C. Austin Miles

C. Austin Miles
Short Name: C. Austin Miles
Full Name: Miles, C. Austin (Charles Austin), 1868-1946
Birth Year: 1868
Death Year: 1946

Charles Austin Miles USA 1868-1946. Born at Lakehurst, NJ, he attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and the University of PA. He became a pharmacist. He married Bertha H Haagen, and they had two sons: Charles and Russell. In 1892 he abandoned his pharmacy career and began writing gospel songs. At first he furnished compositions to the Hall-Mack Publishing Company, but soon became editor and manager, where he worked for 37 years. He felt he was serving God better in the gospel song writing business, than as a pharmacist. He published the following song books: “New songs of the gospel” (1900), “The service of praise” (1900), “The voice of praise” (1904), “The tribute of song” (1904), “New songs of the gospel #2” (1905), “Songs of service” (1910), “Ideal Sunday school hymns” (1912). He wrote and/or composed 400+ hymns. He died in Philadelphia, PA.

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A cheerful word, a kindly smileC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
A fountain was opened on CalvaryC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
A King divine is a friend of mineC. A. M. (Author)3
A King is born in BethlehemC. Austin Miles (Author)3
A little more giving, a little less greedC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
A sinner more wretched than IC. Austin Miles (Author)9
A solas al huerto yo voyC. A. M. (Author)Spanish13
A wondrous song was given to meC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
Across the mystic maze of yearsC. Austin Miles (Author)4
After a while, the burdens we have borne so longC. A. M. (Author)2
ആഴി പോൽ വിസ്താരമാം വാനം പോൽ ഉന്നതമാം (Āḻi pēāl vistāramāṁ vānaṁ pēāl unnatamāṁ)C. Austin Miles (Author)Malayalam2
All blotted out, all blotted outC. Austin Miles (Author)1
All earth today is bright and gayC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
All hail to Thee, EmmanuelC. A. M. (Author)English7
All is dark, I cannot see my wayC. Austin Miles (Author)2
All my cloudy days are bright with sunshineC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
All paths are brightC. Austin Miles (Author)2
All that drew me I have left behindC. Austin Miles (Author)2
All that held me, I have left behindC. Austin Miles (Author)2
All that I am or hope to beC. Austin Miles (Author)English11
All the joy in the world is thineC. A. M. (Author)2
All the nations of the earth rejoice and singC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
All the world is bright to meC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Allt blifvit nytt, Efter aangest och stridC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Angels are singing a gladC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Anything or nothing, worldly wealth or fameC. A. M. (Author)4
As a lighthouse on the shoreC. A. M. (Author)English5
As of old when the hosts of IsraelC. A. M. (Author)English49
As the hills are roundC. Austin Miles (Author)1
As the shadows of the night round are fallingCharles Austin Miles (Author)English3
As wanderers far from homeC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Asleep on the pillow the Master layC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
At morning, when we awakenC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
At one with God, how rich is my conditionC. Austin Miles (Author)English6
At the cross, at the cross, Wonder found meC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Awake, and in His strength renewedC. Austin Miles (Author)English9
Awake, awake, O earth, awake and singC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Awake, awake, the dawn of day is breakingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Awake, awake, with light the skies are glowingC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Away with doubt, away with fearC. A. M. (Author)English6
Be like Jesus in the home when the trials comeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Be not idle today, time is passing awayC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Beautiful flowers of EdenC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Believer, there's a blessingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Bells of peace on highC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Betrayed with a kissC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Blessed be He, the God of our salvationC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Blessed Comforter, dwell in me I prayC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Blessed day of joy and lightC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Blow, softly blow over the hills and vales of SharonC. A. M. (Author)English2
Bright skies are everywhereC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Bring, O bring again to meC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
By the blood on the cross of CalvaryC. Austin Miles (Author)2
By thy love which feared no dangerC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Calling from our ease Jesus bids us bear his banners onC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Can we behold, through gates of goldC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Când aud în depărtareal luptei sgomot mareC. Austin Miles (Author)Romanian2
Carols sing to our KingC. A. M. (Author)2
Child in lowly manger lyingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Child of sin, why will ye wanderC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Christ is born, Christ is born, What is the message to us you bring?C. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Christ the king of glory Unto us is bornC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Clinging to Calvary, where naught but love I seeC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Close, close to Thee! In childhood's fleeting momentsC. A. M. (Author)English12
Clouds may hover over me and hide my viewC. A. M. (Author)English12
Come where the fountains are flowingC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Come, ye heavy laden, Oft by sorrow triedC. A. M. (Author)English3
Conquest banners streaming, Bid us onward goC. Austin Miles (Author)5
Cross crowned hill above a verdant plainC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Day by day, hour by hourC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Dein, völlig dein, an meinem LebensmorgenC. Austin Miles (Author)German2
Do you know my Savior as I know Him?C. A. M. (Author)English4
Does sin beset your daily pathC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Don't you hear the tumult in the cityC. Austin Miles (Author)4
Down by a river where the breezes blowC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Draw me nearer, O my Savior, Nearer as the days go byC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Dropping, dropping falls the rainC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Each moment I will trust in him who did so much for meC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Earth filled with joy sings the glad refrainC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Earth is but a place to tarryC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Earth to summer's joyC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Easter bells, Easter bells, Pealing forth the messageC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Eu vin singur în grădinaC. Austin Miles (Author)Romanian2
Ever abiding in His love, I am contentC. A. M. (Author)English2
Ever of him I am singingC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Every bird and blossomC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Every day my heart grows lighterC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Every nodding blossom seems to say todayC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Every voice that carols to the KingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Faces bright with delight On this happy morn!Charles Austin Miles (Author)English3
Fair were the roses that grew where He trodC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Faith reveals in untold beautyC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Faithful is he and great his mercies areC. A. M. (Author)English12
Falter not, falter not in the battleC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Far above earth's tumult, The call of Christ we hearC. A. M. (Author)English14
Far above the world so highC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Far and near sweet and clearC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Far and wide the angels' songC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Far away the noise of strife upon my ear is fallingC. A. M. (Author)English153
Far from my Savior I wanderedC. A. M. (Author)English2
Far up the mountain of sin do I roamC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Father divine, hear in this hourC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Flow, flow on life's broad streamC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Flow on, flow on, O rivers gladC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Flowers in the meadow growingC. Austin Miles (Author)4
Flowing from Calvary's sideC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
For gentle rain that fills anew the springC. Austin Miles (Author)2
For my sins, is pardon foundC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
For the world the debt is paidC. A. M. (Author)English2
For you, sinner, for youC. A. M. (Author)English2
Forward, Christian soldier, go, 'Neath His banner trueC. A. M. (Author)English3
From dawn to evensong is but a dayC. A. M. (Author)2
From the morning dawn as the hours roll onC. Austin Miles (Author)2
From the throne flows a wondrous streamC. A. M. (Author)English7
Galilean, meek and lowlyC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
Ĝardenen mi venas en sol'C. Austin Miles (Author)Esperanto2
Gather from the hillsides, gather from the plainsC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Gather the sunbeams as they fall across the path of youthC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Give me no treasures that last but a whileC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Go and tell unto all the gospel storyC. Austin Miles (Author)English15
God holds the key to the crossesC. Austin Miles (Author)2
God is calling now for workers where no light has goneC. Austin Miles (Author)2
God is calling youC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
God is ever careful of his ownC. Austin Miles (Author)4
God laid on me a cross to carryC. A. M. (Author)2
God will answer prayerC. A. M. (Author)English2
God's own hand shall lead meC. Austin Miles (Author)5
Good night and God bless youC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Grant, my dear Lord, Thy blessing unto meC. Austin Miles (Author)English6
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised! In the city of our God (Miles)C. Austin Miles (Author)English3
廣,廣似洋無邊;高,高似最高的天;(Guǎng, guǎng shì yáng wúbiān; gāo, gāo shì zuìgāo de tiān;)C. Austin Miles (Author)Chinese2
Hark, on the highway of life a sound As crested waves of ocean roarC. A. M. (Author)English11
Hark, the Sabbath bells are pealing, Softly over the dew-kissed landC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Hasten away, do not delayC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Hate made a cross from the wood of a treeC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
Have you done your very bestC. A. M. (Author)English3
Have you ever tried to bear your burdensC. A. M. (Author)English16
He my refuge is, my fortressCharles Austin Miles (Author)English4
He will hear me when I callC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Hear the chimes of the gospel bellsC. A. M. (Author)2
Hear the Easter bells, Blessed Easter bellsC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Hear the song of the murmuring seaC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Heavenly doors were openedC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Here in the name of Christ our KingC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Here we all must part, here the aching heartC. A. M. (Author)English15
Hold thou my hand, O Lord when pleasures vain allure meC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Holy Bible, word divineC. Austin Miles (Author)3
How glorious is the holy wordC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
How often you think of your homeC. A. M. (Author)2
Hvar och ensaa s'ger GudC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I am fully satisfied with Jesus' loveC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I am glad to tell, with my soul 'tis wellC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I am happy every day, for I knowC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I am happy in the Lord, sweetly trustingC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I am not dreaming, When I am wearyC. A. M. (Author)English2
I am not under law, I'm under grace, As it tells me in His WordC. A. M. (Author)English5
I am not under law, I'm under grace (Chorus)C. Austin Miles (Author)English1
I am rejoicing now in sins forgivenC. Austin Miles (Author)6
I am sailing on a seaC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I am the Way, the Savior said, And I would follow onC. Austin Miles (Author)English11
I can face all trials hereC. A. M. (Author)English2
I cannot keep from singing, the Praises of My GodC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I cannot understand while walking hand in handC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I claim for my own a King on a throneC. A. M. (Author)English6
I come to the garden aloneC. A. M. (Author)English257
I do not know and none can tellC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I do not know the depths of Jesus' loveC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
I have a Comrade who knows me wellC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I have a cross that I must bearC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I have a friend indeed, a friend I often needC. Austin Miles (Author)English11
I have a friend, than whom I need no otherC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I have a friend unfailingC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
I have a Friend who knows me so wellC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I have blessed peace though the storm may beatC. A. M. (Author)English3
I hear it in the midnight hourC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I knew I was a sinnerC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I know I am a sinner in the sight of GodC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I know I love my Savior, When all is fair and brightC. A. M. (Author)English2
I love Him because I know HimC. A. M. (Author)English4
I love him, though unworthy everC. A. M. (Author)English2
I love to think of Jesus, who else could it beC. Austin Miles (Author)English10
I must have Jesus with me when the morning lightC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
I must lay this body down and soar awayC. Austin Miles (Author)8
I need the blood to me appliedC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I often wonder what shall beC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I was once a sinner, but I cameC. A. M. (Author)English55
I saw around the throneC. A. M. (Author)2
I seem to see one walkingC. Austin Miles (Author)3
I shall wear a golden crown When I get homeC. Austin Miles (Author)English39
I sought to find my heart's desireC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I strive to walk the narrow wayC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I walk with Jesus though his pierced feetC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I want to be there at the roll callC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
I want to tell the sory I love so wellC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I will not leave you comfortless, Though I shall go awayC. A. M. (Author)English2
I will not let Thee go until Thou bless me even hereC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I will seek to be a blessingC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
I'd like to be a child againC. A. M. (Author)English2
If a cross I bearC. A. M. (Author)English3
If Jesus goes with me I'll go anywhere (Chorus)C. Austin Miles (Author)English2
If pathless forests meet my viewC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
If the voice of God should come to you todayC. A. M. (Author)English24
If to Christ our only KingC. A. M. (Author)English41
If you are a loafah an' a drunkardC. Austin Miles (Author)4
If you have knelt before your God in prayerC. A. M. (Author)English2
I'll cling to him, whose pierced feetC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I'll cling to thee, Jesus, in joy and in painC. Austin Miles (Author)2
I'll lift up my head and rejoicing I'll singC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I'll never cease to love Him, He's done so much for meC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
I'll patiently wait on each promiseC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
I'm living on the mountain underneath a cloudless sky (Chorus)C. Austin Miles (Author)English2
I'm traveling now on the safest roadC. Austin Miles (Author)9
I'm weary of bearing my burdenC. A. M. (Author)English7
In a manger low, in a cattle shedC. Austin Miles (Author)4
In Heavenly Love abidingC. A. M. (Author (Chorus))English1
In my heart I have a songC. Austin Miles (Author)2
In the beauty of the earth and the glowing skiesC. A. M. (Author)English4
In the gardens of the worldC. Austin Miles (Author)1
In the glory of the early morningC. Austin Miles (Author)2
In the meadows greenC. Austin Miles (Author)1
In the sky the stars are shiningCharles Austin Miles (Author)2
In the strength of GodC. Austin Miles (Author)1
In the tomb they laid himC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
In the word of God is a wondrous planC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
In thy hands, O Jesus, all my life I placeC. A. M. (Author)English2
Is there on your heart a burdenC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Is there One who can feed the hungry soulC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
It may be in the valley, where countless dangers hideC. A. M. (Author)English103
I've been redeemed by the precious bloodC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
I've been redeemed through Jesus' precious bloodC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
I've left Egypt and its sin behind meC. A. M. (Author)English2
Jerusalem, O city brightC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Jesus always hears and helps usC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Jesus calls for soldiers trueC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Jesus Christ my pardon purchased when He died on CalvaryC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Jesus, I have come to TheeC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Jesus in the morning when I wakeC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Jesus knows my caresC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Jesus loves the children, So to Him we prayC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Jesus, my Savior, calls in tones so clearC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Jesus, my Savior, when I stand and view thy crossC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Jesus, the Son, who came to save usC. A. M. (Author)English2
Jesus, to Thee, I kneel in sweet submissionC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Jesus, we plead in one accordC. A. M. (Author)English2
Joy is springing in this soul of mine and a song is in my heartC. A. M. (Author)English4
Just a little nearer, speaks a loving voiceC. A. M. (Author)3
Just a step from here to heavenC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Just beyond the river Jordan, Just across its chilling tideC. Austin Miles (Author)English15
Just to have the loving heart of JesusC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Kings of the earth dwell in palaces fairC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Lauded be Thy holy nameC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Lay them to rest in the arms of GodC. A. M. (Author)English3
Lead on, King of LoveC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Lead on, not with the sword the brave of the earth are wieldingC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Let every tribe and rationC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Let me serve thee more and moreC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Life is a highway with streams to be crossedC. A. M. (Author)English2
Life is but a moment that soon will be pastC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Life is but a span in the measure of yearsC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Life is full of sunshine, when the sun is hidC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Life is like the rolling oceanC. A. M. (Author)2
Like an army marching Come the childrenC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Listen to the song the birds are singingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Living for the Master onlyC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Lo! an angel host descendingCharles Austin Miles (Author)English3
Long ago I lost my evil love for sinningC. Austin Miles (Author)5
Look up when all the way is darkC. Austin Miles (Author)English6
Lord, bless the songs Thy people singC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Lord, let my eyes be quick to seeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Love so full, love so freeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Lullaby, Lullaby, Angels guard thy sleepingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Lying in a manger, see the ChildC. Austin Miles (Author)1
March on, O sons of GodC. Austin Miles (Author)6
Mi parla Gesù nel Suo amorC. Austin Miles (Author)Italian2
'Mid the throng in which I'm daily livingC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
My Father's house aboveC. Austin Miles (Author)2
My heart is singing as the days go byC. Austin Miles (Author)2
My lifeboat is sailing across the sea of timeC. A. M. (Author)English3
My Lord has done so much for me, through all the passing daysC. A. M. (Author)English3
My sins became so heavyC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
My sins, O the peace giving thoughtC. A. M. (Author)2
My sins were many, without a doubtC. Austin Miles (Author)2
My soul had long been seeking peace and restC. A. M. (Author)English2
My trust I place now and everC. Austin Miles (Author)English6
My way was not the right wayC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Myriads of fragrant flowersC. A. M. (Author)2
Name of all the names the dearest (Miles)C. Austin Miles (Author)English2
நான் தோட்டத்தில் தனியனாய் (Nāṉ tōṭṭattil taṉiyaṉāy)C. Austin Miles (Author)Tamil2
Never friendless, I have a wonderful friendC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Never mind the weather, dark or fairC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
Nicht im dunklen ErdenthalC. Austin Miles (Author)German1
Night cometh on and the twilight fallsC. A. M. (Author)English3
Night is over Now once moreC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
No caste nor creed, nor party prideC. A. M. (Author)2
No matter where you may roam, friend, someone caresC. A. M. (Author)2
Nothing have I to offer worth his praiseC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Now Children's Day is overC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Now the Children's Day is overC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
O come and walk with meC. Austin Miles (Author)2
O for words to sing Unto Christ my KingC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
O Friend of sinners, I know thy great compassionC. Austin Miles (Author)2
O garden lowly, earthly yet holyC. Austin Miles (Author)2
O give ear to our cry O LordC. A. M. (Author)3
O happy Christian, who knows his sin forgivenC. Austin Miles (Author)2
O how marvelous, O how wonderfulC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
O I'm traveling on the "hallelujah line"C. Austin Miles (Author)English4
O joyous bells of Easter morningC. Austin Miles (Author)2
O let us to the tomb now wendC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
O radiant morn, when Jesus was bornC. Austin Miles (Author)3
O sin of mine, that bowed His headC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
O sinner, your Savior now waiting standsC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
O starry night, with a holyC. Austin Miles (Author)1
O the joyous greetings we shall seeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
O the wondrous love the Father showsC. Austin Miles (Author)3
O what a change from a world of despairC. Austin Miles (Author)English8
O what comfort is mine when the love-light I seeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Over the battlements of heavenC. A. M. (Author)English8
Over the hills and valleys let the tidings flyC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Of all the gifts Thou hast bestowed on meC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Oft perplexed by doubr and fearC. A. M. (Author)2
On our way, day by dayC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
On the cross my Savior died, Yes, for me was crucifiedC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
On the cross of Calvary lifted highC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
On the Eastern plain the flocks are sleepingC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
On the mount exalted or in valley lowC. A. M. (Author)English2
Once so drearily we scanned the cloudy skyC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Once upon the cross Jesus died for meC. Austin Miles (Author)2
One more day of service endsC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Onward, onward, speed thy conquering flightC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Open, O gates of gloryC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Open wide the windows of your soul and findC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Other folks may not approve meC. A. M. (Author)2
Out in the wilds they're strayingC. A. M. (Author)English3
Out on the ocean my frail bark will glideC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Over all a God of love is reigningC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Over and over, I'm tempted and triedC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Over the sea of life we swiftly glideC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Over the sea, wild and free comes a call to you and meC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Over the valleys the shadows fallC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Podrá no ser allíC. A. M. (Author)Spanish2
Praises be to God for I am glory boundC. Austin Miles (Author)English11
Precious love of Jesus flooding now my soulC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Prepare ye for service, put on the Gospel ArmorC. A. M. (Author)English2
Press on rejoicing for God is your hopeC. A. M. (Author)1
Promises of Jesus how they cheer the heartC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Pudiera ser que al valleC. Austin Miles (Author)Spanish2
Put on the armor of the gospelC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
قال المخلص اتبعنيC. Austin Miles (Author)Arabic1
前在埃及為罪奴僕,不知何為自由 (Qián zài āijí wèi zuì núpú, bùzhī hé wèi zìyóu)C. Austin Miles (Author)Chinese2
Raise the standard let the banner flyC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Rejoice, rejoice, the KingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Rejoice! The Lord Jehovah reignsC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Remember thy Creator, And learn to heed His wordC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
Ring a message far and wideC. A. M. (Author)English3
Ring on, O bells of hopeC. A. M. (Author)5
Ring, ring, merry, merry bellsC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Ringing sweetly on the quiet airC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Rivers are flowing gently, freeC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Room for Jesus, can it beC. Austin Miles (Author)English10
Rouse ye! O ye freemen! For a foe is in your nationC. A. M. (Author)English4
Safe in the fold we've gathered the sheepC. A. M. (Author)English6
Said Washington to Betsy RossC. A. M. (Author)English6
Sailor upon life's oceanC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Say, what means this great commotionC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
See the foe advancing now, ready for the frayC. A. M. (Author)English2
See, where the Mighty VictorC. A. M. (Author)English2
Send forth the glad evangelC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Shadows are falling and voicesC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Shepherd divine be thou near usC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Shine on, starry lightC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Si en valles de peligros yo tengo que pasarC. Austin Miles (Author)Spanish2
Sin may leave its mark on meC. A. M. (Author)3
Sing a song of joy and gladness, Sing and drive the clouds awayC. A. M. (Author)English2
Sing a song of praise on the cloudy daysC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Sing hosannas to the Living LordC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Sing with joy, for the world still awaits to hearC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Singing to Christ our King as we march alongC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Slumber, Child divineC. Austin Miles (Author)3
So, if the sky is dark and if the day is dreary (Chorus)C. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Softly the south winds are sighingC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Sometimes, above the path I treadC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Sometimes the days seem so drearyC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Sometimes you grow wearyC. A. M. (Author)English2
Somewhere on the path of lifeC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Song birds come from the southC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Songbirds come from the south, hasten on your wayC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Sons of God and heirs of heavenC. Austin Miles (Arranger)English1
Sorrow not as those without hopeC. A. M. (Author)English3
Souls are dying everywhereC. Austin Miles (Author)4
Sowing, sowing, sowing for the MasterC. A. M. (Author)English3
Star of the Christmas morningC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Star of the midnight gleamingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Storms do not alarm me, they sometime must ceaseC. A. M. (Author)English3
Summer days, filled with praise, Now on earth adoringC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Summer's gift is with us, joy is all aroundC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Sweep on to conquer the unknown worldC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Sweet and low, sweet and low, comes a song at eventideC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Sweet are the roses of SharonC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
Sweet is the voice of a motherC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Take Jesus with you in youth's brightest hoursC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Take your burden to JesusC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Tarry with me, my Savior, when the morn breaksC. A. M. (Author)English8
തോ-ട്ടത്തിൽ ത-നിച്ചെത്തി ഞാൻ (Tēā-ṭṭattil ta-niccetti ñān)C. Austin Miles (Author)Malayalam2
The army of the Cross advances clad in armor brightC. A. M. (Author)English4
The bells of heaven in tune with earthC. Austin Mils (Author)1
The birds have their nests, the blessed Master saidC. A. M. (Author)2
The clarion call is ringing clearC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
The clouds may hover over meC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
The day is far spent, O MasterC. A. M. (Author)English2
The days that glide so swiftly down the highway of the pastC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
The golden sands are flowing, the moments swiftly goingC. A. M. (Author)English3
The heavens are telling the glory of God, The wonders of His work, displays the firmament (Miles)C. Austin Miles (Author)English2
The hills are crowned with rosesC. Austin Miles (Author)3
The hope of the world is CalvaryC. Austin Miles (Author)2
The hope of the world is JesusC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
The love of the Savior of sinnersC. Austin Miles (Author)5
The Master is come and calleth for thee (Miles)C. Austin Miles (Author)2
The meadows there are always greenC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
The mourners left weepingC. A. M. (Author)English7
The name of a loved one in tenderness spokenC. A. M. (Author)English2
The night winds are singingC. Austin Miles (Author)1
The path that I have trodC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
The pathway is often so dreary I scarce can seeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
The Savior stands outside thy doorC. A. M. (Author)2
The shadows of the nightC. Austin Miles (Author)2
The story of redemption still is toldC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
The strangers to God, His grace and His loveC. A. M. (Author)English6
The sunshine I have found will fill each day with joyCharles Austin Miles (Author)English7
The wise men sought him and worshiped at his feetC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
The word came unto Noah, Go and build yourself an arkC. Austin Miles (Author)2
The word of the Lord can never failC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
The word that God has given, why should a man denyC. A. M. (Author)English4
The world that God has givenC. Austin Miles (Author)2
The youth of every landC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
There are many mansions fairC. Austin Miles (Author)2
There are many souls in darkness livingC. A. M. (Author)English2
There are sorrows which for us are hard to bearC. Austin Miles (Author)3
There are souls that wait for the gospel lightC. Austin Miles (Author)1
There are those who are discouragedC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
There are two ways before meC. A. M. (Author)English4
There is a city, bright and fair (Miles)C. Austin Miles (Author)2
There is a hill where stood a crossC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
There is a land of wondrous beauty, Where the living waters flowC. A. M. (Author)English14
There is a name that is laden with graceC. Austin Miles (Author)3
There is a Shepherd who cares for His ownC. Austin Miles (Author)English43
There is hope, O soul, for youC. Austin Miles (Author)5
There is no cross now standing on Calvary's hillC. A. M. (Author)English4
There is no day so dark, but has its gleamC. Austin Miles (Author)3
There is no storm where Jesus isC. Austin Miles (Author)2
There is one who always walks beside meC. A. M. (Author)English4
There is one who ever lives for me to intercedeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
There is one who stands upon the thresholdC. Austin Miles (Author)2
There is one whom I loveC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
There is one whose love is steadfast everC. Austin Miles (Author)1
There may be lands as yet unknownC. Austin Miles (Author)2
There was a Rose in Sharon growingC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
There's a Friend who waits to save theeC. Austin Miles (Author)1
There's a happy home my soul shall dwell withinC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
There's a land of bliss eternal, Where the saints their Lord beholdC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
There's a land of peace and plentyC. A. M. (Author)English5
There's a land to which my steps are leadingC. Austin Miles (Author)4
There's a mansion that is waiting over thereC. A. M. (Author)English3
There's a message borneC. Austin Miles (Author)2
There's a mighty army marching, which can never be dismayedC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
There's a mother on her knees in prayerC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
There's a name that makes my happiness completeC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
There's a new name written down in gloryC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
There's a robe that I shall wearC. Austin Miles (Author)3
There's a shout in the camp, keep the fires brightly burningC. Austin Miles (Author)English16
There's a wedding feast preparingC. Austin Miles (Author)3
They crucified Him who knew no sinC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
They nailed my Lord upon the treeCharles Austin Miles (Author)English8
This I know; though I go, through the waters deepC. A. M. (Author)English2
This is my salvation, Jesus died for meC. A. M. (Author)2
This land through which I journey, is beautiful to meC. Austin Miles (Author)4
This the morn Christ was born, long agoCharles Austin Miles (Author)English3
Though I know I must go through the valley lowC. A. M. (Author)English2
Though the hand of winter touches hill and plainC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Though the world allure with its gilded charmC. A. M. (Author)English6
Those who trust in the Father's loveC. A. M. (Author)English2
Thou shalt not have, so says the Lord (Miles)C. A. M. (Author)English6
Though all the world may pass me byC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Though many, many years may pass awayC. A. M. (Author)English3
Though the storms of life may gatherC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Though the tomb essayed to hold him in its dark embraceC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
Through the heavy losses, and unyielding crossesC. A. M. (Author)English3
Thro' the meadows stealing softly with the breezeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Through the Savior, crucifiedC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Thy white stars laid in heaven's blueC. A. M. (Author)English4
Time stands and waits while we go rushing byC. Austin Miles (Author)English4
'Tis the Lord who redeems us, who has shown the wayC. Austin Miles (Author)3
To and fro the soft winds blowC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Toiling, and often wearyC. A. M. (Author)English3
Traveler, do not be discouragedC. A. M. (Author)English3
Troubled soul, behold Divine CompassionC. A. M. (Author)English2
Trusting in Jesus from day to dayC. A. M. (Author)English3
Trusting Jesus, trusting every dayC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Trusting though the clouds may gather heavy overheadC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
'Twas Love that gave at greatest costC. A. M. (Author)English3
'Twas the life of Christ, my LordC. A. M. (Author)English9
'Twas when I surrendered to Christ my allC. A. M. (Author)2
Una vez perdido vivía yoC. Austin Miles (Author)Spanish7
Unto Him who rose in His gloryC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Up Calvary's hill Jesus patiently trodC. Austin Miles (Author)English9
Uplifted high on Calvary a cross I seeC. A. M. (Author)English4
Waken O earth, nor silentC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Walking in the morning brightC. Austin Miles (Author)English11
Walking with Jesus on Emmaus wayC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
We are looking upward every dayC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
We are marching on to the Glory land, We fear no foe before usC. A. M. (Author)English2
We are sailors on the sea of lifeC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
We are waiting for the dawning of the dayC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
We are willing workers, waiting Jesus' callC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
We believe, O Lord, in the Holy Spirit [Ghost]C. A. M. (Author)4
We come, we come, with happy voices singing joyous songs of praiseC. Austin Miles (Author)1
We walk and talk togetherC. A. M. (Author)English6
Weary and wandering and sunken in sinC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
We're enlisted in the army of the Lord of hostsC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
What a comfort now is mineC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
What a joy is mine, what a peace divineC. Austin Miles (Author)2
What can I bring to thee, my Savior?C. A. M. (Author)English2
What is summer's messageC. Austin Miles (Author)1
What shall separate us from a Savior's loveC. A. M. (Author)English2
What, what are these thus arrayed in robes of whiteC. A. M. (Author)English2
What will the King say when I standC. A. M. (Author)English2
What would a helpless sinner doC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
When doubt and fear assail meC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
When earth and all its glories from us shall pass awayC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
When God the world createdC. A. M. (Author)English2
When God's almighty handC. A. M. (Author)English5
When I am burdened with my grief, and loving handsC. A. M. (Author)English2
When I am weary and life seems a burdenC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
When I ask Thee, Lord, not knowingC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
When upon bended knee Jesus whispered to meC. A. M. (Author)English19
When I sought him, freely brought himC. Austin Miles (Author)2
When Jesus bore the cross to CalvaryC. Austin Miles (Author)2
When Jesus came to earth from heaven aboveC. A. M. (Author)English2
When Jesus comes in glory to call His loved ones homeC. A. M. (Author)English3
When Jesus leads, the way grows brightC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
When my daily path brings trouble nighC. Austin Miles (Author)3
When my last word I haveC. Austin Miles (Author)2
When sorrow and grief overwhelm youC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
When the cord of life for me is brokenC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
When the early morn is breakingC. Austin Miles (Author)English6
When the Lamb was crucifiedC. A. M. (Author)2
When the Lord shall come to take me homeC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
When the path divides in a mist that hidesC. A. M. (Author)English2
When the power of evil is nearC. A. M. (Author)3
When the storm spends its furyC. Austin Miles (Author)2
When the sun upon his wayC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
When the word of God is torn apartC. A. M. (Author)2
When things go wrong and silent is my songC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
When Thou art near meC. Austin Miles (Author)2
When trials come to meC. Austin Miles (Author)2
When you are discouraged and don't know what to doC. A. M. (Author)2
When you are tempted to complainC. Austin Miles (Author)1
When you get to heaven, as you surely willC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
When you have passed through the valleyC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Where does he dwellC. Austin Miles (Author)2
Where is the church of the days gone byC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
While we're sleeping, God is keepingC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Whispering words of comfortCharles Austin Miles (Author)English3
White the robes they wearC. Austin Miles (Author)English7
Who can tell how soon the bride may hear the cryC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Who can tell the hour of His appearingC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Who is this stranger who waits at my doorC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Who is this that's waiting, waitingC. A. M. (Author)English10
Who was it, calling, while I was wanderingC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Who will hear us when we prayC. Austin Miles (Author)3
Who will rally neath the banner royalC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Whosoever, saith the Lord, and pardon for my sins I seeC. Austin Miles (Author)English5
Why don'ts you get right with God, O sinner?C. A. M. (Author)English4
Wide, wide as the ocean, High as the Heaven aboveC. A. M. (Author)English15
Will you promise me to say a prayer tonightC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Win the world for Christ, shall be our cryC. A. M. (Author)English2
With a deeper love, dear SaviorC. Austin Miles (Author)2
With love and praise all nature's voice is soundingC. Austin Miles (Author)2
With my heart I believe on the SaviorC. A. M. (Author)English2
我獨自來到花園中 (Wǒ dúzì lái dào huāyuán zhōng)C. Austin Miles (Author)Chinese2
我所經過道路 (Wǒ suǒ jīngguò dàolù)C. Austin Miles (Author)Chinese2
Words of gladness greet thy beauteous rayC. Austin Miles (Author)1
Work in earnest for the OneC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
Would you know just where to seek HimC. Austin Miles (Author)English3
Ya sea en el valleC Austin Miles (Author)Spanish3
You have heard the good old gospelC. Austin Miles (Author)English2
You may look for me, for I'll be thereC. Austin Miles (Author)English1
Your heart may be closed to the gentle callC. A. M. (Author)English2
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