Frederick Whitfield

Frederick Whitfield
Short Name: Frederick Whitfield
Full Name: Whitfield, Frederick, 1829-1904
Birth Year: 1829
Death Year: 1904

Whitfield, Frederick, B.A., son of H. Whitfield, was born at Threapwood, Shropshire, Jan. 7, 1829, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he took his B.A. in 1859. On taking Holy Orders, he was successively curate of Otley, vicar of Kirby-Ravensworth, senior curate of Greenwich, and Vicar of Stanza John's, Bexley. In 1875 he was preferred to St. Mary's, Hastings. Mr. Whitfield's works in prose and verse number upwards of thirty, including Spiritual unfolding from the Word of Life; Voices from the Valley Testifying of Jesus; The Word Unveiled; Gleanings from Scripture, &c. Several of his hymns appeared in his Sacred Poems and Prose, 1861, 2nd Series, 1864; The Casket, and Quiet Hours in the Sanctuary. The hymn by which he is most widely known is I need Thee, precious Jesu.” Other hymns by him in common use include:~
1. I have a Great High Priest above. Christ the High Priest.
2. I saw the Cross of Jesus. The Cross.
3. In spirit, Lord, we meet Thee now. Missions. This was written at the request of the Committee of the Irish Church Missions for one of their annual meetings in London.
4. Jesus, Thou Name of magic power. The Name of Jesus. Sometimes given as "Jesus, Thou Name of power divine."
5. The sprinkled blood is speaking. The Blood of Christ.
6. There is a day I long to see. Heaven Anticipated.
7. There is a Name I love to hear. The Name of Jesus. Published in 1855 in hymnsheets and leaflets in various languages. From this the hymn “Jesus, the Name I love so well" is taken.
8. There's naught on earth to rest upon. God Unchangeable.
9. When dead in sin and far from God. Redemption.
All these hymns, with the exception of No. 3, are in his Sacred Poems and Prose, 1861, and several of them have been printed as leaflets, and set to special music. The Sacred Poems, &c, contains 26 hymns, some of which are of considerable merit.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Frederick Whitfield (21)AsAuthority Languagessort descendingInstances
By grace we have been saved through faithFrederick Whitfield (Author (refrain))3
Jesus, the name I love so wellFrederick Whitfield (Author)4
The sprinkled blood is speakingFrederick Whitfield (Author)4
Alas, and did my Savior bleedFrederick Whitefield, 1829-1904 (Author (refrain))English1
Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)Frederick Whitfield (Author)English1
Be firm, be bold, be strong, be trueFrederick Whitfield (Author)English11
I need thee, precious [blessed] Jesus, for I am full of sinFrederick Whitfield (Author)English255
I need Thee, precious Jesus, For I am very poorFrederick Whitfield (Author)English2
I saw the cross of JesusFrederick Whitfield (Author)English40
There is a name I love to hear, I love to sing its worthFrederick Whitfield (Author)English424
There's naught on earth to rest uponFrederick Whitfield (Author)English3
إني لفي احتياجFrederick Whitfield (Author)Arabic1
يسوع قد أحببتناFrederick Whitfield (Author)Arabic1
有一尊名我最愛聽 (Yǒu yīzūn míng wǒ zuì'ài tīng)Frederick Whitfield (Author)Chinese2
എൻ കാ-തി നി-മ്പമാം പേ-രുണ്ട് (En kā-ti ni-mpamāṁ pē-ruṇṭ)Frederick Whitfield (Author)Malayalam2
Del culto el tiempo llega, Comienza la oraciónFrederick Whitfield (Author)Spanish1
En Cristo quien por mí muríoFrederick Whitfield (Author)Spanish2
Es Cristo quien por mí murió, Mis culpas él borróFrederick Whitfield (Author)Spanish4
Jesús, te necesito, Pues soy tan pobre y vilFrederick Whitfield (1829-1904) (Author)Spanish2
Jesús, te necesito, Pues yo soy tan pecadorFrederick Whitfield, 1829-1904 (Author)Spanish3
Su nombre hermoso yo anheloFrederick Whitfield (Author)Spanish2
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