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Will S. Hays
Short Name: Will S. Hays
Full Name: Hays, Will S. (William Shakespeare), 1837-1907
Birth Year: 1837
Death Year: 1907

William Shakespeare Hays USA 1837-1907. Born in Louisville, KY, he attended colleges in IN, TN, and KY, after which he became a reporter for the “Louisville Democrat” newspaper. He later became a columnist for the “Louisville Courier-Journal” after a stint as a steamboat captain on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. During the Civil War Hays was jailed in New Orleans, LA, for writing songs that supported the Confederate cause. Musically inclined, he wrote about 350 songs. The song “Mollie Darling” (1872) sold a million copies. As with some other hymns, the tune of his popular vaudeville song, “Little old log cabin” was adapted to the new hymn by the lyricist, C W Fry, who wrote “Lily of the valley”. He died in his hometown, Louisville, KY.

John Perry

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[Bright Queen of heaven, Virgin most fair] (Hays)W. S. Hays (Composer)254531 14651 76543
[For truth and right we take our stand]Will S. Hays (Composer)335555 66535 55323
[I hear dem angels a callin' loud]Will S. Hays (Composer)235555 56653 55532
SALVATIONIST (HAYS)William S. Hays (Composer)4313556 55312 11651
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