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Short Name: M. D. Ridge
Full Name: Ridge, M. D., 1938-
Birth Year: 1938
Death Year: 2017
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[A sower went out to sow the seed]M. D. Ridge (Composer)451715 61565 32132
[A time to plant and a time for harvest]M. D. Ridge (Composer)251715 61455 32132
[Alleluia! Alleluia] (Ridge)M. D. Ridge (Composer)254357 43213 53132
GHENT (Ridge)M. D. Ridge, b. 1938 (Composer)3
[I am the Way, the Truth and the Life] (Ridge)M. D. Ridge (Composer)312345 17651 17651
[In God's time, peace will come]M. D. Ridge (Composer)212355 32234 66556
[And on that day will justice triumph]M.D. Ridge (Composer)612321 71645 12321
MISSION HILLSM. D. Ridge (Composer)213454 31171 55717
[Near to death, I cried "Save me!"]M. D. Ridge, b. 1938 (Composer)455432 31235 54323
TIDEWATERM. D. Ridge (Composer)251235 65671 51321
WADE IN THE WATERM. D. Ridge (Arranger (choral))231315 75175 43113
[When the darkness closes in]M. D. Ridge (Composer)253343 21656 11253
[Where two or three have gathered] (Ridge)M. D. Ridge (Composer)232351 76511 23532
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