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Phoebe Palmer Knapp
Short Name: Phoebe Palmer Knapp
Full Name: Knapp, Phoebe Palmer, 1839-1908
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year: 1908

As a young girl Phoebe Palmer Knapp (b. New York, NY, 1839; d. Poland Springs, ME, 1908) displayed great musical talent; she composed and sang children’s song at an early age. The daughter of the Methodist evangelist Walter C. Palmer, she was married to John Fairfield Knapp at the age of sixteen. Her husband was a founder of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, and after his death, she shared her considerable inherited wealth with various charitable organizations. She composed over five hundred gospel songs, of which the tunes for “Blessed Assurance” and “Open the Gates of the Temple” are still popular today.

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Phoebe Palmer Knapp (March 9, 1839 – July 10, 1908) was an American composer of music for hymns and an organist.

Tunes by Phoebe Palmer Knapp (32)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
[Come, let us all unite to sing] (Knapp)Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp (Composer)211231 56554 271
[O beautiful hour of closing day]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)253456 55255 56461
[O Jesus, my Shepherd and Savior divine!]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)233334 31327 11135
[Soon and forever, the breaking of day]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)2
[O Tag, so schwarz und trübe] (Knapp)Frau Jos. F. Knapp (Composer)255335 54666 76511
[Yes, I will bless Thee, O my God] (Knapp)Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)251234 56556 71543
[We are children, happy children]Mrs. J. F. Knapp (Composer)213534 61676 54365
[This is my story, this is my song] (Chorus)Phoebe Palmer Knapp (Composer)255515 66655 55617
[Open, Open, Open the gates of the temple]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)251565 13351 15563
["Jesus only," is the motto]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)251136 54677 12311
[Who can unfold the bliss untold]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)351565 32123 45355
[What have I done to show my love] (Knapp)Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)333215 33211 21235
[March onward, march upward! Our banner of light]Phoebe Palmer Knapp (Composer)351132 11345 56223
[Wondrous words, how rich in blessing] (Knapp)Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp (Composer)355172 13333 32162
[Say, is your lamp burning? O Christian]Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp (Composer)353334 34655 77771
[Angel voices breathing ever] (Knapp)Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)3
[Lead me, lead me]Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp (Composer)415315 43451 14345
[Many at the cross are kneeling] (Knapp)Mrs. J. F. Knapp (Composer)432114 65431 17123
[Soldiers of the eternal King]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)653451 31542 31716
[Wonderful Savior, blessed Redeemer]Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp (Composer)754355 65466 17676
[Come with rejoicing, come with delight]Phoebe Palmer Knapp (Composer)954456 53453 55112
[O when I shall sweep through the gates]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)951712 16534 5655
[Whence Jesus came, I cannot tell]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)1113451 46555 64535
[All for Jesus! All for Jesus] (Knapp)Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)1531117 12242 22123
['Tis the Savior who would claim]Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp (Composer)1634655 45133 21346
[He has come! He has come! my Redeemer has come]Mrs. J. F. Knapp (Composer)2012333 32161 54135
[Behold Me standing at the door] (Knapp)Phoebe Palmer Knapp (Composer)2155171 26217 12123
ALBERTSONPhoebe Palmer Knapp (Composer)3333334 44225 44331
CONSECRATION (Knapp)Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp (Composer)6255566 23311 43255
[Nearer the cross! my heart can say]Mrs. Joseph F. (Phoebe) Knapp (Composer)10432123 55515 53323
[O now I see the crimson wave]Mrs. Joseph F. (Phoebe) Knapp (Composer)13213531 61166 55321
ASSURANCE (Knapp)Mrs. Joseph F. (Phoebe) Knapp (Composer)51132155 45655 35177

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