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Short Name: Suzanne Toolan
Full Name: Toolan, Suzanne, 1927-
Birth Year: 1927 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Suzanne Toolan (19)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Alleluia, alleluia] (Toolan)S. Toolan (Composer)154345 12171
[Bendito el Señor Dios de Israel] (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan, S.M. (Composer)213333 33444 45444
[The will of your love]Suzanne Toolan, RSM (Composer)355456 66745 51233
[Day and night I cry to you] (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan, SM (Composer (Antiphon))611212 33
BREAD OF LIFE (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan (Composer)3433311 55566 66655
[I bind my heart this tide]Suzanne Toolan, SM, b. 1927 (Composer)322431 24561 75621
[Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ] (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan, SM, b. 1927 (Composer)767112 3
[Jesus Christ, source of light]Suzanne Toolan, RSM, b. 1927 (Composer)355554 55533 32116
LEAVE ALL THINGSSuzanne Toolan (Composer)1551232 17123 45454
[Let not your hearts be troubled] (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan, RSM (Composer)212345 45617 71534
[O radiant light]Suzanne Toolan, SM, b. 1927 (Composer)3
[Our eyes are fixed on the Lord] (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan (Composer)331121 23
[The just will rejoice in the Lord]ST (Composer (Antiphon))355557 571
[The Spirit of the Lord is upon me] (Toolan)Suzanne Toolan, SM, b. 1927 (Composer)2
['Tis our God's great pleasure]Suzanne Toolan, RSM (Composer)317123 21752 11712
UBI CARITAS (Berthier)Suzanne Toolan (Composer)133221 14323 32216
[We adore you, O Jesus Christ]Suzanne Toolan, RSM, b. 1927 (Composer)233216 12352 33216
[You are the God of my heart] Suzanne Toolan, RSM (Composer)233343 22123 36665
[You will be my witnesses to all the world]ST (Composer)211223 33
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