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William Walker
Short Name: William Walker
Full Name: Walker, William, 1809-1875
Birth Year: 1809
Death Year: 1875

Wikipedia Biography

William Walker (May 6, 1809 – September 24, 1875) was an American Baptist song leader, shape note "singing master", and compiler of four shape note tunebooks, most notable of which are the influential The Southern Harmony and The Christian Harmony, which has been in continuous use (republished 2010).

Tunes by William Walker (60)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ALABAMAWilliam Walker (Counter by)213456 71134 55432
NEW BRITAINWm. Walker (Composer)7051313 21655 13132
AN ADDRESS FOR ALLWm. Walker (Composer)3
BOWER OF PRAYERWalker (Composer)2
BREAKERWilliam Walker (Composer)2
CHRISTIAN PROSPECTWm. Walker (Composer)2
COME AND TASTE WITH MEWm. Walker (Composer)2
COMPLAINERWilliam Walker (Composer (attributed to))851135 65353 21351
CONTENTED SOLDIERWm. Walker (Composer)2
DISTRESSWilliam Walker (Composer)213454 31714 57117
DUDLEY (Walker)William Walker (Composer)1
FESTAL SONGWilliam H. Walker (Composer)151535 65671 76523
FRENCH BROADWm. Walker (Composer)2
HALLELUJAH (Walker)Wm. Walker (Arranger)551156 12321 61115
HEAVENLY ARMOURWm. Walker (Arranger)356111 23232 16115
HICKS' FAREWELLWilliam Walker (Composer)531117 54535 43134
HUMBLE PENITENTWm. Walker (Composer)2
IN THAT MORNINGWilliam Walker (Composer)2
INDIAN'S FAREWELLWm. Walker (Composer)3
INVITATION (Walker)William Walker (Arranger)2
JERUSALEM (51217)William Walker (Composer)351217 23443 24545
LAND OF PLEASUREWilliam Walker (Arranger)2
LOUISIANAWilliam Walker (Composer)355612 12332 16112
MILLENNIUM (Walker)Wm. Walker (Arranger)332123 45355 31115
MUTUAL LOVEWilliam Walker (Composer)313321 31123 16113
NEW YEAR (Atchley)William Walker (Composer (treble))213353 11335 3253
FAITHFUL SOLDIERWilliam Walker (Alt.)511561 21321 61651
PARDONING LOVEWm. Walker (Composer)251321 65543 56121
PARTING HANDWm. Walker (Arranger)213211 12123 535
THE PILGRIM'S SONGWm. Walker (Composer)213235 5321
PLEADING SAVIORWm. Walker (Composer)232161 23532 32161
RESIGNATION (Southern Harmony)William Walker (Composer)113532 35165 31351
RESTORATION (Southern Harmony)William Walker (Composer)313171 33175 77171
SINCERITY (Walker)William Walker (Treble by)2
SOMETHING NEW (51112)William Walker (Composer, alto part)1
STAR IN THE EASTWilliam Walker (Compiler, So. Harmony)211215 57717 65131
SUPPLICATION (Southern Harmony)William Walker (Arranger)151171 72175
SWEET HARMONYWm. Walker (Arranger)251121 35553 51656
HOME (Bishop)William Walker (Arranger)113455 35434 23134
SWEET PROSPECT (Southern Harmony)Wm. Walker (Arranger)357542 17124 45754
THE BABE OF BETHLEHEMWm. Walker (Composer)314454 34457 12175
THE CHRISTIAN'S HOPEWm. Walker (Arranger)351233 56543 35321
THE GOOD OLD WAYWm. Walker (Arranger)313221 13221 13565
THE GOOD PHYSICIAN (71134)Wm. Walker (Arranger)271134 55343 11771
THE HEAVENLY MARCHWm. Walker (Arranger)2
THE LONE PILGRIMWm. Walker (Composer)213553 55671 65321
THE MARTIAL TRUMPETWilliam Walker (Arranger)2
THE SAILOR'S HOMEWilliam Walker (Composer)2
THE SAINTS BOUND FOR HEAVENWilliam Walker (Composer)332311 16561 22323
THE SUFFERINGS OF CHRISTWm. Walker (Composer)231115 61312 11561
THE TRUMPETWm. Walker (Treble by)155533 31217 15312
THE TRUMPETERSWilliam Walker (Parts by)2
THE WATCHMAN'S CALLWm. Walker (Composer)2
THORNY DESERTWm. Walker (Arranger)333321 21165 356
TRUE HAPPINESSWm. Walker (Arranger)355561 23111 65
WALK WITH GODWilliam Walker (Arranger)2
WARRENTONWilliam Walker (Composer)255556 71665 51153
WONDROUS LOVE (Southern Harmony)William Walker (Composer)611724 54211 72576

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