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Short Name: William G. Tomer
Full Name: Tomer, William G. (William Gould), 1833-1896
Birth Year: 1833
Death Year: 1896

Born: Oc­to­ber 5, 1833, New Jer­sey.
Died: Sep­tem­ber 26, 1896, New Jer­sey.
Buried: Un­ion Cem­e­te­ry, Fines­ville, New Jer­sey.

Tomer stu­died sing­ing and sang in the choir in Fines­ville, New Jer­sey, and be­gan teach­ing school at age 17. He served in the Un­ion army dur­ing the Amer­i­can ci­vil war, then worked as a clerk in Wash­ing­ton, DC, served as mu­sic di­rect­or for Grace Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal Church, and taught school in New Car­pen­ters­ville and Green­wich, New Jer­sey. He was liv­ing in Green­wich as of 1880.


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[Anywhere we'll work for Him]W. G. Tomer (Composer)335157 66234 66535
[Behold a stranger at the door] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)253335 12332 34712
[Blessed they who serve the Lord]W. G. Tomer (Composer)234531 56176 53132
[Come children, hail the Prince of peace] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)253332 13565 43225
GOD BE WITH YOUWilliam G. Tomer (Composer)69033333 35236 66666
[I am on my pilgrim journey] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)354333 21512 33543
[I am waiting, calmly waiting] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)251332 14457 22123
[I have two homes, two happy homes] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)255535 11556 71232
[In heaven, bright heaven, the home of the blest]W. G. Tomer (Composer)253212 16565 35555
[In the path I'm walking] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)233321 16661 51234
[Joy! joy! Joy at the beautiful gate]W. G. Tomer (Composer)233323 53122 22346
[Let those who have donned the beautiful Blue]Wm. G. Tomer (Composer)251123 16165 12222
[Linger not, linger not, let us seek Him in our prayer]W. G. Tomer (Composer)355112 32171 23255
[O Father, hear us]W. G. Tomer (Composer)311144 43555 55434
[O bright will the light of that holy day dawn] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)251333 21722 25234
[O give me a home far away]W. G. Tomer (Composer)212334 56717 66761
[O have you not heard of that beautiful stream] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)251112 16565 35543
[O tell me, evening's holy star]W. G. Tomer (Arranger)153243 26222 34127
[Out in the darkness of midnight]W. G. Tomer (Composer)233213 65176 52365
[Pleasant is the Sabbath bell] (Tomer)Wm. G. Tomer (Composer)215313 51722 13315
[Sleep on, sweet child, O gently sleep]W. G. Tomer (Composer)233215 65332 34535
[There are lonely hearts to cherish] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)213556 53512 33532
[There's a beautiful land far away, far away]W. G. Tomer (Composer)255321 55566 61665
[There's a star that shines on the blest highway] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)234512 17651 35511
[Walk in the light, in the beautiful, beautiful light]W. G. Tomer (Composer)233333 34444 44322
[We are waiting by the river] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)234531 33223 45123
[We'll journey together to Zion]W. G. Tomer (Composer)255433 21322 23465
[What shall I do for the Master?]W. G. Tomer (Composer)333333 36535 23454
[When the chilling blasts of sorrow]W. G. Tomer (Composer)233332 35422 52443
[Will they meet us, cheer and greet us] (Tomer)W. G. Tomer (Composer)233334 44422 22543

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