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Austin C. Lovelace
Short Name: Austin C. Lovelace
Full Name: Lovelace, Austin C. (Austin Cole), 1919-2010
Birth Year: 1919
Death Year: 2010

LOVELACE, AUSTIN C., AAGO: (1919-2010) D.S.M., Union Theological Seminary, New York. Recitals, workshops, festivals, lectures in 17 different denominations in 45 states as well as in Finland, Scotland, Canada, and New Zealand. Past President, Fellow, and Life member, HSUSC. 50 year member, Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Author of five books; co-editor and consultant of denominational and other hymnals. Longtime member, ASCAP. Composer of over 800 compositions published by 20 publishers. Organist for the 2nd Assembly of the World Council of Churches, 1954. Dean of the first North Carolina Chapter, AGO. Chairman of the 1968 National Convention, AGO, in Denver. Two terms on the National Council, AGO. Co-founder, with Tom Matthews, of the North Shore Chapter, AGO. Minister of Music Emeritus. Denver Chapter, AGO.

Austin C. Lovelace (from In Melody and Song, Darcey Press, 2014)

Tunes by Austin C. Lovelace (44)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ABBOT'S LEIGHAustin C. Lovelace (Composer (descant))153111 76655 34565
AMEKUJA MWOKOZIAustin C. Lovelace (Arranger)255432 22443 2111
ARFON (Major)Austin C. Lovelace (Composer (descant))251176 51234 32132
ARMENIAAustin C. Lovelace (Arranger)211712 22123 2321
AUS TIEFER NOT (Luther)Austin C. Lovelace (Harmonizer)451565 34556 76532
AUSTIN'S GARDEN HYMNAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)256161 23565 3
[As the lyre to the singer] (Chinese)Austin C. Lovelace (Adapter)332135 61653 66533
[Come bless the Lord] (Lovelace)Austin C. Lovelace, 1919- (Composer)212117 1655
DAVIS (Lewis)Austin C. Lovelace (Harmonizer)711234 56543 22151
DOVE OF PEACE (51116)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)1551116 55512 34556
ECOLOGYAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)511712 34557 545
GLORIA (French)Austin C. Lovelace (Harmonizer)933355 43323 53213
HALIFAXAustin Lovelace, b. 1919 (Harmonizer)251112 34554 32121
HERITAGE (Lovelace)Austin C. Lovelace (Composer)257171 21754 31345
HINMANAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)653167 15316 71
[I was glad when they said unto me] (Lovelace)Austin C. Lovelace, 1919- (Composer)223554 35117 53456
INWOODAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)211546 23454 31551
KEBLE (Dykes)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)155665 12335 43212
LEO SIKU YA MUNGU (56565)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)256565 53116 165
LOBT GOTT IHR CHRISTENAustin C. Lovelace (Harmonizer)215555 65432 3456
[Love the Lord, love the Lord]Austin C. Lovelace (Composer)2
LOVELACE 101Austin C. Lovelace (Composer)251765 12332 51
MAINZERAustin C. Lovelace, 1919- (Alt. and harm.)255517 66564 53176
MUNGU BABA (32113)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)232113 33221 22321
MUNGU MTATU (55654)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)255654 32212 24454
MUSTARD SEEDAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)456123 56532 166
NENO LAKE MUNGUAustin C. Lovelace, b. 1919 (Arranger)1055351 13121 55351
NEW BRITAINAustin Cole Lovelace, b. 1919 (Harmonizer)751313 21655 13132
NI PWEKE HIVI (51122)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)251122 32121 51132
NYUMBANI NI YERUSALEMU (13513)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)213513 53333 33
ONSLOWAustin C. Lovelace (Harmonizer)254565 31655 5561
PISGAH (American)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)451112 31666 53556
POLLYAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)251765 34512 34535
PROPHET (Lovelace)Austin C. Lovelace (Composer)232214 32116
SAMANTHRAAustin C. Lovelace, 1919- (Harmonizer)651123 21555 43223
SHARINGAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)217165 34551 23432
SMOL TAONAustin C. Lovelace (Arranger)255532 13427 75545
MADRID (Spanish)Austin C. Lovelace (Harmonizer)117161 53142 17117
THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD (Spiritual)Austin C. Lovelace, b. 1919 (Composer)355111 31332 131
THIRSTING DEERAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)251112 34543 12755
THREEFOLD GIFTSAustin C. Lovelace (Composer)454324 32123 21234
W ZLOBIE LEZYAustin C. Lovelace (Harmonizer)655117 12234 54321
WEDLOCK (American)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)312124 55421 17577
YESU NDIYE NJIA (13131)Austin C. Lovelace (Arranger)213131 16611 66566
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