Helen Otte

Short Name: Helen Otte
Full Name: Otte, Helen, 1931-
Birth Year: 1931

Helen Ann (Brink) Otte Walter (b. Grand Rapids, MI, 1931) versified this psalm in 1982 for the Psalter Hymnal. She received her education at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has worked as a teacher, proofreader, and librarian. She was a member of the Poets' Workshop that worked with the revision committee to prepare psalm versifications for the 1987 Psalter Hymnal. After her first husband died and she remarried, she remained active as a freelance writer, especially of children's stories and dramas, some of which have been published in Reformed Worship under the name Helen Walter.

Bert Polman

Texts by Helen Otte (17)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All praise to the Lord who prepares me to fightHelen Otte (Versifier)English3
By your name, O God, now save me; Grant me justice by your mightHelen Otte (Reviser)English2
Come, praise the LORD, my soulHelen Otte (Versifier)English2
Give us this day our daily bread: this is our prayerHelen Otte (Author)English3
I am the LORD your God; you are my peopleHelen Otte (Versifier)English2
I cried out to God to help meHelen Otte (Versifier)English3
I love the LORD, for he has heard my voice (Otte)Helen Otte, b. 1931 (Author)English5
I need your help, O LORD, my GodHelen Otte, b. 1931 (Author (st. 1))English5
Listen, all people who live in this worldHelen Otte (Versifier)English2
LORD, listen to my righteous pleaHelen Otte (Author)English4
Mighty mortal, boasting evilHelen Otte (Versifier)English2
My words will give understandingHelen Otte (Author)2
O God, be merciful to me; I am distressed by enemiesHelen Otte, b. 1931 (Author)English3
O LORD, arise, come help me nowHelen Otte (Versifier)English2
Rebuke me not in anger, LORD, Your arrows wound and bring despairHelen Otte, 1931- (Paraphraser)English5
The spacious heavens tellHelen Otte (Versifier)English2
We give our thanks to you, O GodHelen Otte (Versifier)English2
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