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Short Name: Kelly Dobbs-Mickus
Full Name: Dobbs-Mickus, Kelly, 1966-
Birth Year: 1966 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[Threefold amen] (Land of Rest)Kelly Dobbs Mickus (Arranger (choral))665345 16513 4321
[Bendice, alma mía, al Señor] (Dobb-Mickus)KDM (Composer)213212 4323
[Boundless love was promised as your vow]Kelly Dobbs Mickus, b. 1966 (Arranger (keyboard))357131 74753 45543
[Give praise to the Lord for he is good] (Roberts)Kelly Dobbs Mickus (Adapter (verses))111115 31717 11115
[Give thanks to the Lord, who is good] (Roberts)Kelly Dobbs Mickus (Adapter (verses))211153 17171 11153
[Happy are those who do what the Lord commands] (Krisman)Kelly Dobbs-Mickus (Composer (Antiphon))253215 6
LAND OF REST (American)Kelly Dobbs Mickus (Arranger (choral))1151123 51165 51123
HOLY MANNAKelly Dobbs Mickus, b. 1966 (Arranger)555611 22132 16556
PRECIOUS LORD Kelly Dobbs Mickus, b. 1966 (Arranger)834555 13321 16166
SERDECZNA MATKOKelly Dobbs-Mickus, b. 1966 (Adapter)255433 33235 44432
[Teach me to do your will, my God] (Dobbs-Mickus)Kelly Dobbs-Mickus (Composer (Antiphon))246546 1
[There’s a time for remembering]Kelly Dobbs Mickus, b. 1966 (Arranger (acc.))312323 21351 64535
[We will hear your word] Kelly Dobbs Mickus (Arranger)353165 43455 31654
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