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Johann Schop
Short Name: Johann Schop
Full Name: Schop, Johann
Birth Year (est.): 1590
Death Year: 1667

Johann Schop Germany 1590-1667. Born at lower Saxony, Germany, he became a Lutheran composer and violinist, much admired for his virtuoso and technical ability. In 1614 Duke Friedrich Ulrich made him a probationary musician in the Hofkapelle at Wolfenbuttel. He performed playing various instruments, but excelled as a violinist. He was engaged permanently in 1615, but the same year he responded to a summons to join the flourishing musical establishment of King Christian IV of Denmark in Copenhagen. There he met English viol player, William Brade, who had earlier been in service to Hamburg, Germany (and may have taught Schop there). Schops compositions for the violin set impressive demands for that area at that time. He also played other instruments, including the violi, lute, cornet, trombon, trumpet, zinke, and violin (virtuoso). In 1619 Schop and Brade left Copenhagen to escape the plague. He then went to Iburg, where he worked at the courtof the Osnabruck bishop, Philipp Sigismund. Schop had such a reputation that he soon acquired a post as Kapellmeister at an establishment in Hamburg and was the first member of the council music. In 1621 he was its director and the leading municipal violinist in that city, which offered him a substantial income for his participation in the church music program. He also was organist at the Jacobikirche. In 1634 he again traveled to Copenhagen with Heinrich Schutz and Heinrich Albert for the wedding of Crown Prince Christian. He won a violin contest there. Few German violinists were of his caliber musically. He returned to Hamburg, and the Danish king tried several times to woo him back to Denmark, but he stayed in Hamburg, becoming a director of music. He published books of violin music in 4 to 6 parts. He wrote two books of well-loved dance pieces and sacred concertos. He co-founded a school of song writing there in Hamburg with Thomas Selle. Many of his tunes were writtten for fellow townsmen and friend Johann Rist. Some of his music was performed at the Peace of Westphalia celebrations. Some of his tunes were used by chants in a cantata. Schop was married (wife’s name not found) and they had two sons, Johann II, and Albert, who also became musicians. He died in Hamburg.

John Perry

Tunes by Johann Schop (18)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Amen! Deines Grabes Friede]Joh. Schop (Composer)513511 71132 17665
O TRAURIGKEITJohann Schap (Composer)453127 11755 56543
CANTATE DOMINO (Schop)Johan Schop (Composer)1113451 71321 716
CROWLANDJohann Schop (Composer)711756 71133 44332
NUREMBURG (12314)Johann Schop (Composer)312314 32235 54512
O WELT, SIEH HIERSchop (Composer)253143 22233 4455
O EWIGKEITJohann Schop, 1595-1667 (Composer)2013455 67113 45543
SINCERITY (11554)Johann Schop (Composer)211554 32251 71765
[Ich bin in dir, und du in mir]Joh. Schop (Composer)131555 17665 13555
NUREMBURG (Schop)Schop (Composer)251565 43554 32212
ERMUNTRE DICHJohann Schop (Composer)5811234 55453 43232
[Sha'nt I sing to my Creator]Johann Schop (Composer)213451 12171 1
SOLLT ICH MEINEM GOTTJ. Schop, c. 1600-1665 (Composer)1011517 71132 17165
THANSKGIVING (HAMBURG)Johann Schop (Composer)212345 11711 32176
WALWORTHSchop (Composer)212354 32157 35443
WE'LL WALK IN THE LIGHTJohann Schop (Composer)135533 21333 6532
WERDE MUNTERJohann Schop (Composer)14634554 32234 54321
O DU LIEBE MEINER LIEBE (Thommen)Johann Schop, 1595-1667 (Composer)112354 32232 12171

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