grateful, Strengthened Hearts

Author: William G. Poor Hymnal: CYBER #8522 Meter: D Tune Title: WUHAN Lyrics: 1 Once more our grateful, strengthened hearts, Alight with grace divine, Would bring to Thee, our mighty king, New token we are Thine. Thy love has guided all our lives In paths with mercy bright; And health, and hope, and prayerful aim, Inspire our song tonight. 2 Unseen the sun yet proves his reign, By mellow, full orbed moon; So we to Thee would witness bear In radiance all Thine own; Tho’ darkness, doubt and spectral fears Enchain our fellow men, The light is Thine, and they are Thine, Oh, bring them back again. Languages: English

At the Name of Jesus

Author: Caroline M. Noel Hymnal: CYBER #300 Meter: D Tune Title: WYE VALLEY Lyrics: 1. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, Every tongue confess Him King of glory now; ’Tis the Father’s pleasure we should call Him Lord, Who from the beginning was the mighty Word. 2. Mighty and mysterious in the highest height, God from everlasting, very light of light: In the Father’s bosom with the spirit blest, Love, in love eternal, rest, in perfect rest. 3. At His voice creation sprang at once to sight, All the angel faces, all the hosts of light, Thrones and dominations, stars upon their way, All the heavenly orders, in their great array. 4. Humbled for a season, to receive a name From the lips of sinners unto whom He came, Faithfully He bore it, spotless to the last, Brought it back victorious when from death He passed. 5. Bore it up triumphant with its human light, Through all ranks of creatures, to the central height, To the throne of Godhead, to the Father’s breast; Filled it with the glory of that perfect rest. 6. Name Him, brothers, name Him, with love strong as death But with awe and wonder, and with bated breath! He is God the Savior, He is Christ the Lord, Ever to be worshipped, trusted and adored. 7. In your hearts enthrone Him; there let Him subdue All that is not holy, all that is not true; Crown Him as your Captain in temptation’s hour; Let His will enfold you in its light and power. 8. Brothers, this Lord Jesus shall return again, With His Father’s glory, with His angel train; For all wreaths of empire meet upon His brow, And our hearts confess Him King of glory now. Languages: English

Like a River Glorious

Author: Frances R. Havergal Hymnal: CYBER #3776 Tune Title: WYE VALLEY First Line: Like a river glorious, is God's perfect peace Refrain First Line: Stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are fully blest Lyrics: 1. Like a river glorious, is God’s perfect peace, Over all victorious, in its bright increase; Perfect, yet it floweth, fuller every day, Perfect, yet it groweth, deeper all the way. Refrain Stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are fully blest Finding, as He promised, perfect peace and rest. 2. Hidden in the hollow of His blessed hand, Never foe can follow, never traitor stand; Not a surge of worry, not a shade of care, Not a blast of hurry touch the spirit there. [Refrain] 3. Every joy or trial falleth from above, Traced upon our dial by the Sun of Love; We may trust Him fully all for us to do. They who trust Him wholly find Him wholly true. [Refrain] Languages: English

ക്രിസ്തുവിന്റെ ദാനം

Author: Volbrecht Nagel Hymnal: CYBER #14598 Meter: 11.11.11 D Tune Title: WYE VALLEY First Line: ക്രിസ്തുവിന്റെ ദാനം എത്ര മധുരം! Refrain First Line: എന്റെ അടിസ്ഥാനം അതു ക്രിസ്തുവിൽ Lyrics: 1 ക്രിസ്തുവിന്റെ ദാനം എത്ര മധുരം! പൂർണ്ണസമാധാനം പൂർണ്ണ ആനന്ദം! എത്രയോ വിസ്താരം ഉള്ളോർ നദി പോൽ, വർണ്ണിക്കുവാൻ ആഴം നാവിന്നില്ല ചൊൽ. പല്ലവി: എന്റെ അടിസ്ഥാനം അതു ക്രിസ്തുവിൽ. പൂർണ്ണസമാധാനം ഉണ്ടീപ്പാറയിൽ. 2 പണ്ടു എന്റെ പാപം മനസ്സാക്ഷിയെ, കുത്തി ഈ വിലാപം തീർന്നതെങ്ങിനെ. എൻ വിശ്വാസക്കണ്ണു നോക്കി ക്രൂശ്ശിന്മേൽ, എല്ലാം തീർത്തു തന്നു എൻ ഇമ്മാനുവേൽ. [പല്ലവി] 3 കർത്തൻ ഉള്ളംകൈയ്യിൽ മറഞ്ഞിരിക്കെ, പേയിൻ സൂത്രം എന്നിൽ മുറ്റും വെറുതെ. മല്ലൻ ആയുധങ്ങൾ എല്ലാം പൊട്ടിപ്പോം, ഇല്ല ചഞ്ചലങ്ങൾ ധൈര്യമോ തുലോം! [പല്ലവി] 4 ഭയം സംശയങ്ങൾ തീരെ നീങ്ങുവാൻ, എത്ര വാഗ്ദത്തങ്ങൾ തന്നിട്ടുണ്ടു താൻ! അതിൽ ഒരു വള്ളി ഇല്ലാതാകുമോ? പോകയില്ലോർ പുള്ളീ സാത്താനേ നീ പോ! [പല്ലവി] 5 ബുദ്ധിമുട്ടു കഷ്ടം പെരുകിവന്നാൽ, എനിക്കെന്തു നഷ്ടം ഞാൻ കർത്താവിൻ ആൾ, യേശു താൻ എൻ സ്വന്തം തന്റെ രാജ്യവും, എനിക്കുള്ള അംശം അതാരെടുക്കും? [പല്ലവി] Languages: Malayalam

ദൈവസമാധാനം ഇമ്പ നദി പോല്‍

Author: Frances R. Havergal; Thomas Koshy Hymnal: CYBER #14738 Meter: 11.11.11 D Tune Title: WYE VALLEY Refrain First Line: സ്ഥിരവാസത്താലെ പൂര്‍ണ്ണാനുഗ്രഹം Lyrics: 1 ദൈവസമാധാനം ഇമ്പ നദി പോല്‍ അന്‍പോടൊഴുകുന്നു ശീഘ്രഗതിയായ് നിറഞ്ഞൊഴുകുന്നു ആഴമായെങ്ങും വിരഞ്ഞതിലേവം എല്ലാ ദിനവും പല്ലവി: സ്ഥിരവാസത്താലെ പൂര്‍ണ്ണാനുഗ്രഹം തിരുമൊഴിയാലെ സമ്പൂര്‍ണ്ണാശ്വാസം 2 ഉള്ളംകയ്യിലെന്നെ മറയ്ക്കുന്നു താന്‍ ശത്രു ഭയം തീരെ ഇല്ലിനി മേലാല്‍ ചഞ്ചലമെന്നിയെ കാക്കുന്നവിടെ ഒന്നുമെന്നാത്മാവേ തൊടാനില്ലില്ലേ- [പല്ലവി] 3 സൂര്യ ഘടികാരം തന്നില്‍ തിരിയും ച്ഛായ പോല്‍ വിചാരം തുമ്പം സര്‍വ്വവും സ്നേഹസൂര്യനാലെ തോന്നുംച്ഛായയാം പൂര്‍ണ്ണമനസ്സാലെ തന്നില്‍ ചേര്‍ന്നിടാം [പല്ലവി] Languages: Malayalam

Come, All Ye Servants of the Lord

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #980 Meter: 8.8.6 D Tune Title: WYOMING Lyrics: 1. Come, all ye servants of the Lord, Lift up your voice with one accord Jehovah’s name to bless; Ye that are standing night by night Within the house of His delight, His glorious name confess. 2. Yea, in His place of holiness Lift up your hands the Lord to bless; And unto you be given The joys that Zion doth afford, The richest blessing of the Lord Who made the earth and Heaven. Languages: English

Praise to God Who Reigns Above

Author: Richard M. Benson Hymnal: CYBER #5592 Meter: Tune Title: XAVIER Lyrics: 1. Praise to God who reigns above, Binding earth and Heav’n in love; All the armies of the sky Worship His dread sovereignty. 2. Seraphim His praises sing, Cherubim on fourfold wing, Thrones, dominions, princes, powers, Marshaled might that never cowers. 3. Speeds th’archangel from His face, Bearing messages of grace; Angel hosts His words fulfill, Ruling nature by His will. 4. Yet on man they joy to wait, All that bright celestial state, For in man their Lord they see, Christ, th’incarnate deity. 5. On the throne their Lord who died Sits in manhood glorified; Where His people faint below Angels count it joy to go. 6. Oh, the depths of joy divine, Thrilling through those orders nine, When the lost are found again, When the banished come to reign! 7. Now in faith, in hope, in love, We will join the choirs above, Praising, with the heav’nly host, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Languages: English

Jesu's Precious Name Excels

Author: Matthew Wilks Hymnal: CYBER #8678 Meter: Tune Title: XAVIER First Line: Jesu’s precious name excels Lyrics: 1 Jesu’s precious name excels Jordan’s streams, and Salem’s wells; Thirsty sinners, come and draw, Quench the flames of Sinai’s law. 2 Fearful sinners, come and try— Draw and drink with inward joy; Christ is fresh, and full, and free; Sinners, come, whoe’er you be. 3 See the waters springing up, To revive your languid hope; Fill your vessels, as it rolls, And refresh your weary souls. 4 Lo! the Spirit now invites! Lo! the happy Bride unites! Jesus calls, be not afraid, Lo! for you the well was made! 5 Justice made it in the Lamb, Mercy grants it thro’ His name; Faith receives a full supply; Those who drink it cannot die. 6 Careless sinner, let me tell, Not a drop is found in hell; Not a drop to ease your smart, Not a drop to cool your heart. 7 Haste you to the Lamb of God, Seek salvation in His blood; In it there is boundless store, For ten thousand thousands more. 8 Constant tributes let us bring, For this soul refreshing spring; Constant let our praises rise, ’Till we drink above the skies. Languages: English


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