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Jeremiah Eames Rankin

Jeremiah Eames Rankin
Short Name: Jeremiah Eames Rankin
Full Name: Rankin, Jeremiah Eames, 1828-1904
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1904

Pseudonym: R. E. Jeremy.

Rankin, Jeremiah Eames, D.D., was born at Thornton, New Haven, Jan. 2, 1828, and educated at Middleburg College, Vermont, and at Andover. For two years he resided at Potsdam, U.S. Subsequently he held pastoral charges as a Congregational Minister at New York, St. Albans, Charlestown, Washington ( District of Columbia), &c. In 1878 he edited the Gospel Temperance Hymnal, and later the Gospel Bells. His hymns appeared in these collections, and in D. E. Jones's Songs of the New Life, 1869. His best known hymn is "Labouring and heavy laden" (Seeking Christ). This was "written [in 1855] for a sister who was an inquirer," was first printed in the Boston Recorder, and then included in Nason's Congregational Hymn Book, 1857. Another of his hymns is "Rest, rest, rest, brother rest." He died in 1904. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Rankin, J. 33., p. 951, ii. Dr. Rankin, b. in N. H. (not New Haven), and received his D.D. 1869, LL.D. 1889 from his Alma Mater. He was President for several years of Howard University, Washington, D.C. His publications included several volumes of Sermons, German-English Lyrics, Sacred and Secular, 1897; 2nd ed. 1898, &c. In addition to his hymns noted on p. 951, ii., he has written and published mainly in sheet form many others, the most important and best-known being:—
1. God be with you till we meet again. [Benediction.] Dr. Rankin's account of this hymn, supplied to us, in common with Mr. Brownlie, for his Hymns and H. Writers of The Church Hymnary, 1899, is: "It was written as a Christian good-bye, and first sung in the First Congregational Church, of which I was minister for fifteen years. We had Gospel meetings on Sunday nights, and our music was intentionally of the popular kind. I wrote the first stanza, and sent it to two gentlemen for music. The music which seemed to me to best suit the words was written by T. G. Tomer, teacher of public schools in New Jersey, at one time on the staff of General 0. 0. Howard. After receiving the music (which was revised by Dr. J. W. Bischoff, the organist of my church), I wrote the other stanzas." The hymn became at once popular, and has been translated into several languages. In America it is in numerous collections; and in Great Britain, in The Church Hymnary, 1898, Horder's Worship Song, 1905, The Methodist Hymn Book, 1904, and others. It was left undated by Dr. Rankin, but I.D. Sankey gives it as 1882.
2. Beautiful the little hands. [Little ones for Jesus.] Given without date in Gloria Deo, New York, 1900.
Dr. Rankin's translations include versions of German, French, Latin, and Welsh hymns. His contributions to the periodical press have been numerous.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Jeremiah Eames Rankin (January 2, 1828 – November 28, 1904) was an abolitionist, champion of the temperance movement, minister of Washington D.C.'s First Congregational Church, and correspondent with Frederick Douglass. In 1890 he was appointed sixth president of Howard University in Washington, D.C. Howard's Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel was built during Jeremiah Rankin's tenure as president (1890–1903) and named after his brother. Rankin is best known as author of the hymns "God Be with You 'Til we Meet Again" and "Tell It to Jesus". In 1903 Rankin published a fictional journal of Esther Burr (Jonathan Edwards's daughter and mother of the third vice president of the United States, Aaron Burr).

Texts by Jeremiah Eames Rankin (289)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
你若疲倦,心靈沉悶悲歎 (Nǐ ruò píjuàn, xīnlíng chénmèn bēi tàn)Jeremiah E. Rankin (Author)Chinese2
ربي معكم حتى نلتقيJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)Arabic1
A cup my Father heldJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
A few more days, and then nightJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
Abide with me, within the west day is fast decliningJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
After snow, after snowJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English2
All hail to the heroes who're wearing the blueJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
All round the earth, what weary hearts are achingJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)6
America, so proud and freeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English11
Are there those around my doorJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Are you weary, are you heavy hearted?Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English269
Are you working for the Master (Rankin)Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
As fade the stars at morn awayJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)7
As I am, O Jesus, take me, weary, restless, sad and loneRev. J. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English5
Ask others to come to JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Ask, to thee it shall be givenJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English1
At the golden gate of prayer I waitJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)12
Be joyful, all ye near and farJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English1
Be with thee, Jesus, where thou artJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Beautiful the little handsJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English3
Behold, how sweet, with beauteous feetJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)4
Behold one standing at the doorJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Beneath Thy shadow hidingJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English3
Bethlehem! Bethlehem! Silent thou in silver dreamRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Bist du traurig, Ist dein Herxz voll leidenJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
Bist du traurig, ist dein Herz betrübet?Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)German1
Blessed, blessed their conditionJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English2
Blow, bugler, blow up one note moreJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Can you point a lost soul to the SaviorJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
Careful be for nothingJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Child of my love, lean hardJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Children come with joyful measureJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Chosen, my Lord, in theeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Christian, go from land to landJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Christian sister o'er the seaJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Come in, come in, thou waiting OneJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Come join in the praises of JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
Come, O come to the mercy seat, Thou who art so unblestJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Come Thou, O traveler blestJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English4
Come to me, come to me, come to meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Cuando estés cansado y abatidoJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)Spanish3
Cuandro estés cansado y abatidoJeremiah E. Rankin (Author)Spanish2
Dark things thou shalt know hereafterRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Dear Father, take my handJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Dear Master, walk with meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Deus vos guarde pelo seu poderJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)Portuguese2
Dios os guarde en su divino amorJ. E. Rankin (Author)Spanish3
Dios os guarde en su santo amorJeremiah E. Rankin, 1828-1904 (Author)Spanish11
Dios os guarde siempre en santo amorJeremiah E. Rankin (Author)Spanish11
Dios te guarde hasta volverte a verJeremiah Eames Rankin, 1828-1904 (Author)Spanish2
Drifting away from Jesus the [thy] LordJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English8
Earth's purple hills look placid downRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Enga anie ka homba anao Jeso!J. C. Rankin (Author)Malagasy2
Er du træt og syg og tung om hjerte?J. E. Rankin (Author)Norwegian2
Far, far, in heathen lands, DarkJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Far up the heights of gloryJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Father, Father, take my handJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Feet upon the Rock of AgesJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)2
Fierce the tempest is beatingJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)4
Fling it out, the royal bannerJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)6
For God and home and native land our mottoJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
For the great departedRev. Dr. Rankin (Author)English2
Forget thy Friend, my soul?J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Friend thou of the friendlessJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Friends of the tempted, Christ is callingJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English5
Friends we have beyond the riverJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)8
From Plymouth Rock to Golden GateJ. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
From these Pisgah heights returningRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English4
Give me the lowest place Amid celestial throngsRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Go tell it to Jesus, my brotherJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
God be the nation's guideJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
God be with you till we meet againJeremiah E. Rankin (Author)English1064
God bless the little badge of blueJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
God bless the men, the pledge who've signedJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
God in love is over allRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D. (Translator)4
God's hosts on earth are oneRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Gospel songs on Sabbath evenJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English2
Gott befohlen, bis aufs WiedersehenJ. E. Rankin (Author)German1
Gott mit euch, bis wir uns wiedersehn! Seiner Wächter Nat umschweb' euchJ. E. Rankin (Author)German2
Gott mit euch, bis wir uns wiedersehn: Sein Erbarmen, seins GüteJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)German3
Gott mit euch, bis wir uns wiederseh'n! Mög' er ratend ob euch waltenJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)German16
Gott sei mit euch bis auf's WiedersehnJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)German2
Gott sei mit euch bis zum WiedersehnJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)German3
Great Captain of salvation, Lift up Thy standard highJ. E. Rankin (Author)English2
Gud, vær med os, til vi mødes næstJ. E. Rankin (Author)Norwegian2
Gud, var med oss, tills vi möts igenJ. E. Rankin (Author)Swedish2
Hallelujah, Christ is mine; He who diedJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Hark! it is the angelusRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English4
Hark, the Macedonian cryJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Hark to the notes which come from gloryJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Have you builded on the sure foundationJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Have you told it all to JesusJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English2
He comes with consolationJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English2
He knows his own JehovahJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)2
He may come for meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
He that keepeth IsraelRev. J. E. Rankin, D.D., LL.D. (Author)English3
He who came an infant, strangerJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Hear his voice, the voiceJ. S. Rankin, D.D. (Author)2
Hear the gospel proclamation, sounding out over land and seaJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Hear ye not the children callingJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Heaven is to me no foreign strandJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)6
Herren med dig, tills vi moetas faJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Home, home, it's O to be homeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
I am a man by God forgiven!Rev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
I am not ashamed of JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
I am sitting at thy boardJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)5
I asked, ere yet my race was runJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
I cannot do without thee, Jesus my blessed LordJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
I cannot here content meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
I do not ask for the pride of earthJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English21
I do not know why Jesus came And touched my heart of stoneJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
I have found a place for my weary headJ. E. Rankin (Author)3
I have ten thousand earthly friendsRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
I know not the glory, on me that shall breakJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
I love the sweet water that runs in the rillsJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)7
I need a dying SaviorRev. J. E. Rankin (Author)English2
I need the prayers of those I love, I need the sweet, sweet feelingJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English14
I sat alone with life's memoriesJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English26
I stood by the gate called BeautifulJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
I want thy heart, I waiting standJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
I will not let thee go, Thou guest divineRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)5
If thou art a friend of JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
In Bethlehem, God's own begottenJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English1
In life's twilight hours, I often hearJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
In me, O Lord abideJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
In the glory of the FatherJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
In the mansions of our fatherJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
In this world of sin and ruinJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)9
In yon heaven all is fairRev. J. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)2
Into the land elysianRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English2
Is this Man's name ImmanuelJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English2
Isten velunk viszontlatasraJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
It haunts my thoughts still, O, the old gospel hymnJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English3
I've seen the good ShepherdJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)6
Jesus, bread for pilgrims brokenJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Jesus, Captain, station meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Jesus Christ foreverJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Jesus, Friend of all the sweetestJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
Jesus, gentle Savior, Bless thy lamb todayJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Jesus is our truest FriendJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Jesus, Jesus, Lamb of GodJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Jesus lives, lives againJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Jesus, teach me to love theeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Jesus, wondrous, wondrous StarJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English2
Just as Thou art, by man deniedJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
കാണും വരെ ഇനി നാം തമ്മില്‍ (Kāṇuṁ vare ini nāṁ tam'mil)Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)Malayalam2
Ke Akua pu a hui hou kakouJeremiah E. Rankin, 1828-1904 (Author)Hawaiian3
Keep your colors flyingJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English20
Laboring and heavy laden, with my sins, O Lord, I roamJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English17
Leading souls to Jesus who are sad and lostJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)7
Leave it with God, yes, make full surrenderJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English6
Let us all be good and kindJ. E. Rankin (Author)English1
Let us make a friend of JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Lift your eyes, the fields are waitingJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
Listen, listen, he is thereJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)9
Live for today before tomorrowJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Lo, the Bridegroom comethJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Lo the lilies how they growJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)6
Lo, they come, the victors!Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Lo they come with songs of joyJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Look away to the cross leave thy burdens all thereJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English2
Look no more withinJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Lord, let me fly to theeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
Machen Wolken dir den Himmel trübeJ. E. Rankin (Author)German1
Ma'heo'ȯ tsemehosėhoto'aestsėJeremiah Rankin (Author)Cheyenne2
Master, we are Thine foreverJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
May a little tender lambJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
May I but touch his garment's hemJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
More and more of grace give meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
More of Jesus, more of Jesus, More of Jesus, more and moreJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English3
My Jesus died for me, Such love can I forgetJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
My Jesus will provideJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
My Lord and my Savior, my Brother and FriendJ. E. Rankin (Author)3
My supper is spread and invited each guestJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Never break the SabbathRev. J. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)2
Night comes downJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Nothing Lord have I to bring for my misbehaviorJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
O beautiful, beautiful realm of the WestJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)6
O Ethiopia, land of nightJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
O God of nature, come and grace our harvestJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
O had I wings like a dove, I would fly, Far to yon haven of restJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
O head, all blood, all woundedJeremiah Eames Rankin (Translator)English2
O human Rose, set in with thornsJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
O I think of the mansionsJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
O land of all earth's lands, the bestJ. E. Rankin (Author)English20
O prodigal brother, why still delayRev. J. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)5
O prodigal, don't stay away, The Father is waiting todayJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English31
O that city of goldJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
O Thou great Shepherd of the sheepJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Obey my voice, and drink no wineJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)6
On Easter morn, when holy chimes are ringingJeremiah E. Rankin, 1828-1904 (Author)6
On the cross my Love hangs bleedingRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Out and out for JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Out of my darkness, into thy light, Out of my weakness into Thy mightJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English5
Out of Zion may God bless theeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
Pass the Gospel torch alongJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Pillowed his head that night on a stoneJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, all unite with one accordJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Quiet is the hour of evenJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English4
Är du tryckt och trött af lifvets strider?Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)Swedish2
Reapers, O reapers, the harvest is whiteJ. E. Rankin (Author)7
Remember how short is timeJ. E. Rankin (Author)5
Rest, rest, rest, brother, restJ. E. Rankin (Author)4
Rise up, ye Christian men, uniteJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Saa moerkt det 'r och jag 'r laangt fraanJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
See ye not the hostile legionsJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)5
Shall I sing a song of my kingJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)5
She stole behind, no word she spokeRev. J. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English2
Shepherd of one fold is heJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, there is restJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Sleep here in peaceJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Sleep sweet withinJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)3
So tender, so preciousJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English65
Speak, my soul, thy full complaintJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Speak, O Lord, Thy child will hear TheeJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English2
Speak one single word for JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Stood the mother weeping, sighingJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Strange to me, that I should shareJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)4
Sweet Sabbath day, Sweet Sabbath dayJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)9
Sweet, sweet, sweet the swell, the swell of Sabbath bellJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English5
Take a stand for JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)9
Take Christ within thy barqueJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
Take the Savior with theeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
Tell me more, still more of JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
Tell me of Jesus, a sinner doomed to dieJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Tenderer art thou to meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
The day is done, Night's welcomeJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
The door is shut, they knock in vainJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)6
The door of God's mercy is open, in song came the message to meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
The night is dark, and I am far from landJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
The tears which here are flowingJ. E. Rankin, LL. D. (Author)English2
The vows of God are on youJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English5
The waters are troubled the angel is hereJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English14
The way is dark the way is longJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
There is a land far awayJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
There is a refuge now, I knowJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
There is peace only in his nameJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)9
There's a better time acomingJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)10
There's a land far away, In the kingdom of dayJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)7
There's a place where we may laborJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English6
There's new joy among the angelsJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English2
There's new rapture in heaven againJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English3
There's One will save youJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
There's triumph now in the air, boysJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
They shall homeward come with songs of joyJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
They stood alone, our pilgrim siresJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)2
This lost, lost world for JesusJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English7
Thou art no longer in the worldRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English2
Thou art walking, O my SaviorJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
Thou God of nations, great Thy name!J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Thou land of my childhoodJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Though we're glad to laugh and playJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
Through the cleansing blood of the dying LambJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English3
Ti Dios coma kencat' agaluadJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)Tagalog2
'Tis the Savior's tender wordJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
To the house of his father the prodigal cameJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)English4
Toiling all nightJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Up, up, my heart all nature'sJ. E. Rankin (Author)3
Use me, Master, use me, Go not my years to wasteRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
Wake up, my heart, all natureJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)4
Walking on the ribbedJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Was willst du, herz, dich sorgenJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)German2
Watchman, is the night abating?Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English3
We sail sealed orders underJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
We will not faint or falter nowJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
Weary and heavy laden with my sins O Lord, I roamJ. E. Rankin (Author)English2
Weary and worn with life's burdensJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
We've chartered for gloryJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
What a friend, what a friendJ. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)3
What if the Master should come tonight (Rankin)Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
What's the passwordJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
When I walk through the valley of deathJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
When stars like withered leaves shall fallJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English2
When the day in West is dyingRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D., LL. D. (Author)English2
When we lose our dear ones hereJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)6
While the white robed angels meetJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)2
Who Jesus is, I cannot tellRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)2
Who'll take the ranks for JesusJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
Whosoever, O word divineJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)8
Why art thou sad, O troubled soulRev. J. E. Rankin, D. D. (Author)5
Why go around with troubled soulRev. J. E. Rankin (Author)English11
Wie köstlich, mein Heiland und HortJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)German1
Will the white robed angels meet usJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)6
Will they meet us, cheer, and greet usJ. E. Rankin, D.D. (Author)English17
With conquering tread he left the deadJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)4
With men of God I'd league meJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)English6
Wonderful name, he had, ere, his birthJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)3
You think the house of prayer so sweetJeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)5
願神同在直至再見面 (Yuàn shén tóng zài zhízhì zài jiànmiàn)Jeremiah Eames Rankin (Author)Chinese2

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