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Short Name: Tom Kendzia
Full Name: Kendzia, Tom does not have biographical information about this person.

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[Bless the Lord, O my soul] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia (Composer)256717 66671 71222
[Come, Holy Spirit, come] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)277777 77777 77777
[Do not let me down]Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)251654 32314 43216
[I am the resurrection] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia (Composer)651432 62634 35143
[I will bless the Lord at all times] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)432352 12311 65612
[Lamb of God, Lamb of God] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)265115 32321 61233
[Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia (Composer)232352 12311 76537
[Lead us to the water]Tom Kendzia (Composer)221332 12132 12135
[Let the darkness flee from here]Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)517654 52176 65456
[Love you, I love you]Tom Kendzia (Composer)313656 55254 45654
[May the angels lead you] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia (Adapter)233346 56542 45333
[May the road rise up to meet you] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)3
[No more tears, no more pain]Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)2
[O God, in your goodness have mercy on me]Tom Kendzia (Composer)513455 76544 65431
[One we become, no longer strangers]Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)451713 21161 13456
[Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord] (Manion)Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Arranger)213234 53432 112
[Sing, O sing all the earth]Tom Kendzia (Composer)232111 13553 21253
[Spirit of love, crush the pain of hatred]Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)455555 56116 55555
[Surely there's a place even you don't know]Tom Kendzia (Composer)432311 23532 31175
[To be love where hatred is common]Tom Kendzia (Composer)261767 76561 71221
[When the storms of life are raging] (Kendzia)Tom Kendzia (Composer)412332 16112 35321
[Who shall dare to sing the praises]Tom Kendzia, b. 1954 (Composer)217766 17376 65576
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