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Short Name: Stephen F. Key
Full Name: Key, Stephen F.

A native of Washington D. C., Stephen Key is a composer, arranger, and performer. He writes and arranges for the group Steve Key & Company. He is also the Founder and President of StepKey Music. He serves on the musical staff of Third Street Church of God, Asbury United Methodist Church (Washington, DC), and Alfred Street Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA). He graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore and works as a Computer Specialist.

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ADESTE FIDELESStephen Key (Arranger)311512 55323 43211
[As often as you do this]Stephen F. Key (Composer)251111 33221 11332
[Come let us worship the Lord] (Lester)Stephen Key (Arranger)455555 55555 55655
[Praise him! Praise him! Praise him! Praise him!]Stephen Key (Arranger)511333 43332 14334
[Give us this day our daily bread] (Hawkins)Stephen Key (Arranger)534533 45334 51567
[God is a good God]Stephen Key (Arranger)433321 22313 21111
GREAT THINGSStephen Key (Arranger)655555 43567 77111
[He's so real, real in my soul today]Stephen Key (Arranger)212335 54323
[Hold back the night]Stephen Key (Arranger)3
[I don't feel no way tired]Stephen Key (Arranger)313567 15665 33332
[Let the words of my mouth] (Key)Stephen F. Key (Composer)212333 31123 33323
[Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hills]Stephen Key (Arranger)1011234 56554 22345
[Lord, we come into Your presence]Stephen Key (Composer)212333 34423 44423
[Lord, we've come to worship You]Stephen Key (Composer)532123 43232 12343
[O Lord, hear our prayer] (Key)Stephen F. Key (Composer)2
[O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name] (Smallwood)Stephen Key (Arranger)734531 12333 34556
[Oh, it is Jesus, Yes, it is Jesus]Stephen Key (Arranger)555653 65453 56161
[Real, real, Jesus is real to me]Stephen Key (Arranger)512111 61154 53555
[Ride on, King Jesus, no man can a-hinder me]Stephen Key (Arranger)511656 16656 11111
[Somebody prayed for me] (Darling and Norwood0Stephen Key (Arranger)244431 33331 33333
[Thank You for hearing our prayer]Stephen F. Key (Composer)233323 21111 11433
[Thank you, Lord, Thank you, Lord] (Spiritual)Stephen Key (Arranger)632143 26713 43211
[The Lord is my light] (Bouknight)Stephen Key (Arranger)413321 51165 32222
[Bless that wonderful name of Jesus]Stephen Key (Arranger)411116 16133 21111
THIS IS THE DAY (Fijian)Stephen Key (Arranger)311231 12334 3223
[Till we gather again]Stephen F. Key (Composer)512333 31233 22344
[Time is filled with swift transition]Stephen Key (Arranger)511156 56133 31235
VICTORY (Darling)Stephen Key (Arranger)433321 33321 33334
[We bring the sacrifice of praise]Stephen Key (Arranger)555554 34543 21465
[What a mighty God we serve] (55531)Stephen Key (Arranger)555531 65555 31325
[What shall I render unto God for all His mercies] (Douroux)Stephen Key (Arranger)432121 16551 33232
[O when the saints go marching in]Stephen Key (Arranger)413451 34513 45313
WORSHIP HIMStephen Key (Arranger)412333 33333 3343
[Yes Lord, Yes Lord]Stephen Key (Arranger)535515 51112 15611
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