George Taylor Rygh

Short Name: George Taylor Rygh
Full Name: Rygh, George Taylor, 1860-1942
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1942 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by George Taylor Rygh (31)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All who believe and are baptizedGeorge A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Paraphraser)English22
And now we must bid one another farewellGeorge Taylor Rygh (Translator)English4
Be present at our table, LordGeorge Taylor Rygh, 1860-1943 (Translator)English1
God's Word is our great heritageGeorge Taylor Rygh, 1860-1943 (Translator)English1
He is arisen! Glorious Word!George T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English13
Heavenly Spirit, all others transcendingG. T. Rygh (Author)English8
Help me, Lord, by Thy great powerG. T. Rygh (Translator)English2
Holy Spirit, God of love, Who our night dost brightenGeorge Taylor Rygh (Author)English4
In Jesus I find rest and peaceGeorge Taylor Rygh (Translator)English2
In Jesus' name our work must all be doneG. A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English2
Jesus, I long for thy blessed communionG. T. Rygh (Author)English1
Like the golden sun ascending, Breaking through the gloom of nightG. A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English6
Lord, bless your Word to all the youngGeorge Taylor Rygh (Translator (st. 2))English2
Lord of spirits, I surrenderG. T. Rygh (Author)English5
O day, full of grace, which we beholdRygh (Translator)English2
O Father, may Thy Word prevailGeorge Taylor Rygh (Translator)English5
O happy day, when we shall stand Amid the heavenly throneG. A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English7
O Jesus, I beseech theeG. T. Rygh (Author)1
O Light of God's most wondrous loveG. A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English5
O watch and pray, My soul, the wayG. T. Ryph (Author)English5
Our Lord and God, O bless this dayGeorge A. T. Rygh (Translator (from Norwegian, vs. 1 & 4))English4
Our table now with food is spreadG. T. Rygh (Author)English5
Peace to soothe our bitter woesGeorge T. Rygh, 1860-1943 (Translator)English11
Quien cree y bautizado esGeorge Taylor Rygh (Translator (English))Spanish2
Rejoice, rejoice this happy mornGeorge A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English1
Speak, O Lord, Thy servant heareth, To Thy word I now give heedGeorge T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English12
Speak, O Savior, I am list'ningGeorge A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator (sts. 2, 3))1
Strait [straight] is the gate to heaven aboveG. T. Rygh (Author)English1
Thanks to Thee, O Christ, victorious!George Taylor Rygh (Translator)English2
Thou must increase, Lord, and I must decreaseG. T. Rygh (Translator)English1
Thy love, O gracious God and LordG. A. T. Rygh, 1860-1942 (Translator)English2

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