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Carl Schalk
Short Name: Carl Schalk
Full Name: Schalk, Carl, 1929-
Birth Year: 1929
Death Year: 2021

Carl F. Schalk (b. Des Plaines, IL, 1929) is professor of music emeritus at Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois, where he taught church music since 1965. He completed gradu­ate work at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, and at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. From 1952 to 1956 he taught and directed music at Zion Lutheran Church in Wausau, Wisconsin, and from 1958 to 1965 served as director of music for the International Lutheran Hour. Honored as a Fellow of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada in 1992, Schalk was editor of the Church Music journal (1966-1980), a member of the committee that prepared the Lutheran Book of Worship (1978), and a widely published composer of church music. Included in his publications are The Roots of Hymnody in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (1965), Key Words in Church Music (1978), and Luther on Music: Paradigms of Praise (1988). His numerous hymn tunes and carols are collected in the Carl Schalk Hymnary (1989) and its 1991 Supplement.

Bert Polman

Tunes by Carl Schalk (38)AsInstancesIncipitsort descending
LUCENTCarl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)2
NYGRENCarl F. Schalk (Composer)2
LAESCHCarl Schalk (Composer)2
RAABECarl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)4
LAGUNA GLORIACarl Schalk (Composer)1
NAGELCarl Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)3
STANLEY BEACHCarl F. Schalk (Composer)7
[Blessed be God, the source of all life] (Schalk)Carl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)2
RED HILL ROADCarl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)2
BREADCarl Schalk (Composer)3
JAM LUCIS (11111)Carl F. Schalk, 1929-2021 (Arranger)111111 21111 11722
FLENTGECarl F. Shalk (Composer)811123 43212 23143
PARSONS (Schalk)Carl F. Schalk, 1929- (Composer)211154 32171 45567
VERLEIH UNS FRIEDENCarl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Arranger)111171 23213 44345
TOUCH OF LOVECarl F. Schalk (Composer)211233 32556 75321
DEO GRACIAS (English)Carl Schalk (Harmonizer)811717 76511 75454
[You have turned my wailing into dancing]Carl F. Schalk (Composer (refrain))212121 23455 1
THINECarl Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)712323 45432 12321
WE LIFT OUR HEARTSCarl Schalk, 1929- (Composer)212327 11144 34234
TRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARACarl F. Schalk, 1929- (Arranger)112335 33223 46544
VISION (Schalk)Carl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)212345 16545 32345
MIT FREUDEN ZARTCarl F. Schalk, 1929-2021 (Arranger)113451 76565 43234
FARLEY CASTLECarl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Arranger)413453 45671 17615
ISTE CONFESSOR (Poitiers)Carl Schalk, b. 1929 (Harmonizer)815345 12343 21153
FORTUNATUS NEWCarl F. Schalk (Composer)2017115 45575 43435
PERICHORESIS (Schalk)Carl F. Schalk (Composer)233251 12343 23325
ROEDERCarl Fletge Schalk (Composer)2234553 12342 34536
MAJESTY (Schalk)Carl Schalk (Composer)234566 51232 12
STARS (Schalk)Carl Schalk (Composer)251243 21716 51243
DES PLAINESCarl F. Schalk, 1929- (Composer)253165 45311 23431
SILVER SPRING (Schalk)Carl F. Schalk (Composer)453214 21711 65432
NOWCarl F. Schalk (Composer)2655111 14223 32122
[Now the silence, now the peace]Carl Flentge Schalk (Composer)255111 14223 32122
MARVELCarl Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)655566 11555 51321
DONATACarl F. Schalk (Composer)355511 65332 12671
RIVERSIDE (Schalk)Carl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)255517 66674 32345
SIOUX FALLSCarl Schalk (Composer)356517 65653 4231
MANGER SONGCarl F. Schalk, b. 1929 (Composer)971232 17627 65234
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