James R. Murray

James R. Murray
Short Name: James R. Murray
Full Name: Murray, James R. (James Ramsey), 1841-1905
Birth Year: 1841
Death Year: 1905

L.P.M. (1905, April 12). Obituary. New Church Messenger, p.209.

Murray.--At Cincinnati, March 10, 1905, James Ramsey Murray. Funeral services in the Church of the New Jersualem, March 13th.

James R. Murray was widely known in the musical world as the author of many songs and song books, and in the New Church in Chicago and Cincinnati as an affectionate, intelligent, and loyal New Churchman.

He was born in Andover (Ballard Vale), Mass., March 17, 1841. In early life he developed musical talent, and composed many minor pieces for local and special occasions. Later at North Reading, Mass., he attended Dr. George F. Root's School of Music, and was associated with William Bradbury and Dr. Lowell Mason. He enlisted in the Fourteenth Regiment of infantry, commonly known as the Essex County Regiment, and afterwards was changed to the First Regiment, Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, which was engaged in most of the battles fought by the Second Army Corps up to the surrender of General Lee.

"Daisy Deane," the first and most popular of his early song successes, was composed in 1863 in Virginia while in camp, words by his cousin, Thomas F. Winthrop. This song is known all over the world, and the Salvation Army is using an arrangement of it for one of their war cry songs.

In 1868 Mr. Murray married Isabella Maria Taylor of Andover; and they removed to Chicago. Here three children were born to them, two passing early to their heavenly home, the youngest, Winthrop Root Murray, is still living. It was during these first years in Chicago that Mr. and Mrs. Murray became interested in the New Church, while he was engaged with Root and Cady as editor of the Long Visitor, afterwards merged with the Musical Visitor. After the great fire of 1871 Mr. and Mrs. Murray returned East, where he was engaged in teaching in Lawrence and Andover, and as organist at the Old South Church in Andover. In 1881 they removed to Cincinnati and Mr. Murray became the editor of the Musical Viistor [sic] and head of the publication department of the John Church Company. Among the most popular of his books are "Pure Diamonds," "Royal Gems," "The Prize" and "Murray's Sacred Songs." The following titles will recall some of his best loved sacred songs: "At Last," "Calm on the Listening Ear of Night," "I Shall Be Satisfied," "There Shall No Evil Befall Thee," "Thine, O Lord, Is the Greatness," "The Way Was Mine," "How Beautiful Upon the Mountains," "Angels from the Realms of Glory."

His last great labor in the publishing department of the John Church Company was the seeing through the press five volumes of Wagner's music dramas, with full score and original German text, and an English translation. The immense and careful labor involved in the preparation of these volumes, with a really smooth and excellent English translation, had perhaps, as it was done under pressure, something to do with Mr. Murray's breakdown. Although for some reason Mr. Murray's name does not appear on the title page of these volumes, his friends knew of the place the work held in his affections and ambition.

Mr. Murray was a member of the Church Council of the Cincinnati Society for the last four years and took a deep interest in the building of the New Church, and in the inauguration of services, with all the changes looking to the improvement of the musical part of the service. The vested choir, organized by Mr. and Mrs. Lawson, which Mr. Murray as councilman had urged from the beginning, in their entrance to the church each Sunday singing the processional hymn participated in the funeral service, with a congregation of brethren and friends, all moved by deep love and profound respect for the consistent life and faith of a worthy Churchman and beloved friend.

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For a discussion of Murray and the tune MUELLER, see: Stulken, M.K. (1981). Hymnal companion to the Lutheran Book of Worship. Philadelphia : Fortress Press, p.170.


Also available in the DNAH Archives:
1. An excerpt from Christie, George A. (1927). New Free Church. In Music in Andover. Papers read at "Fagot Party" of the Andover Natural History Society.

2. Unsourced essay about Murray written soon after his death, likely from Andover, Mass., perhaps authored by Charlotte Helen Abbott.

Texts by James R. Murray (99)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A glorious light has burst around usJames R. Murray (Author)3
Able to save, yes, able to saveJames R. Murray (Author)3
All is light and beauty on the other sideJames R. Murray (Author)4
And as in olden daysJames R. Murray (Author)3
Suffer little children to come unto me, to come unto meJ. R. Murray (Author)English5
Are you fighting for the MasterJ. R. Murray (Author)English2
At the tomb of Lazarus standingJames R. Murray (Author)2
Beautiful thoughts for ChristmasJ. R. M. (Author)English3
Bobolink, do not drinkJames R. Murray (Author)English3
Children, children, hearken to meJames R. Murray (Author)3
Children of the heavenly King, As we journey, sweetly singJ. R. M. (Author)English1
Come, learn of the way to the SaviorJames R. Murray (Author)English5
Come to me, come to me, Words of peace and gladnessJ. R. Murray (Author)English2
Come to the mighty One, trust in His powerJames R. Murray (Author)English1
Come ye, come ye, To the heavenly watersJames R. Murray (Author)English3
Each one has a missionJames R. Murray (Author)English6
En v'n jag har I JesusJames R. Murray (Author)3
Faint not, nor falter in the wayJ. R. Murray (Author)English4
Floating on the breath of eveningJames R. Murray (Author)4
Floating on the breeze of eveningJames R. Murray (Author)2
For Sabbath morning bright and fairJames R. Murray (Author)English2
From the golden land above usJames R. Murray (Author)English2
From the mountaintop and plainJames R. Murray (Author)2
Give me Jesus and His loveJames R. Murray (Author)English3
God's ways are the bestJames R. Murray (Author)3
Halelu aku! Kanaka me na anela emele puJames R. Murray, 1841-1905 (Author)Hawaiian2
Hallé un buen amigoJ. R. Murray (Author)Spanish2
Hark, that swelling, solemn musicJames R. Murray (Author)2
He folds them in his bosomJames R. Murray (Author)4
He is the Shepherd, gentle and lovingJames R. Murray (Author)2
He is the shepherd, we His sheep who followJ. R. Murray (Author)English3
Heavenward, heavenward, let us singJames R. Murray (Author)2
Help us, O Lord, thy name to loveJames R. Murray (Author)English2
I have found him at lastJames R. Murray (Author)2
I need not go to India, To China or JapanJ. R. M. (Author)English7
I shall see them, and know them, and love themJ. R. Murray (Author)English3
I'm going to enlist, boysJames R. Murray (Author)3
In the morning let us pray for a blessingJames R. Murray (Author)2
In want, and woe, in sinJames R. Murray (Author)2
Into the presence of the most holyJames R. Murray (Author)3
Into Thy loving careJames R. Murray (Author)English6
I have found a friend in Jesus, He's everything to meJ. R. Murray (Author)English8
Jerusalem, the golden, I languish for one gleamJ. R. Murray (Author)English2
Jesus, I love thee better than tongue can tellJames R. Murray (Author)3
Jesus is calling, Follow me, follow meJames R. Murray (Author)English3
Jesus knocks at the door of my heartJ. R. Murray (Author)English3
Jesus once was a little childJ. R. M. (Author)English8
Joyful songs now let us singJ. R. M. (Author)English2
Let us sing redemption's storyJames R. Murray (Author)English2
Little sacred songsJ. R. M. (Author)English2
Lord, as we enter Thy presence todayJames R. Murray (Author)2
Lord, for tomorrow and its needsJ. R. M. (Author)English1
Lord, I believe thee, yes, I believe theeJames R. Murray (Author)2
Loving Father, hear thy childrenJames R. Murray (Author)5
Many mansions, many mansionsJames R. Murray (Author)English1
Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas bellsJ. R. Murray (Author)English4
Never fear, for tomorrow, the Lord will provideJames R. Murray (Author)English2
Niemals sorge für MorgenJames R. Murray (Author)German1
No surrender to the foeJames R. Murray (Author)English5
O land of princely splendorJ. R. Murray (Author)English2
O let us be faithful, O let us be trueJames R. Murray (Author)English8
O let us praise himJames R. Murray (Author)2
O Lord when bended to the earthJames R. Murray (Author)2
O weary heart, thy rest has comeJames R. Murray (Author)3
O land of the immortalsJ. R. Murray (Author)English2
Ours the lossJames R. Murray (Author)2
Out upon life's restless oceanJames R. Murray (Author)English2
Peace on earth, good will to men (Murray)James R. Murray (Author)3
Peace on earth, peace on earth, Good will to menJames R. Murray (Author)2
Praise the Lord! praise Him! Men and angels, unite in happy song!J. R. Murray (Author)English6
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord of gloryJ. R. M. (Author)English2
Pressing onward in your calling, wharsoever it beJ. R. Murray (Author)English2
Raindrops! Raindrops! Gently falling from the skyJ. R. M. (Author)English4
Reaching after sunbeamsJames R. Murray (Author)3
Royal Praise come let us singJames R. Murray (Author)English2
سبحوا الربا من سماء المجد في الأعاليJames R. Murray (Author)Arabic1
See the golden sunlightJames R. Murray (Author)4
See the snow come downJames R. Murray (Author)English5
Sing, O, sing of the mighty OneJames R. Murray (Author)English3
Sweet it is, O Lord to knowJames R. Murray (Author)2
Sweetly the Savior is callingJ. R. M. (Author)English3
Take my hand, my sisterJames R. Murray (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd (Murray)James R. Murray (Author)2
The precious hours are passingJames R. Murray (Author)English3
There's a little pair of hands, laid to restJ. R. Murray (Author)2
Tiny little raindropsJames R. Murray (Author)3
To him that overcometh, To him that overcomethJames R. Murray (Author)English1
Today let your light shineJames R. Murray (Author)3
Up to the beautiful mansionsJames R. Murray (Author)2
Up to the land of lightJames R. Murray (Author)English3
Upward and onward into the lightJames R. Murray (Author)3
Voices of angels, floating in the airJ. R. M. (Author)English2
We shall meet and sing togetherJames R. Murray (Author)English4
What shall we give to Jesus, What shall we give to JesusJ. R. Murray (Author)English2
What though the clouds gatherJames R. Murray (Author)2
Where it never more shall wearyJames R. Murray (Author)4
While the blessed Savior dweltJames R. Murray (Author)2
Will you battle for the rightJames R. Murray (Author)3
Yes, we all have a workJ. H. Murray (Author)2

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