William W. Walford

Short Name: William W. Walford
Full Name: Walford, William W., 1772-1850
Birth Year: 1772
Death Year: 1850

William W. Walford, a blind preacher of England, is the author of the hymn beginning "Sweet hour of prayer." This hymn first appeared in print in the New York Observer September 13, 1845. The contributor who furnished the hymn says:

"During my residence at Coleshill, Warwickshire, England, I became acquainted with W. W. Walford, the blind preacher, a man of obscure birth and connections and no education, but of strong mind and most retentive memory. In the pulpit he never failed to select a lesson well adapted to his subject, giving chapter and verse with unerring precision, and scarcely ever misplacing a word in his repetition of the Psalms, every part of the New Testament, the prophecies, and some of the histories, so as to have the reputation of knowing the whole Bible by heart."

Rev. Thomas Salmon, who was settled as the pastor of the Congregational Church at Coleshill in 1838, remained until 1842, and then removed to the United States, is believed to have been the contributor who says of the hymn: "I rapidly copied the lines with my pencil as he uttered them, and send them for insertion in the Observer if you think them worthy of preservation."

From: Nutter, C. S., & Tillett, W. F. (1911). The hymns and hymn writers of the church, an annotated edition of The Methodist hymnal. New York: Methodist Book Concern.

Texts by William W. Walford (25)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
යාඤා පැය! යාඤා පැය! (Yāñā paeya! yāñā paeya)William Walford (Author)Sinhala2
Bendita a hora de oraçãoW. W. Walford (Author (attributed to))Portuguese2
Bendita hora de oraciónW. W. Walford (Author)Spanish1
禱告之時,甘甜之時! (Dǎogào zhī shí, gāntián zhī shí!)William W. Walford (Author)Chinese2
Du traute Stunde für's GebetW. W. Walford (Author)German2
Dulce oración, dulce oraciónWilliam Walford (Author)Spanish11
Ho preĝa hor', ho preĝa hor', W. W. Walford (Author)Esperanto2
Hora bendita de oracionW. W. Walford (Author)Spanish2
Hora maika'i e pule aiRev. W. W. Walford (Author)Hawaiian3
Jerusalem wakaŋ kiŋ heRev. W. W. Walford (Author)Dakota2
Moment si doux de la priereW. W. Walford (Author)2
O Andachtszeit, o Andachtszeit!W. W. Walford (Author)German7
O boenestund foer mig sa k'rWilliam W. Walford (Author)2
O bönestund, så skön och dyrWilliam W. Walford (Author)Swedish5
O bønnestund, du bringer migW. W. Walford (Author)Norwegian1
O nasam-it a cararagW. W. Walford (Author)Tagalog2
O sel'ge Stunde des GebetsW. W. Walford (Author)German2
O soede BoennestundW. W. Walford (Author)2
O Stunde, dem Gebet geweihtW. W. Walford (Author)German1
O süße Stunde des GebetsWilliam W. Walford (Author)German5
¡Oh dulce, grata oración!William A. Walford, 1772-1850 (Author)Spanish4
പ്രാർത്ഥനയിൻ നൽ നേരമേ, ലോക ചിന്തകളകറ്റി (Prārt'thanayin nal nēramē, lēāka cintakaḷakaṟṟi)William W. Walford (Author)Malayalam2
Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerW. W. Walford (Author)English1063
Wakati wangu kuomba William W. Walford (Author)Swahili1
Wie süß ist's doch, wenn im GebetW. W. Walford (Author)German4

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