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The Slighted Stranger

Author: Charles H. Gabriel Hymnal: CYBER #6147 First Line: A Stranger stands outside the door Refrain First Line: He was wounded for thy transgressions Lyrics: 1. A Stranger stands outside the door, And longs thy Guest to be; He knows thy name, for o’er and o’er He softly calls to thee! His hands are pierced, His brow is torn, His face is sad, but sweet— It is the Lord of Paradise! Arise, thy Savior greet. Refrain He was wounded for thy transgressions; He was bruisèd for thy sin; Yet He stands at thy heart’s door pleading, Why, O why not let Him in? 2. From lonely, dark Gethsemane, Thru Pilate’s hall of shame, Up over cruel Calvary, To thee in love He came! Despised! Rejected! Crucified! O love, O grace unknown, That He should still remember thee, And claim thee for His own! [Refrain] 3. Yet still He waits and calls to thee, Although ye scarce can hear The pleading voice, so often has It fallen on thine ear: O soul, arise and let Him in, Lest from the bolted door In sorrow He should turn away, To call for thee no more. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A Stranger stands outside the door]

Apri Il Nostro Cuor

Author: William J. Kirkpatrick; Massimiliano Tosetto, 1877-1948 Hymnal: CYBER #14172 First Line: A Te, Signor, ci rivolgiam—Apri il nostro cuor Refrain First Line: Apri il cuor—Apri il cuor Lyrics: 1 A Te, Signor, ci rivolgiam—Apri il nostro cuor; Viviam per te, e a te veniam—Apri il nostro cuor. Coro: Apri il cuor—Apri il cuor Apri il nostro cuor; Nel tuo amor abbi pietà, Apri il nostro cuor. 2 Tuoi figli siam, abbi mercé—Apri il nostro cuor; Nessun lo può, fuori di te—Apri il nostro cuor. [Coro] 3 Col cuore te vogliam servir—Apri il nostro cuor; Mantienci appien nel tuo gioir—Apri il nostro cuor, [Coro] 4 Noi tel chiediam pel buon Gesù—Apri il nostro cuor Al suo voler, opera tu—Apri il nostro cuor, [Coro] Languages: Italian Tune Title: [A Te, Signor, ci rivolgiam—Apri il nostro cuor]

A Tengerpart Mentén Jésus Jár

Author: Jane E. Hall; Anna Piroska Williams Hymnal: CYBER #14258 First Line: A tengerpart mentén Jézus jár Lyrics: 1 A tengerpart mentén Jézus jár, Hajótöröttekre egyre vár. A hívó szó ma még hallható: Elsősegély itt található! Ha zátonyra futott életed, Hogy jó legyen, hinni sem mered… Mi tönkrement, Ő megújítja, Hogy hogy lehet, azt csak Ő tudja. 2 Ha úgy érzed, hogy csak hánykolódsz, Meghallja Ő hangod, hogyha szólsz. A bűntől mindened fáj, sebes… Ő érted halt, hogy gyógyult lehess. Ha zátonyra futott életed, Hogy jó legyen, hinni sem mered… Bár tönkrement, Ő megújítja, Hogy hogy lehet, azt csak Ő tudja. 3 Csak jönni kell, és csak bízni kell, Ha hívod őt, hidd, az Úr közel! Meghalt, hogy téged is megmentsen, Reményed, békéd, jövőd legyen! Bár zátonyra futott életed, Hogy jó lesz még—ugye, elhiszed? Ha átadod, Ő megújítja, Igen, lehet! De csak Ő tudja! Languages: Hungarian Tune Title: [A tengerpart mentén Jézus jár]

A Thousand Oracles Divine

Author: Charles Wesley Hymnal: CYBER #6670 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A thousand oracles divine Their common beams unite, That sinners may with angels join To worship God aright. 2. To praise a Trinity adored By all the hosts above, And one thrice holy God and Lord Through endless ages love. 3. Triumphant host! they never cease To laud and magnify The triune God of holiness, Whose glory fills the sky. 4. Whose glory to this earth extends, When God Himself imparts, And the whole Trinity descends Into our faithful hearts. 5. By faith the upper choir we meet, And challenge them to sing Jehovah on His shining seat, Our maker, God and king. 6. But God made flesh is wholly ours, And asks our nobler strain; The Father of celestial powers, The friend of earth born man! 7. Ye seraphs nearest to the throne, With rapturous amaze On us, poor ransomed worms look down For Heaven’s superior praise. 8. The king whose glorious face ye see, For us His crown resigned; That fullness of the Deity, He died for all mankind! Languages: English Tune Title: AZMON

In Truth Is Life Eternal

Author: J. Lee Austin Hymnal: CYBER #13946 Meter: First Line: A thousand tongues could ne’er impart Refrain First Line: Obey the truth of God’s dear Son Lyrics: 1 A thousand tongues could ne’er impart The gladness of a trusting heart; There’s life eternal, free from pain, For all who dwell upon this plain. Refrain: Obey the truth of God’s dear Son Until life’s journey shall be done, And He will take you home to rest, Forever with the pure and blest. 2 ’Twas thro’ His Gospel to the world Our earthly freedom was unfurled, And thro’ His blood, for you and me, There’s joy and immortality. [Refrain] 3 No one but Christ has power to save He rose a victor o’er the grave. And till His glories you shall view, To Him be faithful and be true. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: ROSSMOOR

A Thousand Years Have Come and Gone

Author: Thomas Lynch Hymnal: CYBER #6699 Meter: D Lyrics: 1. A thousand years have come and gone, and near a thousand more, Since happier light from Heaven shone than ever shone before: And in the hearts of old and young a joy most joyful stirred. That sent such news from tongue to tongue as ears had never heard. 2. Then angels on their starry way felt bliss unfelt before, For news that men should be as they to darkened earth they bore; So toiling men and spirits bright a first communion had, And in meek mercy’s rising light were each exceeding glad. 3. And we are glad, and we will sing, as in the days of yore; Come all, and hearts made ready bring, to welcome back once more The day when first on wintry earth a summer change began, And, dawning in a lowly birth uprose the Light of man. 4. For trouble such as men must bear from childhood to fourscore, He shared with us, that we might share His joy forevermore; And twice a thousand years of grief of conflict, and of sin, May tell how large the harvest sheaf His patient love shall win. Languages: English Tune Title: NOEL

A Time To Watch, A Time To Pray

Author: John M. Neale Hymnal: CYBER #8713 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A time to watch, a time to pray, A day of wonders is today: The saddest, yet the gladdest too, That earth or Heaven ever knew. 2 The saddest, for our Savior bore His death, that we might die no more: The agony, the scourge, the fear, The crown of thorns, the cross, the spear. 3 And yet the gladdest, for today Our load of sin was borne away: And hopes of joy that never dies Hang on our Savior’s sacrifice. 4 O Savior, how we bless Your name! Yours is the glory, ours the shame; By all the pain Your love endured Let all our many sins be cured. Languages: English Tune Title: WITTENBERG

Confia No Senhor

Author: Maria Beatriz da Silva Borges Hymnal: CYBER #15150 First Line: A todos nós o Senhor diz Refrain First Line: Confia sempre no Senhor Lyrics: 1 A todos nós o Senhor diz: Quem em si crê é infeliz, Da carne o seu braço faz, No Senhor não se satisfaz. Refrão: Confia sempre no Senhor, Espere só no Salvador, Ele nos ama é o Deus de amor. 2 Árvore junto ao ribeirão, Não teme nem o calor, não! Com folhas verdes vai estar, E o fruto sempre ela vai dar. [Refrão] 3 Enganoso é o coração, Mais que outra coisa aqui no chão! Cruel; Quem o Conhecerá? Só Jesus Cristo e Jeová. [Refrão] 4 Ele esquadrinha o coração, E sempre pesa a Sua mão, Ele é amor, também juiz, E vai julgar tudo que fiz. [Refrão] Languages: Portuguese Tune Title: [A todos nós o Senhor diz]

He Took My Place

Author: Eliza Edmunds Hewitt Hymnal: CYBER #11396 First Line: A trembling soul, I sought the Lord Refrain First Line: No other hope, no other plea Lyrics: 1 A trembling soul, I sought the Lord, My sin confessed, my guilt deplored; How soft and sweet, His word to me, I took thy place, and died for thee. Refrain: No other hope, no other plea; He took my place, and died for me; O precious Lord, of Calvary! He took my place and died for me. 2 Here rests my heart; assurance sweet, His blessèd work He will complete, Since in His love, so great and free, He took my place, and died for me. [Refrain] 3 When sorrow veils the smiling day, When evil foes beset my way, Abundant grace in Him I see, He took my place, and died for me. [Refrain] 4 No room for doubt, no room for fears, When to my view the cross appears, My joyful song shall ever be, He took my place, and died for me. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A trembling soul, I sought the Lord]

A Mighty Victor

Author: Effie Stevens Hymnal: CYBER #11797 First Line: A victor, mighty victor Refrain First Line: A victor, mighty victor Lyrics: 1 A victor, mighty victor, The Lord of Heav’n arose, From death’s enduring prison, Triumphant o’er His foes; He rose to life and glory, That He might banish fear From every heart that, loving, Draws to His presence near. Refrain: A victor, mighty victor, Our Lord arose this day; That He might lead us onward, Within His blessèd way. 2 A victor, mighty victor, Christ rose that Easter day; ’Twas all for us He suffered, That we might learn His way; He rose to fill with gladness Each aching, sinful heart, He rose to comfort sorrow, To bid despair depart. [Refrain] 3 A victor, mighty victor, The Lord of Heav’n arose, That we, too, might be risen Triumphant o’er earth’s woes; So let us join in singing Our praise to Christ, whose love Prepares for us a dwelling With Him in Heav’n above. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A victor, mighty victor]


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